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When Does High School Musical 4 Come Out

Who Will Be In The Hsmtmts Season 2 Cast

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 4 (2021) – Teaser Trailer Concept Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens Disney Musical

As it stands, it looks like all our faves from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 1 will return in season 2. So you can expect to see Olivia Rodrigo , Joshua Bassett , Matt Cornett , Sofia Wylie , Larry Sapperstein , Julia Lester , Dara Renée , Frankie Rodriguez , Mark St Cyr. and Kate Reinders again.

It’s currently unclear how Olivia Rodrigo will feature if Nini accepts her offer to study at a performing arts school, but we don’t think she will be leaving the series anytime soon. As for Sofia Wylie’s character Gina moving to Salt Lake City, HSMTMTS showrunner Tim Federle told ET: “It’s hard for me to imagine doing season two without Sofia Wylie.” In other words, she’s almost definitely coming back.

Tim also revealed that “Seb is stepping up as a series regular” so we’ll be seeing Joe Serafini in every episode in season 2. He then hinted that “there are new faces and people to meet” in season 2 as well.

What Will The Musical In Hsmtmts Season 3 Be

There is no official word yet on what the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 musical will be. However, it appears that it will be Frozen. In an announcement that season 3 will come out in 2022, the phrase “love is an open door” appeared and Disney+ wrote: ‘We already have chills” complete with snowflake emojis.

HSMTMTS showrunner Tim Federle previously told Hollywood Life: “Choosing the musical for the show is hard because there are so many possibilities. You can go way, way off, you can go High School Musical 3, you can create a new musical.”

We already have chills #HSMTMTS season 3 is coming in 2022. #DisneyPlusDay


Why High School Musical 4 Never Happened

After the huge success of 2008’s High School Musical 3, there were plans for a fourth film. Has HSM4 now been replaced by the new Disney+ TV series?

Disney once had plans for High School Musical 4, has the film now been replaced by a Disney+ TV series? Debuting as a Disney Channel exclusive back in 2006, High School Musical surpassed all expectations for a direct-to-TV movie and became an international phenomenon that launched the careers of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Mixing teenage drama with a diverse selection of catchy songs and expert choreography from Kenny Ortega, High School Musical scored a second successful TV movie, launching the 2008 third installment towards a theatrical release for the first time.

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The big issue with a fourth High School Musical movie is the absence of the original cast and the lack of Ortega as a driving creative force. The familiar group have all left East High behind and even if some of the originals could be convinced to return, Efron and Hudgens were very clearly moving onto pastures new. High School Musical 4 was already mooted as a step back to the franchise’s Disney Channel original roots, and the daunting prospect of rebooting the class was a risky move that Disney evidently had considerable reservations about.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series premieres November 12th on Disney+.

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There’s Going To Be A Tv Series Too

The recently announced High School Musical TV series fittingly called High School Musical: The Musical will be an exciting addition to the HSM world. So what’s the series about? A new crop of East High Wildcats will put on a performance of High School Musical for their winter theater production. Of course, there’s drama on and off stage and there is a whole cast of new characters that you’re bound to fall in love with. Did I mention that there will also be a TON of new songs for you to become obsessed with?

As of now, the series will be 10 episodes long, and be filmed as docs-style series.

The High School Musical 4 Trailer Was Created By A Fan

Coming attractions: Upcoming shows include Broadway ...

lock it .

The video was originally uploaded to YouTubes SLUURP TV channel back in January 2020. The YouTuber described the video as a concept trailer for the fourth installment of the Disney musical franchise.

Hope you guys like it. Please do share! the YouTube user added.

The video went viral after it was first uploaded to YouTube in January. It has so far received nearly 1.3 million views.

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When Does ‘high School Musical 4’ Come Out Fans Will Have To Wait A Bit

A lot has changed since the premiere of the first installment of the High School Musical franchise. Zac Efron went from your maybe-crush to a bonafide hottie, Vanessa Hudgens became a style icon and live-musical pro, and Ashley Tisdale’s career as a pop singer took off, too. By now, fans of the original High School Musical have left middle school in the past, graduated high school, and probably haven’t turned on the Disney Channel in years . It has been 10 years since the release of High School Musical and yes, a lot has changed. But that does not mean that you can’t be excited about a new one. But when does High School Musical 4 come out? It seems that Wildcat fans will have to wait a while.

