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Why Does My Apple Music Keep Stopping

Apple Tv Keeps Pausing/freezing/stopping/hangs/stalling To Buffer

iPhone Apple Music or Podcasts Stop Playing when Open Messages or Camera App in iOS 14.7/15

As with all electronic devices, when they have an issue and dont work properly the best first step is to restart the device. You can either unplug it from the wall, or turn it off using the power button. Then, turn it back on again. When that doesnt fix it heres what you should do

As a whole you want to check the speed of your internet using an online speed test. Someone else in your home might be downloading a large file, or streaming video as well. This can use up the available bandwidth for your internet connection and cause it to keep buffering.

One of the easiest tools you can use is the website It will run a quick test to see what your download speed is. And give you a comparison between your internet speed and the averages for your city and country.

Mobile Data Can Have Patchy Coverage

If youre using a mobile data connection, you might also be in an area where there isnt very good mobile coverage. Mobile networks also tend to slow down during peak times for example, when everyone gets off work at around 5pm to 6pm.

If youre watching Apple TV while travelling you will go through patches of better or worse signal based on how close you are to a cellphone tower. A good work around for that is to download the video by clicking on the download option on your show, so that you dont need to stream it.

You can only download videos from Apple TV on certain iPhones, iPads, Macs, and iPods. And that feature doesnt work on a smartTV, or Apple TV.

Solution 4 Make Sure You Sign In With The Same Apple Id

Moreover, you need to make sure you have used the same Apple ID to sign in Apple Music on your iOS devices and iTunes on the computer, otherwise the skipping problem might happen. Therefore you can check if you are using the same Apple ID in iTunes and Apple Music, if not, then sign out and sign in with the same Apple ID.

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Solutions For Dolby Atmos Error In Apple Music

Many users who see the 15 second Dolby Atmos error are running iOS 14.6, so not just an iOS 15 developer beta issue. And some of the complaints point out that they are facing the same issue with Apple Music Lossless tracks.

  • One short-term fix that weve seen working to a decent degree is to shut down Apple Music and restart the application the problem seems to go away, at least for a while.
  • On the web, other users have noticed that this sometimes works jump the 15 seconds mark .
  • Other people mention that Apple Support is asking them to sign out of Apple Music and back in to fix the issue at IPhone Settings> Name> Media & Purchases> Logout then replay.

Most are workarounds, in case you are really willing and patient to use Apple Music with Dolby Atmos. On the contrary deactivating the option is the definitive solution to the problem, until Apple releases an update.

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Change Apple Id Country And Region

Why does my Spotify keep Stopping

Change your Apple ID to other country and then launch the music App. When it asks you whether to sign for 3-month free trial, just click on “No”. You will then be able to play Apple Music directly. Switch back to your original region after a few hours and you may find your Apple Music not crashing any more.

Get tired of fixing the crashing issue? Here we recommend an awesome way which enables you to enjoy your Apple Music without Apple Music App.

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Why Does Apple Music Keep Pausing 10 Fixes To Try

Get the jams going once again

Apple Music works phenomenally well on the iPhone, but it isnt immune from issues. Rarely, you may run into instances with the audio pausing randomly. That can happen while streaming music or playing songs youve downloaded for offline listening.

Below, youll figure out a handful of reasons that can cause Apple Music to keep pausing, along with solutions to help you fix the problem.

Most Reported Apple Music Issues & Solutions

Now you might have a general idea of what the popular troubleshooting tips are. But like I said before, you don’t have to try all solutions given in this article to fix a specific issue. The wiser way is to take a closer look at your current problem, trying to understand why it happens and uses more a suitable solution to fix it.

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Disable Or Enable Autoplay In Apple Music

By default, the Autoplay functionality in Apple Music kicks in after the final song in an album or playlist. It will then keep playing random picks from within or outside your music library. That means the music never stops! Better yet, it also helps you discover new tracks. If that bugs you out, however, it’s quite easy to disable Autoplay in Apple Music.

On the iPhone, start by bringing up the Now Playing screentap the song that’s currently playing to do that. Then, tap the Up Next icon to the lower-right corner of the screen.

Now, it’s a simple matter of tapping the Autoplay icon next to Playing Next. That should stop Apple Music from playing tracks automatically.

You only have to do this onceyou don’t have to disable the functionality for each album or playlist repeatedly. When you want to enable the functionality, tap the Autoplay icon within the Up Next screen again.

On the iPad, disabling or enabling autoplay in Apple Music is the same as on the iPhone.

Get to the Now Playing screen, switch to the Up Next list, and then tap the Autoplay icon to disable or enable the functionality.

Also on Guiding Tech

Still Having Issues Heres What You Can Do

iPhone plays the same song over and over

The fixes above shouldve helped you get back to chilling out to your favorite Apple Music tracks without any annoying pauses.

