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Where Can I Upload My Music Video

Create Buzz On Tiktok

How To Upload Music To Youtube – Fast and Easy

TikTok is a global video community that is breaking records among young audiences worldwide. Although the platform is now much more, TikTok originally started as a music network. Youll see everything from lip-syncing to hit songs, dance routines to celebs doing TikTok videos with their kids. Not to mention movie scenes being reenacted and random short, funny videos. In any case, the potential is huge.

Start Your Music Promotion With A Website

Its important to have one platform where you control your music, content, and brand imageyour website. If a promoter or fan is searching for you online, the first hit they should get is your band website. This is your chance to hook them with a great first impression and win them over with an amazing user experience. Dont be afraid to blow your own trumpet!

Even if you promote your music online elsewhere you should always have a website to list your tour dates, news, contact details, and some sneak peeks!

If you dont have a website yet, dont worry! You can easily create a Website with Jimdo below and connect your bands social media page. What are the advantages?

  • Easy music integration: Add songs from iTunes or Spotify directly on your homepage
  • Videos: Easily upload videos from your performances to your site
  • Podcast: Link an Apple or Spotify podcast in your Music block to share interviews or teasers
  • Contact form with map: This lets visitors know where they can find you and how they can contact you
  • Social media: Link your social network profiles
  • Designed for music: Use a layout that is specially designed for music websites

What Is Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. Its friendly music discovery features and extensive music catalogue have made it a favourite among music streaming service subscribers. Coming pre-installed on Apple devices may have also contributed to its popularity. Apple Music is an essential streaming service to have your music on if you are an artist looking to grow your audience and get discovered by fans across the world.

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Proven Steps To Reach 1m Views On Your Music Video For 2021

Now that your track is mastered and released, youll surely be looking to get your music heard by as many people as possible, and that will mean promoting your music video too, if you have one. The level of reach you gain will depend on your previous online presence, plus your current fan base. If you already have a fan base on your social media or followers on Spotify, then this is the perfect platform for you to grow exponentially. If you are just starting out, then this is still the best guide for you.

Weve written this article to ensure you are in the right place before you think about spending your hard-earned money on Music PR companies. This is every step we would take to get a band from 0 views or streams to their first 100,000.

In recent years, the way people consume music has changed drastically, with a staggering 626 million people listening to music via streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music worldwide in 2021. So, using your mailing list and spamming to Facebook groups are outdated techniques that simply wont be effective anymore.

Before you begin these steps, you need to identify your target audience to ensure the people who you are getting your music heard by have the potential to become lifelong fans of your music, rather than simply tricking someone to click your music video in order to increase your stream numbers.

These are our first steps to get eyes on your music video so it can reach its full potential:

The Top 10 Digital Platforms To Upload Share And Promote Your Music

Tubidy Free Music Upload

Image via Shutterstock

The internet has forever changed the landscape of the music industry. This is common knowledge to artists who’ve utilized effective digital technologies such as file sharing and digital marketing via an endless number of social media channels. While all of this may seem like painfully obvious information, the fact remains that many musicians still struggle with choosing the right online platforms to upload, share, and promote their music.

The neverending list of offerings can be overwhelming, but it is essential to have a clear-cut understanding of how to tackle these three questions:

  • Which communities are the most popular amongst your target audience?
  • Why are they powerful ?
  • What are the appropriate circumstances for you to put them into action?
  • With these inquiries in mind, I’ve created a list of the top 10 digital music platforms that artists need to know like the back of their hands . If you become a master at navigating all of the below selections, the likelihood of your music reaching a substantial audience skyrockets and, more importantly, so does your chances of developing a dedicated fanbase.

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    Personalize Videos With Your Own Music

    The Animoto music library has more than 3000 tracks to help set the tone for your video. If you canât find the right tune from our song selector or if you want to use your own music, Animoto makes uploading a song from your personal music library to your video easy! Find out how itâs done on the web and iOS.

    Video Platforms For Singers

    Posted on byTamarin Fountain

    Video platforms are a great way of getting your visual content into the public eye and attracting new fans, helping existing ones to put a face to your name too. So where can you upload your music videos for free?

    Music video platforms for singers provide the opportunity to reach huge audiences at the touch of a button. Musicians can perform live or recorded tracks online at little or no cost at all many artists have kickstarted their careers in this way.

