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Where To Get Music For Podcast

The Ringer Music Show

How to get COPYRIGHT FREE MUSIC For YouTube/Podcast/Streaming

Hosted by music critic Charles Holmes and comedian/musician Grace Spelman, The Ringer Music Show has a perfect balance between treating music extremely seriously and taking it with an enormous grain of salt. Hot takes abound, but theyre always offered with a considered point-of-view. The weekly podcast takes its topics from whatever is in the news at any given moment, which makes listening to it feel a bit like having two friends update you on what everyone else is talking about.Listen on Spotify

Music For Podcasts Discover The Best Royalty

Would you like to create unique and captivating podcast episodes that will break listening records, immediately engage your listeners and help you grow your audience? If your answer is yes, keep reading!

Finding the best intro and outro music for podcasts has the utmost importance if you want to create a unique, distinguishable style for your content. When you have the right intro, you catch the attention of your listeners in the very first seconds. As you might have already know, the very first seconds of a podcast are crucial for getting your audience hooked on your content. That is why finding high quality, free podcast intro music is essential for any competitive podcast creator.

In our extensive library, you can find the best free music for podcasts by top artists and create professional, unique and high quality podcast content with the help of free podcast music.

From creative background tracks to high definition sound effects, you can find any audio and songs you need during the production of your podcast in our royalty free music for podcasts library. Browse our extensive music archive, explore our genre lists and discover new composers without worrying about license and copyright issues.

Podcast Music License Costs

Pricing is sorted on a case by case basis. If you get loads of downloads, you can expect to pay a higher price than someone who only gets 100-200 per episode.

If you want to use tracks from big artists like Oasis or Madonna, then expect to be paying top dollar for the privilege. A standard license for copywritten music isn’t really the best option for your podcast!

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Do I Have To Pay Royalties To Play Music On My Podcast

Royalties are payments made to the music owners for the use of their works over a period of time. Although royalty payments still apply to music used within podcasts, it will be the distribution service, such as Spotify or Apple that pays these royalties rather than you, the podcast producer.

So, as long as you have secured the permission to use the music in your podcast, you will not have to pay on-going performance royalties after this.

How To Make Money

#25: How to Get Started in Podcasting  Part II: Gear ...

If you create incidental audio for the podcaster, such as a theme song, beds, or bumpers, you can try and negotiate a commission or license fee. As for royalties, most podcasts will not generate any, even though, technically, podcasts should trigger a mechanical royalty. Some podcasts are also posted to YouTube or Facebook Video and, if youve added yourself to their AdShare system, it can be picked up and will generate some video royalties.

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Can I Use Copyrighted Music On My Podcast

In short, no. You’ll find a lot of info out there about how you can use copyrighted music for up to 7 seconds, or debates around what constitutes fair use of music. Fair use is a defence you can try to use if you get in trouble for using copyrighted music. But why even take the risk of needing a defence when there’s plenty legal options available?

Using any copyrighted music in your show means you run the risk of being kicked out of iTunes and Spotify too. This would cause massive damage to any podcast.

Here’s a deeper dive on using copyrighted music in a podcast.

Ask yourself, will my listeners unsubscribe because they don’t get to hear 10 seconds of Bohemian Rhapsody at the start? If that’s the case, then it’s time to go back to the content planning stages.

How Creative Commons Licenses Work

This is an open license that allows the artist to set the conditions of you using their music. When something is shared under a Creative Commons license, itll break down what you can and cant do with the work. Some people may let you use their track with no conditions, others might want it to only be used on non-profit work or want you to give credit.

One example is the band, Nine Inch Nails, who released their album Ghosts I-IV under a Creative Commons license with NonCommercial and Attribution rules. This means that fans can remix and share the songs as long as they give credit to the original author and don’t use it commercially.

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Does Podcast Music Require Attribution

Once you have a license from the copyright holder and youve made sure the music is royalty-free, the final detail to confirm is whether you have to give credit to the music source.

Youve probably heard podcast hosts do this before. Many mention the artist at the end of the show and may also link to them in the show notes. Podcasters sometimes do this simply to show appreciation and support. Other times, however, its legally required. It all comes down to the license.

A good rule of thumb is, If you dont pay for it, you have to include attribution. But thats not always the case.

For example, you dont have to include attribution if you use my music. On the other hand, some paid libraries require you to link back to them even after youve purchased a license.

The moral of the story is to read the music license or just ask the copyright holder. For instance, several independent artists on SoundCloud will happily allow you to use their music for podcasts as long as you give them credit.

Free Podcast Music Sources

Can I Use Copyrighted Music In My Podcast?

The obvious benefit here is that the songs are 100% free to use. In some cases youll have to credit the producer, but you wont have to pay a penny.

