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Where To Get Music For Djing


Every Dj Needs Music But Where Do We Find It

Where do DJs get their music? How to find the BEST Music for DJing!

Whether youre just starting out as a DJ with a brand new controller or have been playing for years in clubs something you will always need to do is buy and download music to play with.

Building a music library is an essential part of being a DJ, however finding what music to download and where to download it is a minefield!

This post is full of tips on where to look and get inspiration for music, new, old, remixed and everything in between. You will need to try stand out as a DJ by finding interesting remixes or edits of songs. You will also need a varied music library full of surprises!

Laptop With Dj Software

In this technological era, you cant imagine music production without a computer and software. In music recording, generally, desktop computers are used due to long working hours.

But when it comes to DJ, laptops are the first choice due to easy mobility.

However, apart from the official laptop, you need a high-end laptop for DJing. Software used for DJ needs high configuration computers to run smoothly so choosing a high-end laptop is a wise decision for us.

The other thing is, you need some special software for DJing. This software is the backbone of any hybrid DJ setup.

With the help of DJ controllers and the software, you can mix, edit, copy, cut, paste, scratch using MP3s, add FX, organize files and playlists, mashup, change the tempo, and assign sounds to your MIDI controller.

My favorite DJ software for beginners is Fruity Loops which is quite easy to learn, with useful features for DJs.

There are two types of speakers used for DJing.

  • PA speaker
  • Studio monitor

These two types of speakers are built for different tasks so before choosing you should first take care of your need.

Best Places For Djs To Download Music Websites & Pools

Finding the right music for your set is essential whentrying to make it as a DJ.

There are dozens of websites where you can get loads oftracks, edits and remixes However, some of them are free while some othersrequire you to pay for a monthly subscription.

In this post I will list both the free and the paidservices, starting with the paid/subscription-based ones first which are commonlyreferred to as record pools.

If you want to skip directly to the websites that offer freedownloads then you can do so by clicking this link

Lets get started

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What Is The Creative Commons Licence

The Creative Commons licence is a kind of copyright that lets creators keep their rights to and ownership of the work, while at the same time allowing others to copy, distribute, and use that work for free. When applying for a Creative Commons licence, the music producer chooses whether or not the song can be used commercially, and whether or not the song can be used in a derivative manner .

Get started in DJing with us : DJing Made Easy

So while a song bearing the Creative Commons licence can be downloaded for free, you may or may not use it for commercial applications such as a mixtape that you sell or a song that you produce and upload to streaming and online stores.

Whats the difference between Creative Commons and royalty free?

Creative Commons means that the creator of the music still retains ownership of it, and so there are limitations attached to how the music is used or manipulated. A royalty free licence means that you can use the music without having to pay a royalty or licence fee each time you use it, and you can make derivative works of it and use in commercial settings too. There still are a few limitations though: for example, for some royalty free sample packs you cant sell the sounds and pass them off as your own creation.

Dell Nvidia Geforce Gtx

DJing Workshop

This next model is one that Dell officially market as a gaming laptop. If you like some of the modern aspects of the Dells we have so far taken a peek at but aren’t sold on their touchscreen abilities that inevitably come with a higher retail price then this might be a good option for you.

It is 15.6 inch and has pretty decent specs, it is powered by a 6th gen 3.2GHz Intel quad-core processor for great overall performance. It is of a more heavy-duty construction to protect against knocks or drops but is still somehow lightweight.

It has high-end thermal cooling methods in place which further assist in speedy processing.

We haven’t really mentioned any of the internal speaker capabilities of the rest we have reviewed most DJs are likely to use external speakers anyway, but the Studio quality Waves MaxxAudio Pro processing software enhances the audio. The Dell designed high-performance speakers also have a built-in subwoofer!

It provides 10+ hours of battery life and has a good amount of SSD storage . It has 8GB of high-speed RAM, has 3 USB 3.0 ports and operates Windows 10.

Pros: + Great audio. + Decent battery life.

Why We Liked It – It has a much more affordable price tag in comparison to its flashier touchscreen counterparts.

We also love the audio quality and think the build is the most durable of the bunch so far.

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Essential Dj Equipment For Beginners In 2021

In this article, we will discuss 7 essential DJ equipment needed for beginners. If you dont want to invest your money on craps and to become a successful DJ then you should read this article till the end.

Nowadays, the DJ is no-doubt a popular word among youths.

When we listen to the word DJ the picture draws in our mind is, the heavy processed kick coming out of speakers, higher in volume level than main vocals of the song, and people are dancing on the beats.

