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Where Can I Post My Music To Be Heard

And Helps You Get Heard By Bloggers And Playlist Curators

6 Ways To Get Heard By Millions Of People

Having a big email list also helps you get heard by bloggers and playlist curators more easily.

Think about it – bloggers and playlist makers want traffic. One of the biggest sources of traffic for bloggers is their email list.

But, if these influencers can get access to someone else’s email list, that’s even better.

If by reviewing your album or adding it to their playlist they can get it shared to your entire email list for a bump in traffic, why wouldn’t they?

Aesthetics & Branding On Instagram

Many Instagram influencers use a common colour scheme, font, filter, and other visual strokes of the brush to establish a unified aesthetic across all of their content.

When this works it can really pop and can make followers know immediately whos images they are looking at.

Super cool but tough for musicians. Especially those who dont have a natural eye for design or a common theme among their content. But its sure worth trying out and doing so isnt so hard.

Use Email For Reliable Outreach

Email is a great way to grow your fanbase and and reach out to your listeners who want to hear your music online. An opt-in mailing list means you can keep your subscribers in the loop and ensure they are aware of new tracks as and when you release them.

Growing your mailing list is straightforward: when you meet people who seem interested in your music, simply ask them if you can send over a sample via email. When you do, ask if they would like to be added to your mailing list.

You could also include a sign up form on your website, social media pages and at the end of blog posts offering an incentive, such as an exclusive track/remix. As your mailing list grows, so will the number of people your music reaches.

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Submitting Songs To Recording Artists

This is the highest risk pitch. I have Keith Urbans e-mail. Ive only sent him 3 songs in over a year. He has passed on all of them. I feel like Im at a tipping point. If I keep sending him songs he doesnt LOVE, hes going to quit opening my e-mails. Kieth doesnt have time to keep fooling with someone that isnt giving him what he needs. So, Im going to be super careful with my next pitch. Even if he doesnt cut it, I want him to think its an amazing song so that I can keep pitching to him.

Whether you are submitting songs to the artist, a manager, a producer, or a record label, you want to be REALLY confident in the song you are pitching AND the quality of the demo.

Play Live Often & Make An Impact

I Have To Play The Music Loud So I Can Hear It Over My Singing

Obviously this is much more difficult in the Covid-19 era, but gigs and tours offer an invaluable way to connect with fans. Get booked at nearby venues, play awesome sets for local music fans and you’ll quickly develop a strong, new fan base. But remember, you have to make them remember you, so be memorable.

Once youâve built up a local following, you can head out on the road, taking on new music scenes city by city or even country by country. If this sounds too easy & simplified â thatâs because it is. Touring and playing gigs night after night is hard work, but if youâve got a killer live show, the rewards will speak for themselves.

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If you need help launching your career or promoting your next release, our PR and social media experts can help. Find out more here.

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Do you have any advice for promoting music independently? Or any thoughts on these tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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Share Your Music On Soundcloud

The idea behind Soundcloud is to share your music or mixes with a community. Unlike Spotify, Soundcloud is not a music app with whole albums on-demand, but a sharing platform. On Soundcloud, you can upload your music, listeners can comment on your tracks, and also download them. Its the ideal platform for up-and-coming artists to reach a bigger online audience.

Bring your business online with Jimdo.

Add Your Music To Lastfm

Last.fm is one of the easiest ways for new fans to make your music their latest obsession. Add your music to Last.fm, and theyll put you on playlists with bands that your fans already love .

Did we mention that if youre part of Wix Musics distribution offering, any music that you upload onto your site will automatically be spread across Last.fm too? Talk about smart online radio streaming.

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How To Effectively Promote Your Music To Radio

Posted by Guest Blogger on Nov 15, 2016 in: Music Marketing & Promotion

This guest post was written by D Grant Smith from The Appetizer Radio Show

Music curation is at an all-time high. How to reach music curators so your music becomes a part of what they do is a question every musician asks.

In this post youll learn how to promote your music to radio, how to get your song played on the radio, and insights into what types of radio work best for your music.

Understand Your Press List

How to Upload Music to YouTube

Have the individuals on your press list written about similar artists in the past? Do they only write about pop music or do they also tend to write about up and coming artists? Do they only write about certain genres of music? Does your music fall within that genre?

