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Where Can I Sell My Music Beats

Bonus Tip: A/b Test Your Beat Website

How To Sell Your 1ST BEAT As A Music PRODUCER #Curtspiration

To succeed at selling beats online get in the habit of testing.

Test prices, images, text, colors, promotions, and more.

Simple marketing messages can help or hurt your beat sales.

So it is important to constantly test your website to see what will get the most conversions. runs thousands of A/B tests to improve the user experience and get people to buy more.

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Bonus tips left by producers in the comments:

  • Offer Free Beats I gave away a free beat, which led to a music artist buying 5 beats from me months later. Kyle Smith
  • Use Acapellas I would use acapellas over my beats, which inspired people, which led them to buy my beats. Chris
  • Use Social Media I posted beats on SoundCloud and YouTube which led to someone contacting me about purchasing a beat. Aidan
  • Using Soundcloud To Sell Beats

    Another way to get your music in front of potential customers is SoundCloud.

    Its the perfect hang-out for artists, which makes it a good marketplace for your beats.

    A downside of SoundCloud is that theres not an easy way to get your beats heard by artists.

    Unlike YouTube, there is no SEO game that can be played. In other words, Its more a social community, rather than a place where people search for specific things.

    Of course, there will always be people that search for terms related to buying beats online. But this is relatively small compared to YouTube.

    To get noticed on SoundCloud, you need somewhat of a different approach.

    Hit that like-button, repost songs and post genuine comments. Showing interest in music from artists that you appreciate goes a long way.

    How Do I Sell My Music Tracks

    Even though selling music tracks is comparable to selling beats, there are a few variances. These are tunes with lead vocals and sound layer atmospheres. These are intended for use as layers in a movie or video.

    There are a variety of alternative ways to market this type of music in these situations. Lets take a look at each one separately. There is a large audience for these songs, just as there is for rapping beats people are always looking for music to add to their videos.

    There are other platforms, such as Beatstars and Airbit, where you can apply and join to sell your music compositions.

    The audience isnt made up of typical rappers or songwriters who want to write songs to a beat. Music directors and composers, as well as content creators, are among the audience members looking for tunes to get inspired by and use as background music for their movies and films.

    There are two methods to sell these tunes, just like there are two ways to sell beats. The licensing model is the first, and the exclusive sale is the second. In the event of an exclusive sale, you may anticipate receiving anything from $500 to $3000 per piece of music.

    If you sell a license, you will be paid a nominal fee upfront, and royalties will be added to your account through ASCAP and BMI.

    When it comes to selling beats and musical tracks, persistence and diligence are two qualities that are required. It takes time to get sales, but as you develop and sales start to come in, its satisfying.

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    Demand For Your Beats

    More and more sales will come once you start to build a brand. Demand increases as sales increase.

    As sales continue to grow, try finding the sweet spot for your pricing. If you notice sales slow down after a price increase, try to confirm that the slowdown indeed is a result of the price increase. Then, adjust accordingly.

    How Important Are Marketing And Promotion

    The 6 Best Websites to Sell Beats Online

    Actually producing beats is only a small part of your work as a beat seller you need to focus most of your energy on marketing.

    Whats the point of spending hours mixing and mastering sounds if you cant find any people to buy your beats?

    How are you going to get people to listen to your music? How will you attract new customers? How will you close deals and drive conversions? How will you incentivize customers to keep coming to you for more?

    Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to promote your beats online and get seen:

    • Create a blog and write music-related posts that engage and inform.
    • Take content creation a step further by creating engaging visuals like infographics, videos, and other multimedia assets.
    • Starting a referral program to incentivize affiliate marketers to sell for you.
    • Build a mailing list for new and existing customers.
    • Actively participate in niche online forums and groups.
    • Share content and .
    • Craft a customer loyalty program to incentivize customers to keep buying from you.

    How you spend your time marketing will determine how much money you make from selling beats. You need to be consistent and have a strategy for releasing new products. Start by building trust and showcasing the person behind the brand.

    Further reading:

    • Audio interface
    • Digital Audio Workstation

    Some of the tools you are going to need in your corner are:

    Further reading:

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    How To Sell Beats Online

    Learning how to sell beats online is trickier than it may seem in this era of instant information and endless tutorials on absolutely everything.

    Star Trek

    The trouble with learning how to sell your beats is the same as learning any other highly marketable, sought after, and potentially lucrative skill for yourself.

    If somebody is really such a hotshot producer or beatmaker, making millions selling beats as instrumentals, why are they selling an online course for $49.95?

    Yes, maybe they’re just philanthropists or just believe so strongly in the power of good music, giving their secrets away for the greater good.


    Unfortunately, all too often when someone professes to have some secret for making skads of cash when you learn to sell music online, it usually means they don’t.

    That’s one of the main reasons I’ve put together this tutorial.