Even if you havent got a budget for your podcast, free music sites will still give you plenty of options to work with. However they do have their downsides.

The production quality can sound amateurish on certain tracks. And the available libraries arent as big or well-organised in comparison to paid services . This means if you have a very specific idea of the kind of song you want for your podcast, you might have a hard time finding something suitable.

On the other hand, if you arent too fussy about finding the perfect track for your podcast, youll have no problem finding one from the sources below. Having your own theme tunes adds an additional layer of identity to your show. But the thing that matters most is your content. Listeners will subscribe to your podcast based on the strength of what you actually say. Not because you have a cool intro song.

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How Can I Know If A Song Is Protected By Copyright

Copyright laws can be quite complicated.

The fact that theres no notice anywhere doesnt mean that can be used freely and more often than not its unclear whether a work is protected or not. So when in doubt, better to not use it.

But what we can use is Royalty-Free music, a type of music created specifically for these use cases.

Lets see where we can get it:

Why Good Podcast Music Matters

Content will always be the most important part of any podcast.

Shows that interview intriguing guests or telling arresting stories better than the competition will always attract more listeners.

But the sounds that accompany the content are important, too.

The right intro music can hook new listeners as soon as they press play. Instead of waiting for the story to build some momentum, theyll be instantly engaged by the music.

Using the same music for every show can also tap into the Familiarity Principle, a psychological phenomenon by which people develop a preference for something simply by being exposed to that same thing multiple times. Just having consistent royalty free podcast music will make your show more enjoyable to listeners.

These production details matter because everyone needs a plan to grow their audience.

At its core, music can not only help you develop a more distinct brand for your show, but can also help your content stand out against the ever-growing list of podcasts youre competing against for listeners.

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Can You Use Music In A Podcast

The short answer is yes, you can use music in a podcast. In fact, you must use music in your podcasts to get your listeners attention and keep them engaged with your content. You can incorporate catchy intro and outro music or appropriate background music into your podcasts.

If you are looking for free music for podcast intros and free theme music for podcasts, you should check our comprehensive library here on Snapmuse! You can find news music, ambient music, motivational music and much more in our library.

Music For Podcasts: Whats Legal

7 Best Places to Get Free Music for Your Podcast [2020]

One of the best things about the internet is that incredible music is merely a click away. But, dear podcaster, most of that music comes with strings attached.

If you get your podcast music from the sources above, youll be fine. But if you want to use a song from somewhere else, you should know a few things first.

Ive written before about the complexities of using copyrighted music in videos. And the world of podcasting isnt too much different.

But, just to be thorough, lets quickly cover what constitutes podsafe music, or music that you can legally use in your podcast.

Disclaimer: Though I run a music licensing website and am quite cozy with copyright laws, Im not an attorney. For any questions or concerns, I recommend consulting a legal professional.

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Paid And Free Sources For Podcasting Music

Later in this article, well explore important topics, such as how to use music for podcasts legally and strategically. But Im guessing youre most interested to know where you can find the music in the first place.

So, why not have a little dessert before dinner?

Here are the podcasting music sources I recommend, categorized by budget. All of these offer perpetual , royalty-free licenses that accommodate podcasting specifically.

Got money?

  • Music for Makers Artist-owned library of instrumental songs for $25 each
  • PremiumBeat Large library of quality tracks for $199 each
  • Comparable to PremiumBeat

No money?

Again, I recommend you source your podcasts music from one of the sites above because they explicitly permit you to use their music in podcasts.

If you still feel like treading your own path and want to use music from another source, however, keep reading.

Where Can I Find Free Podcast Intro Music

It is possible to get podcast intro music for free, but, being free, that music is going to be used on a lot of other podcasts.

If you listen to more than a few dozen shows, you’ll start to hear the same music pop up, again and again. This doesn’t help your audio branding, or make you sound very pro.

If you’re on a budget, or purely podcasting from a hobbyist perspective, then by all means go down the free route though. You can always upgrade later on, if you feel the need.

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The 3 Types Of Podcast Music

Its tempting to think the music for your show needs to be attention-grabbing, like what youd hear on the radio. If all of your listeners are operating on 5 second attention spans, shouldnt your intro hook them with an irresistible beat?

Not necessarily.

In Pitchforks interview with multiple podcast producers and musicians, one theme became particularly clear: podcast music isnt supposed to be overtly catchy.

The primary responsibility of this music is to enhance your content, not compete with it. Or as the article eloquently states: At best, podcast music amplifies not only whats being said, but the act of saying.

So does that mean you want to pick an intro thats droll? Absolutely not. It means that you should think of your intro music as a segue to the main course of your show, the content.

The music isnt content itself it exists to serve and enhance your dialogue.

