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Why Won’t Alexa Play Music

Solution 1: Reconnect Your Echo To The Internet

Amazon Echo Won’t Play Music!

If your Echo device got disconnected form the internet then it wont be able to play music. The disconnection might be due to a new password or the WiFi name might have changed. To fix this you need to reconnect the Echo device.

Reconnecting Echo to the internet

  • Go to the Alexa apps settings.
  • Turn off Explicit Filter and Voice Deactivation.

Apple Podcasts Free On Alexa

As mentioned, theres no free tier of Apple Music. But you can listen to Apple Podcasts on an Amazon Echo using Alexa.

The process to set it up is the same as for a music service, but once youve linked your account, tap on Default Services in the Music & Podcast menu and tap Change. Choose Apple Podcasts from the list.

Now, you can say Alexa, play or Alexa, resume my podcast.

Note that Amazon Music also includes podcasts, and there are other options such as TuneIn.

How Do I Get Alexa To Play My Amazon Music

You shouldnt have to do anything except sign in with the right Amazon account when using Alexa. Since Alexa is an Amazon-created voice assistant, the app natively supports Amazon Music, which will be the default music service.

Of course, Amazon Music does require a subscription fee. A single-device plan will cost you $5 per month, while an unlimited plan will cost $9 per month . Prime members do get access to around 2 million songs for free with their own subscription, but it shouldnt be confused with a true Amazon Music subscription. Amazon has about 75 million songs, including tunes that support Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio, and other sought-after formats, although not all those will be available depending on your subscription.

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Top Tips For Playing Music And Radio On Alexa

You probably know the basic playback commands: Alexa, stop, Alexa, resume and Alexa, pause.

You can also use these (some may not be available depending upon the music service:

  • Alexa, set an alarm for 7.30am to heart radio every weekday

If youve got multiple Echo speakers and have created rooms and assigned Echos to those rooms , you can say

  • Alexa, play Jazz FM in the kitchen
  • Alexa, play Radio X everywhere

Where on-demand is supported, check the services description to see what to say. For example, with Global Player you can say

  • Alexa, play yesterdays Chris Moyles show
  • Alexa, ask Global Player to fast forward 15 minutes

Change Your Amazon Music Location

Why won

Changing your Amazon Music location can, at times, resolve this error.

Step 1: Head over to Amazon Music on a web browser, log in, click on your avatar in the top right, and click Your Amazon Music Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down, and under Amazon Music Account Country/Region, click the Move your Music account link.

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What If You Have An Iphone Home

Apple devices and services are extremely selective when it comes to pairing and connecting to non-Apple services or devices. So, you may realize that Apple iTunes and Amazon Alexa do not play well together, which begs the question: is my iPhone able to connect with an Amazon Echo device?

The answer is a big YES! So pull up a chair, sit down and well show you how its done.

Echo devices are Bluetooth enabled, which means you can control the audio playback on your device by speaking to Alexa. This is to say that you will be able to play and control your Apple music service on Amazons smart speakers if iPhone is what you use for your home entertainment.

Fix 1: Check Your Echo Settings

The issue of no music from Alexa could be due to outdated Echo settings. Your Echo device location, time zone, and country should align with your current location for Alexa to work correctly.

  • Open the Alexa app and tap Devices at the bottom.
  • Tap Echo & Alexa.
  • Now select the Echo device that is not responding to music commands.
  • Check the Device Location, Time Zone, and Language. Update them if you are in a different location or time zone.
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    How Do You Fix Alexa That Won’t Play Music

    What can I do if Alexa won’t play music?

  • Improve your internet speed. …
  • Confirm that your subscription is active. …
  • Restart your Echo. …
  • Choose Prime as your default music provider. …
  • Confirm that the song is available. …
  • Open your firewall ports. …
  • Set your country in Amazon. …
  • Disable explicit filter.
  • Best Way To Fix Alexa Wont Play Music From Amazon Music

    Spotify Not Playing Music from Amazon Alexa Echo Dot [Fixed]

    One of the many features of Alexa is the ability to play streaming music from the Amazon Music app or even Apple Music. Instead of manually pressing the speaker physical buttons all you need to do is use voice commands. Sometimes though Alexa wont play music no matter what commands you use.

    Heres what you need to do to fix Alexa wont play music issue.

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    How To Create An Alexa Speaker Group

    Fire up the Alexa mobile app, tap the + button in the top-right corner of the screen, tap Combine speakers, then tap the Multi-room music tile.

    Now its time to pick the speakers youd like added to your new speaker group. On the next screen, youll see a list of compatible Alexa-enabled speakers. Since were creating an Everywhere speaker group, go ahead and tap every speaker in the list. You can always create another group later and, if you wish, you can include one or more speakers that are already assigned to your Everywhere group.

    Just pick the speakers you want in your Alexa speaker group, choose a name, and designate the group as the preferred speaker in an Alexa device group.

    Ben Patterson/Foundry

    Next, pick a name for your new speaker group, ideally something thats easy to say and for Alexa to hear. If its not already listed in the Alexa app, an Everywhere speaker group would be a good place to start. Tap Save once youve picked a name.

