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Where Do Djs Get Their Music

Set Your Default Sorting


This is usually down to personal preference, although a good way to ensure speed while you are in the mix is to have the defaults sort set to Genre, then BPM and then Key.

This will speed up your mixing as youll know straight away that the track is already at the same tempo and that you simply need to choose a track thats in the same or complementary key.

This technique alone can quickly get you out of trouble when you are running out of track and need to find the next one to mix in.

Compilation Albums Eg Late Night Tales

There are an abundance of compilation albums out there, in various formats including old formats such as CDs and also new formats for example Spotify.

Depending on your style or music that you play as a DJ, or the type of DJ you are, then there are different types of compilations that you may want to sift through. Here are some ideas.

How Do Djs Store Their Music Not In Itunesbut It Has Its Uses

Generally, iTunes is to be avoided as a media player due to how bloated and generally shit it is. However, where it does come in useful is in the ID window and the options it provides you.

So above, where I talked about adding comments or adding sub-genres to the composer section, it is iTunes that makes this easy. Simply click a track and go to Get Info.

So if you are tidying your library all in one go can be a good idea to drag it all into an iTunes play, and then go through updating tracks individually. You can also select multiple to edit in bulk.

Then when you import your tracks into your preferred DJ software, the comments and tags will show up and be searchable.

But iTunes, Really?

One of the benefits of labeling everything in iTunes is that the relevant tags and descriptions will be embedded on the track. This means that whenever you import your library into different DJ software, everything is going to be there.

The danger of updating your tracks solely in Serato or Rekordbox, for example, is the risk that there are features unique to that software. Meaning, if you then import your tracks into different software some of your tags or comments may be missing.

Embedding them directly on the track with iTunes should solve this and ensure consistency across any DJ software you might use.

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How To Get Free Music On Bensound

There are eight main genres found on the Bensound page, and clicking on any of them gives you a list of the releases. Clicking on a release shows you more info about the music, a preview and download link, plus more details about any licences that may be attached to it.

More importantly, theres a tag cloud underneath the preview button that lets you search for tracks that have similar characteristics to it: for example, if the track youve clicked on has the chill tag in it, clicking on that will pull up other songs that have chill as part of their tags. Its a quick way to look for tracks by characteristics instead of just by musical style or genre.

Pros: Lots of royalty free music downloads in different genres, no need to sign up to download tracks

Cons: Site looks dated and could be more intuitive to use

Go to site:Bensound

How To Get Free Music On Facebook

Where do DJs get their music? How to find the BEST Music ...

Since Facebook itself doesnt host any music files, you cant legally download free DJ music directly from it. What youll find instead on DJ and record label Facebook Pages are posts that have links to where you can download tracks from. Try bookmarking your favourite label and DJ/producer Pages and make a point to check them out regularly for posts or announcements of free downloads.

You can also try getting in touch with your favourite DJ/producers and asking them for a free download, similar to the process we outlined for SoundCloud. Just bear in mind that youre more likely to get a positive response from DJ/producers who arent part of a big dance label simply because they arent tied to any contractual obligations when it comes to giving away their music.

Pros: Its likely that you already have Facebook, so you dont need to sign up for a new service. Almost all DJs have a Facebook Page, which makes looking for them easy

Cons: Facebook doesnt host any actual MP3 files, so youre likely going to be clicking a link away from Facebook to download those songs

Go to site:

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Record Label Sites And Youtube Channels

Once in a while, record labels give away tunes and samplers as a promotion or if theyre trying to build buzz for a new artist. Labels also announce contests and prizes to members of their newsletter, so its a good idea to sign up to your favourite labels if youd like to join such promos.

Learn to DJ with us : DJing Made Easy

Free downloads from label sites are getting rarer these days though as most have simply shifted to putting music up on music streaming sites.

How To Get Free Music From Record Labels

What youre more likely to see are YouTube channels that these labels have set up specifically for giving away free music. Spinnin Records and Majestic Casual for example, are big labels that have a royalty free music channel with releases from their artists that you can download.

There are smaller labels too like Tasty Records and Argofox that publish their own royalty free music for you to download. The reason these labels are on YouTube is because these songs have been cleared for use in YouTube as well as Twitch streams, and content creators are encouraged to download and use them in their videos.

Apart from visiting your favourite labels and checking if they have any free music samplers to download, do a Google or YouTube search to see if they have any royalty free music channels or microsites where you can grab songs from.

