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What Is Royalty Free Music

Can I Use Royalty Free Music On Youtube

How to Find Royalty Free Music for your Youtube Videos (2021)

Yes, and in fact, you must. All social media platforms and video sharing platforms require the use of royalty free music. That is why you must find and use royalty free music on your YouTube and Vimeo videos, Twitch streams and Instagram videos.

Royalty free music license allows you to use any royalty free track you purchase in your video projects.

Royalty Free Music Isnt Stock Music

Stock music simply refers to music that has already been created and is ready to use off the shelf, rather than music thats been custom-made for your use. While many stock music libraries off their music royalty-free, either after an initial fee, as part of a subscription, or on some occasions, completely free, many will offer it on a model where you have to pay per usage or one that changes depending on your region.

Our own royalty-free music library uses stock music and you just have to pay a low subscription fee after getting it for free for 6-12 months. Make sure to to be notified when this goes live and see if youre able to get it for free!

What Is Royalty Free Music

Hello! Ivans here.

Recently, I have noticed that many of my clients and subscribers are wondering what royalty free music is and and how it differs from No Copyright Music.In this article, I decided to tell you what this type of music is.

Royalty Free Music is a type of music, after the purchase of which you do not need to make additional payments for the number of times people play your video with this music.By purchasing a Royalty free track, you are buying a license to use it.

Royalty Free Music doesnt mean its free!

This means Free of royalty. This type of music can be either distributed free of charge or sold.

Are Royalty Free Music and No Copyright Music the same???

No! No Copyright Music is a type of music that allows content creators to use it in their projects and monetize it as well.This means that you wont receive a Copyright Claim if you use this type of music, or you will receive instructions on how to remove thisClaim. Royalty Free Music can be uploaded to the Content ID system, so the creator of this music may not give permission to monetize your projects.

Royalty Free Music is a regular type of music, however it doesnt mean that its not of high quality. Its no different from the music you listen on a regular basis!

Is inaudio.org a Royalty free or No Copyright Music site?

Thank you for your attention!Regards, Ivan.

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Have You Ever Used Shazam Or Soundhound To Identify A Random Song You Liked That Was Being Played Somewhere In Public

ISRC codesEvery song has a sound ID that helps detect who the owner is, acting sort of like a fingerprint for music. Nowadays, with the streaming era in fullmotion, Google, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and all the other major streaming giants out there like SoundCloud, Tidal and Apple Music music tracking technology has progressed a lot. A unique ISRC code is automatically assigned the moment any song is registered online for digital distribution.

Soundstripe Keep Creatives Creating Without Copyright Worries

Royalty Free Music

Soundstripe is all about royalty free music and making life as easy as possible for content creators. Because of this, we do things a little differently than other sites.

We make pricing super simple by offering monthly or yearly subscriptions to access our libraries. Yep, that’s right. We don’t charge per track. That’s tedious, and we think you probably agree.

We have two subscription plans available right now: Standard and Premium. Standard covers unlimited song licenses and lets you make custom playlists. Premium gets you the same thing, but with bonuses like access to 30k+ sound effects as well as pre-released tracks.

There are royalty free music companies out there that hike up prices by misleading customers with their pricing models. We are definitely not that kind of company. Even if you choose just one month of our service, you’ll still have unlimited access to our library.

Another cool thing about Soundstripe is that we don’t relinquish licenses if you decide to cancel your membership.

Other sites might squeeze some fine print into their agreements about you no longer owning the license to downloaded tracks if you cancel your subscription with them. Even if you cancel your subscription with Soundstripe, every track you downloaded is safe.

Any song license you got with us as a subscriber will remain legally licensed forever.

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Claims Free Even More Important To Youtube Creators

You can probably see now why its important to understand what royalty-free means, at least on a basic level. But theres something even more important for YouTube Creators to understand, and thats what we at Lickd refer to as claims free.

Claims free means that you wont get stuck with a YouTube Content ID flag when you publish your video. Thats super important because you cant monetize your video if it gets flagged by Content ID for using copyrighted material.

A song can become claims free in a number of ways, but the basic gist is, if its not copyrighted at all or if the song owner takes a song out of the Content ID system, it wont trigger a Content ID tag.

But very few songs are in that category. Youll find some claims-free music in the YouTube audio library, and thats an ok option, but not always the best. So, what to do?

Lickd songs are claims-free because affordable licensing fees have already been negotiated directly with the music industry. When Creators upload a song theyve downloaded from Lickd, the platforms proprietary software VOUCH steps in to protect you from copyright claims triggered by Content ID. Lickd is here to help you find music for your YouTube videos without worrying about claims.