    Mentioned in this article

    Ready to take your new Alexa-powered multi-room music setup for a test drive? Just say, Alexa, play Bruce Springsteen everywhere, and if all goes well, youll hear The Boss crooning on all your Alexa speakers at once.

    Bonus tip: If youre using the Spotify mobile or desktop app, your new Alexa speaker group should also show up as a Spotify Connect option in the Connect to a device menu.

    Verify The Music Service Is Active Or Not

    Alexa plays music by connecting to a default music streaming service like Apple Music, Youtube Music, Spotify, etc. And, if the default music service isnt working, Alexa wont be able to play the requested song as well. You can try reconnecting the service to the Alexa app. Here are the steps you can pursue:

    • Launch the Alexa app on a Smartphone and click on the More button in the bottom menu bar.
    • Now, Tap Skills and Games and then select the Your Skills option. Here, select the music service you have selected for music streaming or the one thats not working.
    • Tap on the Disable Skill button and then click Disable on the next screen to prove the action.
    • Once the skill is removed, add it back again to the Alexa app.

    Now, command Alexa to play your song and then proceed with the music streaming. The requested song should start playing. If not, you can check for the song availability. There are the possibilities that the song you are requesting isnt available on the music service. Therefore, confirm the same before following any of the steps for troubleshooting.

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    Streaming With Alexa: How To Listen To Music On An Amazon Echo

    Alexa is a jack of all trades, but Amazon’s digital assistant can also help you listen to Pandora, Spotify, and other music-streaming services on your Echo device. Here’s how.

    Your Amazon Echo possesses many skills and abilities, but its career as a DJ is probably at the top of the list. You can listen to music in a variety of ways, and the process is the same no matter which Echo device you own.

    If you’re looking to stream your own media library through an Echo device, Amazon doesn’t make it easy. Your best bet is to stream music via Bluetooth from your PC or connect to a service like Plex. As a result, the easiest way to listen to music on an Echo device is through a music-streaming service.

    By default, your Echo will link to Amazon Music. If you’re an subscriber, you can snag more than 2 million songs from Prime Music for free, or 90 million if you upgrade to . But you can also access other popular services and wirelessly stream music to your Echo device from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Here’s how.

    Why Cant Alexa Reach Amazon Music

    Why won

    Among the voice assistants talents, Alexa is a master at whipping up a playlist to accompany anything from your afternoon workout to a serious cooking session in your kitchen. Connections to services like Amazon Music allow you to stream your favorite artist, album, or genre with a quick voice command. Since Alexa is available in app form, you can have that same capability on your phone or computer.

    But what happens when Alexa drops the ball and cant connect to Amazon Music? Heres what may be going on, and tips on how to fix it fast so you can go back to listening to your favorite tunes.

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    How To Fix Alexa Not Finding A Device

    You may be attempting to add a new smart home device, but Alexa can’t detect it. Here’s what to do:

  • Make sure your smart home device is compatible with Alexa. Alexa can only detect Alexa-enabled smart devices.

  • Complete device setup online. Go to Amazon’s Alexa page and try to complete the setup there. See if Alexa can recognize your smart home device.

  • Restart the Alexa app on your phone. Restart the Alexa app via its Settings menu and then relaunch the app. See if Alexa can now detect your smart home device.

  • Restart your Echo device. After restarting the Alexa app, restart your Echo and then see if Alexa can detect it.

  • Make sure your smartphone and Echo are on the same Wi-Fi network. If your smartphone and Alexa app are on different Wi-Fi networks, your Alexa won’t’ be able to detect an Echo or other Alexa-enabled device.

  • Update your router settings. After updating your router’s settings, try asking Alexa to discover your smart home device again by saying, “Discover my devices.”

  • Fix : Restart Your Echo Device And Smartphone/tablet

    Before trying anything, restart your Echo and the smartphone or tablet if its connected to it.

  • To reset the power cycle of the Echo device, unplug the power cable, wait for one minute, and then plug it back in.
  • Restart battery-powered devices by removing and reinserting the battery if its removable.
  • For iPhone, iPad, and any Android device, turn it off, wait for a minute, and turn it on again.
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    Check Your Streaming Devices

    This error can happen when you are playing music through your Amazon app or via Echo devices linked to the same Amazon account. In addition, it will lead to a situation where you will not be able to stream any music on any other application when you are using more than one device on the same Amazon account. So, this is due to the streaming rule limit that applies here. Amazon Prime Music only allows music streaming or other content only on a single device at any given time. This is one of the reasons Why Does Alexa Stop Playing Music. This can be corrected with steps that specifically delink the Amazon accounts.

    To Link Spotify To Amazon Alexa

    Why won’t my Amazon Echo play certain songs?
    • Open Alexa app and go to the play in the bottom right hand corner.
    • Under link new services you can see the spotify logo.
    • Login Spotify with your credentials.
    • Once linked you can ask alexa to play music.

