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How To Play Gospel Music On Piano

How To Play Piano

3 Chords Every Beginner Should Learn – Easy Way To Play Gospel Music!

Learning to play the piano is a skill that all newcomers can achieve despite having no prior knowledge. It can be a little intimidating and frustrating to play at first, but with adequate practice whether its a keyboard or grand piano you too can learn how to play piano with ease.

Essentially, learning to play the piano boils down to some core fundamentals that will help guide you as a beginner on the path of playing the piano. Learning the piano is like learning to walk. Its a slow process the develops one step at a time. But with sincere commitment and discipline, youll be playing songs on the piano in no time. So lets dig in!

What Are My Qualifications

– I have been playing piano since about 1990. I started the traditional way by learning the letters of the notes on the written staff and matching them to the keys on the piano. My school participated in Solo & Ensemble and the ability God has given me earned firsts at state.- Around 1998 I began to try to learn to play by ear. This greatly increased my enjoyment of playing the piano and I have preferred this ever since. I am no child prodigy pianist. I had to learn note by note just like many of you, and it took me a while to figure out how to play by ear .- When I went to college at University-Wisconsin La Crosse, I took Music Theory. This class greatly increased my ability to “sight-sing” and that class has influenced my teaching method below.- Finally, I do have some experience with teaching one-on-one how to play by ear, but this experience is limited. Please let me know if you found this page helpful.

Transform Your Chords Into 7th Chords

The next step to playing Gospel and R&B piano is to make your chords 7th chords. By adding a 7th to each of the 4 chords you already learned, you will instantly make the chord progression sound more jazzy, or in this case, gospilly.

How do you add 7ths to your chords?

The easiest way to find the 7th of each chord is to skip one note above the top note each chord and play the next note using the notes of the F Major Scale. So on the F Major chord, if you start on the top note C and skip the D, you have E . On the C chord, if you skip the next note up from the top note G, then you will end up on a Bb chord. The trick with this method is to always use the F major scale to move up as you find your notes. Now, if you apply this system to the 4 chords you already learned, you end up with these four 7th chords:

Now, before moving on, I recommend that you practice the above chord progression with the included backing track, which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page after logging into your membership. You can also practice this in any of the 12 keys with the click of one button of our Smart Lesson Sheet music.

Now that you can play these 7th chords, lets add some more chords to the progression.

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What Are Chord Extensions And Alterations

Chord extensions and alterations are notes that we can add to 7th chords. Chord extensions are the 9, 11, and 13, and chord alterations are the b9, #9, #11, and b13. By adding these notes to your chords, youll be able to achieve the rich, beautiful chords that the pros play.

Now, in this lesson, Im not going to go into detail explaining what the chord extensions and alterations are . However, if you already know your extensions and alterations, lets talk about how to use them on your chords.

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The Main Component In Gospel Piano

In order to play gospel or worship music, you need to learn;chords. Chords are what you’ll be reading, creating around, listening for, etc.

For gospel, you need to know more than the major and minor chords. Lots of writers of gospel or worship music are very creative with their chords. So there are lots of interesting types.;

There’s a lot of free information on this site about chords. It’s a good basis for many types of piano – especially gospel. You can;

Start learning the basics and then add in more chords from there. After major and minor chords, m7 or minor seventh, 7 and suspended would be the most common.;

Gospel Chord Progressions & Formulas

How to Play “Amazing Grace” (Gospel) | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

There are a potentially infinite number of ways to play a gospel piano introduction. In this lesson we examine some of the most common gospel chord progressions that are used for introductions in churches and for solo piano performance.

These gospel chord progressions include many stylistic elements of gospel piano playing such as walk ups, walk downs, sus chords, passing chords, and turnarounds.

The first example contains the 2, 4, and 5 chords and then moves into a turnaround. We introduce the concept of gospel walk up chord progressions which is further developed in the next examples.

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Gospel Piano Scales Diminished Scale

The diminished scale is also a pretty cool gospel piano scale you can use with diminished chords .

Just like the whole tone scale, you dont have to remember 12 distinct scales because they repeat. There are only 3 unique diminished scales.

E diminished : E, F, F, G, A, B, C, D, ED diminished : D, E, F, G, A, B, B, C, DD diminished : D, E, E, F, G, A, B, C, D

How do you remember which scales share the same notes?

Answer: Just remember which diminished chords share the same notes!

Lets look at these 4 diminished chords:

C diminished 7: C + Eb + Gb + A

Eb diminished 7: Eb + Gb + A + C

Gb diminished 7: Gb + A + C + Eb

A diminished 7: A + C + Eb + Gb

They share the same notes dont they? Therefore, their corresponding diminished scales will be the same. So just commit the three diminished scales above to memory, remember which ones group together, and youll have even more gospel piano scales to add to your repertoire!

And because diminished 7 chords are commonly found on the b2, b3, 3, b5, b6, and 6 tones of the scale, youll have many opportunities to employ these gospel piano scales.

When it comes to gospel piano scales, if you master the 6 here, youll never run out of ideas.

