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Where Did My Google Play Music Go

Transfer Or Download Your Play Music Library

How to download Google Play Music onto a phone’s Music Player (SD)

Visiting or the Android and iOS apps today provides a Transfer to YouTube Music prompt. This is the easiest way to switch away from Play Music, and includes: uploads purchases, playlists, stations, albums/songs saved to your library, likes/dislikes, and billing information.

Alternately, theres the option to Manage your music by deleting your music library and/or recommendation history. The third option is to download your Play Music library :

A list of the tracks, playlists, radio stations, uploads, and purchases in your Google Play Music library, as well as your playback and search history.

Playlists, radio stations, and track information will be provided in CSV format, while your previous uploads and Google Play purchases will be available as MP3 files. You can choose to receive the download link via email for local storage, or have it saved to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Box. This will allow you to store audio locally or switch to another music app.

Google Play Music Is Now Officially Dead Dead Dead

We’ve known for more than a year that Google Play Music’s days were numbered. Its death had even been officially announced, but it’s now really, really real. Google sunset the GPM app on Android and the web at the end of October, providing the knock-out blow to what has been a rathershortmatch and now it looks like the funeral procession has finally finished its march.

Open the Android app now and you’ll likely be greeted by a white splash screen with a Play Music logo that morphs into a YouTube Music one. Bold text tells you GPM is no longer available and explains that you can transfer your whole library to YTM. Two buttons are provided below that, one to kickstart the transfer process and another to manage your data. The latter takes you to the GPM site where you can download and delete your full library, and delete your recommendation history. Once you’re done, the app’s widget should disappear by itself from your home screen if you had added it there.

It’s a clinical, irreversible death. While it didn’t affect everyone right away , GPM appears to be dead for everyone now. Those of you wondering whether manually changing your phone’s date would undo that final blow, let me save you some time: I tried, and it didn’t work.

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The web client at is gone too. It just offers the same options we saw above.

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How To Download Your Songs

After a few months using YouTube Music, I felt like the app wasn’t designed to focus on streaming your own collection of music. It takes a couple of extra clicks to get to your files, though once you arrive at your library the app works just about as well as Google Play Music did.

For those who aren’t happy with the changes, you can save your files without moving to YouTube Music. There’s no comparable, easy-to-use alternative to stream your own collection of music, from Google or anyone else. But you can liberate the files you’ve uploaded if you want to listen from a hard drive at home, or maybe load them on an MP3 player.

Google has a service called Takeout that lets you download a copy of the data you have stored in the company’s various services.

To download all of your Google Play Music data, including your purchases and songs you’ve uploaded, head to .

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How To Download Songs On Google Play Music On Pc Or Mac

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This wikiHow teaches you how to download Google Play music on a Windows or Mac computer. You can only download music that you have purchased or previously uploaded to your Google Music account.

This article has been marked as historical.Google Play Music was integrated with YouTube Music and discontinued in late 2020. .

Retrieve Your Entire Music Library From Your Google Music Account

Google Play Music : Everything You Need to Know!

For a while now Ive been using as a kind of cloud-based backup for my music library. Except that it wasnt really a backup, because I couldnt easily retrieve all the songs Id uploaded. In the event of a system failure, Id have to download tunes in batches of 100. Bleh.

Thankfully, Google just made it possible to or just those youve purchased.

This requires Googles Music Manager, the Windows utility that automatically uploads your song collection from iTunes, Windows Media Player, or select folders to your Google Music account.

If youre running it for the first time, keep in mind that the initial upload can take a long timeperhaps several days, depending on the size of your library and speed of your Internet connection.

If and when the time comes that you want to download your library, just open Music Manager on your desktop, click the tab, and then click . FYI, these options appear only if youve uploaded music from your PC first.

Interestingly, when you download via the Google Music Web interface, youre limited to two times per song. But with Music Manager, there is no such limitation.

So heres how my setup works. I have an iPhone. I sync various playlists to it via iTunes. I purchase most of my music from Amazon its downloader automatically adds the new tracks to iTunes. The Google Music Manager detects those new tracks and uploads them to my Google Music account. Crazy, right? But the system works, and its now a fairly bulletproof backup for all my music.

