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What Music Am I Allowed To Play On Twitch

One Easy Step To Obey Twitch Music Rules

Twitch Streamers Can’t Play Music so KSI and 21Savage Respond

If youve purchased songs from iTunes or paid for a Spotify Premium subscription, you might think that you paid for the rights to that music. You arent trying to monetize the songs or anything you just need songs to play as background music for your livestreams.

At the very least, purchasing and downloading those songs gives you the right to play those songs for other people, right?


That might be hard to believe, but its true. If youre confused, youre not alone. Most people dont quite understand how music licensing works, especially on a streaming platform.

Here is the Golden Rule of Twitchs music rules:

Please note that buying music or subscribing to a music streaming service typically does not grant rights to share the music on Twitch. Such a purchase or subscription grants you a personal license to access the content only for your personal and private playback.

Now if you were confused before, this probably comes as an even bigger surprise. Its the total opposite of how most of us think about our digital libraries and what we can or cant use.

Music licensing is a confusing set of rules and regulations that exist to protect musicians. Theyre also essential to helping Twitch streamers know how to avoid legal action for using music illegally.

How To Avoid A Dmca Takedown On Twitch

While weve already covered the types of music you can and cant use, as well as recommended you obtain music licenses for any tracks you do use, there are ways that you, as a content creator, can avoid receiving a DMCA takedown.

Twitchs own advice on the best ways to avoid a DMCA takedown on the platform is as follows:

Dont play recorded music on your stream – Completely abstaining from using any recorded music is by far the simplest way to avoid a DMCA notification. Twitchs own guidance does point out that you dont have to do this if you own the rights or have the required permissions though. Music is central to the enjoyment of content, so though its a simple way to avoid DMCA issues, eliminating music all together could mean your content doesnt perform as well.

Mute in-game music – Many games have recorded music in them, and if youre streaming them live it may get picked up. While this is rare, you may want to check the End User License Agreement for the game youre playing. Some games may give you the option to turn off the music while youre streaming.

Check your old content on VODs and Clips – if you uploaded content before Twitch brought in its copyright rules youll need to check whether you have any videos that could see you get a notification. If you do, youll likely have to delete them, or youll need to try and seek permission for the songs included.

Get Permission To Play Music

If thereâs a piece of music you really would love to play, be sure to get permission to do it. It doesnât matter if you have purchased a digital album or a CD, as this only gives you the right to play it for yourself.

If you are doing covers or DJ sets, consider obtaining a synchronization license, which is required for releasing music in video format such as video streams on Twitch. Otherwise, use free-to-stream music.

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Spoilers Will Ruin Your Channel

Not only will a streamer be known as the person who ruined a game for people, but it could result in a negative view of their channel as a whole. Most people notice that streamers will go to YouTube when new games come out rather than Twitch immediately because viewers will have the option to watch a YouTube video on their own time. By broadcasting live on stream, viewers are more likely to accidentally have a game spoiled simply because they’ve chosen to watch a weekly stream.

Youtube Playlists For Twitch

I am Pianoimproman, a Twitch music/creative streamer who ...

Due to the copyright problem when live broadcasts are made, several users found a niche to exploit on YouTube.

In this platform, there are dozens of videos with variable duration whose music is focused that you can use in your streams. Simply search for Music for Twitch and choose one of the many that appear on the list.

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Are You Allowed To Play Music On Twitch

Twitch and music. It can be summarized in one word confusing. The majority of streamers that play music in their streams do so with little regard for copyright law. However, Twitch recently issued several DMCA takedowns and effectively prevented streamers from using the platform if they continue playing music they dont have the rights to.

Its not uncommon to find streamers playing todays top hits or yesterdays classics. Streamers sometimes also take song requests, giving their audience control of the music. In the past, the music industry hasnt taken action but thats changing. Just last year, many popular streamers were hit with 24-hour bans on the platform for playing copyrighted music. So what are the rules? The punishments? And what can you do to protect yourself?

What were seeing right now, not only on Twitch but on most streaming platforms, is an increased eagerness to respect copyright laws. People realize that creators intellectual property needs to be prioritized, for obvious reasons. However, listening to your moral compass does not mean you cant or shouldnt play music in your streams. You are allowed to play music on Twitch as long as you follow the rules. Lets get into it.

How To Play Spotify Music On Twitch Stream

As mentioned above, it is illegal to add Spotify music to Twitch Stream due to the copyright protection. If you own the songs that have been uploaded to Spotify, you could broadcast it on Twitch Stream. You could even become a Twitch Partner through this kind of music creation. Twitch also allows you to add your own songs to Twitch Music Library so that others might broadcast Twitch with your music

1.If you are an artist, label or other music copyright holder,

2.And are interested in making music freely available to the Twitch audience,

3.And you have a minimum of 250,000 subscribers or followers on YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Step 5. You then tap the Record button again to stop recording the video within your Snapchat app.

