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Where To Sell Musical Instruments

Find Out The Going Rate

How I make money selling Musical Instruments

Next, check out what people are asking for and receiving for your equipment on sites like Craigslist and Ebay. Keep in mind the condition of your equipment and make sure youre looking at the going prices for items in similar condition.

This step will help you understand a ballpark estimate of what the equipment is worth in its current condition and itll tell you what you stand to earn if you improve the condition of the item. You may find out that $20 in repairs can fetch you a selling price thats higher by $200. Or, you may decide that its simply not worth selling your equipment, and youll save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Online Classics And Some New Options

There are a number of online venues to visit when deciding where to sell musical instruments and equipment:

1. eBay is a trusted platform for selling music equipment. While it does cost money to list and sell on eBay, youll open yourself up to a worldwide audience, increasing your odds of making a sale. They offer an excellent comprehensive guide full of tips and ideas for the successful sale of just about any type of musical instrument or equipment.

2. Craigslist is another trusted online platform where you can sell music equipment, and theres a site for every major city and area in the U.S. Best of all, it is totally free to list items for sale on Craigslist, so you can do so at no financial risk. Around 150,000 musical instruments are bought and sold on Craigslist each day, and it offers an excellent opportunity for selling locally, if that is your preference. You may also keep re-listing the item for free until it sells.

3. Trading Post Sites

Sites like and are dedicated to the buying and selling of instruments and musical equipment. What sets trading post sites apart from Craigslist and eBay is that they are dedicated to the niche of music equipment only, so its a very focused platform. The audience will be mainly musicians who know their stuff, which can in some cases help to expedite the sale.

4. Going Mobile: Mobile Apps that Can Help You Sell Locally

5. Brick-and-Mortar Musical Instrument Stores

Looking To Sell Or Pawn An Item Now

Get local cash offers â free, fast & easy.

We understand itâs hard to know where to sell used musical instruments in order to get the most money. It can be difficult to find a buyer on Craigslist who knows the true value of yoursâ especially when you would really like to have the cash today. But to most people, they think this is their only option.

We have news for youâitâs not!

Read on to learn where to sell used musical instruments to get the best offer possible, in as little time as possible.

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Where To Sell Used Musical Instruments Quickly And Easily

The best place to sell musical instruments in the least time possible and without hassle is at a pawn shop.

A little known secret about pawn shops is that they will buy your used musical instrument outright from you if they consider it a desirable item they can easily resell in their shop.

At a pawn shop, youâll be greeted by experienced pawnbrokers who have years of experience pricing used items. This is different from selling through a place such as Craigslist where youâre likely to interact with a buyer who doesnât understand how valuable your instrument is.

Better yet, when you sell used instruments to a pawn shop, youâll get sameday cash in hand for it.

Itâs likely you have more than one of these pawn shops in your town, so letâs talk about how to know where to sell used musical instruments for the most money possible.

When Buying On Facebook Use The Group Search Function

Ovation CC29s (With images)

Chances are, unless this is their first listing, the individual youre buying from may have had dealings with others in the group.

Search through the posts and take a look at the interactions they had. Were there any complaints or strange looking comments?

Remember to take this with a pinch of salt you dont know all the details of the situation.

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Help Buyers Find Your Items With Keywords

Keywords are a great way to attract buyers to your listing, especially when used correctly in your Listing Title. Listing titles are used by eBays search engine to pull up listings during a search. Use your 55 characters wisely, and try to anticipate what buyers will be searching for. Find out what is being searched right now with our list of Top Musical Instruments Searches. Be sure to include common search terms like Gibson and Marshall, when appropriate. State important characteristics of your itemwhat it is, brand, production year, model number, and condition. Of course, you should only include keywords that are relevant to the item you are selling. You can also search current and completed eBay listings to see what other sellers include in their titles.

In your Listing Description, make sure to include both basic information and details about your item. A good description is concise, well organized, and easy to read. Create bold section headlines, bulleted lists, and be sure to restate the information featured in your title plus more details such as dimensions, colors and materials, estimated value, and any other interesting features. You can also insert photos orlinks to videos that highlight the unique attributes of your item. Think about your listing from the buyer’s perspective. The more information you provide, the more likely the buyer will be to place a bid on your item.

Make Every Attempt To Play The Instrument Before Purchasing

Obviously purchasing instruments online means that the customer is not able to aesthetically understand how it feels in their hands and, more crucially how it sounds.

