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Where To Send My Music

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Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

If you have an upcoming or new single or album release, then we would love to hear from you. Get the opportunity to receive a professional music review and PR write up on our music industry blog. Our blog receives ten of thousands of visitors each week.We cover all genres of music, so send across your tracks, EPK through our submission process below.

There Are No Barriers To Your Career

Worldwide Distribution

TuneCore can send your music to over 100+ countries worldwide. Wherever your fans are around the world, theyll be able to listen to you.

Keep 100% of Your Sales

TuneCore artists always keep 100% of the profits they earn from sales, downloads, and streaming revenue.

Tons of Different Stores

We can send your music to over 150 different online digital stores and streaming services. There are no barriers to who can discover your music.

Artist Services

From vinyl pressing to social media support, we offer a wide range of services to help you before and after you distribute.

Seconds Of Fame And Recognition With Drake Music

Have you got a GSCE or A-level composition that youd like to hear performed and shared by our Drake Music community? Or have you been writing songs/melodies outside of school that you would like to hear us play?

Drake Music is a team of Disabled and non-disabled people working together to make sure that everyone has the chance, instruments and support they need to make music.

As exams arent happening, schools are closed and we are all waiting to find whats next for students, we thought it would be great time to pull together artists from all walks of life to get some more music out into the world!

We know that so many of you have put so much time and effort into pieces for your courses, or for your music-making groups, and wed love to help you them get heard and appreciated by a wider audience, after all youve already done all the hard work now its time for the praise and recognition!

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Location Based Targeting Radio Promotion

Location based targeting is hard to achieve on many streaming platforms and can lead to the ultimate frustration for artists when trying to build a local buzz in their city or surrounding cities. Some artists view radio as a dying source of media but, radio is still one of the best ways to target fans based on their location.

The radio promotion services listed below come from Top Sellers via who specialize in getting your song played on a major radio station in a specific city or area. This tactic is very effective when trying to build a local buzz in your own city or cities that you plan to perform in once COVID-19 is over.

You can click the buttons below for radio placements in each city listed.

How To Send A Different Location To The Current One From A 4g Music


If you want to send the location of a business, a place, park, tourist attraction or a certain street but you are not in that place you can do it from your 4G Music through the following steps:

1- First step:

Open the Google Maps application on your 4G Music.

2- Second step:

Use the search engine at the top of the screen to find the location you want to send, search for the street or the name of the place you want to send the GPS coordinates.

3- Third step:

4- Fourth step:

A list of the applications through which you can send your location on your 4G Music, will appear, click on the icon of the application you want to use to send the location to your contact, you can also copy the location to paste it later.

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Add Your Music To Lastfm is one of the easiest ways for new fans to make your music their latest obsession. Add your music to, and theyll put you on playlists with bands that your fans already love .

Did we mention that if youre part of Wix Musics distribution offering, any music that you upload onto your site will automatically be spread across too? Talk about smart online radio streaming.

What Regions Do You Need To Be Touring

…you can tie in your radio promotion to a tour, but its not a necessity.

Ive worked with several artists who got their first taste of radio play in areas of the country theyd never been to before. Others got their first series of stations across the ocean before stations in the United States started playing them. So you can tie in your radio promotion to a tour, but its not a necessity.

The benefit for both of these types of artists is that they gained new music fans from the process, people who are actively reaching out and engaging with them because they heard the music on the radio.

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Make Sure You’re Collecting All Your Royalties

Firstly, you’ll want to be registered with a PRO like ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC that can collect money on your behalf whenever songs are placed on the radio.

Next, you’ll want to register your releases through services like Tunecore.

Tunecore collects about 50% of royalties that your PRO doesn’t. Your mechanical royalties and direct licensing royalties can make up a good portion of your income if your song starts to pick up traction, so be sure to sign up with Tunecore in the button below and pay the one time $75 fee in the Music Publishing section.

They let you submit as many tracks as you want with the one time fee for licensing opportunities with TV, Film, and more.

If You Get A Good Response

How to Transfer Music from Computer to Computer Free & Easy

Congratulations! Its always a good feeling when a label gets back to you.

