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Where To Find New Music

The 7 Best Websites To Check Out New Music Releases

How To Find New Music (A Guide)

Here are the best new music websites for keeping up-to-date with new songs and album releases.

Today, there are more ways than ever for artists to get music into their fans’ ears. However, the vast array of services can also be problematic—how do you stay abreast of new music releases when they could pop up in lots of different places?

A couple of decades ago, all you needed to do was subscribe to a music magazine and listen to the radio every day, but these days it’s not so simple.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep up-to-date with new songs and new albums from your favorite artists. With that in mind here are the new music websites worth bookmarking.

Find New Music: Listen To The Radio

I feel like the radio is something that the younger generation just isnt that into. And I have absolutely no idea why. Radio stations are one of the most amazing ways to discover music but I feel like we all completely overlook it as a resource.

Sometimes you just really cant be bothered doing the research when it comes to discovering musicyou just want to listen without having to search for music. Which is where radio comes in. On the days where you really dont feel like reading reviews, blog posts and searching Spotify playlists for music, its so much easier to just pop the radio on.

Find New Music: Firstwhat Music Are You Hoping To Discover

Before I get to my tips, I think its important to quickly think about what it is exactly that youre hoping to get out of new music. Is it a new genre that youre looking to discover? Is it more musicians in your favourite genre? Or is it a specific playlist that youre searching for, for a certain mood e.g. a chilled playlist, a party playlist? Maybe its all of them! Once you know exactly what youre looking for its a lot easier to start searching.

Right, so do you know what youre looking for now? Okay, lets get to it then.

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Music Streaming Services: Spotify Specific Genre Playlists

Then youve also got playlists that are pre-made by Spotify and focus on a specific genre. I find that these playlists are ideal if youre just looking to learn about a certain genre. For example, Ive recently been enjoying the pre-made Bossa Nova playlist on Spotify. All I had to do to find it was a quick Spotify search for Bossa Nova. Whats so great about the pre-made genre playlists is 1. how theres a mix of big names in the genre and up-and-coming artists too and 2. how much they flow as playlists. You can shuffle one of their genre playlists without any fear that a completely random track will come on in the midst of your chilled vibe. If you want to discover some ready-made gems then head on over to my favourite Spotify playlists post for a few recommendations.

You Bring The Music Well Bring The Sound

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Find New Music: Look At Reviews

Looking at reviews from newspapers, news sites and music websites is one of the easiest ways to discover new music. There are so many sites and resources out there thatll tell you all about the latest releases. If youre a complete newbie to reading music reviews then dont worry. Ill be sharing a few of my favourite places to read reviews in a sec. But first I want to talk about why reviews are a great way to source new tunes.

The biggest appeal of a review is that they give you an outline of what to expect from a song/album in advance. Maybe youve heard of a musician but havent had time to listen to their stuff yet. An album will set you back around 45 minutes if you listen to it in full. And if you arent feeling the music by the end of it then it can feel like a waste of time! Trust me Ive felt like this on a few occasions.

Whereas a review will take like what? 5 minutes tops to read. Itll give you an idea of what to expect from the music, a general rating of how good the album is and what they think are the best tracks on the album. If youre sat reading a review and thinking bloody hell that song/album sounds awful!! then at least youve only spent a couple of minutes reading about it.

Of course, its important to bear in mind that you wont always agree with the reviewer. At the end of the day, it is only one persons opinion per review. So if you want to get an idea of what the music youre researching is like then its best to read a few different reviews.

Is There A Right Way To Discover Music In 2021

I will admit, these techniques are extremely impressive and do in fact yield some amazing finds from time to time. However, there is an underlying problem with the entire system that is overlooked by so many listeners looking for new music. That is, an algorithm can only know you so much. Trust your taste in music more than robots! Evidently, everyone will have different expectations on how a recommendation system should and should not operate, but I implore you to take a few of these simple steps to diversify your library!

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Find New Music Through Streaming

Youve probably heard of streaming before. Do you know what it means?

Cambridge dictionary defines streaming as the activity of listening to or watching sound or video directly from the internet. The US definition is the act of sending sound or video to a computer, mobile, etc. directly from the internet so it doesnt need to be downloaded and saved first.