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Songs changing without any cut and tempo change and people carry on dancing.

We can easily guess the popularity of DJ by that, many songs release with its DJ version on the same day of original release.

But, like all other forms of music, DJ is not just an art. You need some technical skills to become a successful DJ artist. As well as, you need some special gear to produce your DJ songs and perform live.

In this article, we wont discuss the skills you need to become a DJ, but the equipment you should have to produce and perform as a DJ artist.

Maybe, in future articles, I will discuss the skills too. But. for today, lets discuss the 7 essential DJ equipment for beginners.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.

How To Get Free Music On Bandcamp

To legally download free DJ music on Bandcamp, the first thing to do is to sign up for a fan Bandcamp account. Then look for artists with tracks or albums that have Name your price beside the Buy Digital Album or Buy Track links. These let you specify how much you want to give the artist, which of course includes zero.

To make searching easier, you can try to search for tunes with the free music tag associated with them. This gives you a roundup of all the songs tagged as free, and then you can simply go through the results and look for the tunes that you want to get.

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Since there are lots of small independent labels on Bandcamp, youre also likely to find EP giveaways and album samplers that they give as promotions, so its worth signing up to be notified of any new releases from artists or labels on the platform.

And do consider giving at least something if you love and can use a track!

Pros: Plenty of independent DJ/producers and record labels, simple store design makes it easy to preview and download tracks or even full albums, lots of free / pay what you want tracks

Cons: Major label artists are less likely to have a presence on it

Go to site: Bandcamp

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Dj With Apple Music Songs Offline On Dj Apps

After converting tracks from Apple Music, now you can access them on any DJ apps you have on your device and DJ with them right away. Here’s an example of how to upload Apple Music songs to djay Pro:

1. Open djay Pro and click the file folder on the left of the screen.

2. Click Add Folder and choose the folder where your downloaded Apple Music songs lie.

3. Click Select Folder, then all the songs in the folder will be loaded in the app.

4. Drag the track to disc then you can start DJing with Apple Music songs.

Dj Lesson #04 Where To Set Up Hot Cues & How To Use Them While Mixing

How To DJ – Beginners Guide To DJing

Another performance feature available within Serato DJ Lite are hot cues. Hot cues allow DJs to set up multiple points throughout the song. These are useful to jump to or work from while mixing. For example, maybe you want to jump straight to a songs breakdown or land the mix right on the drop.

Hot cues are a creative tool that can give you the flexibility to do just that and much more. You can set up to 4 hot cues on any track in the Serato DJ Lite software. These hot cues are stored within the songs data. Next time you load that track, the hot cues will still be there, ready to use!

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Apple Macbook Retina Display

This a new 12 inch model and one of the thinnest and lightest yet. Portability is of no concern but you might want to buy a decent protective cover for travel between gigs.

When utilizing its turbo boost, it has up to a 3.2 GHz dual-core Intel core processor. It has 8 gigs of high-speed RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. It features the latest Bluetooth and wireless and has onboard USB C connection but there is only the one. It benefits from terraced battery cells that provide 35% more capacity than previously possible, resulting in all-day battery life.

It generates very little heat, running at just 5 watts of power eliminating the need for fans.

Pros: + Dual core processor. + SSD storage.

Why We Liked It – If you invest in a little extra external SSD storage, then this one will really shine, the space is pretty insufficient as it stands but the RAM and Processing speeds are adequate for software and any AI you might use.

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What Specs Do You Need to DJ? – You don’t need a real powerhouse laptop to DJ, but you will need decent specs including a solid i5 processor or above and 8GB of RAM +. This leaves you with tons of options, but beware of underpowering your DJ software as you might run into software crashes and other reliability problems.

They have 4GB of RAM onboard which ought to be adequate for most budding DJs. Software typically doesn’t hog too much.

How To Get Free Music On Facebook

Since Facebook itself doesnt host any music files, you cant legally download free DJ music directly from it. What youll find instead on DJ and record label Facebook Pages are posts that have links to where you can download tracks from. Try bookmarking your favourite label and DJ/producer Pages and make a point to check them out regularly for posts or announcements of free downloads.

You can also try getting in touch with your favourite DJ/producers and asking them for a free download, similar to the process we outlined for SoundCloud. Just bear in mind that youre more likely to get a positive response from DJ/producers who arent part of a big dance label simply because they arent tied to any contractual obligations when it comes to giving away their music.

