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Q1 Why Is Apple Music So Slow

Why Is My Mac So Slow?! The Top 12 Reasons and Fixes

There are many reasons for lagging playlists in your Apple music. One major reason is poor connectivity. Since Apple music consumes a lot of data, your regular router network signals wonât suffice. Hence, you will find that your Apple Music is so slow.

Another reason is a pending update. Make sure all your updates have been performed. This will clear the malfunction. Refer to the above article for more information. Hope it helps.

Seamless Music Video Playback

Apple Music subscribers can also find and watch music videos from a wide selection of artists in the Apple Music app. Start by playing the video in full screen if you decide you want to go back to your gameplay or navigate elsewhere on the PS5s home screen, the audio from the music video will continue to play. If you want to go back to the music video, itll also pick up seamlessly from wherever you are in the song, with no interruption to the music.We hope you enjoy Apple Music on PS5. To get started, PS5 owners can download the Apple Music app from the Media space on PS5, and follow the on-screen instructions to link their Apple Music account. For more information, please visit our website.

Put Discovery Front And Center

The best part of Apple Music for me is its For You section of recommendations. It takes a different approach from Googles Songza-fueled mood playlists or Spotifys Discovery Weekly playlist and instead offers a little bit of both.

The best part is that if you do use iTunes — or Apple Music — a lot, the recommendations in the form of playlists and albums gets better all the time.

The album and playlist offerings it shows me continue to be accurate and its one of the main reasons I use the service.

And although Apple is smart about making it the first tab in the Music App on iOS, it feels like For You is buried on the desktop.

Moreover, Ive also come to really enjoy the New section which shows off the best new content each week. From the updated genre playlist of best new tracks to a listing of hot tracks just released to the service, this is a great way to find great stuff to listen to.

But I wonder if New and For You should be separated. Having a dedicated section to New is fine, but I would love to see the playlists I follow make their way into For You.

Speaking of Discovery: Since I can follow artists on Apple Music, Id love to get app notifications when a new album or track is released. This is what Connect was ostensibly supposed to be for, but it doesnt work that well.

The recommendations are great. The surfacing of new content is solid. Now I want Apple to go to the next level and start anticipating the stuff I want to listen to as soon as it comes out.

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How To Download All Songs In Apple Music On An Iphone

The first technique for downloading all songs from Apple Music to your iPhone involves nothing more than your phone and an internet connection.

Heres what you need to do:

  • Open the Music app and go to Library.
  • Youll see Songs,Albums, and Playlists as available options. The Songs menu will take you to individual tracks where you can download them one at a time, so choose either Albums or Playlists.
  • When you find the album or playlist you want to download, you can download it in two ways:
  • The first option is to long-press the title of the album or playlist and choose Download in the menu that will appear.
  • Alternatively, you can open the desired album or playlist. Youll find the iCloud symbol, which you can tap to download all songs in the album or playlist, right next to the three dots icon.
  • This method will be faster than downloading individual songs. However, if you have many albums in your library, it might still take a considerable amount of time. To add to the frustration, you might have issues with your data connection, and, depending on how much music you want to download, your iPhone could run out of battery power.

    Dont Forget To Subscribe

    Why is Apple Music So Slow? [2021 Fix]

    Apple Music only offers the service if you subscribe to it, so I also subscribed to Spotify Premium. I didnt want ads to interrupt my listening experience.

    Spotify is the same price as Apple Music: $9.99/month on the individual plan, but unlike Apple Music, you only have one month for free as a Spotify Premium user, and Apple Music gives you three months.

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    Tip #9 Free Up Storage Space On Your Phone

    If Apple Music won’t let you download songs or albums to your phone when clicking on the download cloud icon, you might not have enough storage space on your phone to save new music. You can try to fix this issue by freeing up the storage space on your phone.

    There’re multiple ways that can help you clear space on your device:

  • Delete unused gaming apps.

  • Delete old podcasts, unwanted photos, and videos.

  • Offload or delete apps you don’t use

  • Apple Music Not Loading Library

    As reported by some users, Apple Music is stuck on the loading library after an iOS upgrade, and a few said that Apple Music is not loading songs when they restore a backup in the new phone.

    In fact, it requires an internet connection to view some of the sections in the Apple Music library. For example, if you are using iPhone, you need to connect to WLAN or Cellular Data to access sections like “For You”, “Browse” and “Radio”. If you don’t have access to the internet, it will show âYouâre Offlineâ in the “For You” – “Browse” – “Radio” tabs.

    When Apple Music fails to load songs or library when you are connecting to the internet, you can try out the following methods.

    8 Possible Fixes:

    1. Check your phone’s 2/3/4G network signal. If you have a weak or unstable mobile network, change your location and try again.

