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Where To Sell Music Festival Tickets

Fund A Beat: Crowdfund Your Music Festival Is Live On Indiegogo

ACL Music Festival 2021 single-day tickets sell out in record time | KVUE

The One-Stop-Shop to Organize Music Festivals

If youre a fan of music festivals, surely youve thought many times about how great it would be if you could organize your own music event that would cater to your music tastes as much as to those of the people who like the same kind of music that you enjoy listening to. Thats exactly the mission of Fund a Beat: to be a one-stop-shop crowdfunding platform that will allow you and any other person to easily put together a successful music festival, from idea to reality, in a swift, efficient and integrated way.

Funding, Selling, Promoting and Enjoying

Electronic, Jazz, Rock or Classical

Sure, my electronic music is my favorite, but the point of Fund a Beat is to help you organize the music festival that you want for the kind of music that you love, in the location that you prefer. Be it a jazz concert, a rock festival or a classical music event, at Fund a Beat youll be able to rely on a user-friendly platform that allows you to express your love for your favorite kind of music by easily becoming a music festival crowdfunder and entrepreneur.

A Decentralized Cryptocurrency-Friendly Platform

From Tickets to Full Packages

Music for Prosperity

Your Music Festival On The Go

So, as a Music Festival Creator, Fund a Beat will allow you to:

As a Music Festival Lover, Fund a Beat will allow you to:

As a Music Festival Sponsor, Fund a Beat will allow you to:

Start A Referral Program

If your ticket sales are lackluster, it might mean youre like the majority of salespeople who arent getting in front of enough prospects. In fact, 66.7% of respondents in a recent survey said they had only 250 or less leads this past year.

And while there is no hard and fast rule regarding how many leads it takes on average to make a sale, it is a numbers game. Which is one of the many reasons why referral programs are so great for event ticket sales.

In fact, 92% of survey respondents trusted customer referrals if they were given by people they personally know. And people who received these personal referrals were 4 times more likely to buy after getting the recommendation than if they had organically discovered it elsewhere.

So not only do event ticket sale referral programs get you in front of more prospects, those prospects will also be more likely to convert! You can even give your event speakers or special guests their own referral codes while youre at it.

Ticket Scanners & Access Control

Freshtix knows how to keep the lines moving with fast ticket scanning. Our free Android and iOS ticket scanner apps turn your staffs smartphones into fully functional ticket scanners complete with search functionality to look up customers on the fly and duplicate ticket detection. Our app allows you to quickly scan barcodes or printed tickets, mobile phones, thermal paper tickets and proper thermal ticket stock. For assistance at the entrance, you can look up an attendee on the device without having to send them to customer service.

and we’ll show you how to get 3000+ people into your beer, wine or music festival with just a few ticket scanning devices and some well-organized staff.

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Will Call You Maybe

Bad jokes aside, lets talk about Will Call. This has to be the most frustrating process and most unappealing word associated with buying and selling tickets. Many online ticket vendors or venues require the ticket buyer to be present when picking up a ticket from the box office. So even if you cant attend the event, you will still have to show up to the box office with your ID and credit card to physically obtain the ticket you wish to sell. Always try to avoid the Will Call option when checking out online. Sellers, its better to work with your buyers because many of them can blow you off for someone with hard copies. Buyers, I suggest meeting at the box office and verify that the seller is providing you correct box office hours. Meeting with strangers is ALWAYS dangerous.

Media Release Vs Media Advisory

how to sell music festival tickets

A news release, media release, press release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for announcing something newsworthy.

A news release has a different purpose than a media advisory. It should read like an article and include facts that the media can use to write a story. Whereas, a media advisory offers basic information, a news release is all about sharing news that journalists can use alone or use as background when writing a story. News releases are written using the inverted pyramid style of news writingwith a headline and the most important information at the top. It should include contact details should the media have questions and include quotes from a spokesperson. A news release might be used to announce a title sponsorship or the appearance of a well-known celebrity or a unique element or feature at your festival or event.

In addition, the organizer can pitch a story to the media. This typically involves a telephone call or a brief email outlining some of the main details about the upcoming event and why it would be of interest to their readers.

Not to be confused with a news release, a media advisory is a document used to invite reporters to cover some kind of festival or event, including community festivals or events, press conferences, forums or rallies.

Refer to the Community Festivals and Events Planning Toolkit for a Media Advisory or Media Release templates.

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Electronic Ticketing System Faq

The link to our new online system is . You will need to log in using the e-mail address associated with your order and click the Reset or Create Password button to generate your password.