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Google Play Music Is Shutting Down Here’s How To Save Your Tunes

With just a few steps you can transfer files and podcasts

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Fans of the streaming service Google Play Music may soon want to hold a moment of silence. Google has announced that the app will be shut down and replaced by the YouTube Music app, which has been available for a few years.

If youre a Google Play Music user, it’s easy to move your files, playlists, and other data to the new service, and maintain your paid subscription if you have one. You can also download your files if you want to take them elsewhere. But in any case, you need take action soon.

Users will lose access to Google Play Music permanently “between October and the end of this year,” according to an email sent to subscribers. Right now you can still use both services, and Google promises to notify users before the app shuts down for good.

Google Play Music never had the success of competitors like Apple Music or Spotify. But Ive been part of a relatively small but loyal group of users for a long time because the app has a feature that most others dont.

Google Play Music lets you upload up to 50,000 of your own files to the companys servers and listen to them from the cloud.

Where Does Android Store My Google Play Music Files

Android users can buy songs from Google Play store and then play those songs in Google Play Music. However, those downloaded music files are hidden deep inside a system folder so that it plays only on Google Play Music and not on any other android music player app. So where are these Google Play music files located, so that you can rename and place them in a proper folder accessible by any music app? Well, after youve bought the music from Google Play, the files should be inside the following location: internal sdcard/android/data/

Inside the above folder, you should see music files in this format- 1234.mp3. However, you might need to root your android phone or tablet and then install an android file manager app like Root Explorer before you can access those songs. After youve found those music files you just bought from Google Play, simply move them from the Android data folder to your Music folder. Also, make sure to rename those files to proper names.

Also read:

Note: To save this hassle, you could simply download the song free to your computer from your Google Play Music library website. Google allows a maximum of two downloads for each individual song when youre downloading from the .

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Why Is Google Play Music No Longer Available

  • Its been replaced by YouTube Music.

Google discontinued Play Music to replace it with a new music streaming service called YouTube music. YouTube is owned by Google, so the new app is essentially a new, updated and rebranded version of Google Play Music.

YouTube music will be free to use, but there will also be a premium subscription for £9.99/$9.99.

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Ask and you shall receive. We’ve upgraded our playlist experience, personalized just for you. Check out all the new features now on #YouTubeMusic

YouTube Music

Use By The General Public

Google Play Music: How To Download Your Music Library From Google Play Music

Advances in computer networking, combined with powerful home computers and operating system advances, made streaming media practical and affordable for the public. Stand-alone Internet radio devices emerged to offer listeners a non-technical option for listening to audio streams. These audio streaming services have become increasingly popular, as streaming music reached a record of 118.1 billion streams in 2013. In general, multimedia content has a large volume, so media storage and transmission costs are still significant. Media are generally compressed for transport and storage. Increasing consumer demand for streaming of high definition content has led the industry to develop technologies such as WirelessHD and ITU-T, which are optimized for streaming HD content. In 1996, produced the first large-scale, online, live broadcast, the Adam Yauch-led Tibetan Freedom Concert, an event that would define the format of social change broadcasts. Scarpa continued to pioneer in the streaming media world with projects such as Woodstock ’99, Townhall with President Clinton, and more recently Covered CA’s campaign “Tell a Friend Get Covered” which was live streamed on YouTube.

âRobert Christgau, 2018

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Google Play Music Has Been Discontinued

Google actually announced a really long time ago that the Google Play Music Store would be disappearing in the near future, and back in August they finally put a date on it, confirming that it would be discontinued in September 2020.

They began to roll it out gradually, first discontinuing Google Play Music in New Zealand and South Africa before the rest of the world followed in October.

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Google Play has now officially stopped its music services around the world, and by the end of the year the app will no longer be accessible but why?

Only finding out now that Google Play Music no longer exists


Paid Subscriptions ‘background’ Music

If you pay for a Google Play Music subscriptionto get ad-free streaming, the company will move the account to YouTube Music once you transfer your files. Youll get access to YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium , depending on how much youre currently paying. For people in the U.S. and most of the world, prices wont change for now.

For those who use just the free ad-supported tier of Google Play Music, theres some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that YouTube Music will let you listen to files you purchased or uploaded in the background without the app open on your screen. That means Ill still be able to scroll through Twitter while I listen to my various unreleased Tom Waits live recordings without paying for a subscription.

