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Where Did All My Music Go On Apple Music

Apple Music: Download All Songs From Icloud

Find My Music in iTunes 12.4 on the computer | Tutorial 12

Although getting all songs from Apple Music can seem somewhat complicated, the methods for doing so are relatively straightforward. All it takes is your phone, computer, and an internet connection thats fast enough. Since your songs are already on iCloud, theyll be easy to find and readily available.

Then, its a matter of waiting for the music to download from iCloud.

Now that you know how to download all songs from Apple Music, you can take your favorite tracks everywhere you go. Youll no longer be limited by poor reception, weak Wi-Fi signal, or slow or unresponsive connection. All the music you need will be right there in your pocket.

Were you able to download all songs from Apple Music successfully? Did you download the music on an iPhone or Android? Let us know in the comment section below.

Your Icloud Music App Isnt Up To Date

In a perfect world, all your apps including Apple Music and iCloud, update regularly with no need for you to be bothered. But things happen, and these updates donât always happen automatically as scheduled.

Depending on what bugs are being squished or what features are being changed in the latest update, the apps may not function as designed and users experience a disruption of service. Sometimes, these errors can cause the app to malfunction altogether and make users fear theyâre going to have to learn how to recover an Apple Music library. But the solution is fairly simple

How Do I Get My Apple/itunes Music Back On My Iphone

So, heres a list of different solutions thatll help you recover your files after music disappeared from iPhone.

Method 1: Turn on Apple Music in Settings

In some cases, the software update temporarily disables the Apple Music feature. So, before jumping into advanced recovery solutions, make sure to check if Apple Music is enabled or not. To do this, go to Settings, click on Music, and then toggle the switch on to enable Apple Music.

Method 2: Restart Your iPhone

If you are still unable to see Apple Music libraries, even after enabling Apple Music in Settings, the next step would be to force restart your device. Force restarting an iPhone is one of the most effective solutions to fix various system issues. Itll terminate all the temporary system processes instantly.

Method 3: Free up your iPhone Storage

Its worth noting that iPhones have limited storage space. So, when you keep adding new data, the device eventually runs out of storage space and causes the downloaded music to disappear from the iPhone.

One of the ways to avoid this situation is to free up the storage space by permanently deleting unnecessary files. Usually, videos and apps occupy most of the storage space. So, it would be better to delete a few of these items so that you can make room for your Apple Music songs.

Method 4: Turn on iCloud Music Library

Method 5: Check Missing Music in iTunes

Method 6: Re-Download Your Purchased Music from iTunes Store

Method 7: Renew Your Apple Music Subscription

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Turn ‘show Apple Music’ On

When you update to iOS 15, the Show Apple Music option might be turned off automatically. You can then check it and turn it on to make Apple Music playlist visible in your Library.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Music on your iPhone.

Step 2. Under Music column, you can see Show Apple Music option. Tap it on if this is off. If it’s already on, you can turn it off first and then toggle it on again.

Faqs Of Recovering Deleted Music From Iphone


Where did my music go in iTunes?

You can simply find the default iTunes Media folder by User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media. If not, you can open iTunes. On the top menu bar, select Edit > Preferences. Then click the Advanced tab and find the file path under iTunes Media folder location.

Will I lose all my music when iTunes shuts down?

No. Users will have access to their entire music library, whether they downloaded the songs, purchased them or ripped them from a CD.

Why are some of my songs on iTunes not syncing?

One reason is that your iTunes may not be able to locate some of the song names. Or you may not have Sync Library turned on all your devices.

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I Turned On Icloud Music Library And It Ate My Library/destroyed Everything Aghhhh Help

Deep breaths. Do you have a backup? If so, turn off the iCloud Music Library on your Mac and restore your library from that file.

If you don’t have a backup, there are other things you can try, from chatting with Apple Support to resetting your iCloud Music Library. We suggest checking out our troubleshooting guide linked below if you’ve run into trouble and are backupless:

Music Disappeared Suddenly And Only Purchased Music Is Kept

I was listening to music this morning through my headphones when all of a sudden it just stopped. When I unlocked my phone and went back onto the app, all my music had disappeared! I’ve tried resetting it and switching it on and off but all that has done has returned my previously purchased music before I signed up for Apple Music. To pay £9.99 a month to have it all disappear is pretty devastating! – Ivan POLLAK

If you encounter the trouble like Ivan POLLAK, you may have your Library from Apple Music missing. This can happen if iCloud Music Library is disabled. we would recommend you turn on iCloud Music Library.

Go to Settings > Music, and tap iCloud Music Library to turn it on.

The above 3 solutions focus on the music that seemly deleted, but just hidden for some reasons because of the settings on your iPhone.

