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Where To Advertise Your Music

Ways To Promote Your Music Online

How to Advertise Your Music for Free with Pandora AMP (Tutorial)

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Posted on Jul 27, 2016

With so many ways to promote your music online – and only so many hours in the day – how do you decide which platforms are worth your time and energy?

If you try to promote your music through every channel available to you, all at the same time, youre going to spread yourself too thin and eventually burn out. On top of that, youll end up frustrated that all of your hard work hasnt actually amounted to much.

So rather than attempt the impossible, focus your efforts on a handful of platforms where your existing and potential fans are most likely to spend their time online. Start by promoting your music independently through the platforms that you most enjoy using, and build from there.

Here are 17 of the best ways to promote your music online.

Engage With Potential Fans On Facebook

Facebook should serve as a primary hub for all things related to your music. Facebook isn’t recognized for being a music platform like SoundCloud or Youtube. Consider it a hybrid of your YouTube channel and your own website, and utilize it to promote yourself! Lets say you post your music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Then share your tour dates on Facebook. Promos, upcoming album releases, and band announcements are all fantastic things to post on Facebook.

Get started with Facebook promotion:

  • Create events for upcoming gigs

  • Run ads to promote new releases, events, or announcements

  • Answer comments and interact with the fans

  • Develop An Engaging Social Presence

    The promotional power of social media is no secret. Developing and maintaining a consistent, interesting and engaging presence across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and even less obvious platforms like Snapchat, is essential. Also, try and keep your profile handles consistent to make things easier for people searching for you online.

    Thereâs an insurmountable amount of advice out there on how to manage your social channels, and things are constantly changing across every platform. Look through some of these helpful resources for more info on how to run and make the most of your social media presence.



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    Promote Your Music By Sharing Your Story

    People care more about your music, if they get to know you, your background and your story. You can do this by having your own website with a blog, or to do videos and posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or whatever platform you preferto share your story and journey as a music composer and artist.

    Start Your Music Promotion With A Website


    Its important to have one platform where you control your music, content, and brand imageyour website. If a promoter or fan is searching for you online, the first hit they should get is your band website. This is your chance to hook them with a great first impression and win them over with an amazing user experience. Dont be afraid to blow your own trumpet!

    Even if you promote your music online elsewhere you should always have a website to list your tour dates, news, contact details, and some sneak peeks!

    If you dont have a website yet, dont worry! You can easily create a Website with Jimdo;below and connect your bands social media page. What are the advantages?

    • Easy music integration: Add songs from iTunes or Spotify directly on your homepage
    • Videos: Easily upload videos from your performances to your site
    • Podcast: Link an Apple or Spotify podcast in your Music block to share interviews or teasers
    • Contact form with map: This lets visitors know where they can find you and how they can contact you
    • Social media: Link your social network profiles
    • Designed for music: Use a layout that is specially designed for music websites

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    Ways To Promote Your Music

    Despite common belief, musicians need to be good at a lot more than just music to be successful in the music industry. Whether they are independent musicians or producers, or massive performers on the biggest labels, artists today need a lot more skills than just musicianship to be successful.;

    One of the most important skills to have as a musician is the ability to promote new music and market themselves and their music. The only way to get money from making music is to have more and more people listen to the songs.;

    Thats why marketing is so important; it is focused on getting more people to find your music, and encouraging them to listen to it more. While making good music is still the foundation of having a successful career in music, marketing is the delivery method that gets the music to the people. Regardless of the music genre youre in, your profile in the music industry, or how many music fans you have, promotion is key.;

    Advertising and promoting go hand in hand. Whether you use an electronic press kit, physical press kits, music blogs, or even a simple mailing list, get your music out there and promote yourself. Its the only way to grow your fan base and acquire new fans!

    Build A Social Media Following

    Just as youll want to have a website in place before you begin distributing your music, you should also create profiles on the biggest social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, at least to begin with.

    The next big step when it comes to the world of social media is not just having those profiles, but building a following. I could talk about this topic for hours, so I wont dive too deep, but there is a big difference between simply sharing when you have new tunes or the details of an upcoming concert versus learning how people act on these sites and working hard to interact and reach new fans.

    What makes songs go viral?