Pros: Straight from the source of your favourite producers and DJs, a chance to get exclusive music and samplers through contests and promos

Cons: Giving away music isnt the number one priority of a business-minded record label, so expect free downloads to be few and far between for such companies

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The Definition Of New Music

Lets define what we mean by New Music.

Coming across New Music is not necessarily new to in terms of a piece of music in relation to how new its release date is.

Its about the Discovery of new music that you as a DJ has not heard before, irrespective of the release date.

It could be a tremendously old school music track, or it could be a remix of a really old track launched on vinyl on a B side about 20 years ago. Or it might be a forgotten track featured in a compilation album that is some artists one hit wonder. Music artists that are just becoming more mainstream might have some amazing tracks that you come across too.

So dont let the article title fool you, its NOT all about newly released music but the discovery in which you as a DJ are crafting a DJ set to artistically suit the nature of your DJ set.

Lets face it, you may be required to curate a DJ set that features a mixture of 80% modern music tracks with a blend of 20% old classic bangers that everyone loves, not just the older generation at the time.

Best Record Pools 2020 Conclusion

Where do DJs get their music? How to find the BEST Music for DJing!

As you can see from this list there are a fair few options. Both in terms of types of tracks on offer and price range. This should mean you should be able to find one that suits your exact style and budget.

I really hope this list of best DJ record pools 2020 has helped you and if you have comments or want to recommend a different pool then just drop them below.

Where next?

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Use Color Coding To Your Advantage

Available in all software, spending some time color coding can make your tracks super quick to find.

Examples of using color-coding include:

  • The tracks key and actually basing the color coding on Mixed in Keys complimentary wheel so that you can quickly see which tracks will work together
  • Highlighting your own tracks so they stand out from those you have bought
  • Recent or favorite tracks
  • Bangers
  • It can be a good idea highlighting tracks that you know are guaranteed to get a big response.
  • Weve all done it as DJs We go down a rabbit hole of tracks we want to play only to find that the audience hasnt quite gone with us on the journey. Therefore, we need to bring some energy back to the room and in some cases, some people back to the dance floor.
  • Track energy Further to the above you can also use color-coding to visually describe the energy of a track.
  • For example, using the traffic light system of red , orange and green for tracks that you know will get the crowd rocking. Get our EDM superstar DJ T-Shirt from our store
  • Tip: How Do DJs Store Their Music? With Clean Tags

    Although cleaning up your tags can be time-consuming, and its not time spent on the decks , well thought out tags will make your live mixes infinitely better.

    As soon as an idea pops into your head youll be able to quickly find the track, sub-genre or acapella you are thinking of. Without having to scroll and decode confusing/mislabeled tracks.

    Tip: Be Sure to Have Your Import Date Column Enabled

    How To Get Free Music On Cctrax

    There are a lot of different electronic music genres on CCTrax such as house, techno, dub and even experimental, making it a good place to dig for gems you wont find on the big, mainstream download stores. The first thing to do would be to pick your genre of choice at the top of the CCTrax homepage. This lets you visit the page for that style, and you can see the releases that are available to download along with their associated ratings.

    Learn to DJ with us : DJing Made Easy

    You can also click on the tags in each release to find more music similar to it: this is useful because while there are only seven main genre categories, there are dozens of sub-genres that you can click through in the tags section of a release.

    Pros: Catalogue focused on electronic dance music genres, free downloads without giving away an e-mail address or signing up for an account

    Cons: Site looks old, not a huge updated catalogue of music

    Go to site:CCTrax

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    What Are The Different Kinds Of Djs

    There are four main types of DJs: Club DJs, Turntablists, Mobile DJs, and Radio DJs. Of course, many DJs have overlap with several of these roles. Club DJs are tasked with maintaining a moving dance floor, making sure that the drinks continue to flow. Turntablists perform their art through the use of cutting, scratching, and exhibitionism. Mobile DJs are the ones you see playing at weddings and corporate events. And Radio DJs are the ones that started it all!

    Another term youll hear is DJ/Producer, which is someone who creates music , and uses DJing as a means of performing live. This is common both in the modern festival circuit, and in the traditional rave scene.

    Registration Or Subscription Groups

    Where Do DJs Get Their Music?

