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Why Is My Apple Music Not Working

See Song Lyrics In Apple Music On Apple Tv

Why is my apple music not working on family sharing?

Apple TV also has support for song lyrics and you can enable the feature as the following.

  • Launch the Music;app on your Apple TV and play a song.
  • Press the Menu;button your remote.
  • Select the three-dots icon on your screen.
  • Then choose View Full Lyrics.
  • Song lyrics will appear on the screen of your Apple TV.
  • View song lyrics on Apple TV

    Delete Apple Music Library Cache

    Some users could get Apple Music working again on their Mac by deleting the app’s cache files/folder. You should try this if none of the methods above help. Before you proceed, make sure the iTunes app is closed.

    Step 1: Use the keyboard shortcut ‘Command + Space bar’ to launch the Spotlight search. Paste the directory into the search bar and hit Return on your keyboard.

    That will launch the folder containing the cached files for all applications installed on your Mac.

    Step 2: Next, locate the folder with iTunes or Apple_Music at the end and double-click to open.

    Step 3: Select all the files in the folder and move them to trash.

    Alternatively, you can back them up by moving them to another folder on your computer.

    Sign Out Of Your Apple Id

    Signing out and in of your Apple ID will re-sync your iPhone with your iTunes library, which could ultimately lead to resolving the issue with Apple Music. Heres what you need to do:

  • Go to;Settings.
  • Tap your name, and go to;Sign out.
  • Type your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off.
  • A window asking you which data you want to copy from your iCloud account to your phone will appear. Keep in mind that this might delete some data from your phone, so youll want to carefully read the instructions on this page.
  • Once youve decided what you want to keep, tap Sign Out.
  • Now that youre signed out, head back to Settings, and go Sign in to your iPhone.
  • Enter your credentials, tap Next, enter your passcode, and youre back in.
  • Could More Than One Individual Utilize A Similar Account At The Same Time On The Off Chance That They Pay For An Apple Music Family Plan

    Yes, however Id advise against it. At the point when two individuals use the same account, you will blend your recommendations in with the other persons. On the off chance that you couldnt care less about that and have a Family plan, you will actually want to stream simultaneously on different devices signed in to the same account.

    Fix Apple Music Problems On Ios 15/14 With Tenorshare Reiboot

    How to Put Music on iPhone/iPod/iPad with iTunes (EASY ...

    When all the above solutions still fail to kill off the problem of Apple Music, you may consider repairing your iOS 15/14 on iPhone/iPad/iPod. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a powerful tool that helps restore your iDevices without using iTunes or causing any stuck problems or data loss.

    • Connect your device to Tenorshare ReiBoot. Click “Fix All iOS Stuck”, and then “Fix Now “.

    • When you see the interface below, click “Download” to download the iOS firmware that matches yours. Alternatively, you may select the firmware already existing in your computer by clicking “Select”.

    • After the download is finished, you may click “Start Repair” to start repairing iOS 14. When the repairing is completed, your iDevices have been restored successfully.

    Sign Out And Then Sign In With Your Account Again

    Though you don’t know why Apple Music Family membership not working exactly, you can always try to sign out of your account and then log back into your account.

    On iOS device, go to “Settings”> your name, then tap “Sign Out” on the bottom of Apple ID screen, after that, sign back in with your account.

    On Mac, open iTunes, click on “Account” on the menu bar and select “Sign Out” from the list, then click on “Account” again and select “Sign in” to sign in with your account again.

    Now, check whether your family members can get access to Apple Music with their account, if not, then try below fixes.

    Empty Playlists On Your Apple Watch

    This is a common problem that many people have experienced. A quick restart of both devices wont be able to solve this issue.

    Some users have tried to delete the playlist and rebuild it song by song but mostly a failed attempt. What seems to work in this case is to pair your Apple Watch with a Bluetooth headphone.

    Apparently, that resolves the issue of Unknown Titles on your playlist.;For some tracks, it needs to be purchased before they can show up correctly on your Apple Watch playlist.

    Way : Update Apple Music App

    Still not working? An updated version of the app can solve the problem of Apple Music won’t download music to library or cloud. To update:

    • Open “App Store” and tap on “Updates”.
    • If there is an “Update” next to the Apple Music logo, you can update it.
    • If not, sorry! You have the newest version, read our other suggestions for fixing your problem.

    Way : Toggle The Mobile Data Option On Your Ios Device

    How To Fix Macbook / iMac Sound Not Working!

    Even though its quite obvious, many iOS users dont know that Apple Music needs an active Internet connection to successfully sync songs across different iDevices. So, if you have tried every other solution, make sure to take a look at Mobile Data and ensure that it is enabled.

    You can also enable Mobile Data by heading to Settings>iTunes and Apple Store>Mobile Data.

    Change The Country/region Of Itunes & App Store

    If you get a prompt saying your Apple ID is only valid for use in the store but you are using the iTunes/App Store of another country, all you need to do is to change the App/iTunes Store country to the one in which your Apple ID is valid for use. Here is the way to do it:

    Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone and scroll down to choose iTunes & App Store.

    Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID, click View Apple ID and enter your Apple ID password if required.

    Step 3: Choose Country/Regin > Change Country or Region.

    Step 4: Select the country or region in which your Apple ID is valid for use and tap on Next > Agree.

    Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions to enter the payment details and billing information and finish the setting.

    How To Check If Your Songs Are Uploaded Matched Purchased Or Have Apple Music Drm

    As your iTunes library grew over the years, you’ve probably acquired music from a bunch of different sources. You could have purchased them from iTunes, ripped them from CDs or vinyl, or downloaded them from Apple Music for offline listening. Your collection could be large, and it becomes difficult to remember where everything came from. If you need to check where the original source for a song file is from, it’s possible to do that on your Mac. Just right-click the song and choose Get Info from the menu, then click File to view the source.

    Apple Music Randomly Stops Playing Songs

    Situation: It looks like this issue happened since the last iOS update, now my music randomly stops playing, which is very annoying. It continues to play if I press the play button, but it pauses again at the end of the song. I have to manually move on to the next song. â From Apple Community

    4 Possible Solutions:

    1. If you are streaming songs via an internet connection, try downloading the songs and play them offline.

    2. Force-quit Music app and restart it.

    3. Delete certain songs that stop playing unexpectedly, then add them back again by searching in the Apple Music library.

    4. Reset your phone to factory default and restore it from a backup.

    Solution 2 Force Quit Apple Music App And Open It Again


    Mostly when Apple Music keeps crashing, the reason behind this is a minor software glitch. To fix that, you can force quitting the application and re-launching it.

  • 1. Open the App Switcher by sliding from the bottom to the midpoint of the screen. This gesture is used in the iPhone 11 to open the App Switcher.
  • 2. There, you will see the app that is running in the background. Swipe left or right to find the Music App and swipe up to close it.

    Force quit music app

  • 3. Now exit the App Switcher and open the Apple Music app once again.Now try playing songs and doing something else to make sure that the app is working fine.
  • How To Fix Apple Music Replay

    To begin with, make sure that you have a valid subscription to Apple Music and that you are logged in with the correct Apple ID. You can purchase a subscription through the Apple Music or iTunes application on your Apple device.

    The Apple ID you use to subscribe to Apple Music should be the same one that you use to sign in to view your Apple Music Replay stats at

    If the issue still persists, make sure that your phone or tablet is updated to the latest version of iOS available for download. Out of date software can cause issues with the syncing up between Apple Music and Apple Music Replay. Go to Settings and tap on Software Updates to download the latest releases.

    To ensure that the problem is not being caused by your browser, go to your Safari settings and clear out the cache and browsing history. Relaunch the browser and try accessing Apple Music Replay once again.

    Last but not least, if all else fails, you can try contacting Apple customer support to get direct assistance from one of the company experts who should hopefully be able to help you resolve this issue.

    Remove Everyone And Again Add Them

    As you most likely are aware you can just join another family bunch once in a year,so leaving and reproducing your family can place you in trouble.And on the off chance that you have youngsters accounts, they cant be eliminated by any stretch of the imaginationsimply moved to an alternate family bunchso you need to make an altogether new Family Sharing account in that case.

    Here is the solution for it you can disband your family by either erasing the family bunch or eliminating everybody from your family and afterwards re-adding them.

    Ensuring That Sync Library Is Enabled For All Devices

    Assuming that your iOS/macOS have been updated to their latest versions and that you have subscribed to Apple Music, heres what you need to do in order to enable the Sync Library feature :

    Instructions for iOS devices:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Go to the Music settings.
  • Toggle on the Sync Library option.
  • Instructions for Mac

  • Start the Apple Music application.
  • Click on Music from the menu bar and then go to Preferences.
  • Select General, check the Sync Library setting and click on OK.
  • If your Apple Music Library is large, then it will probably take some time before it syncs with your other devices.
  • Perform the steps above for all your Apple devices and when the devices are connected to the Internet, their Apple Music app will get synced.

    Check If An App Is Shareable

    How to fix Apple Music that is not working on your Apple iPhone XR
  • Go to;the App Store.
  • Find the app.
  • Scroll down to the Supports section and make sure that Family Sharing is listed.;
  • Some apps;might;not be enabled for Family Sharing. If you purchased one of these apps, you can see it in your purchase history, but your family members won’t be able to see or redownload it. Learn about the types of content you can share with your family using purchase sharing.

    Why Is My Apple Music Not Downloading

    A new song from that artist you love has just come out and you try to download it onto your device. Annoyingly, you find that Apple Music is not downloading songs! What is keeping you from listening to music on the go? Various Apple users have complained about getting a message that reads “Unable to Download Songs”. Others stare at their screen waiting in vain for the download to start after tapping the download button; some even report the button spins for days without anything happening!