    2. Turn on and off the airplane mode.

    3. Connect to a strong Wi-Fi network.

    4. Re-authorize your computer in iTunes with the same Apple ID that links to your Apple Music subscription.

    5. Reset network settings on your device.

    6. Log out of your Apple ID account and log back in. Make sure the Apple ID is the one that you use to sign in to Apple Music.

    7. Force close the app and restart it.

    8. Another solution suggested by users is to shut down your iPhone and restart it.

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    How Did I Migrate My Library

    To start my experience with Spotify, I had to migrate all my library from one service to another, and I wouldnt be able to do that one song per time. Thats why I used FreeYourMusic. Its a free-to-download app, but to migrate an entire library, a onetime purchase is required.

    After more than a day of migrating my whole library, most of my playlists and songs looked alright. Surprisingly, the app was able to match most of my songs, but, for some reason, it had a lot of trouble with the Beatles music rights? and Ive now got a lot of Beatles covers instead of the original albums. If you want to know more about how to transfer Apple Music songs to Spotify , check out our full coverage here.

    Features Apple Needs To Add To The Apple Music Iphone App

    Why is the internet so SLOW on my Mac all of a sudden?

    Apple’s music-streaming app is just good enough to get the job done. But it could be much better with these added features.

    Even though Apple Music is very popular, the service’s native iPhone app could use a whole bunch of improvements to make it more user-friendly. When Apple Music launched, Apple decided to bundle it into the stock Music app on iPhone. This led to an experience that mirrored iTunes, and the less we talk about that, the better.

    With WWDC 2021 approaching, nows a good time to create a wish list for Apple Music improvements, and its probably a good idea to focus on the iPhone app because thats where most people use the service.

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    Common Apple Music Problems And How To Fix Them

    When browsing through the Apple support community, you may see people asking the following questions: “why is my Apple Music stuck on loading?”, “why are my downloaded songs not playing?”, “why did my Apple Music library disappear?”, etc. If you are also troubled by these Apple Music problems today, you can apply the instructions in this article to get Apple Music working again.

    We’ve rounded up the most common and LATEST Apple Music issues you might come across on iOS devices, Android phones, Mac, and iTunes, and we will show you how to troubleshoot each issue STEP BY STEP. You don’t have to try out every method we mentioned, but we highly recommend that you check and see if your problem is fixed after taking each step. Read on for more information.

    Power Tips: It might take 3-5 minutes to read through the complete article, the quickest way is to jump to the specific issues that are similar to yours and use our suggested solutions to resolve the problem. If you tried but without success, feel free to let us know in the comment or contact us anytime!

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    Tip #8 Reset Your Phone To Factory Default

    Try to reset your phone to its factory settings if the problem continues. I know you might not want to do this, but it works sometimes.

    As you may notice, lots of iOS 13.5.1 users are reporting a massive battery drain issue caused by Apple Music bug. The most reliable solution to fix the problem is to do a complete reset of your device settings, while a minority of users fix the issue by deleting the Music app entirely and reinstalling it.

    To factory-reset your iPhone:

  • Create an iPhone backup first: Go to “Settings”> Your Apple account > iCloud > iCloud Backup > turn on “iCloud Backup”> tap “Back Up Now”.

  • Go back to “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”> “Erase All Settings”. (You may have to re-enter your passcode to confirm your decision. Tap the Erase iPhone option to reset all settings.

  • To factory-reset your Android:

  • Open “Settings”> “System”> “Advanced”> Reset options”> “Erase all data”.

  • You might need to enter your PIN to proceed.

  • Tap “Erase all data” to continue resetting.

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    Open The App Store App

    • For iOS 13 and iPadOS, find App Store updates by tapping your profile icon and then scrolling down
    • For iOS 12 and below, tap the Updates tab at the bottom of the App Store
    • Update at least one app
    • You may be asked to accept Apples new terms and conditions and accept it and refresh the app. Accepting these terms sometimes fixes your Apple Music problem

    Better Management Of Offline Songs

    [Tip] Why is iTunes So Slow? How to Fix it?

    The offline part of Apple Music desperately needs an overhaul. First up, the user interface hides all your offline songs in the Library tab. You need to hit the Downloaded button to find your music. Ideally you should be able to customize the home screen to highlight just offline songs.

    Another big problem is that downloaded songs get removed if you sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone. While this is understandable, the problem is that you need to manually download all songs again after you sign back in or if you sign in to your Apple ID on a new iPhone.

    Its about time for Apple to add an option that lets you automatically re-download all of your offline music in one tap.

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    Free Some Space On Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod

    If your Apple Music wont let you download songs or see album covers, try deleting some space.

    It appears that having available space of at least 3-4 GB allows Apple Music to download songs, album art, and other tasks.

    Many readers tell us that once they open up that internal space, Apple Music works as usual.