The bad news is that if a free user wants to listen to anything else, it can’t play in the background. YouTube Music comes with a library of 50 million tracks, and free users can listen with ads. But if you aren’t a paid subscriber, you cant listen if you lock your phone screen or switch over to another app. That’s an annoying drawback Google Play Music didn’t have.

That means YouTube Music is still the best game in town for people who want access to their own collection of songs on the go. But for those who want the exhaustive collection of music that comes with most streaming services, there are better free options to consider.

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Why Is Google Play Music No Longer Available App Replaced With Another Streaming Service

If youve got a Google Play account, then you may have noticed that the Music Store seems to have disappeared but why?

Google Play, formerly Android Market, was launched in 2008 as the official App Store for Android phones and devices. It offers different digital services like books, apps, games, movies and until recently music.

The Music Store is no longer available on Google Play, but where has it gone?

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Late 1990s To Early 2000s

Google Play Store On iOS

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, users had increased access to computer networks, especially the Internet. During the early 2000s, users had access to increased network bandwidth, especially in the last mile. These technological improvements facilitated the streaming of audio and video content to computer users in their homes and workplaces. There was also an increasing use of standard protocols and formats, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML as the Internet became increasingly commercialized, which led to an infusion of investment into the sector.

The band Severe Tire Damage was the first group to perform live on the Internet. On June 24, 1993, the band was playing a gig at Xerox PARC while elsewhere in the building, scientists were discussing new technology for broadcasting on the Internet using multicasting. As proof of PARC’s technology, the band’s performance was broadcast and could be seen live in Australia and elsewhere. In a March 2017 interview, band member Russ Haines stated that the band had used approximately “half of the total bandwidth of the internet” to stream the performance, which was a 152âÃâ76 pixel video, updated eight to twelve times per second, with audio quality that was, “at best, a bad telephone connection.”

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The Roots Of Music Streaming: Napster

Music streaming is one of the most popular ways in which consumers interact with streaming media. In the age of digitization, the private consumption of music transformed into a public good largely due to one player in the market: Napster.

Napster, a peer-to-peer file sharing network where users could upload and download MP3 files freely, broke all music industry conventions when it launched in early 1999 in Hull, Massachusetts. The platform was developed by Shawn and John Fanning as well as Sean Parker. In an interview from 2009, Shawn Fanning explained that Napster “was something that came to me as a result of seeing a sort of an unmet need and the passion people had for being able to find all this music, particularly a lot of the obscure stuff which wouldn’t be something you go to a record store and purchase, so it felt like a problem worth solving.”

This structure revolutionized the consumer’s perception of ownership over digital goods â it made music freely replicable. Napster quickly garnered millions of users, growing faster than any other business in history. At the peak of its existence, Napster boasted about 80 million users globally. The site gained so much traffic that many college campuses had to block access to Napster because it created network congestion from so many students sharing music files.

The fight for intellectual property rights: A& M Records, Inc. v. Napster, Inc.

Google Play Music Is Shutting Down In October But Its Windows Music Manager Is Disappearing Sooner

The Music Manager desktop application for managing uploads to Google Play Music no longer functions. Opening the app displays the message, Music Manager is no longer available. With GPM shutting down soon, were no longer accepting uploads or offering other Music Manager features.

The former download page for Google Play Music Manager now redirects to a YouTube Music transfer.

Any Google Play Music subscribers who havent transitioned to YouTube Music will want to do so. The tool will migrate all of your uploads to YouTube Music, though things wont be precisely the same. If you dont want to transfer your music to YouTube Music, you can download copies of it using Google Takeout.

Weve known the shutdown for Google Play Music was coming for years now. Suddenly the app stopped receiving anything but maintenance updates as Google focused on YouTube Music. Pretty soon, YouTube Music replaced GPM as the default music player on Android devices. With the addition of real-time lyrics and the half-baked transfer feature, Google is ready to kill off Play Music for good.

Not ready to switch to YouTube Music for all your tunes? You have a few options, but most are streaming music services only. Apple Music allows a 100,000 track limit for personal music, while Spotify only allows 10,000 tracks. Online music lockers are becoming a rare species in todays music services.

In case youre still clinging to Google Play Music, heres what you need to know about the shutdown.

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