When searching for an instrument, try and search for sellers who are within a reasonable distance to your home.

This way, if you find an instrument you are interested in purchasing, you may be able to negotiate a time with the seller when you can come and see the instrument for yourself.

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Other Top Places To Consider Selling You Gear

In addition to the two top options I listed above, you may also consider selling your music equipment here:

OfferUp & Letgo

LetGo is now part of OfferUp, with the latter replacing the app version of Letgo. Much like Craigslist, the site is primarily used for local sales. When selling locally, there are no fees to sell through OfferUp. However, there are fees if you sell the item where shipping is required. In this case, there is a 12.9% fee on the total sale value, not including shipping. The buyer pays shipping.

Therefore, OfferUp are good options if selling locally. But if you want to sell nationally/online and increase your chances of selling, Reverb is a much better option as youll pay about half the amount in fees.

Facebook Marketplace

Again, similar to OfferUp and even Craigslist, is another local marketplace/classifieds site where you can sell gear locally. Its free to list and sell gear through Facebook Marketplace, which means youll keep all of the money from your sale. The same caveats that exist for Craigslist, though, exist for Facebook Marketplace .

Maximize Profits With Low Priced No Reserve Listings

Where To Sell Musical Instruments (And Get A Fair Price!) – ( Reviewed!)

Auction style listings are a great way to create excitement around Musical Instruments, which in turn can develop into a bidding frenzy among buyerswhich could result in a higher selling price for you. The keys to a successful auction style listing are to get your first bid and encourage bidders to continue bidding.

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Where Should You Sell Your Gear

In conclusion, I would highly recommend selling your gear on Craiglist and/or Reverb if you want to get the most money for your musical instruments and other music equipment. Only resort to eBay or shops like Guitar Center if you need the cash ASAP.

I hope this post was helpful to you and rather eye-opening. Let me know in the comments below what you thought and/or share any experiences youve had selling your gear at any of the places I covered.

Find Out What’s Hot In Musical Instruments

Millions of people come to eBay in search of Musical Instrumentseverything from harmonicas to DJ equipment. The following provides just a small sampling of the myriad of Musical Instruments and equipment that you could sell on eBay. To get a real-time view of whats in demand, what buyers are searching for, and what items are selling the most, visit Musical Instruments Seller Central.

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Cash In On Musical Instruments

Many musicians, young and old, successfully use eBay not only as a place to find new Musical Instruments and equipment, but as a way to help fund their passion. Whether youre saving to upgrade your instrument or just trying to pay for upkeep and maintenance, selling on eBay is the perfect way to earn extra money. Swap out your unused stuffthat beginner Epiphone electric guitar you no longer play, those instructional books youve already mastered, or that extra tuner you dont needand buy yourself some new gear..

Appraisals To Sell Musical Instruments

Pawn Shop Guitars

B & B Pawn & Gold relies on accurate appraisals to confidently offer the best cash offers possible. Because of this, we rely on our experienced and skilled associates to recognize the value of your musical instruments. We would like to provide some helpful hints, to ensure the valuation offers the highest amount of cash to you.

Adding value to your musical instrument assessment:

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The Best Place To Sell Your Music Equipment

Mister Money Bags is the right choice. We can give you more than your local music shop and we can make the deal fast! We evaluate your equipment based on the brand, the age, and wear and tear. We actually want your worn equipment. We truly value vintage guitars and other vintage music equipment while some music shops don’t want any item that has even the tiniest scratch. They may not even evaluate based on the criteria so you could end up losing an extremely valuable instrument. That won’t happen here at Mister Money Bags.

Vintage Guitars

All Kinds of Music Instruments

Compare Product Reviews Online And Consider Buying Second Hand

For those serious about learning an instrument, it is key to remember that purchasing a musical instrument is a long-term investment and, if taken care of, will last for decades.

Unlike other types of purchases, buying second hand is much more prevalent and in some cases, preferable to purchasing new.

Matt says:

Often a lot of the price tag for the more expensive musical instruments will come from the name or brand. If youre on a tighter budget, there are often cheaper instruments that will perform the same function for less money.

For example, Fender arent the only people to make good Stratocasters! That said, good research is needed if buying off-brand. Online product reviews and YouTube videos can be invaluable tools.

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Ten Top Tips For Buying And Selling Instruments Online

Whether youre a seasoned veteran or new to the music scene, one thing everyone has in common is the need to source good quality gear at a good price, and sell things you no longer need.