Using Free Music For Podcasts Guide

Royalty Free Music For Podcast Intro [20 Best Intros For Podcasts]

If you want to share your podcast in major platforms like Apple Music, YouTube Music or Spotify, you must comply with the copyright rules and limitations of these platforms regarding the music licensing for podcasts.Most of streaming and sharing platforms require the content creators to use public domain music for podcasts. In other words, you need to use royalty free music or public domain music in your podcast if you want to share your content on major platforms like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and so on.You can opt for creative commons music for podcasts so that you can freely share your content without worrying about violating the copyright rules of your preferred platform. Moreover, you can also find free music to use in podcasts on Snapmuse. In our comprehensive library, you can browse thousands of copyright free music for podcasts by genre, artist and even mood.If you are looking for free podcast music downloads, you must check our free music to use for podcasts archive.

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Resources For Royalty Free Podcast Music And Sound Effects

Carli van Heerden

Since podcasts are such an audio-based platform, music and sound effects play a big role in making it all come together. However, in todays internet age, using music in your productions that is not originally your own can become really tricky. This is where royalty free music comes into play.

So first of all, what exactly is royalty free music? In its simplest form, royalty free is a license that requires a once-off payment in exchange for lifetime usage of whatevers being purchased. This gives you the right to use the music that others have created for your own creative purposes.

With the massive growth of the podcast and video creators community, the market for royalty free music has grown right alongside it. Today there are many resources available online for music, all with different licensing options that are uniquely suited to your production needs. In this article, we are going to review 26 resources with varying membership and usage options. So without further ado, lets jump right in!

Services To Find Custom & Free Music For Your Podcast

Anything free is great, right? If you can find free music that you love and you are sure that you are legally covered worldwide to use the free music, go for it and save yourself some dollars!

For those who are able to pay a little extra for their podcast music, there are great reasons to support this choice:

  • More choices: easily find a wide range of music from one trusted music library source
  • Peace of mind: know that youre legally covered and not at risk for infringement notices
  • Exclusivity: In the case of paying a composer, know that the music is original to you and your podcast

To get you started, here are 13 services to find royalty-free and affordable customized podcast intro music:

Best Per Track Based Podcast Music Options

  • Syncly Music: Podcast music library service with unique ability to easily customize tracks to suit your podcast.
  • Audio Jungle: Royalty-free library with music and sound effects. Purchase single tracks or music packs based on a genre or mood.
  • Premium Beat: Offers two flexible licensing options based on your needs. Pay for a license once and you can use the music forever, worldwide.
  • Audio Network: Offers single-use licenses, their licenses are cleared for worldwide, multi-platform use. A great option for video podcasters.
  • Best Subscription Based Podcast Music Options

  • Soundstripe: Royalty-free podcast music library with multiple licensing options.
  • Best Free Podcast Music Options

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    Why Should I Include Music In My Podcast

    Music sets the tone and impacts how we feel in any given moment. For instance, take away the background music from your favorite movie and youll quickly realize just how much that changes the overall effect of the film. We often dont realize the impact music has until its no longer there.

    We associate positive interactions with upbeat, cheerful melodies and perhaps more gloomy encounters with slower, more somber tunes. Simply by selecting music for your podcast, you are helping create a vibe that your listeners can relate to and come to expect.

    Including music in your podcast automatically creates more credibility and adds a professional value to your show. It allows you to form a connection with your audience and provide familiarity to them. Music naturally draws people in and helps keep their attention. It fills any dead space with a tune that sets the tone for how you want your listeners to feel when they engage with your show.

    The addition of music is simple but can easily move your show from good to great and help make your podcast more meaningful.

    Misconceptions About Using Copyrighted Music

    Podcasts on Amazon Music: What You Need to Know

    At this point, you might be thinking there’s a way to get around copyright law so you can use your favorite songs under the radar .

    Just to drive the point home, here are some common myths floating around the internet concerning music copyright.

    Myth #1 I can use any music if I’m not making money off it.

    Truth: You’re subject to copyright law even if you have a small podcast with only a few downloads and no plans to monetize.

    Myth #2 It’s okay if I play less than 10 seconds of the song.

    Truth: The amount of music that you play has no bearing on whether it’s legal. Artists can get into plagiarism disputes even if their melody sounds too similar to an existing song!

    Myth #3 I can use any music under “fair use.”

    Truth: While fair use is a legitimate defense for using copyrighted material in some cases, you can’t use a copyrighted song with the intent to claim fair use.

    Myth #4 As long as I give attribution, the artist will understand.

    Truth: Giving credit to the artist doesn’t exempt you from copyright law.

    Myth #5 It’s okay to use because I review music on my podcast.

    Truth: Playing a song you don’t have the rights to is a copyright violation, even if you only play a short clip of the track with the purpose of reviewing it.

    Summary: You cannot use copyrighted music unless you obtain the rights or get explicit permission.

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