On Tuesday, it was announced that there would indeed be an addition to the series of films, High School Musical 4. The original High School Musical debuted on January 20, 2006 with three subsequent films in the years following the release of the first. Unlike the first two films, which were made for TV movies, the last High School Musical film, High School Musical 3, debuted in movie theaters everywhere in 2008.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a fourth High School Musical film has been in discussion since 2010. However, it was just announced by Disney this week that there are writers, producers, and a director attached to the project and that the movie will happen.

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    The History Of High School Musical

    The High School Musical movie series had three main entries, coming out one after another from 2006 until 2008. The movies dealt with a gaggle of high school friends and frenemies from various social groups who vie for each other’s affections and roles in particular cliques. The first film’s popularity came out of nowhere, turning it into an overnight sensation among middle schoolers, high schoolers and even college students. This led to the third movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, receiving a theatrical release. There was also a direct-to-video spinoff starring preppy drama snob Sharpay as she gave her regards to Broadway, but since then, there’s been no continuation of the original storyline.

    In 2019, Disney launched High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+, releasing it over 10 years after the third movie’s release. Despite the name, it has no real connection to the lives of Troy Bolton and company. Instead of building on previous stories, it simply takes inspiration from the original movie series. The TV show is set in East High School, the “real-life” school where the movies were filmed. It is of course a musical, but other than that, it’s a mere name-only continuation of the franchise to some fans.

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    What Will The Musical In Hsmtmts Season 2 Be

    Vanessa Hudgens Reveals if She Will Be in “High School Musical 4” and More | 17 Questions

    The musical the cast will take on in season 2 is the beloved Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Showrunner Tim Federle told Entertainment Weekly: The outpouring of love and support for season 1 has been incredibly exciting, and Im thrilled that the Wildcats are putting on Beauty and the Beast in season 2.

    He added: “It was one of the first Broadway shows I ever saw, when I was 14, and its got all the perfect metaphors for the high school experience: Do people judge me for how I look? What is true love? Will I achieve the future I dream of? And, perhaps most importantly, its got dancing forks.

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    Where You Can See High School Musical 4

    Have you heard about the Disney new platform? No? Okay! I tell you about it. Disney introduced its new streaming platform called Disney plus.

    The High School Musical 4 will be available at this new Disney platform. It came in the competition to Netflix. This will be cheaper than Netflix. Therefore most of the people switch on Disney plus.

    High School Musical 4 Release Date Video On Tiktok Confuses Fans

    A video uploaded to TikTok has left fans of the High School Musical TV film franchise wondering whether Disney has announced the release date for the fourth installment in the beloved film series.

    High School Musical fans were excited when a video emerged on TikTok yesterday that many thought was the trailer for the highly anticipated fourth installment of the series.

    The video went viral immediately, receiving millions of views as excited fans rushed to see what they believed was the official trailer for High School Musical 4.

    Some fans began spreading the word on social media that Disney would release the film soon.

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    Who Will Be In The Hsmtmts Season 3 Cast

    As it stands, it looks like all our faves from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2 will return in season 3. So you can expect to see icons Joshua Bassett , Matt Cornett , Sofia Wylie , Larry Sapperstein , Julia Lester , Dara Renée , Frankie Rodriguez and Joe Seradini all return.

    Olivia Rodrigo fans who are concerned that her new career as a singer may stop Nini from appearing in season 3 don’t have to worry. Olivia told The Guardian in May 2021 that she’s currently “committed to HSM for two more years” and told TIME that she will be in season 3. Based on her Guardian comments, she could be in season 4 too.

    Mark St Cyr. and Kate Reinders , who play East High’s favourite teachers will also likely be back for more HSMTMTS fun. Meanwhile, new season 2 stars Olivia Rose Keegan , Roman Banks and Derek Hough will probably all come back.

    No to mention, Jordan Fisher will likely take on a bigger role in season 3 given that Nini sticks around.

    We imagine that new characters will be introduced too.

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    High School Musical 4 Movie Trailer Release Date

    Disney has announced that they’re casting for High School Musical 4, 10 years after the franchise made its premiere. The Disney Channel Original Movie is launching an open casting call to search for a new class of East High Wildcats to star in a fourth installment of the ‘High School Musical’ franchise.