    These groups are very popular when it comes to where their DJs get their music from. For a beginning DJ, it may not be the place to be in certain bands or websites of this type, as these groups are generally reserved for DJs who work or have a bit of notoriety in the industry. Of course, the prices of these services or subscriptions may vary. But not everything has to be this way, Soundeo is one of these platforms and offers several premium options that for me are very good and the truth is that the price is very accessible .

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    How To Get Free Music On Soundcloud

    The quickest way to get free tunes on SoundCloud is to use the search bar at the top of the page and type in Free Downloads. This gives you tons of free music results from different artist and labels pages. You then click on the track you want to get, which will have a Download link below it, or in the description box.

    Sometimes you also see a Buy or Free Download link that takes you to a different page where you have to either like the artist profile on SoundCloud before you can proceed to download the song for free.

    DMing producers for free music

    Remember that SoundCloud is a social networking platform that means people get on it not just to share music, but to make connections with others too. Its acceptable to reach out to a DJ/producer to ask for a track that isnt available as a free download, but youve got to do it in a way that isnt spammy and, more importantly, presents something of value to the DJ/producer in exchange for the free tune.

    You can send a DM by going to the artists page and clicking on the mail icon. Heres something you can say:

    Hey ! Was going through my feed and came across your page. I really like and Id like to ask if youd be willing to give me a high-resolution WAV file copy of it so I can play it in my DJ sets. Ive been DJing for years now and play styles of music, and your track is a great fit for my sets. Let me know 🙂

    Pros: Community of music producers and listeners, lots of free originals, remixes and bootlegs to be had

    Music Formats Currently In Mainstream Use By Djs

    Vinyl Records

    FLAC – A high-resolution lossless format that supports meta-data but is not compatible with every player.

    AIFF – Apples own high-resolution lossless format that supports meta-data and is compatible with iTunes or Apple Music.

    WAV – The industry-standard high-resolution lossless format. Limited meta-data options.

    MP3 – A compressed format with a lower file size that is normally cheaper to buy.

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    Where To Get Music

    20 June, 2017

    DJs always need more music, whether youre trying to keep up to date with new trends, filling gaps in your collection or maybe youve just installed Serato and need a bunch of tracks to start mixing with. The info below should supply you with all the music downloading resources you need.

    Podcasts & Radio Shows

    Where Do DJs Get Their Music In 2021? ( FREE MUSIC PACK )

    Podcasts and radio shows are great to follow and discover music youve not heard before.

    They do feature a lot of newly released tracks that you may of not heard before

    Here are few Podcasts to follow if youre into Podcasts for discovering new music:

    Follow channels like these on a monthly basis and draw upon some inspiration to add into your DJ sets.

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    Spotify & Other Music Streaming Services

    Spotify and other similar services are also a great way to discover new music. The streaming era continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year replacing the need to physically own the music you enjoy.

    Streaming services like Spotify are a great resource for DJs.

    Many artists and record labels will have playlists that they update with the freshest music. Follow these playlists to keep up to date. The amount of user-generated lists can also be a goldmine for new music to add to your DJ sets as well.

    There is a free version of the service and a paid version. Be sure to try it out first and compare benefits to subscribing to see if it will be worth it for you.

    Streaming continues to take over media consumption. Many DJ software and hardware manufacturers are looking at ways to integrate these services. The dream of having access to thousands upon thousands of songs on demand for your DJ sets is not quite a reality. As technology improves this trend is picking up steam.

    What Do You Need To Be A Dj

    The main things you need to DJ are: decks, a mixer, headphones, and speakers. Decks play the music, mixers blend the music, headphones let you cue the music, and speakers let you present the music. The most common way to start DJing is by getting a controller, which allows you to easily manipulate DJ software running on a laptop.

    Check out The Controller Compendium for information on how to find the right DJ controller for you, or learn about standalone decks in The Pioneer CDJ Guidebook.

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    Why Do Djs Use Cdjs Are They Better Than Controllers

    Modern DJ decks are popular for a reason: theyre considered to be the industry standard. For mobile DJs, casual home users, or for DJs that play local shows in their hometown it often makes more sense to invest in a DJ controller. But for DJs who play a wide range of gigs at a wide range of venues , it provides a consistent and reliable setup for use upon arrival.

    CDJs are not inherently better than controllers. Its a matter of preference, and budget . For more conversation on this, see Are Controllers Too Amateur for the Big Room? or DJ Hardware Politics.

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