If they are happy with your tracks, the next steps could be any of the following, so be both flexible and timely:

  • You might get feedback on a few things to change. Generally I would fix these things, unless its an absolute non-negotiable for whatever reason .
  • In order to secure a release, the label will let you know which tracks the want to sign, and in what format. Usually if you agree at this point, they will send out a contract. Do not release with a label before signing a contract.
  • They may ask you for un-mastered copies so they can master themselves. Make sure to stick to their specifications .

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Sites To Submit Your Music To Spotify Playlists For Free

When it comes to pitching your music to blogs and tastemakers, the best process is always to get personal. Get to know the people curating the blogs and playlists and that will surely do you better than a cold pitch.

That being said, theres a lot of free sites that allow you to submit your music to spotify playlists directly. Always be sure to listen to the playlist youre submitting your music to. This ensures youre not sending something completely out of left field and annoying the playlist curator. If it sounds sonically similar to the other songs on the playlist, go forth!

Heres a few of the best websites !


Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities. They love breaking new artists, especially if you have less than 1,000 streams. They also require you unlock the submit forms by following each playlist you are trying to submit to.

Biggest playlist: Sad SongsSubmission link:


Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team. In addition they have a new submission system which lets you submit music to a bunch of other playlists. They will limit how many playlists you can submit to in a row if you start doing too many daily.

Biggest playlist: Selected : SoundplateSubmission

Simon Field

Simon is a successful producer/artist and curates one of the largest independent playlists for electronic music. The playlist is hosted on his artist profile on Spotify.

Connect With The Best

Every successful artist knows that it takes a lot more than simply making music to get noticed. Artists in the BitSubmit community get direct access to hundreds of the industry’s top Spotify Playlists, YouTube channels, Soundcloud Promoters, blogs, radio stations, and many other outlets that can be the spark to spread your music like wild fire.

“Game changing… These networks have done so much for me. BitSubmit was made from an artist perspective. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to spend on guaranteed promotion. This tool gives us all an equal opportunity to reach the most powerful networks that can take our career to the next level.” – Matstubs

“An incredibly powerful connection platform… Out of any resources I’ve used to promote my music, BitSubmit has been the most effective. It’s very simple to submit to so many different genres. BitSubmit is seriously the best music promotion service currently available.” – Matboi

“Simply the best out there… I’ve tried other submission hubs, but nothing comes close to BitSubmit. Other services try to charge you for a platform that is amateur, bland, and hard to use. BitSubmit is different. It is my go to for submitting music so I can put all my effort into production. Any artist that is serious about taking the next step should be taking advantage of this platform.” – RFEN

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Read The Diy Musicians Radio Handbook

A friend of mine, D. Grant Smith, wrote The DIY Musicians Handbook.

D has been in radio for a long time and has lived the many of the changes we’ve seen over the past few decades. He a great networker and has a ton of great radio promotion tips about getting your music played and creating some quality contacts along the way.

Best Sites For Your Music Submissions

Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

The musicindustry is a vast place for aspiring new artists and musicians. The hardestpart is trying to get music moguls to take the time to listen and critique yourcraft. Make things easier by finding the popular websites that allow musicsubmissions, and be one step closer to your dreams.

Visit The Website:

Where To Submit Music:

Comprised of international writers, Indie Shuffle is a music blog that focuses on bringing listeners to different music. Ranging from indie rock, hip hop, and electronic music, youre sure to find a place for your music on this site. Reviews are raw and real, with writers openly stating that autotune and mixes arent their things.

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Prolific Us Dj/producer Chrissy Provides Us With Some Essential Tips On How To Get Selectors Tastemakers And Music Labels To Pay Attention To Your Demos

Whats the best way to send people your music? Maybe youre an amazing producer in search of a label, or maybe youve got a new release lined up and you want all the big DJs to play it. Ive put out some records, run a few labels (Cool Ranch& The Night Owl Diner}, sent a kajillion demos, and made every dumb mistake in the book along the way. Heres my guide to the dos and donts of demo emails, so you can get the best results. Dont forget to mention me in your debut albums liner notes!

How To Send A Big File To Someone

Files are commonly shared via email. You can trust that email will send files securely with little hassle to yourself and the person receiving.

However, most music files are too big to send in an email and sending multiple emails with smaller downloads isnt really a viable option. Believe me, I think weve all sat at the computer screaming WHY WONT YOU SEND THIS FILE at some point!