What Is Creative Commons Music

Creative Commons is an organisation that provides a copyright licensing framework for those that wish to share their creations freely with the world. The music on this site is all Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. This means the music is free to use as long as you give credit. Learn more about Creative Commons here.

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Where Can I Get Royalty Free Music

We have an extensive library of very high quality royalty free music from world-class composers.

You can find everything from pop to country to smooth jazz and everything in between!

Because royalty free is regularly confused with copyright-free or just plain old free, there are suggested alternatives names. Here they are:

  • Pre-licensed Music Library

Audio Network Does Not Offer Royalty

What Is Royalty Free Music?

What does royalty free music mean?

Royalty free music refers to a track of any genre that is licensed for unlimited use on purchase.

Where does the term royalty free originate from?

Music royalties are payments given to the rights holder of a composition or song in exchange for licensed use of their music. The distributor of the track usually collects the fee and then shares the payment with the rights holder. In most cases, a song has multiple rights holders, meaning royalties are frequently split between a team.

Therefore, royalty free music refers to tracks that are free of royalty fees. A producer can legally use a royalty free track without being charged by the distributor.

Is royalty free music copyrighted?

Providing that the owner/composer hasnt been dead for over 70 years, royalty free music is copyrighted.

Read about music copyright and non-copyrighted music to find out more.

Can royalty free music be used commercially?

Yes, royalty free music can be used commercially. Once a producer purchases a royalty free track, they can use the track for their project no matter if theyre creating a video, radio show or podcast .

Is royalty free music free?

Royalty free music may be free of the strings of music royalties, but this doesnt mean the track is free of charge. In fact, its rare youll find royalty free music for free.

Is Audio Networks music catalogue royalty free?

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Its Just Background Music

Of course, its important! Let me explain the difference between Royalty Free music and so-called Free Music, or Common Courtesy music . When you download free stock music or a free track and use it for any kind of marketing purposes, chances are, it wont go very far. Heres why. ISRC codes and Content IDs.

Now Lets Talk About Quality Because Not Everything Works

Studies have shown that music has the power to drive action. The science behind how music can influence our emotions is still but a mystery. Music can naturally help in restoring speech, memory, and other cognitive skills. Its traditional and cultural, it can bring us to tears or peace and its a universal language that is inherent to humankind alone. Did I mention the energy, the vibes? Frequencies matter and the music you select can either make or break the entire vibe.

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Overview Of Music Licensing

In its most basic form, a music license is a license or right held by an individual, allowing them to use and/or distribute a piece of copyrighted music. People license music for many reasons, though most often, they will license it to use in movies, television shows, commercials, and online videos.

Even if someone is using a piece of music for a personal creative project that they want to put out to the rest of the world, they must obtain the correct license to do so. The only exception to this rule is if they use royalty-free music.

The question is, what is royalty-free music, and where can one find it?

What Royalty Free And Copyright Free Music Is


Wondering if there are any other assumptions you’ve made that might be wrong? Here’s a quick rundown of some other common misconceptions about royalty free and copyright free music:

  • Royalty Free Music Isn’t Free To Use: A common mistake is thinking that if a track is labeled royalty free, that means it’s free to use. Not true! The music must be paid for in order to own the license to use it.
  • Copyright Free and Royalty Free Music Aren’t the Same Thing: Although we threw both terms together, we do want to make a clear distinction that copyright free has no copyright and royalty free means the music has copyright.
  • Completely Copyright Free Music Is Rare: Copyright free music is basically a unicorn, meaning it’s extremely hard to find truly copyright free tracks. Almost every track out there has some sort of copyright, even music with a Creative Commons license.
  • Royalty Free Music Isn’t Stock Music: Stock music is another term that is often used to refer to royalty free music. This isn’t correct. It can include stock music, but stock music isn’t always royalty free.
  • Royalty Free Music Includes All Different Types And Genres: It isn’t just limited to instrumentals or background tunes. You can basically find every type of music as royalty free.
  • Not All Licenses For Royalty Free Music Are The Same: Each royalty free music company works differently so it’s important to be aware of terms and conditions before you sign up.

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Steer Clear Of These Two Other Types Of Free Music Sources

While perusing the web for royalty free music, you’re probably going to see something about two other supposedly free music sources public domain and Creative Commons.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Here’s what these labels really mean and why they aren’t a good choice compared to royalty free music.

The term “public domain” is used to describe music that has no copyright and is essentially free for anyone to use. Public domain music would be music published before 1923 or any music specifically released by the creator as public domain.