However, if Apple Music keeps pausing, check for any pending updates to the iPhones system software and apply them. To do that, go to Settings > General > Software Update and tap . Aside from fixing any known audio-related problems in iOS, that should also apply the latest performance enhancements to the Music app.

Additionally, you can choose to perform a complete setting reset to revert any corrupt or conflicting system-related configurations to their defaults. To do that, go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.

If your problem occurs while using Bluetooth earbuds or headphones only, try out these additional troubleshooting tips.

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Delete Media Library Files

To apply this fix you first need to iMazing or any other software that will allow you to browse the file system on your iPhone!

  • the appropriate iMazing version that suits your computer .
  • The installation file is saved in your folder. Double-click to run it!
  • Drag the iMazing icon on top of the Applications folder.
  • Launch iMazing from the Applications folder. Confirm that you want to open this app that youve downloaded outside of the App Store environment.
  • Click on Continue Trial in the top-right corner of the window.
  • Backup or skip it for Later!
  • Connect iPhone to computer with the help of the Lightning cable.
  • in the top-left corner of the iMazing home screen.
  • Scroll the left Sidebar all the way down until you reach File System and click on it.
  • Now double-click to browse for Media -> iTunes_Control -> iTunes.
  • Delete the three MediaLibrary.sql files!Tip: Do save them to your computer using the Copy to Mac option before erasing them, to make sure that you can upload them back in case something gets broken!
  • Credits: for this fix to Reddit user PatTheDog123.

    Fact: This should prevent the Settings app from crashing on iPhone, when tapping on Music in iOS 15! Does it work for you?

Have you managed to stop Settings from crashing when tapping on Music in iOS 15? Did any of the tips provided above help you out? Do you have a better fix? Use the comments section and share your feedback!

Apple Music Not Loading Library

As reported by some users, Apple Music is stuck on the loading library after an iOS upgrade, and a few said that Apple Music is not loading songs when they restore a backup in the new phone.

In fact, it requires an internet connection to view some of the sections in the Apple Music library. For example, if you are using iPhone, you need to connect to WLAN or Cellular Data to access sections like “For You”, “Browse” and “Radio”. If you don’t have access to the internet, it will show âYouâre Offlineâ in the “For You” – “Browse” – “Radio” tabs.

When Apple Music fails to load songs or library when you are connecting to the internet, you can try out the following methods.

8 Possible Fixes:

1. Check your phone’s 2/3/4G network signal. If you have a weak or unstable mobile network, change your location and try again.

2. Turn on and off the airplane mode.

3. Connect to a strong Wi-Fi network.

4. Re-authorize your computer in iTunes with the same Apple ID that links to your Apple Music subscription.

5. Reset network settings on your device.

6. Log out of your Apple ID account and log back in. Make sure the Apple ID is the one that you use to sign in to Apple Music.

7. Force close the app and restart it.

8. Another solution suggested by users is to shut down your iPhone and restart it.

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Tips #: Remove Drm And Convert Apple Music Songs To Mp3/m4a/aac

There’s a once and for all solution to stop Apple Music songs from disappearing after cancelling subscription or free trial. You can use a tool like TuneFab Apple Music Converter to download the DRM-free version of Apple Music songs before the subscription ends.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is able to get access to your entire iTunes music library, including Apple Music songs, purchased songs, iTunes audiobooks, Audible audiobooks, etc. It can not only remove DRM protection from Apple Music, but also convert Apple Music songs to DRM-free format such as MP3 so that you can keep the songs playable on any device forever.

Tool Required: Noteburner Itunes Audio Converter

How to Put Music on iPhone/iPod/iPad with iTunes (EASY ...
Features of iTunes Audio Converter:
  • Record iTunes M4P music, podcasts, audiobooks, Apple Music
  • Convert Apple Music files to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF
  • Convert iTunes audio at 10X faster speed with lossless quality
  • Keep ID3 Tags information after conversion
  • Easy-to-use with an intuitive and streamlined user interface
  • Enjoy free update & technical support.

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Apple Music Songs Won’t Download

When Apple Music won’t download songs and albums on your device, you should first double-check these related factors:

* Storage space: Make sure you have enough storage space left on your iPhone/iPad/Android

* Internet connection: It’s best to download music over Wi-Fi if you don’t want to waste your cellular data.

I have large storage space and fast Wi-Fi, why canât I download some certain songs from Apple Music, such as ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend? If you are having the exact same problem, here are a few solutions that are provided by users from Apple Communities and Reddit.

5 Possible Solutions:

1. Sign out of your Apple ID account from iTunes and then sign in again .

2. Navigate to “Settings”> “Music”> turn off iCloud Music Library > Restart the device and turn on iCloud Music Library again.

3. Delete the tracks that have download issues from the library. Search for the removed items on Apple Music library and then add them back to your playlist. Then, try downloading them again.