This causes a troublesome dilemma for artists as sharing high-quality audio files without compression can become expensive. Additional software is also commonly needed to uncompress ZIP files, wasting more time and sometimes money! So, what is the best way to send large files?

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Do Not Expect A Long Conversation

The reality of the situation means that if I reply to you and let you know that the tracks youve sent are not my thing, then Im trying to be nice and let you know. I dont want to start a long email thread where you continue to send me more things you might think fit the bill, or start an unrelated discussion now that you have my attention.

Which Blogs Should I Send My Music To

How to send music from iphone simple

Well take a deep dive into the best blogs to submit your songs to. As well as identifying your chances of being featured, according to category and level of experience. Most of these sites are free to submit to. Although some will ask for a minimal fee or donation. So if the cost is an issue for you, avoid any which we state may require payment.

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Sending Music Via Whatsapp Is It Legal

If you use the Messenger service, you can send music via WhatsApp, legally and quickly. Of course, you should have purchased the music legally so you can share the files with your friends. The files can be up to 100 MB in size and you can fit a lot of music in there. Heres how it works:

  • Open the contact you want to send music to.
  • Tap the paper clip next to the message box, and then tap Audio.
  • Select the files you want to send and send them.
  • Cant send music using WhatsApp? Then it could either be because the file is too large or you are using an iPhone. This is because iOS-based devices dont allow you to easily send music via WhatsApp as iOS devices encrypt music. To be able to send music, you need the app Jailbreak.

    More Tips For Getting Your Demo Heard

    It used to be the case that record labels didn’t expect to hear professional recording quality on demos. The idea was that a great song shines through in the simplest presentation. With the proliferation of sophisticated home studios using the same digital audio workstations the big guys use, that’s all changed. Present the best work you can everything about your presentation counts.

    Have a professional presentation. Take the time to print up a band bio that is clearly written and free of spelling errors. Jotting a few things about your band on the back of a napkin and tossing it into a package won’t cut it. If you have press clippings, make a copy of each one a separate piece of paper and bind the pages together.

    Make a database of contacts. Keep a list of every label to whom you send your demo, and of every person you talk to about your demo, whether the conversation is positive or negative. You never know who will be able to help you sometime down the line.

    Pick songs with strong beginnings. When you demo goes into the CD player, if the song doesn’t grab the listener out of the gate, then the listener is likely to press “next.” Don’t go for the slow burners on your demo. Pick the songs that grab people on the first listen, from the first note.

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    Effective Ways To Send Your Music To Record Labels

    This isn’t going to be an article detailing how amazing your music needs to be to get signed.

    Sure there’s a mixing and mastering standard that all songs need to have, but getting your record placed with major labels is completely subjective after that.

    The question on everyone’s mind is, “How do I stand out from everybody else?”

    And there’s no simple answer to that however, taking wiser actions than the next musician is pivotal.

    Music Blogs That Want Your Music

    Send My Love Piano Sheet Music

    Getting your music heard is hard. Getting your music heard by the right people is even harder. You hear so many blogs, journalists and other industry big names complaining about unsolicited PR emails from bands, so itâs difficult to know where to tread.

    This is why we have set up this blog post, containing info and links to all the influential sites and blogs who not only accept these emails but welcome them.

    But before you start emailing, hereâs a quick word of warning. Never under any circumstances send a group email. It may save you time, but putting all these addresses into a BCC field and firing over a group email would burn more bridges than it would build. Spend some time looking at each site individually, see what sort of music they are into and try to relate. If you are a sensitive singer songwriter crooning over an acoustic guitar, donât contact a hip-hop blog. Find them on Twitter, look at their recent articles, and try and find common ground between them and your music.

    < hr>

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    Submit To Indie Music Blogs For Free

    Submit your music to indie music blogs and use the following tips and list of music review sites in this article.

    GenresAccepted: hip hop, electronic dance music, pop, indie, rock, singer-songwriter,electronic, alternative, dubstep

    Visit The Website:

    Where To Submit Music:

    Audiotoxkeeps welcoming newbies in their website by conducting interviews and postingthem for potential listeners to see. Expect to see upcoming artists and newmusic to dominate the site. Aspiring musicians can bet that Audiotox gives theman excellent review and bio regarding the music they want the world to listento and see.

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