A quick way to see if a blog has written about an artist you think you’re similar to is to do a Google Search with “site:blogname.com artist name” – Google will show you a list of search results from that blog featuring that artist.

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How To Find The Right Hashtags To Use

There are two primary ways for you to find the most effective hashtags, using hashtag tools and also looking at other successful accounts and trying theirs.

Hashtag tools

There are many tools out there which can recommend hashtags for you to use. Our recommendation is Display Purposes which allows you to input a series of relevant phrases and it will suggest the most appropriate related hashtags for you to use. You can trial and test various phrases to see which hashtags work best for you.

Read The Diy Musicians Radio Handbook

A friend of mine, D. Grant Smith, wrote The DIY Musicians Handbook.

D has been in radio for a long time and has lived the many of the changes we’ve seen over the past few decades. He a great networker and has a ton of great radio promotion tips about getting your music played and creating some quality contacts along the way.

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Upload Your Music To Apple Itunes

Whilst iTunes isnt as popular as it used to be due to the surge in online streaming, there are still millions of music fans using the service to hear music like yours.

And dont think you need to be a professional singer or musician to get your music heard on iTunes its not the case at all!

Heres what you need to know:

Creative Tips To Get Your Music Heard In 2021

Creativity Breeds Creativity! A post from my music blog ...

No longer can you rely on your songs alone to gain a following and get your music heard. Social media and streaming services, along with cultural shifts, have altered the playbook for spreading your tunes to new people. The following tips can help capitalize on tools available to all bands and get your music heard by new fans and record labels.

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Create And Design An Album Cover

If you have multiple tracks, this is the perfect chance to be even more creative. Use this opportunity to capture a bigger audience by creating an album.

Afterwards, make sure to get some well-designed album art to go along with it. Its worth spending the time to get it right yourself, or hiring a talented artist to do this.

Image credit: Kodak Black

Aside from the fact that this marks a compilation of your songs, this will also serve as a guide for people for where to look for your music. Lastly, whenever one of your tracks is linked on a site or blog, the art should usually automatically appear on that page.

Publishers Are Looking At The Quality Of Your Song Not So Much The Quality Of The Recording

The only way a publisher makes money is if they get a song recorded. So, if they cant get your song recorded, they arent going to be interested. If you get an opportunity to meet with and pitch to a publisher, you need to research what that publisher does, who their writers are, etc. That information will help you submit songs that the publisher is more apt to like. If you need help with learning to pitch your songs

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How To Get Your Music Heard By The People Who Count

How do you get your music heard by industry influencers, journalists, bloggers, or even record label executives? How do you get it into the hands of people that could bring your career to the next level?

Having some kind of marketing plan will prove invaluable to this process, whether you’re reaching out by email, social media, postal mail, or by phone. Different audiences require different approaches, and you can’t expect to cover your bases by blanketing everyone with the same generic marketing messages.

Here are some tips on how to get your music out there and heard by the people that count.

But first, if it’s your aim to do music professionally, you’ll want to check out our free ebook while it’s still available:

Free eBook: Discover how real independent musicians like you are making $4,077 – $22,573+ monthly via Youtube, let me know where to send the details:

Familiarize Yourself With Reddit Music

How to Promote Your Music on Soundcloud!

The homepage of the underground, Reddit is arguably the biggest thing on the internet. You may not know this, but many of the viral things you see online made it to Reddit first, and thats why musicians need to familiarize themselves with the Reddit Music thread. The grassroots-style community for content sharing allows musicians to get a genuine feel for how their music is being perceived by audiences, but be careful, the hardcore users can be harsh on noobs. Just be respectful and authentic and youll make it just fine.

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How To Start Your Email List

We have a whole guide here about starting and growing an email list, but before you can grow your email list, you need an email marketing provider.

I recommend Aweber for this. Here’s why:

  • It’s only $20/month for up to 500 subscribers. That’s cheap. It’s like 2 Netflix subscriptions.
  • It has a clean, easy to use editor so you can create email campaigns quickly with little effort.
  • It allows for time zone based email delivery so you can send emails that are specific to gigs in a particular city.
  • You can add attachments to emails – which is great for giving away free downloads of your songs in exchange for an email address.
  • They have great automation tools. For example, if someone clicks the “tour dates” section on your website, you can automatically send them an email with a link to purchase tickets to a show in their area.

