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Where To Listen To Music Offline

The Fastest Way To Listen To Soundcloud Songs Offline

Listen To Music Offline Free | 3 FREE Apps

The only proper way to listen to SoundCloud offline is by subscribing to SoundCloud Go or Go+. However, not every SoundCloud user can access SoundCloud Go because the feature is only available for residents of certain countries. If you dont live in those countries, it is not officially possible for you to download an audio file on SoundCloud and listen to it offline. You can go through the few workarounds that well discuss in this article. They will help you to listen to SoundCloud offline on your Android devices, iOS devices, and your computer.

Unlock 150+ million tracks, offline & ad-free with SoundCloud Go+. Try it free for 30 days.


How To Download Streaming Music And Listen Offline

Are dead zones making your music-streaming service unusable? Trying to conserve data? Here’s how to download and listen to your favorite songs and playlists offline.

Music-streaming services bring your favorite tunes to smart speakers in the home, but what about when you’re on the go?

Music cuts out in tunnels or in rural areas, while marathon streaming sessions eat into mobile data. To avoid interruption, download your favorite songs for offline listening. Whether you’re using Spotify or Apple Music , Tidal or Google Play Music, here’s how to take your playlists with you.

Why Don’t Voice Assistants Work Offline Anyway

You may be wondering why don’t any of these voice assistants work offline? The question is quite valid considering the fact that computers are everywhere. In the case of a device like a HomePod or an Echo, the problem comes from limited processing power. As you may know, a computer’s performance is almost always directly correlated with its cost. Since smart speakers aren’t being sold for thousands of dollars, you can start to see that their processing power is quite limited. In fact, most voice assistants could not run directly on the hardware in your smart speaker if they wanted to.

The processing involved in performing speech analysis and synthesis is actually quite amazingly demanding. As a practical example, take a look at my Mycroft offline project where I run all the components of a voice assistant locally. When I tried running the software on a Raspberry Pi, it would sometimes take up to 30 seconds for the assistant to answer me! It was only when I ran the program on my desktop computer that it finally worked in a reasonable time. The desktop is equipped with a 1000$ Nvidia graphics card which assisted the processing. That starts to put things into perspective regarding the kind of hardware these data centres are using.

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Amazon Music Download Music & Listen Offline

If you have prime membership, you can start listening offline now.

We cant imagine theres anyone who isnt privy to eCommerce giant Amazon by now. What you may not know is that theyve branched out into media, including TV shows, movies, and of course, music.

gives you access to over 70 million songs from all the decades, and of course, all the genres, bands, and artists youve come to know and love. Theyve got podcasts too.

Their app is free to download and is highly rated. If youve already got a Prime membership, as many Amazon users do, then youll probably love everything included, with ad-free listening, offline listening, unlimited skips, and podcasts.

Even without the membership, though, you can still stream music for free, access thousands of stations, stream podcasts, and listen on your favorite device.

On Amazon Music, you can also listen to music youve purchased on Amazon.

Amazon Prime membership, though, costs $119 year. Its certainly worth it if you find yourself ordering from Amazon often, but if not, there are other options.

Amazon Music has two tiers above Prime, with Unlimited and HD.

With Unlimited, you get to listen to new releases, stream music videos, and video playlists. Amazon Music Unlimited has a 90-day free trial and costs $7.99 per month after.

With HD, you get double the bitrate of standard streaming services, and the ability to listen in Ultra HD. HD costs $14.99 after you’ve run out your 90-day free trial.

Why Does Music Skip On Bluetooth

How to Download and Listen to Songs OFFLINE for FREE

Mobile devices and cars Mobile devices may experience stuttering when paired with a cars audio system. Youll have to do some research to check out the problem with your particular phone and car, but a possible fix is to find the clear cache or forget this device option in your phones settings.

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Deezer For Offline Music Listening

Deezer is a French founded online music streaming service that gives you access to major label and independent music alike. Even if you havent heard of it, it is quite popular, and is often mentioned in the same breath as Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, and so on.

As with Spotify, Deezer allows you to create playlists of your favorite music so you can save and listen later.

Their Flow technology gets to know your listening habits after a while, and helps you find more of what you enjoy.

Deezer can be used on any device, including your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or otherwise.

Again, as with Spotify, you can download the Deezer app for free and begin using it. But you cannot enjoy an ad-free experience or download music and listen offline unless you upgrade to Deezer Premium for $9.99 monthly.

Mp3 Music Download: Free Music Downloader

If you like a simple app that does what it is supposed to do without being extra, MP3 Music Download is a great choice. It is almost similar to the Free Music Download app but with a clean list of the popular songs on the default screen.