    I think theres no clear indication of what will go viral. Who couldve predicted that someone on a skateboard with cranberry juice who looks like one of my older cousins would go viral? And you know Fleetwood Mac has had one of the biggest reinventions of their career.

    No one really knows what and who is going to go viral. You just provide content and provide moments that are true and endearing to what you are. If you live in a thought process of, Im doing this thing just to go viral, its just not going to be achievable. Going viral is one in a million.

    So there are many different ways of doing things. But you wanna make sure it happens organically and that its not something thats being forced.

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    Be More Than A Musician

    This is a big one, so listen up. If you want to get as much exposure for your music as possible, you’ll really want to make yourself more than just a musician!

    What do I mean by this? Well, you want to do everything you can to get yourself out there and in front of a targeted audience.

    And by everything, I mean things that aren’t directly related to promoting yourself as a musician .

    The good news for you is, not many musicians are doing this. This means there are a lot of opportunities out there if you use this tactic correctly.

    Some ways you can do this include:

    Promote Your Music With Your Social Media Channels

    How To Promote Your Music with JUST $1 A DAY

    Releasing your music is not enough these days. You have to be active online, on social media platforms, to connect with your fans and new people. You need to find your favorite platforms, and the ones you feel work best for you. Personally I can say that YouTube has been the best one for me by far. On Facebook I have found groups to work better than pages. A Facebook group is basically a community to start discussions etc. Then theres a lot of image based platforms, but they seem to be much harder to get traction on as a music composer, since we are focusing on sound, not images.

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    Get Your Music Placed Into Tv And Film

    You may have heard about a lot of artists becoming well-known after their music was included in a popular film or TV show. However, many people arent aware that there is a relatively straightforward process for getting music placed in these mediums.

    On top of the promotion, youll also get paid when a production company decides to use your music in their film. This can help you start to make a viable income from your music and promote it, all in one place.

    Our sister site Sync Songwriter is dedicated to helping indie artists get their music placed into TV and film. Check out this guide on the topic for an introductory into what that process looks like.

    If you want to learn more, sign up to receive this video on The Top 5 Mistakes Most Songwriters Make Licensing Music.

    Apply To Playlists On Streaming Services

    Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

    The average Spotify userspends 25 hours a month on the app. It’s no secret that the best way to get a piece of that time is to get your music on a Spotify sponsored playlist.;

    But it’s hard, and blogs rarely consider the fact that the majority of musicians won’t be able to do it without consistent, long-term work. And the fact is, vague outreach strategies won’t fit the bill.

    You want data-based, actionable tips to get on playlists. We have them.;

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    Tip #: Promote A Tweet From Your Desktop Laptop Or Mobile Device

    If a tweet you made is already gaining attention, you can boost its potential even further by turning it into a promoted tweet. Promoted tweets are just like any other tweet, except that theyre paid for by advertisers in this case, that would be you who want to expand their reach.

    Accessing this type of advertising places this content in a few different locations around the site, including home timelines, user profiles, and search results for promoted trends. Promoted tweets also appear on the top of related search results. Just follow these five steps to promote a tweet on Twitter:

  • Pick the tweet you want to promote.
  • Choose the location you want to target.
  • Choose your budget.
  • Confirm.
  • You must also choose carefully not only how, but when to use this resource. Take advantage of the tools available to determine when promoting tweets would be more efficient. For example, a service called Tweriod will let you see when more of your users are online, so that your content has a deeper impact on the media landscape. Twitters FAQ section also points out that promoted tweets are a great way to build buzz for upcoming sales .

    How To Promote Your Music Through Your Newsletter

    Promote Your Music

    Do you think email marketing is dead? Youre WRONG!!

    Promoting your music through your newsletter is still one of the most effective methods. Your audience literally gives you permission.

    Some may unsubscribe at some point, but thats totally normal.

    Most people just want the FREEBIE youre offering in exchange for that email address. Yes, youll need to give them something for FREE.

    That lead magnet could be

    • Music Download

    It just needs to be good enough for someone to give you their email in exchange.

    Once you have that, you can basically promote anything at any time.

    However, you should still respect your audience and create some boundaries.

    Maybe you commit to communicating with them in this way once a week.

    If youre going with the weekly newsletter model, youll basically be updating your subscribers with your progress and promoting newly created content .

    I highly recommend doing this to keep your audience warmed up.