Then you could apply to contribute your songs to other Twitch users. If you dont meet these requirements, actually you could still add Spotify songs now playing overlay to your Twitch Stream with the help of some third-party tools like XSplit.

The following steps would show you how to add a Spotify playlist overlay a Twitch stream in detail:

1.Download and install Snip and XSplit for Windows. Once you’ve extracted the contents and run Snip for the first time, a text file will be generated in the same folder . You’ll need to know the exact location of this file before you go any further.

2.Then, set up Snip with XSplit. From the plugin store, make sure title is installed in XSplit.3.Select “add” in the sources list.

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New Rules Playing Music On Twitch

On June 8, Twitch announced an update to the rules for the use of music content on broadcasts. Streamers were prohibited from using any tracks protected by copyright.

That is, Twitch began to use the same system as YouTube. A person who has violated the rules receives a warning at the first time. If there are three warnings, his channel is permanently blocked. The number of warnings is not reset over time.

Twitch has updated the terms of use for music content that does not belong to the channel’s author. The streaming platform will begin actively enforcing the Copyright Management Act.

Twitch is now prohibited from playing tracks from music streaming services such as Spotify. In addition, streamers will not be able to sing songs they don’t own at karaoke, as well as to make covers of them, include them in DJ sets, or disassemble the tablature.

Some streamers complained that Twitch asked them to remove all old recordings and clips in which music was used illegally. The administration of the platform said that it had received many complaints from rights holders in a short period of time.

Twitch Makes Deal With Nmpa But Streamers Still Cant Play Licensed Music

What MUSIC can you LEGALLY use on Twitch?

Twitchs 2020 was largely defined by four letters: D, M, C and A. Midway through the year, the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform ran afoul of the music industry, resulting in thousands of takedown notices powered by the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act . In compliance with these notices, Twitch forced streamers to remove thousands of clips and VODs that featured licensed music their entire archives, in some cases. Streamers were not happy about it. Now, more than a year later, Twitch has managed to strike a deal with the National Music Publishers Association. Unfortunately for streamers, it does not mean they are allowed to play licensed music.

Today Twitch sent an email to streamers detailing the terms of the deal, which has been rumored for a while most recently in a report by Billboard published last week.

As part of this agreement, we want to let you know about a new process that we are creating that participating music rights holders can opt into to report certain uses of their music, which is more flexible and forgiving to creators who inadvertently or incidentally use music in their streams than the existing process required under the DMCA and similar global laws, Twitch wrote in its email. This new process does not change how music can be used on Twitch. As weve said consistently, its never okay to include music in your channel unless youve secured the necessary rights or have the authority to do so.

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The True Necessity Of Music Licensing

If complex algorithms produced by Twitch and YouTube consistently misidentify unlicensed music, why do they still exist?

The answer is simple: using unlicensed music is theft.

Musicians and artists rely on revenue from royalties derived from licensing agreements. When someone uses an artists song without their permission, they are in fact stealing that artists intellectual property.

Of course, that logic comes with a host of caveats. Record labels and publishers exert the most control over which songs get licensed not songwriters and musicians. This same cadre of copyright holders also makes licensing from big labels outlandishly expensive.

From a philosophical point of view, theres also room for debate about the purpose of art writ large for society. The European view is that art should be for the people. It should be developed for the enjoyment, even enlightenment, of the masses.

The American approach is a bit different. Art is often classified as the property of a person or group. And that group has certain rights as they relate to their art. Regardless of whatever side you fall on, the law of the land is that music must be licensed in order for you to use it.

Even with those caveats in mind, the enduring truth is that music licensing does benefit people who make music. Artists and songwriters deserve a system that enables them to support themselves through their work.

What Music Can I Play When I Stream On Twitch

There are three different categories of music that can be used in Twitch streams:

  • Music owned by you. This is music that you create or produce yourself or music that you have played live and recorded. You should also make sure, before streaming, you have all the rights of reproducing this music, in case you have record label deals.
  • Music licensed to you. This is by far the most common solution to avoid the issue. Epidemic Sound gives you access to a library of tracks and sound effects that you can use freely on Twitch, and YouTube if you want to upload your recorded streams. Once you have a subscription, you can safely play music without having to worry about DMCA takedowns.
  • Music provided through Soundtrack by Twitch. With Soundtrack by Twitch you dont have to worry about takedowns on Twitch, but youll probably notice the scarcity in terms of the offering. This, together with being able to clear more channels on other platforms, usually causes streamers to use Epidemic Sound instead.