    Fix Why Is Itunes So Slow By Diasbale The Automatic Downloads

    The automatic download will not only consume the resource of your computer but also suck all the data out of your internet plan. If you are against these features, then you can disable it so it would act more manually than before.

    • Open iTunes
    • Uncheck all the options under Automatic Downloads
    • The list includes Music, Movies, and TV shows.

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    Apple Music Not Working On Android

    If Apple Music is not working on your Android, there are five easy ways to fix this issue. First, update your Apple Music app. Make sure that you get the latest version of the app. This will help you have a smooth run of the application with its best new features.

    Second, force stops the Apple Music app and reopens it to refresh it. Third, update your Android OS as this app needs an Android 5.0 Lollipop OS or newer to use the app. This will help you run the Apple Music app without issues.

    Fourth, check your internet connection. Again, this is essential in making the application work. The slower the internet connection, the less likely the app will run properly.

    Lastly, clear your Apple Music cache and data. This will likely give enough space for the app to consume. However, clearing the data will make you set up the Apple Music app again from scratch.

    What You Need To Know

    Why iPads Charge So Slow
    • Some users are experiencing issues with Apple Music and other services.
    • Apple is aware of the problem and working on it.
    • No ETA given on fixing the issue yet

    Update: The issues have been resolved.

    If you’re trying to stream your tunes with Apple Music right now, you may be experiencing some issues.

    Users have been reporting issues with Apple Music as well as Apple Music radio. Some reports have just noticed slow service, but some people are reporting that streaming isn’t working at all for them.

    According to Apple’s System Status page, both Apple Music and Apple Music Radio are listed as having an Issue. The issue for both reads as follows:

    “Today, 1:53 PM – ongoing. Some users are affected. This service may be slow or unavailable.”

    Clearly, Apple is aware of the issue and trying to address it, but no ETA of return to normal service has been given at the time of publishing.

    If you’re experiencing Apple Music issues right now you may just have to wait it out however, we do have some Apple Music troubleshooting tips that could potentially help shake things loose.

    Looking at Apple’s System Status page, you’ll also notice that the App Store, Apple Books, iTunes Store, and Radio have all been given issued the same issue by Apple. Users trying to access these services may notice slow service and interruptions in service.

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    Art foundations

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    Apple Music Crashes When Used With Carplay

    Earlier this month, some users reported that the Apple Music app kept crashing as they launched via CarPlay. And the issue seemed to only impact devices running iOS 14.5.1. The solution to fix this issue is quite simple because it only happens when the iPhone is connected to the Internet. Therefore, just take the device offline before launching Apple Music.

    Also, according to Apple Support, impacted users can tap the airplane mode in the Control Center, let all connections shut down. This helps the iPhone re-connect to CarPlay. And CarPlay will be loaded in offline mode, so users should then be able to launch Apple Music correctly. Once Apple Music can work properly, you can then return to your iPhone and disable the airplane mode.

    Restart The Apple Music App

    Try force closing the Apple Music app and opening it again. This will refresh the app, and make it load all its temporary data again, which can fix common errors.

    To do this on an iPhone or iPad without a home button, swipe up slowly from the very bottom of the screen until you’re shown a list of all the apps you’ve opened recently. On an iPhone or iPad with a home button, just double-click the button. Once you’ve reached this screen, swipe up on any app you want to force close like Apple Music.

    Restarting your device will also do the trick.

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    All My Friends Are Here

    Apple Music always felt like an empty party. Sure, I have many friends that use the streaming service, but Apple doesnt focus that much on friends playlists, what theyre listening to, and ways to engage with them, such as creating collaborative playlists.

    The first thing I noticed was how many of my Facebook friends are on Spotify: more than 400. On Apple Music, I have around 20 friends, and thats only if I consider Eddy Cue a friend.

    I of course didnt add all 400 of them. In fact, this also got me thinking about how personal listening to music is. I added only people I really care about, and I think its fun to know what theyre listening to while Im working on my Mac.

    Albums Very Slow To Load From Search Results In Music App

    [Tip] Why is iTunes So Slow? How to Fix it?

    usagora said:See video below. Anyone else experiencing this? Unless I’m completely out of it, albums always used to instantly load when you tapped on them from the search results. Now it takes like 6 second any time I click on one. Using a 2020 iPhone SE, so it’s definitely not due to older hardware/slower processor! When simply browsing albums, they load instantly when tapped on. Running iOS 14.4 Restarting iPhone and quitting/relaunching Music app makes no difference. Also, these are all local files , so the Internet connection is irrelevant.

    LaEnsalada said:Same. It also happens with playlists. I think it’s trying to load the album/playlist located on Apple Music.Remember they introduced this big album and playlist covers? Those only showed up if you looked for them on AM, but not in your library. So I guess that’s why they change it and now it takes some seconds to load a playlist/album

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