Pros: Its likely that you already have Facebook, so you dont need to sign up for a new service. Almost all DJs have a Facebook Page, which makes looking for them easy

Cons: Facebook doesnt host any actual MP3 files, so youre likely going to be clicking a link away from Facebook to download those songs

Go to site:

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How Do We Use Music Recognition Technology To Track Dj Performances

How do the MRT monitoring boxes work?

In partnership with venues around the UK, we installed a number of MRT monitoring boxes which generate a fingerprint for each track played during a DJ set. A fingerprint is a digital summary which represents the sound. This fingerprint is then run though the library of fingerprints to see if a match can be found. We then receive a report from our MRT supplier of all the identified tracks which we use to match to our database of musical works to then pay members.

Audio fingerprint technology can recognise a recording within a performance, even if it is only a couple of seconds long. This makes it incredibly useful when recognising musical works within remixes.

What does it mean for DJs?

Has the information collected been used to distribute royalties?

Does this replace any existing methods used?

Does this supplement or replace any existing methods used for distributing royalties for public performance?

We will continue to test how we can use the data collected via MRT to supplement and inform the current distribution methods used by PRS for Music in a way that is fair and accurate. With thousands of licensed premises across the country, installing monitoring equipment everywhere would not be cost effective or operationally viable. We will use the data as a direct source of usage where we can and then aim to supplement existing distribution methods in an effort to make them more accurate and representative of the music played by DJs.

How To Get Free Music On Lastfm

The 5 Steps To DJing Success, #3: Techniques

While there arent a lot of new tracks, going to the Free Music section of Last.fm gets you a mix of hip-hop, dance, acoustic and electronic music. Its not the best repository, but there are some good picks in there to fill in a few niche gaps in your DJ library .

You can also use the search box in Last.fm and type in search queries like royalty free to pull up a list of results that have the royalty free licence attributed to them. You can then click the download link beside the track you like to see if you can download the track.

Pros: Deep music discovery and charts, decent social networking features

Cons: Not a wide variety of free tunes to grab from the site

Go to site:Last.fm

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Your Source For Dj Music

Just4DJs.com is a Music ReMixing service for use by working performance DJs. The remixes contained on Just4DJs.com are produced by professional DJs and music producers for the exclusive purpose of enhancing a DJs live performance. You are paying solely for an Editing/ReMixing Service for music tracks you already own and have obtained by legal means. By clicking I AGREE you certify that you are a working DJ and will use the material obtained on Just4DJs.com for the sole purpose of enhancing your DJ performance and will NOT sell, resell, or redistribute any of the files acquired within this website. Furthermore, before purchasing any of the remixes on Just4DJs.com, you certify that you own and have already legally acquired the original works contained within the remixed composition respectively.

With Just4DJs.com there are no monthly fees you can download what you need when you need it. All Music is High Quality 320kbps Mp3 format. Our Professional DJs and Music Producers upload on a weekly basis so you always have access to the best and latest DJ Music. Here is a list of the kind of tracks you will find on our site:

DJ Intros and Outros

Hype Intros









Dj Lesson #05 Next Steps Buying Your First Piece Of Dj Equipment

It can be very daunting buying your first piece of DJ equipment. There are so many options, so many mediums, from controllers, to CDJs, players to turntables and mixers. The most popular products for new DJs are controllers as theyre cheap and packed full of performance features. There are even controllers the size of your laptop keyboard if space is an issue.

In this video, we look at some of the options you have on your DJ journey with the Serato DJ Lite & Serato DJ Pro software. Please note that the DJ equipment used is to showcase what the options and possibilities are. If you want detailed reviews of these products and others, then

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Promoting Yourself On Social Media

Here are some basic tips for promoting your work as a DJ online:

  • Keep content flowing. If you arent putting any work out, nobody has a chance to notice you. Unfortunately, most of our work will go unnoticed its just the way of things!
  • Dont stay silent. You also have to be consistent with posting, tweeting, sharing, and interacting with followers. Otherwise, that social networks algorithm isnt gonna treat you well.
  • Mix it up. Post different kinds of content: your own work, music that you like, artwork that inspires you, stories that move you. Anything that helps tell the story of you. Also, mix up the types of posts you make for example, Facebook text post vs. image post vs. Live video.
  • Dont spam your mixes. You have to share them, sure. But not 50 times a day. Not only is this annoying, but your reach will get squashed by doing this.
  • Give value to others. Its hard to get people to look at you, to notice your work, or listen to your mix. So, try providing the same courtesy to someone else maybe they will return the favor?