If you were born on 1996 or before, then you probably remember Napster. Limewire, and Kazaa days. These were the most popular file sharing internet softwares that allowed us to view content at the time. File sharing softwares allowed you to download files such as audio, video, and images to a computer for free.

In the early 2000s, these platforms were credited to nearly ruining the music industry. People hopped on this trend heavily because it was the most modern way to find new music at the time. File sharing softwares shook everything up about copyright infringements and artists didnt enjoy losing out on money.

Old Music Wasnt Better You Were Just Younger

How to Find New Music

If youve ever thought to yourself that modern music sucks! Why cant it be like it used to be? theres a good reason for this. I can assure you, its not modern music failing to be good, its just that newer music isnt reaching you the way the stuff you liked in your youth does. If youre over 30 like I am, you probably find yourself fighting your own grey matter in trying to break out of the music you listened to between 12 and 24 years old. Thats because our old brains are very resistant to forming new connections to music, and instead prefer music from our formative years to the exclusion of almost everything else.

We tend to create our musical identity very early on, and tend not to grow much musically beyond adolescence and early adulthood.

In fact, one of our favorite streaming services Deezer was able to perform a study of 5,000 participants to determine the average point where people tend to stop expanding their music horizons. Unfortunately, that age hovered around 27 years and 11 months. While that seems a little bleak, keep in mind thats an average: a huge number of people will reach music paralysis much earlier, and some people never will. But were not here to shame peoplewe want you to find new music that doesnt sound all the same.

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How To Find New Music According To Critics Spotify And Teenagers

The Internet has mutated the way we hear about new artists and songs. There are reviews, a plethora of apps, and algorithms upon algorithmsmeaning that discovering your favorite new bop is as overwhelming as ever. So we asked the people who know best about their strategies: people who write about music for a living, music execs, and of course, high schoolers.

Do You Want To Find New Music Or Are You Hooked On A Feeling

So what does this have to do with finding new music? Well, I need to make this very clear from the start: how you respond to music has more to do with your emotional state than it does how kickin that beat is. Even if youve hit musical paralysis, theres nothing stopping you from rekindling your love of music except your own brain. Ever listen to music you used to love when youre grieving or overstressed? Didnt really hit the same way, did it? In a similar vein, you probably hate a lot of the music your exes liked if you had a bad breakupor love a song that you absolutely nailed at karaoke. The act of finding new songs isnt really an exercise in finding music: its often a search for an emotional payoff. If you want to chase a feeling, you need to be able to have that feeling in the first place.

If youre looking for new jams, you need to know what youre feeling right now, and where you want to go when you find the right bop. This is also why youre far more likely to respond to music that you heard in significant life events, memes, video games, and the movies youve really enjoyed. Youre not really listening to the song: youre jolting your brain into recalling how those things made you feel. This is probably why your workout mix is so different than the rest of your music library. In order to continue, you need identify what feeling youre chasing, and then pursue it.

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Find New Music Through Indie Channels

We all miss live music and if you are looking for amazing indie music to binge on, these channels are a must to consider. Even if you dont know who the artists are at first, its the perfect way to expand your music taste and find new favorites. Here are the best indie live music channels to discover new music.

Sofar sounds was founded in London 2009. Since then, they have visited over 400 cities around the globe. The show invites artists to have an intimate concert setting without large crowds to prevent distraction. It is a bit exclusive, you have to apply to attend a live show.

Jam in the van isnt your typical youtube channel. With a very interesting concept, the shows van is a solar powered mobile recording studio. Their goal is to travel around the USA to help expose local music.

Cardinal sessions releases new music every Thursday. It was founded in 2010 with the concept to let artists perform with only vocals and unplugged instruments.

La blogotheque is a French channel that records intimate and unique music performances with reputable aritsts and ones that are up and coming.

Wild honey pie features brand new artists that cover popular tracks. They also have regular performances too.

Out of town films is a bunch of friends working as a collective in Philadelphia to record your favorite performances.

Audiotree is a show that gives young bands and artists a platform to be heard. Here youll find intimate performances recorded in a professional studio.