If you want to give Aweber a trial run, you can get it free for 30 days here. You can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t like it.

Set up and grow your email list. You won’t regret it.

Serve Your Existing Followers

There is no stronger form of marketing than word-of-mouth, and people love to share hidden gems with their friends, not just because your content or music is good but because they want to prove to their friends that theyve got great taste and a talent for discovering things that you would never have found.

Too many artists spend their entire time trying to gain new followers rather than nurturing the following they already have. How often do you DM your existing fan base, or reply to all of their comments?

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Make Sure Your Music Fits The Mold If You Want To Get Out There

Don’t forget to consider your audience. If you’re sending your music to busy people who are bombarded with submissions from every direction, they’re not going to have time for your extended drum solos and repetitive intros. You have to make sure your music fits the mold.

It’s hard to hold people’s attention. You have to get to the hook within 30 seconds, or you may not pique the interest of industry influencers. The rare exception would be specialty radio programs.

Before you start sending your music to different people, make sure you have a track or two that fit the popular three to three-and-a-half minute format.

Create Buzz On Tiktok


TikTok is a global video community that is breaking records among young audiences worldwide. Although the platform is now much more, TikTok originally started as a music network. Youll see everything from lip-syncing to hit songs, dance routines to celebs doing TikTok videos with their kids. Not to mention movie scenes being reenacted and random short, funny videos. In any case, the potential is huge.

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How To Promote Your Music

There are always going to be people and places and portals out there to submit your music and get heard.

Bottom line is, if you havent already – start submitting now – and be open to comments, critiques and the process. Adapt and keep hustling!

Also remember, rejection is part of the game. Its a business cost of the process. On that note – what was Michael Jordans famous phrase?

This is the truth:

Also remember – that it only takes one yes to change your whole career and your whole life.

So start submitting and pitching and putting your best music forward – either through submission websites, in person, through networking, DMing someone – whatever road that might take you.

Lastly, no matter how long you anticipate being in the music business – no one ever really stop hustling.

Its part of the gig.

See you on those playlists and good luck with the submissions!

P.S. if there are other music promotion and music submission websites you are loving – hit me up in my contact form here on the website – Im always looking for the best new ways to promote our own label releases.

Instagram Hashtags For Music Promotion

This is the part most of you have been waiting for. A massive list of some trending hashtags to copy-paste to promote your music on Instagram.

We have split these up into broad and niche categories so that you can easily find ones that suit your targets.

Some of these music hashtags have only a about 10,000 posts and some have millions. As mentioned before, you want to experiment with hashtags with varying amounts of posts.

Use the hashtags with the most posts on the content that you suspect would perform the best as thats what it will take to rank to the top.

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Best Time To Post On Instagram

You may wonder when the Best Time to post Instagram content is? Of course, you have to consider which country your posts should be optimized. Whether for the time zones in America, Europe, or the Asian market in India, China, or Australia. According to various statistics, Instagram Content interacts very well in the morning. 7 am to 10 am: Shortly after people get up or on their way to work, it’s usually Time to take up their mobile phone. At lunchtime, on the other hand, not so many interactions take place. From late afternoon/evening, around 4 pm, most people have more Time to look at Instagram again. So you already have an overview when it might be most rewarding to do Instagram marketing.

One of the most successful weekdays on which your Instagram post has the best reach is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Less frequented days are Monday and Sunday. Average engagement rates for likes and comments are expected on Friday and Saturday.

However, it is still best to test which days and times work best for your Instagram target group. To find out when they are most likely to be online and not overlook your posts.

Put Some Money Aside For Marketing

How to Upload Music to Soundcloud! (2021)

While many of these techniques for learning how to get your music heard on the Internet and offline are free, it is useful to put aside a small amount of money each month for marketing.

Paying for music promotion is a guaranteed way to get more listeners. There are a number of services available and it is worth choosing one or two to get your music career moving.

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