Our new online ticketing system lets you manage your own order! You can easily view all your order items online, make changes to your contact information , transfer tickets & ShambhaLodging packages, print out your electronic ticket and much more!

Please visit our portal here and use the email address associated with your order. If its your first time accessing your order online, you will need to create a password by clicking Reset or Create Password.

You can easily transfer some or all of the items on your order by clicking the purple Start a Transfer Button. This will prompt you to fill in the new individuals legal name, email address and phone number. Please carefully review the items you are transferring before completing the transfer. Transfers cannot be undone.

No. Each ticket must be associated with a unique name and email address. If you have purchased multiple tickets, you will need to transfer each one to the person using it at the festival. If you have an extra ticket but are unsure who will be using it at the festival, you can wait to transfer it.

Yes. Tickets can be transferred multiple times.

You will need to visit our sales page on our website to add any tickets or ShambhaLodging packages to your existing order.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Selling Concert Tickets Online

Need to sell some tickets quick – follow our guide for some handy tips

  • 16:37, 10 Apr 2018

Need to shift that pair of concert tickets you bought six months ago and have no idea where to start?

Trying to find out how to sell your unwanted tickets online can feel a bit like staring into an abyss – never-ending.

With an endless list of ticket sites, apps and online classified platforms out there to choose from, finding the right option for you can get really confusing, really fast.

But don’t worry, we’ve come up with a cheat sheet of tips and helpful hints worth following below.

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Sell Tickets With Our Box Office Software Point Of Sale Solution

Sell tickets at your event using Freshtix’s Box Office software. Easily accept cash or card payments on-site at your event.Our robust platform uses laptops and won’t have you fiddling around with iPads or credit card swipes stuck in headphone jacks! Easily sell tickets and print tickets at your venue or event using a Boca Thermal ticket printer or a Star thermal printer.

Use our platform to manage staff, vendor, volunteer credentials easily without having to juggle multiple platforms.

Can I Sell My Ticket Ticketing

3-day tickets for ACL Fest 2021 tickets sell out in hours

You are welcome to sell your tickets. While we cant facilitate the sale of third-party sales, we do recommend selling to a trusted source. You dont need to change the name on the tickets. The buyer wont be able to participate in early check-in at Woolys, but should plan to redeem the unscanned tickets at the festival grounds. While no ID is required for ticket redemption at the festival grounds, you may want to have a copy/photo of the original buyers ID in case there is an issue.

Please exercise extreme caution when buying or selling tickets on third party websites or from individuals. Read more about how to avoid buying tickets from scammers.

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When To Start Selling Tickets Online

You should begin event ticket sales ASAP. More independent than ever, todays consumers have become savvy shoppers, seeking out information about a product or event as soon as it becomes available. In fact, 19% of buyers want to connect with an event brand right when they first learn about it. And once theyve done their own research, checked in with their network, and reviewed your online presence, in a few short hours theyre ready to make their purchase pretty much immediately.

Which means you have to have your ticketing up and ready to go when you first announce your event. Even if youre not done planning the rest of it. Because as soon as your prospects get wind of it, more than one third of them will be ready to purchase on the spot or, at the very least, wont require much time to make their decision and would prefer to buy tickets as soon as they decide to.

So if your event is annual, start selling tickets for next years iteration the same day this years event ends. Or if its the first time this event will take place, make sure your ticketing software is up and running before you send out your very first press release. Your prospects will thank you for it.

Determining Goals And Objectives

After surveying the community for interest, ideas and recommendations, begin to develop statements outlining what the festival or event objectives are going to be and how to achieve them.

These goals and objectives may include:

  • Strengthening community identity and spirit
  • Providing a venue for local artists and artisans to showcase and sell their products
  • Creating awareness and appreciation of the culture and heritage of the community
  • Improving the local economy
  • Volunteer experience
  • Festival or event planning experience
  • Has experience related to the roles and functions of the festival or event

Whether the Organization becomes a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors or an organizing committee with sub-committees, it is important to develop a plan of action for the governing group and every member. Refer to page 8 for more information about becoming an incorporated or charitable entity.

A sample description of four board/committee roles is outlined below. Considering having at least an additional four members to help with the organizational management of the festival or event.

The Chair guides the members through:

  • Policymaking
  • Advancement of education
  • Benefit to the community – such as relief organizations

The approval process can take a year or longer. For more information about registering as a charity, contact Revenue Canada – Taxation for the booklet Registering Your Charity for Income Tax Purposes.