    There are a number of factors to consider when deciding where to upload your videos. Read our guide to the very best places to create and post fantastic music videos, thatll get you noticed.

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    Promote Your Music On Social Media

    Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide great opportunities for people to find their next favorite band. For effective social media music promotion on Twitter and Instagram, get in front of people looking for something to listen to by using genre based hashtags like #rock or #jazz. For Facebook, post engaging content to grow your audience organically through likes, comments, and shares.

    Benefits Of A Video Maker With Licensed Music

    How to Upload Music to YouTube

    Get professionally recorded music as part of your Animoto subscription. You donât have to pay extra to make your videos sound amazing.

    Give your videos a sense of flair. Adding music evokes emotion and encourages viewers to take action.

    Finalize your video with soundtrack in a matter of minutes. Create content that looks and sounds great, so you can share it quickly.

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    Find The Song And The Photo Or Video You Want To Add To Your Story

    To post music on your Insta story, you’ll need to have a to go with your audio. When you use Kapwing to add music, you can use photos or videos from almost anywhere. You copy the link to a video on , record one on your phone, or find your video from nearly any source on the web.

    You can also use a photo as a backdrop for your audio track. Screenshots of an album cover, “now playing” screen, or tracklist work well for sharing your music, and they let your friends find the music you’re sharing easily. For this example, I simply took a screenshot of my playback screen in Spotify.

    How To Add Music To A Video Using Animaker:

    Today, I am using Animaker to show you how this can be done for free in just minutes. First, start by registering on the website. If you are already a registered user, you can simply log in.

    Now, lets learn to upload a premade video to which you can add music.

    After you log in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Follow the steps below to upload your video.

    1. Click on Create -> Create a video.

    2. This would lead you to the Moments page. This page lists several predefined templates, along with three blank options at the top. Since you have a video ready for upload, select one of the blank templates depending on your videos dimensions. I choose the horizontal template as the video I have picked for adding music video is horizontal. Once you click on it, you will be taken inside the application.

    3. To upload your video, click on the upload button in the Library.

    4. Now, you can pick the file you want to upload.

    On the contrary, you can also drag and drop your video directly into the application to upload.

    5. Once the upload is processed, the file you uploaded will be displayed here.

    Now, you are all set to add more appeal to your video.

    There are two different ways to add music to a video with Animaker:

    Lets dig in!

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    Perform Music Online Through Online Music Shows

    Lets take a look at the alternative options for getting your face online.

    Getting featured on a vlog is a fantastic way to perform online for free . Network and research to find out who is vlogging about music in your area. Pick someone up and coming, wholl be searching for exciting content.

    There are some sites, such as Baeblemusic, that hosts music videos and concert streaming, but that are chosen from submissions. So you can try your luck, but just be aware that youre not guaranteed an upload.

    How To Add Any Music To Your Instagram Stories

    How can I upload my songs?  Indiefy Support

    Instagram Stories are there to let you communicate in a variety of ways with your followers, and share less polished pictures and videos.

    IG Stories can also be great places to share the music you’re listening to your followers are always looking for new tracks and new artists, and people often post screenshots of their favorite music to share with their friends.

    Even better: you can add music directly to your Instagram Story, whether it’s a photo or a video, and give your followers a preview of your playlist. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Find the song and the photo or video you want to add to your story
  • Add the song to your photo or video in the Kapwing Studio
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    How To Get Your Music Video On Apple Music

    Today we are taking a look at how to get your music video on Apple Music. More specifically, the various options and difficulties with regards to independent digital distribution of our music videos and music-related video content to Apples streaming platform. We have previously discussed services like TuneCore one of the better options for getting your music on Apple Music, Spotify, and many others however, things have evolved in the space since then with TuneCore competitor Distrokid now making waves, but to some degree, options are still somewhat limited when it comes distributing your companion video content. So lets take a closer look at Apples official list of distributor partners, the best options available for independent music makers/content creators, and how to distribute your music video on Apple Music.

    Pricing Rights Lyrics & Processing

    The next step is to set the album pricing and rights. Here, you can set the price and the territories where the album will be available. The default setting on iTunes Producer sets World rights and pricing for your album. Here, you can also select the date when the album should be available including the pre-order availability date.