    Why Isnt Apple Music Working On My Phone

    The ones that stick out are the following: Go to Settings>Apple ID Profile > iTunes & App Store> And turn Use Mobile Data off. Check On your iPhone in Settings> Music, and that iCloud Music Library is turned on to see the music on your iPhone. Disable iCloud Music Library, restart, and enable it back on.

    Apple Music Shows A Blank Page On Mac Fix

    If you cannot load the content in Apple Music on your Mac, you wont be able to use Apple Music. This issue is reported by many users. More specifically, the issue is that Apple Music displays a blank or empty page, meaning nothing is displayed when the Listen Now, Browse or Radio options are clicked, when you open the app.

    This article explains how you can fix this problem. Please try the steps below until your issue is fixed:

  • Check Apple System Status. If you are experiencing any issues with Apple Music, it may be because of a Music outage that is affecting some users including you. You can check the System Status page to learn more. If this is the case, the only thing you can do is to wait for Apple to fix it.
  • Ensure that your Mac is connected to the Internet. If you are having Internet issues, you can see these articles:
  • Wi-Fi is Off and Wont Turn On Mac, Fix
  • Ensure that your Mac has the latest version of macOS. You can go to System Preferences > Software Update to check for updates and if there is an update, follow the onscreen instructions to update your Mac.
  • Check the date and time to ensure that they are set correctly. On your Mac, go to System Preferences, then choose Date & Time. Review your settings. You may also want to check the set date and time automatically box .
  • Restart your Mac. Simply go to the Apple menu > Restart. After restarting, open Music on your Mac to see if you can listen to your music.
  • Does your Music app work now?
  • Then click Ok.
  • Restart The Apple Music App

    How to Transfer iTunes library to a NEW computer Windows ...

    Try force closing the Apple Music app and opening it again. This will refresh the app, and make it load all its temporary data again, which can fix common errors.

    To do this on an iPhone or iPad without a home button, swipe up slowly from the very bottom of the screen until you’re shown a list of all the apps you’ve opened recently. On an iPhone or iPad with a home button, just double-click the button. Once you’ve reached this screen, swipe up on any app you want to force close like Apple Music.

    Restarting your device will also do the trick.

    Corrupted Itunes And Collections

    If you subscribed to Apple Music using iPhone or iPad, you would experience;Apple Music not working on Mac OS. It is essential to mark a few crucial checkboxes in the Preferences list in iTunes. Plus, minor software hiccups from third-party applications and corrupted music collection on your Mac also prevent Apple Music software’s smooth functioning.;

    About The Verizon Apple Music Promotion

  • Apple Music is a streaming music service that lets you listen to a catalog of more than 75 million songs, ad-free. You can also download music to listen to offline, watch music videos and create playlists of your favorite songs.Visit Apple Music on Apple’s website for more information.

  • Apple Music is included with certain Verizon mobile Unlimited plans. Depending on your plan, you may get Apple Music included for either as long as you have the plan, or for 6 months.If your plan includes Apple Music, you currently have until midnight on 10/18/21 to enroll.

  • Play More Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited*, Above Unlimited** if you purchased the plan before 8/20/20.
  • You can keep Apple Music as long as you keep the plan.Apple Music included* for 6 months with:

    Note: Account eligibility rules apply.*Taxes apply.

  • To get the Apple Music promotion, you must:

  • Be up-to-date on your bill payments
  • Have an iPhone® or an Android smartphone
  • Be on an eligible Unlimited plan
  • Note:

    • If you’re new to Verizon, you’ll need to , activate your phone and register for My Verizon before you can sign up for the Apple Music promo.
    • If you previously signed up for the 6-month Apple Music promotion and then switch to a plan thats also eligible for the 6-month offer, you dont qualify for the 6-month offer again.

    Solution 4 Sign Out Of Icloud Account And Then Sign In Again

    Like we mentioned above, you need to make sure that you are signed in the iCloud account. Re-authentication is one of the most common fixes when there is something wrong with your account. So, whether it is the Apple Music student not working or the Individual Subscription, this method will fix everything.

  • 1. Open Settings> Music and disable the “Show Apple Music” option.

    Disable show apple music

  • 2. Now, head to the main Settings menu and tap on iCloud. Select your iCloud account and sign out. Then exit the app and shut down your iPhone.

    Sign out of Apple ID

  • 3. After the restart, again, go to the iCloud Account settings and sign in with your account. Once you are logged in, open the Apple Music app and check if the problem still persists.
  • Not Working Apple Music With 4g Connection

    Apple Music Not Working on iPhone in iOS 11 and 12 – 2018

    It sounds weird, but Ive seen a few users who reported that Apple Music not working on a 5G or 4G connection. Have you enabled the Cellular Data for Apple Music? Did you check the Cellular Data plan? These are the most common reasons why your Apple Music not working on the 4G connection.

    Prefer the above steps to enable the Cellular Data for Apple Music, and for the Cellular Data plan, you can contact Carrier Support or check the plan by signing in to the carriers website.

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