In case youre already using one of these three solutions, youre perfectly safe to continue streaming without worrying about copyright strikes. If not, youre probably best off subscribing to Epidemic Sound and adding your Twitch channel, and your YouTube channel if you want to upload your recorded streams. Since Epidemic Sound owns all the rights to their music and can provide a direct license, youll never have to worry about copyright claims again.

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Copyrighted Music Limits What You Can Do With Your Content

While the Twitch music policy may be more lenient toward your content, other apps and companies will put strikes against your Twitch channel for copyrighted music. If you are interested in using clips from your streams for YouTube collaborations, you must make sure to use royalty-free Twitch music. YouTube is very strict with their music policy and non-compliance could get you a strike on your account.

Discussing Personal Pay From Views

No DMCA On Twitch Hip

This should be common sense, but some people just can’t help it. What a streamer makes from their own stream is personalat least it should be, anyway. This isn’t something that should be discussed while live streaming, nor is it anything that anyone outside of the streamer themselves should be aware of. What Twitch pays their professional streamers is a contract between the streamers and Twitch, and that shouldn’t be invalidated in any way, shape, or form… Even if a viewer requests to know.

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Twitch Music On The Fly

What kind of music is allowed on Twitch?

You may only use music on Twitch that is copyrighted or licensed to you. The music provided in OWN3D Music may be used for streaming.

Am I allowed to use YouTube music on Twitch?

Basically, yes and no. For both YouTube and Spotify, it is important to make sure that the songs you play are free to use or that they are copyrighted songs. However, there are special songs on Spotify and YouTube that can be used freely.

What is the Twitch Music Library?

Until almost two years ago, Twitch had a so-called music library. It contained about a thousand music titles that were available for free use in live streams. However, the Music Library was discontinued and replaced by “Soundtrack” in September 2020.

What is Amazon Twitch music?

It is an extension that allows you to play music from Amazon during a live stream. BUT: It only works if you are an Amazon Prime member or subscriber of Amazon Music yourself and only for those of your viewers who are, too.

What This Means For Twitch Streamers

On June 8, 2020, the official Twitch Support Twitter account issued a statement about an influx of take-down notices. It asked streamers to remove all video clips that could potentially include copyrighted content under DMCA rules.

This week, we’ve had a sudden influx of DMCA takedown requests for clips with background music from 2017-19. If youre unsure about rights to audio in past streams, we advise removing those clips. We know many of you have large archives, and we’re working to make this easier.

Twitch Support

On, theres a general rule when using music on your streams: if you play any music for which you dont have the proper licensing, you can be penalized by the legal owner. This includes anything on Spotify, YouTube, the radio, and so on.

Like all digital content hosts, Twitch operates under the 1998 U.S. law, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act or DMCA. However, Twitch also leverages the DMCAs safe harbor provision. This shields content-hosting platforms from liability for copyright violations by people on their sites, as long as they promptly respond to take-down requests from rights holders.

Twitch and other streaming platforms are legally obligated to remove any allegedly infringing content and notify the person who posted it.

A full disclosure of Twitchs Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification Guidelines can be found on its website.

More information on appealing muted audio can be found on Twitchs support page.

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Recently, streamers have reported that they are receiving Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA, strikes for featuring copyrighted music in their clips. These claims are issued to videos dating from 2017 to 2019 and affect not only those created by streamers but by other users as well.

This presents a problem since having three strikes against you can lead to your channel being permabanned if the offending videos are not removed. Claims are issued automatically, so itâs best not to waste any time. Itâs important to review the Twitch terms of service regarding music and your videos to see what can get you banned, and to find out how you can avoid getting dinged.

I Choosing Music For Streaming


Every stream focuses on a triumvirate of sound: the gameplay, the narration, and the background music. The most important are the first two: gameplay and narration.

No one wants to watch a game without the sound effects, because thats what pulls people into the games world. Thats what makes everything feel a little more real.

Narration is whatever the streamer is saying while they play. There could be thousands of words written on which type of narration is most effective and why, so well leave it at this: narration is important. Its what keeps people entertained, and its what makes you different.

Make sure your narration is on point.

Last but not least, we have the background music. The background music helps you create an atmosphere. Science has shown us that music has a direct line to peoples emotions. Thats why we so often listen to music to change our mood.

So choosing music for your stream is important, because it makes a difference. If youre playing a slow, exploration-style game like Abzu youre not going to start blasting some dirty club bangers.

That wouldnt match the mood of the game not necessarily because of the genre, but because of the tempo. The audience will find it jarring.

Conversely, if youre parachuting into a Warzone match, some trap music is probably a fantastic idea. Itll get everyone primed for the impending action.

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