Just like we mentioned about copyright free music, there isn’t a huge selection of public domain music that applies to modern videographers.

The effort you’d put into finding public domain music that might work isn’t really worth it compared to using music libraries from a service that licenses music royalty free.

You should also think twice about Creative Commons music. The idea behind Creative Commons licenses is great. It basically allows content creators to use free music in their own work.

However, Creative Commons licenses almost always require attribution and they often come with murky terms and agreements.

For example, you might find a killer music track with a Creative Commons license and decide to use it in a monetized YouTube video. You give a shoutout to the creator of the track in the video and/or description box.

But Youtube Has A Free Music Library Isnt That Enough

Yes, BUT! Only on YouTube as an individual, hence the creators license. If you only need it for your vlog, then have at it. Its 100% legal for you to use YouTubes free music for monetizing your YouTube channel.

As long as it stays only on YouTube, you shouldnt have a problem, and I say shouldnt lightly because nothing is for free. YouTube still reserves the right to change their terms and conditions without notice. If YouTube decides to terminate an agreement that they have with any particular song, or if they remove the track, there goes your license. YouTube will be able to monetize your videos with ads you cant control. Still free?

Read the Fine Print

The bottom line is that YouTubes free music library is strictly intended for using on YouTube. It is not a legit commercial license for business use or meant to be used for any other platform other than on YouTube. It makes sense if you think about it. Besides that, as a creative professional, do you really want to use the same music that millions have already downloaded before you? Take a look at this

Check it out. In YouTubes Creator Studio be sure to visit their Terms and conditions page at the bottom of the screen of their Audio Library.

As soon as you open the Terms and conditions, the very first sentence states that their Terms and conditions are subject to the new updated YouTube Terms of Service Which service is that? YouTube, itself, of course.

YouTube Terms of Service

No Control

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What Is Copyright Free Music

Despite the fact people use this term all over the place, “copyright free music” doesn’t actually exist! Today’s intended meaning would be something more like “copyright claim free music”. All music has some sort of copyright. It’s not just some crazy free for all. In any case, I can assure you that you can use this music without fear of falling afoul of copyright laws.

Royalty Free Fitness Music Is A Premier Subscription Service That Gives You The Synchronization Rights To Use Our Virtual Class Music For Your Fitness Video Projects

Best FREE No Copyright Music for YouTube! 5 Best Royalty Free Music Sites

While a sync license would usually cost several hundred dollars per video, this subscription gives you unlimited sync licenses for one monthly price. You will get access to:

  • All premixed albums currently found in our Virtual Class Music section
  • Access to ClickMix to create custom mixes using royalty free single songs
  • The ability to download royalty free single songs from our library

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What Does Royalty Free Really Mean

When you license music that is “royalty free,” this means that you won’t be responsible for paying royalty fees to the music artist or publisher. This saves you money in the long run, especially when you secure a lifetime song license.

There’s more to unpack here, so let’s break it down even further.

Making Sure Everybodys On The Same Page

Ok, so far weve established that different people use the same words to mean different things.

Thats a problem.

So what do you do?

Well.. if theres ONE thing I want you to take away from this post, its the following.

Before you agree to work with a music library, make sure you understand what they mean when they use certain words.

Make sure you are BOTH on the same page.

How do you do that?

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Here Are A Few Professional Tips That Will Help You Know Exactly What To Look For When It Comes To Finding The Right Music For Your Project

Youre probably reading this right now because you need to buy some music for an important project or something like that. Perhaps its only for the background music and its not so high up on the list of priorities, yet you still want to be on the safe side just in case it blows up or turns into a music copyright nightmare.

Royalty-free, or RF music, means you dont have to pay royalties to the owner for each use. You also dont need a license, but there are terms. Understanding what royalty-free actually means is extremely crucial when it comes to choosing where you source your music from. If youre still not sure which license is best to use, youll definitely want to keep reading.

What Is Royalty Free Music How Is It Different From Other Music Licences


If you are a content creator, you must have heard of music licensing, copyright and royalty free songs. Do you know what they mean?

Music licensing terms like royalty free can be confusing at times but worry not, we are here to explain! Simply put, royalty free music is a licence where users pay only one time and acquire lifetime legal usage of the music. That is why you can use royalty free music in your YouTube videos, Twitch streams or Instagram posts without worrying about license fees or other legal issues.

If you would like to learn more about music licensing and royalty free music, take a closer look at our detailed guide below.

If you are looking for high quality production music, browse our library now to discover exclusive stock music and royalty free music by top composers!


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