    None Of The Original Cast Are Returning Yet

    If you were hoping that some of the original characters would return to the halls of East High as teachers, or parents, or ANYTHING really, don’t get your hopes up. While most of the original cast has expressed excitement over the prospect of a High School Musical 4, they have pretty much dashed any hope of reprising their iconic roles.

    Ashley Tisdale, who played Sharpay in the original three movies, said that she wouldn’t go back to reprise her role.

    “I honestly don’t think I would, just based off of, I don’t know if I could fill her shoes again,” Tisdale told E! News. “I’ve matured so much, I just don’t know if I could give her justice Sharpay and be that character again. And I would hate to not have it be great.”

    This isn’t the first time Ashley shut down rumors of a return. She previously talked with New You about what made HSM such a big hit.

    “Looking back, it was such a perfect thing for its time and was so pure that I just dont know how you go from there. High School Musical didnt make us, we made High School Musical because of our friendship, how close we were, and the magic there at the time. Kenny Ortega just made it what it was. Disney is an amazing company so Im sure theyll find some way to do it.”

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    What Is The Movie About

    Just like the first three films, this movie was set to take place at East High, focusing on the Wildcats once again and their rivals, the West High Knights. So far, there were five central characters that had been reported to be the center of this next movie. Heres the breakdown of each one:

    Erin: Shes the only girl on the boys soccer team, who starts falling for the bad boy.

    Derek: The resident bad boy Erin is crushing on who at his core, is a sweet guy after all. He plays soccer too and just so happens to be a fabulous dancer.

    Campbell: Hes the captain of the soccer team who excels in theater as well and just so happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans cousin. He has a crush on Erin, but as we already know, she has her sights on Derek so we totally sense a love triangle brewing here!

    Nathalie: Shes a cheerleader and Erins best friend.

    Tamara: She is on the cheer squad too, but she is no longer the star of the school, and this loss of attention and popularity is something she plans on reclaiming, no matter what.

    There already was a casting-call in May of 2016 that OG star Corbin Bleu made a surprise appearance at too.

    Who Is Directing The Movie

    Episode 2 Sneak Peek | High School Musical: The Musical: The Series | Disney+

    The legend that is Kenny Ortega directed all three of the HSM movies but when this project was first announced, it was said that Jeffrey Hornaday, who worked on Teen Beach Movie, will direct and choreograph HSM 4. But Kenny admitted he is open to being involved with the movie too.

    I would like to. I would like to be a part of it in any way that I can. I had the time of my life it started a whole new career for me, Kenny said to Peoples Choice. He explained in another interview that he doesnt know if he can actually work on the movie if the opportunity arises, since he might be committed to another project, but hes willing to offer his support, which is the sweetest.

    There has been talk that there is going to be a fourth. Its too early to know whether or not my schedule is going to allow my involvement but I am excited for the fans that have never stopped wishing for another episode. And if theres anything that I can do to be supportive on any level, I would be more than happy to, Kenny said.

    When he was asked about the HSM reboot during an interview he did while promoting Descendants 2, Kenny made it clear hes fully aware OG fans would love to see him and the first set of Wildcats back in East High for this fourth movie. But while we all want it to happen, theres a chance it most likely wont though.

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    Does Zac Efron Regret Hsm

    Zac Efron has revealed that he regrets ever taking part in the High School Musical franchise. … But apparently one of its stars Zac Efron does. The 28-year-old told Men’s Fitness that he regrets starring in the film everyday, and wishes he could go back in time and tell his teenage self not to do it.

    Is Vanessa Hudgens Going To Be High School Musical 4

    Vanessa admitted shes ready to pass the torch and see what happens in the next chapter since she feels shes too old to be playing a high school student on Disney Channel again.

    I mean, Im 28. I could be a teacher, but I refuse to be a teacher! Im still a teenager at heart, Vanessa confessed to E! Online. So probably not with me, but Im excited to see what they whip together.

    So looks like Gabriella wont be gracing the halls of East High, at least not in a movie. The starlet did admit though that with the announcement of the upcoming series, she wouldnt totally rule it out.

    Thats awesome! I grew up watching musicals. I love musicals. So I feel like the longer we can keep them alive, the better, she said about Disneys plans to make the HSM show to I dunno! I mean, well see. If they ask, who knows, she said about possible appearing in it. Oh and Disney did just recently send her a shirt with all of the OG cast on it, which she proudly showed off.

    So looks like V is warming up to the idea after all.

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