    The next section is where you add individual track details including track metadata, lyrics, pricing, and rights details. After this, you have the option to add localisations, which provides album details in different language localisations to suit countries where the album will be sold. The final step is to deliver your album as an iTunes Store package to Apple Music/iTunes for processing. In this step, iTunes Producer will highlight any errors that need to be fixed before delivery. If all the details are correct, click on Deliver to complete the process.

    While choosing to upload directly, it is important to note that Apple does not pay partners until they meet the payment thresholds for their country. You may receive payments faster by working with an Apple-approved aggregator.

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    Pick A Song For Your Video

    Every Animoto video comes pre-loaded with a licensed track from our library. To change the song on your video, open the Music Library and start exploring by mood and genre. If you have a song of your own to add to your video, click the Your Music tab to upload your track. Click the blue play button to preview your video with your new song.

    Where To Post A Video To Attract More Visitors

    How To Upload Music to Apple Music

    3. Facebook and Instagram and are both technically owned channels, which means posting videos to your account usually engages and nurtures those who already follow you. However, since advertising on these platforms is such an instrumental tactic for reaching new audiences, posting your video on these sites is also crucial in attracting more viewers. Between the two of them, theyre the first and third most popular social media sites in the world.

    4. Tumblr and Twitter While not related in the same way as Instagram and Facebook, and have similar functionality when it comes to attracting new visitors using hashtags. Try turning your video content into short GIFs and memes to get others sharing it alongside popular tags to promote your video in a unique way.

    5. Yelp Yelp is a great tool for attracting new would-be customers, especially because it will be one of the first places new visitors look to when trying to find more information about you or related businesses in your area. Providing professionally produced video content on your Yelp business listing is a great way to stand out, attract more visitors, and get more walk-ins or scheduled appointments.

    10. LiveLeak LiveLeak is a video sharing website that lets users publish videos mainly related to politics, war, and other world events, though users are free to post any content they want. You can use this site as another source for spreading your video content to new audiences.

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    Symphonic Music Video Distribution

    And that brings us to Symphonic. Of all the options Apple mentions on its official Partner list, Symphonic appears to be the most straight forward for how to get your video on Apples platform. While TuneCore and Distrokid arguably the two biggest players in the indie music distribution game dont offer music video services, Symphonic appears to have a simple submission process that anyone can use.

    The usual royalty splits and video spec requirements apply here as expected , but in the end, you fill the forms out, send your cash, and youre on your way. No need to have a million Spotify plays or a massive Instagram following for the independent distributor to consider you, just pay your cash and get your content out there.

    Symphonic has a simple to follow submission process available that walks creatives through the entire process with several tips and details on what is required on your end and what to expect from the various streaming services, including Apple Music. Theres a handy four step checklist you can use to ensure your music video is ready to go as well as some important specifics regarding VEVO and videos featuring content in another language. You can browse through all of these details right here before you lay any cash down and you can review the Symphonic royalty schedule here.

    See How Music Adds Emotional Impact To This Video

    Music is one of the most powerful tools in the video editing toolbox. It can help to shape how your audience connects with your message and responds to your video. In the video below, Rescue Chocolate creates a sense of sadness and urgency with the soundtrack, reinforcing their call to share the video and fight for their cause.

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    Uploading Your Track From Your System:

    Animaker also allows you to upload an audio file of your choice. The only prerequisite is that the file must be in any of the following formats: mp3, m4a, and wav.

    Lets say you have created a cool piece of music that is ready for upload. Here are the steps to add it to the platform and enhance your video:

    1. The steps for uploading the music file are similar to the steps we followed for uploading the video clip. Just click on the upload option and follow the same process.

    Once the upload is complete, you can click on the music track. It will immediately be added to the timeline.

    As required, you can adjust the music track to suit your video. After you are done, you can click on Publish -> Download video to get your video.

    Quite simple, right? Following these simple steps can create a significant difference in your video, making it replay on the audiences mind and making em groove!

    Get Your Track Added To Another Youtube Channel

    How to Download Music &  Video Files onto Your iPhone ...

    Artists arent utilising this one enough. Sometimes artists can be too precious about getting the views to their own YouTube channel, but our objective here is to get your music promoted to as many people as possible. If your music is good enough, they will find you and listen to your other songs.

    Almost every YouTube channel has a contact email address which allows you to submit your music, simply go to the channel and then the about section and click view email address.

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