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How To See Your Most Played Artists On Apple Music

Most Listened To Artist On Apple Music

How To See Your Most Listened Songs in Apple Music | Apple Music Replay

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Most Listened To Artist On Apple Music. But you can now view your stats for the whole year, and see which songs and artists have been on heavy rotation through 2020. And get a playlist with your top songs of the year and one for every year that youre subscribed to apple music.

Every music source has their idea of top artists, albums, and songs for the year but apple music is an excellent indicator of the music that best. First of all, apple music replay tells you exactly how many hours of music you’ve listened to this year. It also reveals how many different artists you’ve listened and who your most popular artists are.

How To See Your Apple Music Replay

To see your 2020 Apple Music Replay, youll need to follow these fairly simple steps:

  • First, youll need to head over to on a web browser.
  • Once on the webpage, youll have to log in with your Apple ID credentials.

On top of that, Apple Music also offers a Replay 2020 playlist which features your top 100 songs from the past year which has been available since April.

Apple Music Replay 2020 is available now at .

Is There An Apple Music Wrapped

Apple Music has their own version of Wrapped, and it’s called Replay. It launched in November 2019. The easiest way to access it is simply by typing “Apple Replay” into Google and going to If you have an Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription, then you’ll be able to see your top tracks for 2020. It’s actually just as cool and comprehensive as Spotify’s Wrapped.

In fact, Apple Replay was launched ahead of time, which meant you could listen to Replay at any point during the year if you listened to enough music. Even though the feature was created to mark the end of the year, it’s updated weekly so you can use Replay at any point to listen to your favorite songs. Apple Music also made it possible for users to save their Replay playlists as well as share with other Apple Music members.

The only limits to Apple Replay is that it chronicles the music within its library, so if you add obscure music from your own collection, it may not reflect in Replay.

Apple Music Replay vs Spotify Wrapped

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What Is Apple Music Replay

Apple uses your Apple Music listening history to provide you with the songs, albums, and artists you listen to the most every year. Each year your Apple Music stats are compiled into a single playlist called a Replay.

Replays include music you listen to on any device youve signed in to with the same Apple ID. Exceptions include devices where you have listening history turned off and songs or albums not available in the Apple Music catalog.

Apple Music Launches Replay And It Reveals Your Most Played Music Of 2019

Apple Music Replay: How to use it and see your most played ...

Apple Music Replay 2019 shows you your end of year stats, most played songs and top artists just like Spotify Wrapped.

Apple Music has finally done it. After years of requests, it has introduced its own version of Spotify Wrapped called Replay.

Apple Music and Spotify are two of the biggest streaming services in the world. Both platforms have many attributes but, recently, Apple Music users have felt hard-done-by the fact that Spotify offers its users a popular feature that shows them exactly what their most played songs of the year and who their most played artists of the year are. Spotify launched Wrapped in 2017 and since then users have waited eagerly to find out what their end of year music stats are.

Naturally, this led people to demand that Apple Music make an equivalent feature and now they actually have.

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How To Find Top 25 Most Played Songs On Apple Music On Iphone

  • Open the Music app on your iPhone and make sure you are in the Library tab
  • Tap on Playlists.
  • Scroll down, and you will see a playlist titled Top 25 Most Played. Tap on it.
  • Here are 25 songs that you have listened to the maximum number of times.
  • You can use this playlist to listen to your loved songs over and over. You can also ask Siri toplay my top 25 most played songs.

    Note: If you do not use the Music app much, you wont see this playlist.

    Apple Music: How To See What You Listened To In 2020 As Spotify Reveals Its Wrapped Feature

    Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile

    Spotify has launched its annual Wrapped feature, letting users see what songs and artists theyve listened through the year.

    And it has led, as ever to frustration among Apple Music users who are irritated they cannot see their own listening habits documented so nicely.

    While Apple Music and Spotify are largely similar, the lack of Wrapped features on the former have caused upset among its users in the past. The 2020 round-up is the same, with thousands of people complaining on Twitter that they are unable to get involved with the discussion of the most popular songs of the year.

    In the past, that has forced Apple Music users to create lists of their own. Those have included relying on iTunes Smart Playlists features, as well as creating complicated workarounds.

    In recent years, however, Apple has been working to give its users access to something at least partly similar to Spotifys Wrapped.

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    Apple Music Replay On Apple Music Online

    View your songs and playlists online on the Apple Music website. It includes a built-in player so you can listen from any computer with just a web browser. Like the mobile app, you can hear your most played songs by year with Replays.