Planning and Logistics

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Festival Ticketing Strategies For Success

Like many elements involved in an unforgettable festival experience, there are nuances with festival ticketing that can increase your sales frequency, profit margins and even repeat attendees. These tips below come from Vendini Publishings Festival Throwers Bible, written by Tucker Gumber, Robby Black and several contributors and illustrated by Andrew Steers. Get your very own copy for free.

We hope this has been a helpful and stimulating collection of strategies and tips to propel your festival to the next level of excellence. Fueled by Vendini TicketAgent, your arts or music festival can reach higher altitudes that you would have dreamed possible, and our events marketing and logistics solutions can do even more for your event. Request a demo today to see all that Vendini has to offer festivals large, medium and small in size. We cant wait to amaze you with our technology-driven solutions for live festivals.

While youre here, please take a look at our Checklist for a Remarkable Festival infographic. It may just give you the blueprint you need to turn your upcoming festival event into the next Bonnaroo, Burning Manor even Woodstock.


Hard Copy Vs Printed Ticket = Legit Vs Wildcard

music festival concert invitation ticket

Buyers, train your eye to spot the term hard tix while searching online. Its lingo for having a physical copy. Printing at home is super convenient/cheap and it also makes it super convenient for duplication. Can you imagine paying hard earned money on something that could possibly be fraudulent? Not all ticket sellers are bad guys and are out to get you though. Be sure to always buy from the original buyer and not from his sister who bought the ticket from a friend Sellers, it is important to provide proper receipts when asked. Make your buyer feel comfortable. Trust is so crucial in these transactions.

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Running And Managing Your Store

Another advantage is that you do not need to pay any sales service fee to create and manage your store. Selling music through an online service fee can become very expensive and may take months before your first sale. If you do not have sales to back up your merchandising website, there is no way you will see profits. With a service fee, all your sales are immediately deducted from what you get from each sale.

Most artists and bands who are starting out know that selling music merchandise online requires a good deal of creativity and hard work. It can be exhausting to have to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time typing and sending messages to customers and fans. It is also exhausting to have to deal with customer complaints and problems. For these reasons, many artists who are making music merchandise online choose to offer ticket sales through their websites.

Need To Sell Last Minute

If you need to skip a concert at the last minute you can still get rid online.

There are a number of online sites that offer fuss-free last minute ticket sale services.

Stubhub’s last minute service lets you the buyer drop off your tickets at a designated centre, and once sold the buyer can collect from that centre, the venue or an alternative convenient location – often right up to the day of the event.

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Looking For Some Quick Answers About How To Sell Event Tickets

How can I sell event tickets quickly?

Use the best tech to make the process as easy as possible. Create urgency with early-bird pricing, limited time deals, and marketing copy. Give deals to large groups. Invest in marketing your event to get the word out.

How do you price event tickets?

Do research on pricing for similar events in your area. Do some math to figure out how many attendees youd need at a few different price points in order to cover costs or turn a profit, and use that information to guide your pricing.

Developing A Volunteer Orientation Package

Sell Tickets for a Festival with Your WordPress Website and Event Espresso

Individual Volunteer Packages should also be created containing information specific to their related volunteer job and may contain:

  • Name and location of venue or area where they are volunteering
  • Board and/or Organizing Committee member or Volunteer Coordinator contact information
  • Work schedule
  • Information pertinent to the specific area they are volunteering for
  • A sample of Frequently Asked Questions with the appropriate response
  • Information about what to bring and where personal items may be safely stored
  • Program or a copy of the Master Schedule for the festival or event.

Emergency Preparedness

Producing an Emergency Action Plan has a number of benefits that will help your organization deliver a safe and successful festival or event as it will assist in:

  • Identifying risks or potential risks
  • Identifying the measures needed to be put in place for the protection and well-being of the public and participants who will be attending the festival or event
  • Reduces the risk of loss of life and property damage resulting from an emergency
  • Identifies the roles and responsibilities of individuals/groups/organizations

An EAP should include the following:

It is wise to notify EMS, Fire and Police if planning a large festival or event that will attract a considerable number of attendees. With the potential for multiple incidents to be taking place at any given time, advance notification to these groups can assist with proper planning on their part.

  • Extreme winds/tornado

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Best Online Ticket Sales Tools

In the U.S. these past five years, online ticket sales have steadily grown by 8.3% with the help of better sales strategies and more advanced software.

To sell tickets online, youll need a great website, a ticketing platform , and other digital sales related programs. Depending on what you choose, you should consider adopting one or more of these online ticket sales tools.

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