    If you dont contact them regularly, theyll most likely forget about you.

    Do you know how many other brands use the same tactic? A LOT.

    Thats why you need to find a way to stand out.

    Once you actually have something to sell, your audience will be much more willing to hear about it if youve provided consistent value throughout an extended period of time.

    Thats how you build trust!

    The best platform to get started with email marketing is Mailchimp since its FREE to start.

    Thats what I personally use and I highly recommend it.

    Actionable steps:

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    Benefits Of Using A Streaming Service For Music Distribution

    First off, theres no physical inventory to manage. That means no costs to make that inventory in the first place.

    Second off, theres no cost for the actual delivery itself. Sure, there may be some costs involved with streaming service accounts that have better feature sets, but those are minimal when you consider the logistics of actually shipping a package.

    Third off, these services are essentially cloud based. That means the files are stored on their servers, and they handle all of the traffic bandwidth. For a new artist with relatively little exposure when first starting out, that may not seem like that big of a deal. If you are a more established act, then having those mechanics being managed for you is a huge deal.

    Fourth off, you can simply not ever worry about having to deal with a record company. Ever. Many artists have moved towards completely independent distribution, some with amazing results and benefits that they may not have ever realized if they were under contract.

    That means, ultimately, more $$$ in the pockets of the artists themselvesand thats kind of the whole point to begin with, right?

    Powerful Ways To Promote Your Music In 2020

    Posted on March 22, 2020by Sundown Sessions

    Music is made to be heard and no matter what genre you perform, having your music reach a large audience can be extremely rewarding. However, learning how to properly promote your music and grow your fanbase can be confusing territory to the indie artist.

    Thats why we created this guide to help give artists a roadmap to building an audience in their niche. Within it, were going to discuss the following powerful tips to promote your music:

  • Be Patient
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    Create Content On Social Media

    Social media remains a key player for artists.

    Tiktok is now a significant platform for discovering new songs. Artists who want their music to find new listeners can see if they can create content that is native to Tiktok using their track.

    Other platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook remain places that artists can promote new music. Being present in these spaces allow artists to share new music in creative ways.

    From pictures, videos, and skitsartists can market their new song, along with their aesthetic and personalities, through social media. Its just crucial for musicians to recognize what kind of content fits each platform. The content might include the hook of a song, or the lyrics of a song without being the entire track.

    Create Your Music Website With Wix Music

    How To Promote Your Music Video Using YouTube Ads

    When it comes to promoting your music online, Wix Music doesnt skip a beat. An all encompassing online marketing solution for creating a music website, Wix Music has you covered with all the tools you need to promote, sell and distribute your music online. Why do we love Wix Music so much? Here are some of our favorite liner notes:

    • Sell your music 100% commission-free, directly from your website. Easy music sales, means more money in your pocket.

    • Spread your music to over 120 of the most popular music channels on the internet, without leaving your Wix account. Distribute your tunes to top;online stores and streaming services;like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Rdio and more;.

    • Wanna push your gigs? No problem! Wix Music offers seamless integrations with BandsInTown or Songkick so you can promote your shows and sell tickets directly from your website.

    • Sell your merch by adding an online store to your website.

    • Include industry essentials like an EPK in your Wix Music site. This password protected page is the easiest way to give labels, press and other industry heavy-weights the most pivotal info about your band.

    • Beautiful templates that come ready-made with everything you need for a professional looking website. Did we mention that theyre totally customizable too?

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    Create A Themed Spotify Playlist

    A Spotify playlist that fits a certain mood, season, or situation is a great way to promote your music. You get to share the music you love, including your own.

    Look at the moods and topics of your songs.

    Then make a Spotify playlist with that mood or topic. Include your favorite artists songs, and put one or two of your songs near the beginning of the playlist.

    For example, if you have songs about traveling, create a playlist called Road Trip Songs.

    Put your road-trip-feeling songs at the beginning. Then fill the rest of the spots with your favorite road-tripping songs from other artists.

    This is a natural and effective way to spread your music for two reasons

    First, when people search for road trip songs, theres a chance theyll find your playlist.

    Plus, your current fans will appreciate the killer playlist of songs for their next trip.

    If you have friends who make great music, include them as well! Helping your fellow musicians is in;everyones best interest.

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