In this special feature for UK Music Gear Exchange, weve teamed up with renowned instrument luthier Matthew Bascetta of Bascetta Stringed Instruments & Repairs and House of Tone Pickups, to give you some expert advice on things to watch out for when buying and selling online.

Quick Tips When Buying A New Instrument

How to sell your musical instruments on – easily and for free!
  • The instrument will select the musician. Okay, so this isnt Harry Potter, but many musicians attest to the notion that certain instruments will feel right. One of the serious downsides for buying online is that you cant try out the instruments beforehand. Combat this by trying out your friends instruments and taking advice.
  • Be systematic. Analyse the instruments and compare their qualities to your needs.
  • Check used instrument listings for a bargain
  • If purchasing online, get lots of photos of the instrument
  • Check the return policy
  • Always shop around

Matt says:

Remember, when it comes to stringed instruments, a lot of the way the instrument plays is in the set up. These are adjustable factors like string height, truss rod positioning and intonation which can all be adjusted to suit the player.

Dont buy the instrument just because its set up the best, buy the one that has the specs you require, like neck profile, electronics, weight ect and have the other points looked at by a luthier.

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Many music items can sell for a lot of money, depending on where you choose to sell them.

Lets look at some of the best places to sell your music for the best prices, both locally and online.

Sell To Niche Companies If Possible

Do you think youll get a better offer for your vintage guitar at a general music store than you would from a vintage guitar company?

Probably not.

Niche companies tend to pay more than generalized companies for two reasons:

  • They know more about what theyre buying and how much the items are worth because thats what they specialize in.
  • Theyre more willing to pay higher prices because they want to keep their shelves stocked with stuff their customers come to them for.
  • Consider what kinds of companies would be the best places to sell your stuff to based on their niches.

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    Streetwater Used Gear Marketplace

    This place is similar to Reverb in that you can list your items yourself to sell to others on the platform who are looking for used music gear.

    According to the site, there are no selling or listing fees, so its completely free to sell.

    The downside is that youll need to work out with your buyer how you want to get paid, and there are no seller protections through Streetwater.

    Keep Your Stuff Excellent Condition


    This kind of goes without saying, but its still important to note that you probably wont have much luck selling stuff that its in good condition.

    Thats not to say that you cant.

    But you shouldnt expect top dollar for worn-down equipment, even if its something thats typically worth a lot of money.

    Do your best to keep your gear in the best condition possible.

    Use cases for instruments.

    Clean your instruments and gear religiously.

    Perform maintenance on them as needed.

    Be careful when loading up your gear for gigs. Use containers and mats in your vehicle to avoid bumping and scratching.

    When you take care of your stuff from the get-go, youll have an easier time selling it if and when it comes time.

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    Where To Sell Musical Instruments & Equipment

    The Internet has opened a whole new world of possibilities for connecting with buyers for your musical instruments and equipment. While each platform will have slightly different parameters and requirements, if you do your prep work thoroughly you should be well prepared to sell on any platform. Youll understand what price is acceptable and most likely to lead to an efficient, successful sale. Heres where to sell musical instruments:

    Ebay Vs Reverbcom Vs Facebook Vs Craigslist

    Type in sell musical instruments for cash near me on Google and youll likely return results from these 4 platforms .

    Its hardly surprising. eBay,, Facebook and Craigslist are four of the most popular platforms to buy and sell used music gear online.

    Chances are youve heard of all of these, but you might not be 100% sure which is the best platform in terms of ease of use, safety and getting the best price.

    There are definitely pros and cons to using all of them, but one of them is a clear winner well tell you why.

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    The Quick Easy And Safe Way To Turn Your Musical Equipment Into Money

    Musical Money’s ground breaking website means it’s now even quicker, easier and safer to sell your unwanted musical equipment. Our highly coded, secure mobile friendly site, means your information is safe and we won’t share your details with anyone.

    It doesn’t matter what musical equipment you are selling – woodwind, stringed, keyboard, brass, guitars, PA, amplification or even the contents of a complete recording studio – at Musical-Money we consider every piece of equipment you have and if you want to sell it, we’re here to buy it.

    Our informed staff are happy to help and will even arrange a *Free Nationwide Collection Service for items purchased. *Terms Apply

    Musical Money Ltd, taking the hassle out of selling your unwanted musical equipment.

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