    In the recent update of the app you cannot manually play songs on the app but you can play them by asking Alexa through voice commands to do so.

    Try connecting to Spotify from the Desktop and ask Alexa to play some song on Spotify it should work.

    Try unlinking the spotify and re-linking it to the Alexa app

    • Go into the Alexa app, go to more in bottom right and then skills and games.
    • In Your Skills find Spotify and disable it.
    • Close the app and ask Alexa to play something from Spotify. She should say that it is disabled.
    • Reopen skills and games in the more section of the app and search for Spotify.
    • Re-enable Spotify and link your account as mentioned above.
    • Unplug your Alexa for 10-15 secs and plug back in.
    • Ask Alexa to play something from Spotify and it should work!

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    Other Ways To Fix An Alexa Speaker Not Playing Music

    One issue that could be causing the music to stop playing on the Amazon device is Wi-Fi connectivity. There are a number of ways to improve Wi-Fi when music buffers or does not play. If several other devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Alexa speaker, it might be experiencing congestion. Wi-Fi congestion can be reduced by turning off any devices that are not in use. If the Alexa device is too close to a source of interference, like a Bluetooth device or cordless phone, move it away. Simply moving the Alexa device to a higher location could also increase Wi-Fi connectivity and solve the problem. It’s also worth checking to see which Wi-Fi channel the Alexa speaker is connected to. If someone’s router has a 5GHz band, but the speaker is using the 2.4GHz one, switching to the 5GHz channel can deliver faster speeds and potentially more reliable music streaming.

    Alternatively, it may be an issue with the music service someone’s trying to use. If Apple Music isn’t working but TuneIn is, for example, try reconnecting the Alexa Skill for the music service acting up. Open the Alexa app on a smartphone, tap the ‘More‘ button on the bottom bar, tap ‘Skills & Games,’ tap ‘Your Skills,’ tap the music app that’s not working, tap ‘Disable Skill,’ and tap ‘Disable‘ on the next screen to confirm the action. Once the Skill is deleted, reinstall it to your Alexa account, set it up like new, and it should be back to normal.

    Restart Echo And Phone

    We know this is the classic solution from most help center operatives, but restarting your Echo device and phone can easily get rid of your streaming problems.

    Start by removing your Echo’s power cable, and wait for at least 20 to 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Then restart your phone and try streaming music again.

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    Check Your Echos Settings

    If youve misconfigured your Amazon Echo device, the chances are that music playback can take a hit.

    • Open the Alexa app and head over to Devices.
    • Tap on Echo & Alexa.
    • Select your Echo device here.
    • Check all settings to ensure theyre set correctly. Pay special attention to time zone, device location and language.

    Solution : Update Your Country Settings On Amazon

    FIX: Alexa won

    Most of the services provided by Amazon will work on certain countries or regions. If you are using Alexa in a different country form the region set in your account then this might be whats causing the issue. If you travel constantly then you will need to update your country settings as well.

    Change country setting in Amazon

    • Go to the Amazon website and login to your account from a web browser.
    • Scroll down to lost and click the country flag.
    • Select the country of your current location.

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    How To Fix Alexa Not Connecting To Wi

    If your device has a screen, check the light on the device. If it’s orange, the Wi-Fi connection isn’t working properly. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your Alexa Wi-Fi connection:

  • Check the internet connection. If Alexa can’t connect to Wi-Fi, it may be because your internet is down.See if your internet is up and running. If it isn’t, take steps to restore your internet connection.

  • Restart your modem and router. See if rebooting your modem and router fixes Alexa’s Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

  • Restart your Echo device. A simple restart may fix Alexa and the Echo’s Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi password is correct. If you’re connecting to Alexa with the wrong Wi-Fi password, this could be the cause of the problem. Test the Wi-Fi password on another device, and if necessary, change it and try connecting Alexa again.

  • Make sure your Alexa-enabled device is in Wi-Fi range. Your Alexa-enabled device might not be in the Wi-Fi range. Move it closer to the router and away from walls, metal objects, or other possible sources of interference.

  • Reduce Wi-Fi congestion. Turn off any Wi-Fi-connected devices you aren’t using and see if this solves your Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

  • Unlink And Relink Apple Music

    So heres another troubleshooting tip to try if the issue persists. Unlink Apple Music in the Alexa app and link it back. Follow the steps below to unlink Apple Music in the Alexa app:

    • Open the Alexa app on your mobile device and tap the three-bar icon in the upper left-hand corner.
    • Tap Settings and select Music & Podcasts.
    • Tap Apple Music from the drop-down and then tap Disable Skills.

    Now youve unlinked Apple Music from Alexa. And the next thing you want to do is relink Apple Music to Alexa. Heres how to do that:

    • Open the Alexa app on your phone and tap the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.
    • Tap Settings and then tap Music & Podcasts.
    • Tap Apple Music in the list and then tap Link account to Alexa.
    • Now log in to your Apple Music account with your existing credentials.

    Next, try to play music from your playlist to see if it works.

    Still didnt work? Try the next troubleshooting step.

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