  • Go to the Apple Music website and click Sign In on the top right.

  • Select Continue with Password, then enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple Music subscription.

  • Select Listen Now on the left side and scroll down on the right to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year.

  • Choose a Replay for any year to view the songs and artists, or simply hit the Play button to listen.

  • If you select a Replay, youll see the Featured Artists for those songs at the bottom.

  • Click the three dots on a Replay in the Listen Now section to add it to your library, share it, or play it next.

    Spotify Wrapped New Features

    HOW TO SEE APPLE MUSIC REPLAY 2020 (How to Find Top Artists and Most Listened Songs in Apple Music)

    Compared to the Apple music hours that apple uses to enhance the music experience of its users, Spotify wrapped has also some more new features which are listed below:

    • 1. New in-app quizzes allow you to test your skills at predicting the top podcasts, artists, and even top decade you streamed most.
    • 2. You can follow the Story of Your 2020 with your Top Song to witness your top songs journey through the year, from its first stream to its 100th and all the notable listens in between.
    • 3. The developers have decided to share a deeper dive into podcast listening, complete with how many minutes users spent listening and the most binge-worthy podcast of the year.
    • 4. Premium users can look forward to new badges that crown listeners with various titles based on the ways they listened. For example, if a number of your playlists gained significant new followers, youll be a Tastemaker.
    • If you listened to a song before it was cool , youll get the Pioneer badge.
    • And based on the number of songs you added to playlists this year, you just might become a Collector.
  • 5. New personalized playlists will help you make the most of what you listened to this year. These range from Your Top Songs, the songs you loved most this year in one convenient place, to Missed Hits, our Wrapped discovery playlist where we recommend popular similar 2020 releases you didnt listen to that we think you might like.
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    Introducing Apple Music Replay

    Heres how Apple is selling the Replay feature:

    With Apple Music Replay, you can relive the music that defined your year. Get insights in to your most played artists and albums. And get a playlist with your top songs of the year and one for every year that youre subscribed to Apple Music.

    Its basically Apples version of Spotifys year-in-review feature.

    Follow along with us to learn how to use Apple Music Replay to get your own personal mixes of the top stuff youve listened to during each year that you were subscribed to Apple Music.

    Apple Music Replay: Find Your Top Artists And Top Songs Stats

    11 December 2020, 17:52

    Is there an Apple Music Wrapped? Here’s how to find out your most played artists and most played songs on Replay.

    Apple Music Replay is back and it’s telling Apple Music users what their most played artists, songs and albums of 2020 are.

    Every year Spotify Wrapped breaks the internet as it lets Spotify users know detailed stats about their listening habits. Every year Apple Music users feel left out. However, that all changed in 2019. Apple Music launched their own version of Spotify Wrapped called Apple Music Replay which reveals your Top Songs, Top Artists and Top Albums of the year and more.

    Better yet, you can access Replay all year long. In other words, you don’t need to wait until December to see your stats.

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    Apple Music Replay 2020

    Like Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay 2020 launched properly on December 2nd after the Replay 2020 playlists were made available earlier in the year.

    The annual feature gives fans the ability to see their most-listened-to songs, albums and artists of that past year as well as seeing how much time theyve spent playing music on the app.

    The Replay feature was launched in November 2019 to combat Spotify and its long-running Wrapped feature.

    Apple Music Wrapped: A Shortcut To Visualize Your Most Listened Songs Artists And Genres Of The Year

    How to find your most played songs on Spotify, Deezer and ...

    When Spotify was my music streaming service of choice, one of the features I really liked was its personalized Wrapped report generated at the end of the year. Ive always been a fan of geeky annual reports and stats about the usage of any given web service be it Spotify, Pocket, or Toggl. I appreciate a detailed look at 12 months of collected data to gain some insight into my habits and patterns.

    Ive always been annoyed by the lack of a similar feature in Apple Music Im surprised that Apple still hasnt added a native Year in Review option a baffling omission given how the company is already collecting all of the necessary data points in the cloud. Official Apple Music Wrapped functionality would bolster the services catalog of personalized features, providing users with a reward at the end of the year in the form of reports and playlists to help them rediscover what they listened to over the past year.

    But Apple doesnt seem interested in adding this feature to Apple Music, so I decided to build my own using Shortcuts. The result is the most complex shortcut Ive ever created comprising over 540 actions. Its not perfect due to the limitations of iOS and Shortcuts, but its the closest I was able to come to replicating Spotifys excellent Wrapped feature.