4. Turn the phone off and on again.

5. More solutions to .

Way : Use Either Left Or Right Microphone

Each AirPods features a microphone. By default, both the earphones work as microphones during calls. Allowing only one to work as a microphone at a time might fix the disconnection issue.

  • Launch Settings> Bluetooth> Tap on “i” button next to AirPods then tap on Microphone

  • Select either Always Left AirPod or Always Right AirPod

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How To Stop Apple Music From Deleting Songs In Your Music Library

May 24, 2019

I saw people sharing their experience of how Apple Music has been deleting songs from their library, and most of them believe that it’s a bug from Apple. But actually, it is not. Then why Apple Music is “deleting” songs from your iPhone or iTunes? That’s what we’re going to help you find out today. Plus, we’ll introduce some troubleshooting tips to see if you can get your issues fixed and stop Apple Music from removing your music files.

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Apple Music Library Disappeared

How do I stop my iPhone from pausing music?

First, let’s make it clear that Apple Music songs will “disappear” under some specific situations:

⢠When Music app is removed from your iPhone.

⢠When iCloud Music Library is disabled.

⢠When “Show Apple Music” is disabled.

3 Possible Solutions:

1. Redownload Apple Music songs manually

When you delete Music app from iPhone, all downloaded songs will be removed as well. That’s why when you re-install the Music app, the previously downloaded songs won’t show up any more. You need to re-download the songs manually.

2. Go to “Settings”> “Music”, and make sure that “Show Apple Music” is turned on.

3. Make sure that you have turned on iCloud Music Library.

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Way 8 Wipe The Cache Partition Using Recovery Mode

Your cache partition may have accumulated a number of files and cleaning it up might fix the issue for you.

  • You can use a free program – ReiBoot for Androidto enter recover mode with only one click. Connect your phone to your computer. Run ReiBoot for Android and select One-Click to Enter Recovery Mode in the software.

  • Select Wipe cache partition in the recovery mode.

Solution : Repair Your Iphone System

After numerous reports of Spotify music keeps pausing iPhone even after implementing all the other fixes on this article, we thought it would be helpful to the users to use a more effective solution and repair the iOS system altogether.

As the issue is system related, repairing the iOS altogether will give you the upper hand. The program we are talking is called Tenorshare ReiBoot and it is capable of repairing any issue with the iOS system very effectively. The implementation of the procedure is also very simple, lets have a look:

Step 1First, download and install ReiBoot on your computer, then launch it. After that, connect the iOS device to the computer. After the device gets detected by the program, click Repair Operating System tab on the main interface.

Step 2 Click Fix Now visible on the following panel and proceed to the next page. Then, click on Browse on the next page and then click Download in order to get the firmware on your computer.

Step 3The download of firmware will start immediately. After it is completed, click on Start Repair and the program will start repairing the iOS system immediately.

As soon as the procedure is finished, you will be notified on the screen.

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How To Fix Apple Music Keeps Pausing/skipping In Ios 14/13/12/11

  • Restart your iPhone always fix some issues. To restart iPhone 8 or earlier, press and hold the Top button until the slider appears. Drag the slider to turn your device completely off. After the device turns off, press and hold the Top button again until you see the Apple logo. To restart iPhone Xs/Xr/X, press and hold the Side button and either volume button until the slider appears. Drag the slider to turn your iPhone completely off. After your iPhone turns off, press and hold the Side button again until you see the Apple logo.
  • Remove the download of the songs that keep pausing or skipping after the iOS 14/13/12/11 update and then download them again.
  • Remove all media content from iPhone and then re-sync with iTunes. This especially works when files arent corrupt or bad and they play just fine in other iDevices.
  • Change another music player to play your locally downloaded songs.
  • Apple Music Won’t Play On Android

    Why I Stop Using My iPhone X

    Ever since the Apple Music for Android app was released, it has received mixed reviews from Android users. Some users give a low rating for this app because the experience with Apple Music on Android is always so buggy and frustrating. The most reported issue is Apple Music songs not playing on Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S6, LG, Honor phone, etc.

    Common Apple Music Problems on Android

    ⢠Apple Music library not loading on Android

    ⢠Downloaded playlist won’t play

    ⢠Apple Music keeps stopping after a track

    ⢠Apple Music app crashes for no reason.

    ⢠Songs stop playing randomly in the middle or beginning of the track.

    ⢠Apple Music won’t play the next songs and glitches out.

    ⢠Error message saying: “This action is not available when your library is updating.”

    7 Possible Fixes:

    1. Upgrade the Android system of your Android phones. Make sure your Android phone, such as Samsung, LG, or Huawei Android phone is running Android 4.3 or above. Those old Android phone models running Android 4.2 or lower are not compatible with the Apple Music for Android app.

    2. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Apple Music for Android app. If not, update it first.

    3. Login/out of the app with your Apple ID, or delete and reinstall the Apple Music app.

    Heads Up: Clearing the cache won’t delete the offline songs, preferences, account info, etc. that your Apple Music app has saved.

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