Is It Just Us Or Have You Noticed That

  • It’s nearly impossible to find an experienced Gospel keyboardist who will set aside time to teach you what they know
  • The majority of tutorials out there only cover the super easy Christian Contemporary type of songs… and not;the “must know” congregational or devotional type of songs you struggle to play
  • You waste too much time on YouTube with lessons that are not easy to follow and confusing ;;
  • In most tutorials the keyboardist doesn’t;even play through the song once before showing you how to play the song
  • Most lessons out there are either too advanced or too basic, but never in the middle;
  • The keyboardist plays the song nothing like the way it’s played on the album in many of the tutorials you find

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The Notation Of Chord Progressions

Chord progressions can be written or indicated using the Nashville number system where a number is assigned to every tone of the scale.

In the key of C major:the chord of the first tone in the key of C major is notated as chord 1 or 1. The chord of the fourth tone in the key of C major is notated as chord 4 or 4.

So, a chord progression from chord 1 to chord 4 can be notated as a 1-4 chord progression.

Sus Chords Plagal Cadences & Tritone Substitutes

This Is Gospel (Piano Version)

All of the chords in this progression can be played as sus chords to create additional interest and movement. The V7 chord and the VI7 chord are particularly good candidates to apply sus voicings.

We can experiment with plagal cadences & tritone substitution to open up more creative ways to play these simple 36251 gospel chord progressions.

A plagal cadence movement could be for example D7sus to D7. The other option is to move from D7sus to the tritone Ab7 which creates a chromatic approach into the G7 chord. Study the examples in the lesson.

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Playing Piano Hymns By Ear

Would you like to be able to sit down in front of a piano without any music and play a song or hymn without having to memorize it? The purpose for this page is to help you do just that: I hope this 45 minute audio course with its hints and tips will help make playing by ear become a reality for you.

Do I Need To Be Able To Read Sheet Music

No. I have made the instructions below specifically with this in mind so that people who do not have prior experience with piano still might understand. However, as I mention in the instructions, you should learn the letter names of the keys on the piano so you know what keys I am referring to. Otherwise you would have to figure it out by just listening, which would be frustrating.This course will NOT teach you how to read sheet music. I strongly suggest learning, but that’s way too complicated for this site.

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Learn To Embellish The Chords

After you learn chords, you need to learn a bit about;filling in;the chords. This means playing extra notes besides the chords. Some sound good and some don’t.

If you’ve heard of riffs, learning how to make them will take you a long way and have everyone thinking you’re an amazing player.

Another area to pay attention to is bass lines. Playing a good bass lines will really fill out the music you make.

With your left hand you can also make arpeggios out of the chord. For example, if you’re playing a C chord. The left hand can play C – G – C . This works especially well with slower songs.The rest comes with practice and experimentation. You can find;your own sound;and style. If you play a little, you already have the beginnings of your own sound. Practice will bring if out more.;

Familiarize Yourself With The Keys

How To Play Gospel Piano

First things first, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic structure of keys and notes on the piano. This is essential to understanding the piano better as different keys produce different pitches. Keys running down the left produce a more deep pitch than those moving up toward the right side of the piano.

Every key on the piano has a name. It is important that you memorize the names early so you wont have to think about it during more complex lessons.

Gospel Walk Up Chord Progressions

When playing chord progressions in a gospel style we can use walk ups in our bass line to accentuate the chord changes and add more interest into the lower registers of our playing.

Its common to walk up from the II chord to the IV chord, or from the II chord to the V chord. We also discuss walk ups over a plagal cadence for example D7sus to D7. This walk up is used to accentuate a leading tone which we discuss in the next lesson.

The Rumble Before The Shout Music

It is common to play a rumble before the shout music starts. This rumble is played with octave tremolo bass and interesting suspensions, tensions, and leading tones in our right hand voicings:

The rumble is usually played whilst the preacher is preaching and this build up the ambiance before the shout music commences with the ascending scalar line.

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A Guided beginners’Practice path

So many people give up playing the piano because theyre unsure of what to do. Ill show you exactly what to work on and when, so you can keep making progress day after day and week after week.

The secret to blues, and gospel playing

Youll learn the chord voicing and structure that give blues, and gospel pianists their distinctive sound. Once you understand this, you can bring those styles to every song you play, and do it in your own unique way

Passing Chords

Ever wonder how those advanced players can take a simple song and make it crushing with advanced chords and movements? What theyre adding are passing chords. Ill teach you the seven must use Gospel Passing chords, where to put them, and how to voice them.

Licks, Lines, and Runs
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We’ve all been there before…

You’re sitting down at the piano during your church service;when a vocalist walks up to the microphone to lead a song.;

What song will it be?……What key will they sing the song in?!……WILL I BE ABLE TO FOLLOW THEM?!?!

As the vocalist opens their mouth to sing you start searching for the key;but;struggle to find the chords.;They;make it;half way through the song and you’re still fumbling;around trying to figure out;what;to play.

As feelings of embarrassment settle in, you can only sit and;pray that they finish the song AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

Maybe; your experience hasn’t been so painful. Maybe you’ve been playing gospel music for a number of years, but you feel like when you listen to popular songs and professional gospel musicians their playing sounds much more full and advanced. You’ve been trying to add those elements to your playing in hopes of transforming your playing and “sound” but just can’t figure out exactly what they’re doing.;

Or maybe you feel like you have a solid foundation and understanding of gospel music but you’re just looking for new chords, progressions and approaches that will help you take your playing to the next level. Whatever;your;reasoning or struggles have been, this Masterclass will help you overcome them.;

Don’t waste years trying to figure out what you can learn in this Masterclass in a matter of hours. Let’s get started with EVERYTHING you need to;take your Gospel piano playing from basic to advanced.

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