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    How To Find Your Most Played Spotify And Apple Music Songs

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    We all like to think that we have refined taste in music, but often we end up listening to our guilty pleasures on loop. You must have heard a ton of songs on Spotify or Apple Music, whatever service you use.

    So, how can you know what your most favorite songs are? Heres how you can do it:

    If you use an iPhone, you can download the TuneTrack app.

    • Once youve downloaded the app, sign in to Apple Music or Spotify.
    • Tap on the service.
    • You will be able to see your top tracks for that app.

    Filters for Apple Music and Spotify are different because of their APIs. For Spotify, youll be able to see your top tracks and top artists for the last month, six months, and all time.

    In contrast, for Apple Music, youll only get to see top songs, but you can also know your favorite tracks genre-wise.

    TuneTrack also offers a Trending section, so you dont miss out on some of the popular tunes.

    If you dont have an iPhone, dont worry, weve got you covered there too.

    How To Find Your Apple Music Replay 2020

    You cannot find your Apple Music Replay stats in the app itself, you have to go to the Apple Music website.

    Head to and you will be given the option to get your replay mix.

    From there you can find out who your most streamed artists were this year, the total amount of time you spent listening and your favourite albums.

    You will also be presented with a playlist of your top 100 songs of the year.

    You can then add this playlist to your Apple Music library, along with playlists dating back to 2015.

    Apple Music Replay doesnt have the same fancy share graphics as Spotify Wrapped, but you can share your years playlist through the app.

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    What You Need To Know

    • Apple has launched a new feature for Apple Music called Replay
    • It tracks your most listened to songs throughout the year and compiles them into a playlist.
    • The service updates your playlist each week.

    Apple Music has launched a brand new feature called Replay, which compiles your most listened to songs of the year into a playlist.

    As reported by The Verge, Apple Music Replay shows users how much they listen to certain songs and albums on Apple Music, in a manner similar to Spotify’s ‘Wrapped.’

    You can access the feature on the Apple Music Web Player, once you arrive simply select ‘Get your Replay Mix’ and it will generate a playlist featuring your most played songs of 2019. Not only that, you’ll also get to see a breakdown of your favorite artists and how often you listen to them. There’s also a breakdown of your top 10 favorite albums and how often you listen to those as well. Finally, Apple will generate songs for your most played songs for previous years as well, in case you want to take a trip down memory lane.

    Apple Music Replay will be available all year round, and all of your data will be updated every Sunday!

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    Who’s that DLC fighter?

    See Your Top Songs Of The Year

    How to: see ALL your Apple Music data!

    With Replay, you get to browse the top songs youve listened to this year in an automatically generated playlist. You can explore a Replay playlist for every year that you were subscribed to Apple Music simply by clicking an appropriate playlist cover. Best of all, your Replay Mixes are updated weekly based on your listening history.

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    How Do You Use Apple Music Replay And See Your 2019 Stats

    Apple Music Replay is a new feature which allows Apple Music users to get access to all of their most played stats. To use it all you have to do is visit the Apple Music Replay website, sign in to your Apple account and click “Get Your Replay Mix”. It then immediately generates a selection of playlists based on your personal stats and tells you some key information you probably never knew about your listening habits.

    How To Visualize Your Apple Music Listening History Including Top Songs Artists And More

    Thanks to GDPR, Apple now offers a way to view and download all of the data it has collected from you over the years. Australian developer Pat Murray has that is able to visualize your Apple Music year in review.

    Update 12/5/19: Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped are now live for 2019. Read an .

    Update 12/6: Spotify today launched its Spotify Wrapped year in review feature. This allows Spotify users to natively view their streaming statistics for all of 2018. To view your stats, simply head to the Spotify app on your device or to the Spotify website here. If youre an Apple Music subscriber, follow the steps below to access your year in review streaming statistics.

    To use Murrays tool, you first need to head to Apples Data and Privacy portal. Here, youll want to select Request a copy of your data. You can choose to download all of the data Apple has on you, but for the purposes of analyzing Apple Music listening history, you just need the Apple Media Services information data.

  • Choose Request a copy of your data
  • Tick the box next to Apple Media Services information
  • Select Continue
  • Select Complete Request
  • Once youve submitted your request, Apple will prepare a download and notify you via email once that download is ready. For me, it took around 4 days for Apple to create the download. Once Apple has prepared your download, youll receive an email notification. In the email, click Get your data and then choose the download option.

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