This app lets you choose your songs by genre so whether you dig industrial music, spoken, noise-rock, or indie rock, you will find the right music that will suit your taste.

You can even share the songs with your friends via Facebook Messenger, email, or Bluetooth by pressing the three dots beside the download button.

What makes this app different is it has a ringtone maker. You can edit song by manipulating the length before saving and setting it as your ringtone.

What we love: Besides its very user-friendly interface, we absolutely love the ringtone maker. We also dig the fact that it downloads fast and almost instantly, even if you are downloading multiple songs at the same time.

What we dont: While your songs go to the Download tab, the next and previous buttons wont work. You have to play your songs via a local media player. Ads also frequently show up.

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Verdict: Mp3 music Downloader is actually a great app when you want to download songs in bulk. If not for the fact that you need your local player to listen to the songs, it would have been a 5-star app. But come to think of it, using your local music player wouldnt make any difference.

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Are Wifi And An Internet Connection The Same

This quick aside is to clearly separate these two concepts as many people confuse them. While many people use these two terms interchangeably, they are actually two very different things. WiFi does not stand for anything and is a wireless data transmission standard used mostly for local networks. An internet connection is a data transmission medium that connects your local network to millions of others. When your ISP sells you a connection, they will then connect you to their massive network which is actually quite similar to the one in your home, just a lot bigger.

The term “Internet” is often used as if it refers to a single thing. It is actually describing a web of interconnected computers that use the connection to exchange information. This term ignores all the underlying complexity of a network that includes almost every country on the planet and transfers hundreds of terabytes per second every day. As such, they are both networks with the difference being that WiFi typically refers to a network that only reaches within your home while the internet connects everyone together. That’s why we often talk about controlling your devices locally over WiFi as then the information never leaves your home.

Why Does My Apple Music Just Keep Loading

how to listen to music offline on amazon music

Confirm Cellular Data is turned on, as well as Streaming if you plan on streaming music using cellular data. After that, force the Music app to close and restart your device: How to force an app to close on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Apple Support. Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Apple Support.

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Livexlive Pros & Cons

  • Formerly known as Slacker Radio, LiveXLive has evolved into a unique streaming service
  • Content is primarily concert and festival livestreams appealing to a niche audience
  • App is free to download and use, and it works on most devices
  • Although LiveXLive doesnt have a trial, you can sign up for free to access their content

Download Songs Directly From Apple Music For Offline Listening

Apple Music much like iTunes has a transferable music library. It has dedicated servers that Apple maintains that holds all of its songs. As users cannot stream music all the time, Apple Music makes your library songs and playlists downloadable. It can give you access to 100,000 downloadable songs. Now thats a lot of music! See the methods for different devices on how to listen to Apple Music offline below.

For iOS or Android Device:

  • Once you open Apple Music youll have to add the songs, playlists or albums to your Library.
  • Once it is in your Library, go ahead and choose that item.
  • You can download whole playlists or albums by pressing the arrow down icon or pressing the 3 vertical dots and choosing download.
  • If it is a song then click on the 3 vertical dots beside it then choose download.
  • For iOS devices, the download process can be done automatically by going to Settings -> Music -> Downloads -> Toggle on Automatic Download.
  • For PC or Mac:

    • Open your Apple Music App on a Mac. On a PC go to your web browser and go to the Apple Music website designated for your region/country
    • Browse your favorite Artist, Album, Playlist, or song by going to Apple music and Browse . Choose or click it from the many choices.
    • If you are on a PC, open iTunes then you can follow the steps below similar to a Mac.
    • In a Mac go to the item you picked by using Library-> Artists, Albums, or Songs or go to Playlists .
    • Another option is to click the 3 vertical dots and choose Download.

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    How To Listen To Music Offline

    While you are traveling your internet connection may not always be reliable. This doesnt mean that you cant enjoy some music no matter where you are. There are several ways you can listen to your favorite music offline when you are traveling.

    Another great way to pass the time is to play games. Check out our posts on Best Iphone Games for Airplane Mode and Playing Nintendo Switch on an Airplane.

    Other popular blogs that may interest you:

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    Have a long flight coming up? We share some key advice on how to make it through: Travel Tips for Surviving Long Flights

    Planning a cruise vacation, but want to make sure you are getting the best pricing? Then you may want to try this free cruise price tracker to watch over the cruise ships and sailing dates you are interested in.