    I am one of those idealists who feels that better music makes a better world. I also respect that up-and-coming creatives are often strapped for cash and short on time. Shysters peddling snake oil as fire actively makes the world a worse place for everybody.

    Willy Wonka

    With all of that in mind, let’s get started in our how to sell beats online masterclass.

    This article is intended for absolutely everybody, from the absolute beginner to the professional musician.

    The 3 Fundamental Ms Of A Beat Selling Business

  • Music
    • Takes action
    • Obsessed with getting results

    The quality of your music influences how much money people are willing to pay for it.

    Have you ever listened back to the music you created years ago? I know I did. Its embarrassing.

    If youve been producing music for a while, Im sure you can relate.

    Back then, I sold exclusive rights for $300 USD. Now, Im selling exclusive rights for no less than $1,000.

    And I get away with it easily. People arent stupid and they recognize quality music when they hear it.

    It took me years to get to this level, but I stayed consistent and kept improving my craft and production skills.

    Lets say you sell 10 exclusives a year

    10 x $300 = $3,000

    10 x $1,000 = $10,000

    Thats an extra $7,000 a year!

    To get in a position where you can charge more for your beats and get away with it. You need to constantly improve your skills as a beatmaker or producer.

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    Is Selling Beats A Profitable Venture

    How many people do you know who can boldly say they make six figures a year, working barely 20 hours a week?

    Robin Wesley, chart-topping record producer and co-founder of Urban Masterclass, pulled it off.

    Wesley sold his first beat online in 2013 and made $500 in total sales that year. However, by 2015, he was making over $30,000 from selling his beats online, and he has since graduated to six-figure earnings.

    Hes not alone. Since the platforms inception producers have sold over $30 million worth of beats on Airbit and BeatStars, respectively. There is nothing stopping you from getting a generous share of this pie.

    The growing desire for independence by artists in the music industry means that online beat-selling will only continue to rise in popularity.

    Lil Nas X used a beat he bought online to create the top hit, Old Town Road. The musical sensation originally bought the track or $30 from a Dutch producer called YoungKio. After the song blew up, the Universal Music Group signed the young producer to their label.

    Back in September 2017, Chau Dang Khoa was an obscure Vietnam songwriter. He had purchased one of our friend Wesleys beats for about $100. The song he created with the beat soon made it to No. 1 on the Vietnam music charts. Today, the video for that song has over 180 million views on YouTube.

    Further reading:

    The Pros & Cons Of Leasing Beats

    How I made $30,000 from selling beats
    • You can have multiple earnings from each instrumental
    • But each of these earnings will be a lesser amount than an exclusive, by far
    • Leasing instrumentals is seen as less professional on the buyer side
    • You will attract lesser known clients while being ignored by the best
    • Once a beat has been leased, it is less desirable as an exclusive
    • There are exponentially more possible customers for leasing

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    Tips For Music Producers

    Tips for Music Producers

    1. View yourself as a small business.2. Research topics you dont know. Educate yourself.3. Plan smarter and work harder.4. Work with people with similar goals.5. Start working on full projects from start to finish.6. Learn to read contract agreements.7. Build an online brand.8. Dont believe everything you hear.9. Set fair beat prices.10. Get a music or entertainment lawyer.

    Where To Sell Your Beats Online

    If you go and collect data across all the various beat selling websites, you’ll get some fun data but it won’t be applicable. First off, you’ll be following trends .

    You’ll also be comparing yourself to producers at various levels of reputation with no context for who their buyers are. You need to worry about your specific demographic, within which you’ve built a reputation.

    The best place to start is within your online forums and social networks to get an idea of the standards established by producers focused on that group of rappers and singers.

    You can cross-reference these numbers against these instrumental stores and you’ll likely find out that your demographic is more than willing to pay an exponentially higher price to someone they’re familiar with than a stranger on some beat marketplace. This is the power of marketing and reputation.

    The guy producing for the most skilled and popular rapper on your forum can fetch multiples more sales at a higher price from people looking to climb the social ladder of that small pond than he ever would tossing his tracks on a marketplace where nobody is familiar with his accomplishments.

    This website is where you will boast your accomplishments, collaborations, mixing services, package deals, discounts, and the like. Anything to boost confidence and help make the sale to a party that is already interested.

    That’s how you get it done, combined with the ‘Beat Selling Tips’ listed above.

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    What Are The Best Websites To Sell Beats

    One of the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient places you can successfully sell your beats is with X-Cart. Hundreds of producers at various stages in their careers use the platform for selling their beats.

    It doesnt matter if your sound is hip-hop, R& B, pop, or jazz, all you have to do is set up your X-Cart store, customize it to your taste, then start selling & upselling to your audience.

    You can just focus on what you do bestmusic productionwithout worrying about any of the technical stuff. Unlike other websites where thousands of producers are competing fiercely for the same customers, X-Cart shines the light on you alone.