What’s worse, you really get stuck in the deleted music.

If you do, just keep reading the second part to recover the deleted songs from iPhone.

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What Is Apple Music And How Does It Work

– Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service, like Spotify, offering access to over 75 million songs.

It’s packed with features, including offline listening for when you’re not connected, and it combines all your music in one place – even songs ripped from a CD. Apple Music also offers up live radio stations and integration with Siri so you can control most things with voice commands.

This feature offers everything you need to know about Apple Music, including how much it costs, what it offers, and how to use it.


Update Icloud Music Library With Itunes

How to: Download entire Apple Music library in 2 steps!

Alternatively, you can try to update iCloud Music Library by using iTunes to get back your disappeared Apple Music playlists. The following is how.

Step 1. Open iTunes app on your PC or Mac computer. Then navigate to the File > Library option.

Step 2. Click the Update iCloud Music Library option and it will start refreshing the entire library on your device and may help you restore the missing playlists.

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Make Sure Show Apple Music On Iphone/ipad Is Turned On

The first thing you need to verify on your iOS device is if the Apple Music service is enabled. If it is not, you may not see all of your music tracks on your device. It’s pretty easy to turn on the Apple Music service on an iOS device and the following is how you do it.

Launch the Settings app on your iOS device and head to Music and enable the option that reads Show Apple Music. Wait for some time and your music tracks will become available on your device.

That’s how you bring back the iPhone update deleted music tracks on your device.

Music : Quality Compatibility Offline Listening And More

Hows the music quality? Apple Music streams songs at 256kbps, which is the same rate as iTunes Match. Thats a bit of a drop from Spotify, which uses a 320kbps bitrate. And competitor Tidal boasts more than just major celebrity endorsements: It offers a high-bitrate option at a pricier subscription rate, the HiFi tier for $19.99 a month.

Does Apple Music work with Apples HomePod? It sure does, but you need an Apple Music subscription to control your music via Siri.

Does Apple Music link with Sonos? Yes! If you have Sonos speakers set up in your home, getting started with Apple Music streaming is easy. Just open the Sonos app and choose add music services. Select Apple Music and log in.

Can I save music to listen to offline? Yep! Apple Music lets you save tracks to listen to offlineyou can save as many songs as youd like, as long as your device has space for them.

But remember: You wont own those files and you wont be able to offload them anywhere else. You cant burn them onto a disc, use them in separate video projects, or put them on other devices that arent linked to your Apple Music account. If you decide to cancel your Apple Music subscription, youll lose access to those songs.

The offline listening feature is a great option if youre concerned about data overages, or if you know youll be in an area without a good wireless connection.


Beats 1 has interviews with artists, such as this Gaslighter interview with The Chicks.

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Recover Deleted Music From Iphone Directly

For getting back the deleted music without wiping any data on iPhone, you could take the iPhone Data Recovery.

  • Recover deleted music files from iPhone directly.
  • Restore lost music from iTunes and iCloud backup.
  • Retrieve other deleted data like photos, text messages, contacts, call logs, etc.
  • Compatible with all your iOS devices like iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/SE/6/5/4/3GS, iPad Pro, iPod, etc.

Now, let’s check the steps.

Step 1 Free download this software, install and run it on your computer. Click “Recover from iOS device”. Meanwhile, connect your iPhone to computer and click Start Scan to scan your iPhone.

Step 2 After complete the scanning process, you will find all data types display on the left pane. Click App Audio to find the music files. And the music file names marked in red color are those deleted music files.

Step 3 Checkmark the music file that you want to recover, and click “Recover” to save the deleted music files to computer.

After that, you could put music on iPhone freely.

Where To Find Your Media In Macos Catalina

Why iCloud Music Library is what keeps me from switching ...

With the recent release of macOS Catalina, Apple has broken down the iTunes app into four apps: Music, TV, Podcasts, and Books. Apple made this change for several reasons. Now that each app is focused on one media type, they will all load faster. Plus, Apple has started several streaming services to compete with Spotify and Netflix. While Apple Music is a subscription service, you dont need to sign up for anything to use the app.

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How To Enable Icloud Music Library On Your Computer

If you have an Apple Music account:

If you’re interested in subscribing and using iCloud Music Library with iTunes Match:

  • If you’re signed in to your iTunes account, open the Music app on your Mac and navigate to the Account menu
  • Click Sign Out.
  • Choose iTunes Store on the left.
  • Scroll down and select iTunes Match under Features.

  • Select .
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Choose Use iCloud Music Library after your subscription goes through.
  • Click Add This Computer to upload and match your computer’s music library to iCloud Music Library.