    Soundcloud Music & Audio

    APP to listen to Music offline

    Price: Free with Ads

    As one of the best offline and streaming music apps SoundCloud is the ideal app to save the music for offline listening with access to unending playlists. This alone makes the app a lot more useful than most other music apps for android. In addition to this, the SoundCloud app does give suggestions based on what you like and what is new on the market.

    It also has a social platform where you can create your own music and popularize it so that your fans can listen and share across social media platforms. For young and upcoming artists this app could give you the perfect platform to get a larger audience and distribute your music.

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    Best Apps For Listening To Music Offline On Iphone

    When it comes to music apps there are quite a few which seem to be vying for the top spot. However, only a few of them make the cut when you narrow down your preferences to offline streaming as well as ease of use.

    The best apps for you to access your music library without an internet connection on iPhone are listed below.

    What Can Homepod Do Offline

    Everything in this section assumes the device has already been set up using an active internet connection before it went offline. You may already know that HomeKit is a smart home protocol designed to operate completely on your local network. For a manufacturer to say that their product is HomeKit compatible, they must provide a way to control it offline. This means that you can still control everything as normal while connected to the same WiFi network as all of your devices. That does not mean that HomePod will continue to work perfectly, though. The biggest difference is that Siri will not work offline. When a HomePod is offline, it can do the following:

    • Play music over Airplay
    • Continue to act as a HomeKit hub

    Those two elements are typically seen as the biggest features of a HomePod other than Siri, so for the most part, things will continue to run as usual. Keep in mind that Siri will not work when you are offline, which is different from Alexa, which has a few limited commands available. All HomeKit devices can still be controlled, but you will have to use the Home app rather than Siri.

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    Amazon Music: Stream Trending Songs & New Beats

    Price: Free/ Offers IAP

    When comes to entertainment, Amazon prime offers all sort of contents. Prime Video and Amazon Music are two of the most popular Amazon products. The latter offers millions of songs to its subscribers.

    Though Amazon Music player is not available for free listening you can still enjoy the premium version for a month of the trial period. The app does not allow to upload songs in the cloud but with its huge songs library, almost any track is available for offline listening.

    Best Offline Music Apps For Free Listening

    How to Play Music Offline with Spotify

    Lets face it, even if streaming is the best way to listen to the hottest and newest songs, we cannot be connected to the internet 24/7. So offline music apps are a must-have.


    Listening to music is one of the few things I do on a daily basis. Whenever Im happy, sad, or even bored, I put my headphones on. So, having an app that can let me listen to music whenever and wherever I am is a necessity.

    Heres the thing:

    There will be dead spots, you will run out of data, or youll probably be at a place where Wi-Fi isnt available. The good thing is, has apps that will let you download and listen to music even if youre offline, for free.

    Nifty, right?

    So, are you one of those who downloaded, got dismayed, and uninstalled one music app? Is it because it has promised one thing and delivered another, has too many ads, or is too difficult to navigate? Most of us did.

    But, worry no more.

    Because we have collated a list of Android offline music apps that stood out among the others. These apps are completely free and you definitely dont need to be a premium member to enjoy your music.


  • DaMixhub
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    Soundcloud Pros & Cons

    • Popular platform, especially for musicians and content creators
    • Over 150 million tracks worth of content
    • App is free to download and works on a variety of devices
    • SoundCloud Go moderately priced at $4.99 per month, giving you access to ad-free offline listening and more features
    • 30-day free trial is available

    How Can I Listen To Free Music Offline

    Online music streaming is nowadays very popular. However, not always you have wifi access or mobile data connection. So, how about when you are in the gym or may be out for a quick run, Hiking, cycling or on a road trip? Well, many streaming apps now allow its app to cache audio tracks when you have data and then later you can play them data consumption. However, most of these apps require a paid subscription. Still, you can enjoy free offline listening with limited features or in exchange for some ads. A good tip is to go through our list of free offline music apps without wifi with trial and claim those offers gradually.

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    Stream Apple Music To Other Unsupported Devices For Offline Playback

    As the items from Apple Music are DRM protected, you will need a DRM removal tool to be able to stream Apple Music to other devices even if you are not connected to the internet. This will also make your file unrestricted so you wont be tied up with restrictions on using only Apple registered devices. The TunesFun Apple Music Converter is the perfect app for this. Tunesfun has an easy-to-use interface with complete conversion tools including DRM removal.

    It also automatically syncs with your Apple Music Library to prevent hassles on finding music in your file system. It is available as a trial service so you can check out all its features. Converting files to listen to Apple Music offline for streaming to other devices has never been this easy with this app. See the steps below.

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