    The eCommerce platform has several wonderful features to make beat sales easier for producers:

    • Super-intuitive and user-friendly interface.
    • Sell unlimited beats thanks to X-Carts unlimited bandwidth and storage capabilities.
    • Vast embedment and integration options.

    You dont need to have any previous experience with starting an online store to set up X-Cart and start selling your beats. In just a few minutes, your beat-selling eCommerce store will be ready to go.

    All you need to do is:

    • Create an online store on X-Cart.
    • Customize your eCommerce site.
    • Upload your music beats and write descriptions for them.
    • Add your payment information.

    The personal branding and advertising options these platforms offer arent fabulous. The lack of promotional options will hold you back since the revenue you generate is highly dependent on marketing.

    How To Make A Beat

    5 Best Websites To Sell Your Hip Hop Beats Online ...

    Again, I’m stating the obvious, but I’ll explain why in a moment.

    The first step in learning how to sell beats online is making beats.

    Rick James via Giphy

    Learning how to make a beat is sort of like the board game Othello – it takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master.

    You could fill numerous encyclopedias with instructions on how to make beats online.

    There are also countless tutorials online, both text-based and YouTube. We’ll just skim the surface of how to make a beat, with that in mind.

    To make a beat, you’re going to need:

    • Recording device (DAW, a desktop audio workstation, hard-disk recorder, smartphone, tape recorder
    • Music/sound-making software/device instruments)

    That’s essentially it!

    Depending on what kind of beat or instrumental you’re looking to make, one program is often all you’ll need.

    Digital audio workstations are impossibly deep and powerful, making even a home computer far more versatile and capable than the most advanced studios of the ’60s – ’80s.

    DJ Joey Santos via Giphy

    Technically speaking, you could make a beat using only audio editing software like Audacity, but anything even remotely approximating sequencing is beyond maddening with only an audio editor. That’s not even mentioning the difficulties that would come with collaboration.

    If you’re serious about earning money by selling beats, you should really look into installing a DAW.

    Now it’s time to make your beat. Fire up your DAW or recorder of choice.

    • Drums first
    • Melodies first

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    What Is The Best Website To Sell Beats

    BeatStars or Airbit, you can’t go wrong with either one because both platforms adequately fulfill the needs of producers who are looking for an easy to use beat store. But the truth is, it won’t be the store that’ll make the difference in your sales. YouTube is still king when it comes to selling beats online and is by far the best website to focus on.

    The type beat phenomenon is no longer a fad it’s an accepted form for producers to market their beats and find the right audience. It became normal for rappers to go on YouTube and search for a particular type beat. One of the recent examples is the Memphis rapper NLE Choppa who found the perfect instrumental for his breakout song “Shotta Flow” on YouTube. For the producer Midas800, it was just another beat sale he didn’t even know the song with his beat went viral until NLE Choppa contacted him.

    The mechanics of selling beats with the help of YouTube are pretty simple. You create a channel and start uploading beats of a particular type regularly. It’s super important to title your beats correctly. You should always include a popular artist in your video titles but make sure the keyword has both high search volume and low competition. If you’re just starting out, making “Drake type beats” won’t bring a lot of traffic to your channel because although there are many searches for that keyword, the competition is also fierce. You’re much better off finding slightly less mainstream artists who are on the rise.

    Anders Johanson

    Learn The Smart Way To Market Your Music

    It doesnt matter if you make the sickest beats in the world, if hardly anyone can find you, then you have little chance to sell many instrumentals. Theres a ton of competition online so you need to separate yourself from the rest by offering something different. This is where good marketing comes in. You dont need to have a huge marketing budget to push your name out there because you can still build a good momentum without it.

    A few ideas include: Build a website to showcase who you are and your music. This is a must for this day and age. One of the best and easiest web building platforms is WordPress .

    Create a brand around your music and be consistent with the theme. This allows people to easily identify who you are. Upload your music to , which is a huge platform for people to hear your stuff. Its a good idea to overlap your beat with some repeating vocals stating your brand. This is known as a producer tag. You can take a look my homepage for examples of what I mean. This way, people can’t steal your instrumental.

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    What Is A Beat

    Let’s start at the beginning, as the song says.


    As I said, some of this info may seem basic if you’re already further along in your music making mission. I think it’s still worth including, though, as some musical terminology can be confusing if not contradictory.

    So, what is a beat?

    When producers talk about selling beats online, they don’t mean a single kick drum or the sound of two frequencies falling in and out of phase.


    For all intents and purposes, a ‘beat’ and an ‘instrumental’ can be used interchangeably. The plug-in manufacturer Izotope defines a beat as “a kick, a snare, a high-frequency percussion sound, a bass, and a melodic element.”

    I mention it as you’ll want to master each of these elements if you’re serious about becoming a beatmaker.

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