  • Adding Mac or Windows PC is similar to the initial signup process for iTunes Match users it’s also a great way to unify a music library if you’ve been accidentally building separate collections on your personal and work machines once you enable iCloud Music Library on both machines, you can download all the songs from your secondary PC or Mac onto your primary computer.

  • On your secondary Mac, open iTunes and navigate to the Account menu.
  • Click Sign Out.
  • Click on the Match tab that appears in iTunes .
  • Select .
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Select Use iCloud Music Library to use it on this computer.
  • iTunes will remind you that you’ve already subscribed to iTunes Match and ask you whether you want to activate it on this computer. Click Add This Computer to connect your computer’s music library to iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library.
  • Solution: Reconfigure Your Apple Music Settings

    To reconfigure your Apple Music settings on an iPhone or iPad:

    • Step #1: Open Settings and swipe down to Music. Youâll see a toggle that looks like a switch next to iCloud Music Library.
    • Step #2: Tap the toggle to make it green.
    • Step #3: Wait a few moments to give your device time to retrieve the Apple Music library in the Music app.

    If you have a Mac computer:

    • Step #1: Open iTunes.
    • Step #2: Click iTunes in the top left corner and select Preferences. Youâll see a tab called General.
    • Step #3: There, check the box next to iCloud Music Library. You may also want to make sure that âShow Apple Music,â âiCloud Music Libraryâ and âAdd Playlist Songsâ are all turned on just to cover your bases.

    Again, give your device some time to reload your music before checking the iTunes app. But if reconfiguring your settings doesnât solve the issue, the next step is to check youâre using the correct account!

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    How To Fix: Apple Music Playlists Disappeared

    The more frequently you use Apple Music, the more possible you’ll meet some unexpected issues with the service. Although it has already become the No.1 streaming music provider in the United States, it’s far from perfect yet.

    For instance, you may suddenly find that all of the playlists are disappeared from your Apple Music library without any warning. No matter how you sign in and out of Apple Music, it’s impossible to restore the deleted playlists. However, you can still access those playlists in iTunes on a computer.

    To solve such a problem, you are suggested to try the following troubleshooting tips, with which you’ll be able to reload the deleted Apple Music songs and playlists. In the end, we’ll also provide an ultimate way to help you prevent your Apple Music from disappearing again.

    Part 3. How to Prevent Apple Music Playlists from Being Deleted

    Access Deleted Music From Icloud

    I Updated My iPhone & Lost All My Music, How Do I Get It Back? : iPhone Questions & Answers

    If you backed up music to iCloud before, then here you are able to find back your disappeared music with iCloud account.

    But, one thing you need to notice:

    Restoring the deleted music with iCloud backup will wipe out all existing data on your iPhone, so you had better backup your iPhone firstly, to avoid any other important data loss.

    Step 1 Reset iPhone

    Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings to factory reset your iPhone.

    Step 2 Restore iPhone music from iCloud

    When your iPhone gets factory reset, you can follow the on-screen instructions to setup your iPhone. In the Apps & Data, select Restore from iCloud > Sign in your iCloud account and pick up the backup to restore.

    You just need to wait patiently.

    If you seek for a way that will not erase all existing data on your iPhone, then you should go to the next part.

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    Converting To Streaming Services

    If you plan on moving to one of the many streaming services other than Apple Music but dont want to have to recreate all your playlists, theres an app for that.

    Stamp will allow you to move your iTunes playlists to services such as Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon Music. The basic version is free to try, but very limited. Itll cost you a one-time fee of $9.99 for unlimited usage of the app on either a desktop computer or your iOS device.

    Other Apple Music Features

    All of the streaming services have differences, and with Apple Music, Apple has focused on human curation. While there are some algorithmically created playlists, a lot of the content highlighted on Apple Music is done by Apple Music editors.

    Apple offers regularly updated personalized playlists in a “For You” tab, including a favorites mix, a chill mix, a friends mix, and a new music mix, along with other playlist options that are updated on a daily basis.

    Apple Music also often has exclusive album releases, documentaries, and music videos that aren’t available on other platforms as a way to lure subscribers.

    Beats 1, Apple Music’s 24/7 live radio station, is also one of the service’s unique features. It features songs curated by DJs along with a multitude of special shows, sometimes created by artists.

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    Check These Things First

    Apple Music isn’t a backup service. Make sure to back up your music library before you make any changes.

    What About The Apple Tv App


    Yep! Any movies you bought via iTunes will move to the Apple TV app for Mac.

    The Apple TV app is where TV shows, movies and music videos will live on the Mac, including HBO and Showtime, and those iTunes movies you bought. It’ll support 4K HDR playback with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision graphics and Dolby Atmos audio playback.

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