Tips: How To Save Your Favorite Spotify Tracks As Mp3

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You probably want to convert your favorite Spotify tracks or playlists to MP3, so that you can enjoy them on any other portable devices or keep them after canceling the subscription. Here Spotify Music Converter will help you record and convert Spotify to popular formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, or WAV.

what’s next? Download NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter now!

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How To Find New Music On Spotify

First up is Spotify. The best of the best for good reason. What makes Spotify #1 is their audio quality, super user friendly interface, and timeless features.

How to find new music on Spotify has never been easier because they keep all important information under one umbrella. Interestingly enough, we can see 2020 infographic on user trends and behavior.

The image below is a biography of the music band Fat Freddys drop on Spotify. What makes discovering new music effortlessly through Spotify, is you have quick access to artists information.

You dont really need to go onto google and take more time out to research who this artist is. Within seconds you can decide if this is an artist of interest by learning who they are.

You can also see their popularity by viewing their monthly listeners too. Skim through a few tracks, read their bio, decide.

Still using Fat Freddy´s drop as an example, you´ll notice the section that says fans also like and appears on. If you go to any artists profile on Spotify, you can scroll all the way down to find these sections.

These are algorithms that quickly let you browse artists with similiar sounds, and other albums where the artists has appeared on.

Then, you have events. This to me is one of the best features on Spotify because they keep the users in the platform yet give valuable information so you dont have to go elsewhere.

How To Find New Music With Spotify

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Where To Download Free Music At A Glance

  • Soundcloud
  • Jamendo Music
  • Bandcamp
  • Its important to note that although artists have chosen to distribute their work for free on these sites, the music is still protected by copyright and mustnt be distributed in any other way unless clearly stated otherwise. If you find something awesome, just share a link to the artists profile and everyone wins.

    The sites below are our top choices for free music, but some of the big online music stores also offer free tracks to download. Take a look at and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for here.

    Youtube Shows About Music

    How to Find New Music! *EASY*

    These YouTube shows below are more about discussing music related topics with some live performances here and there. On the following channels youll find things like discussions, interviews, and unfiltered reviews. is another sector of the music publication that features exclusive interviews, disucssions, festival livestreams, documentaries, and new music videos.

    Dead end hip hop focuses on everything in the hiphop genre. While having unscripted conversations, dead end gives you the latest album reviews and hip hop news.

    Mass appeal is known as the elevated voice of hip hop that focuses on people who are changing the culture. Youll find artists like Nas, Phi, and DJ Shadow.

    The needle drop is a one man show ran by Anthony Fantano. You can except music reviews in a conversation style on rock, pop, electronic, rap, and more.

    Genius is a very popular youtube show that explains the deeper meanings behind music. The show brings on artists and interviews them about things like music lyrics, videos, and present global topics.

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    Song Recommendations On Reddit

    If there is one place where youll find noobs, enthusiasts and professionals at one place, its Reddit. It has plenty of subreddits dedicated specifically to song recommendations. You can discover new songs, playlists, genre-specific suggestions, etc. The best part of these subreddits is you can post the type of songs youre looking for and indulge in a longer conversation if you like talking about your favourites lines or part of a song. Here are some subreddits I follow and you can follow as well,

    How To Find New Music Through Publications

    With quick access to the web, we cant forget about valuable music publications. The magazines that have gone online to give us what we want, information that helps us discover everything we need about music.

    What is great about these online magazines is they are a one stop shop for important information people look for like, music news, interviews, music events, video releases, very special performances, and more. Here are the best music publications today.


    Billboard magazine and the billboard charts have been around for over 125 years. The publication arranges the charts weekly and are organized by artist streams, sales, airplays, and more. You can stay up to date with artists information on their website since they are always updating who and what are hot right now.


    Complex another reputable music publication but a bit more modern in their news approach, they like to challenge listeners. From hip-hop to pop they have a wide range of artists they cover. The music publication also has integrations in the website so you can easily stream artists youve found on their website. Good reference point for music news, features, videos, and lots more.


    The Vibe publication started in 1993, making it a 27 year old business. It is a one stop shop for all R& B and Hip-Hop music. They also cover entertainment and fashion news. For the music news they cover they focus on videos, new releases, live reviews, album reviews, and music premieres.

    Rolling Stone

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