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What Is High School Musical Rated

There Is One Original Cast Member Who’s Down To Return

High School Musical 3 Trailer

Zac Efron’s TV dad has voiced his enthusiasm about reprising his role of Coach Bolton many times on social media. He’s even pitched his own idea for a spinoff starring Coach Bolton and Ms. Darbus.

“I got a bone to pick with that W. High coach and Ms. d and the drama department can help me get even,” he wrote on Instagram. “I though that kooky Sharpay nut job was coming back to help out with the actor weirdos anyway. Where she at tho? I still got those digits form the school database so lets ring crazy up and get her and her bro back to put this dance battle together and LETS GO!! Im ready and Ive got YEARS worth of plans and ideas moving forward in the East vs West battle so LET GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Review And Parent Guide

Im happy to report that you dont actually need to have seen the movies to enjoy the show. Yes there will be a few Easter eggs and inside jokes that will be funnier to you if youve seen the movies according to Patty, but the show is totally enjoyable on its own.

From the music to the storyline to the throwbacks and funny Disney jokes, I am completely hooked on the series and I cannot wait for the third episode .

Id say it is fine for ages tween and up but give a quick heads up to anyone who is watching for four-letter words because there are a couple in these episodes.

Its definitely nothing beyond a PG or PG-13 level, and I would say if your kids watch television on ABC, this will not be any different, but I wanted to bring it up because Disney Channel shows typically dont have swears and it was a little bit of a surprise to me when I heard it the first time.

The word hell was allowed, but the word SH*T was bleeped out for what its worth. Other than that, there is a lot of relationship talk and a few kisses, which is why my suggested minimum age starts in the middle school range.

Just Wanna Be With You

Imagine that the most popular couple in your high school performed a song about their relationship for a musical and you were expected to be interested. Thats what we have here. While the lyrics are fine, the melody isnt exactly memorable. Its also a little unhealthy that these two want to be with only each other and not the rest of their friends as they graduate and head into their great future. These two wildcats should perform a song that represents the state of their relationship at each high school reunion. Now that would be interesting. Geerlings

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You Are The Music In Me

I will be the first person to tell you that Sharpay was routinely done dirty across the High School Musical trilogy. That she was the villain of the films was always a disservice to her character. But theres no defending this version of You Are the Music in Me. Its flash and tempo take away from the heart at the core of the song. Its a shame because Ashley Tisdale, as per usual, brings her all to the performance. Alas, the song lets her down. Adeniran

A Musical Isnt A Musical Without All The Stuff

Watch High School Musical (2006) online free ...

I imagine that when Disney+ unraveled High School Musical: The Musical: The Series they thought themselves quite clever. And if they didnt, they should have.

This very meta, high-school focused series is like a mix between the mockumentary style of The Office, the vocal talents of Glee and the drama-filled moments of Riverdale, all without the hyper-salacious content.

But though the content is nowhere near Riverdale status, it still exists in this PG-rated show.

In the first episode, h is used once and the s-word is bleeped out, though its clear whats being said. High school relationships exist, as does flirting, kissing and general moments of affection. Carlos, Miss Jenns drama assistant, is gay and is now in a relationship with a guy named Seb, . Outfits can be slightly revealing. Drama abounds in adult relationships as well as those of teens, and some marriages are a little rocky.

The show is closer to Glee than it is to the original squeaky clean High School Musical, which will dismay many a fan. But still, , the show does aim to stay lighter than most these days. Theres no murder, no overtly risqué behavior on screen , and no overarching darkness pulling at the plot.

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

On November 9, 2017, a new television spin-off of the film series was announced to be in development. On September 6, 2018, Disney announced that it began casting for a reimagining of the film for its upcoming streaming service, titled High School Musical: The Musical. The 10-episode series will be structured as a single-camera mockumentary, and feature both music from the original film, as well as new songs.

On October 17, 2018, it was announced that Joshua Bassett would play the lead role of Ricky in the series, now titled High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The rest of the cast was announced on February 15, 2019, including Sofia Wylie as Gina, Kate Reinders as Miss Jenn, and Olivia Rodrigo as Nini.

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that High School Musical is a made-for-TV movie that’s hugely popular with tweens — and has spawned its own marketing empire, from CDs to clothes to video games. Its sanitized depiction of high school may not ring true to older teens, but tweens will get strong messages about acceptance and being true to yourself — as well as about supporting your friends when they want to try something new. A father-son relationship is tested when the boy asserts his independence, and there are some near-kisses between the lead couple, but overall this is tame stuff.

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High School Musical : Senior Year

Main:High School Musical 3: Senior Year

The next sequel in this popular series was released to theatres instead of airing on Disney Channel under the Walt Disney Pictures brand with the title of High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which centers around the original casts senior year, prom, musical and graduation from East High. The original title was to have been Haunted High School Musical, but that plan was scrapped. The movie was released on October 24, 2008.

High School Musical Was An Unexpected Overnight Sensation Its Sequel Was Even Bigger

rating high school musical performances

High School Musical had the basic ingredients every musical needs to succeed an engaging cast, catchy songs, and a relatable theme. But it also had something perhaps even more crucial: perfect timing.

The first High School Musical is a Disney Channel Original Movie , which didnt really mean much at the time unless you are a certain brand of millennial or Gen Z-er whod grown up on little-known, forgettable films of the late 90s and early Aughts aimed squarely at children. By 2006, the networks biggest DCOM to date had been 2002s Cadet Kelly, a poor little rich girl romp piggy-backing off the success of its star, Lizzie McGuires Hilary Duff. But most original Disney channel films starred relative unknowns, and few viewers outside cult fans and kids whod grown up with the Disney Channel were paying attention to titles like Life is Ruff or Stuck in the Suburbs .

But in 2006, High School Musical broke away from this trend immediately. Not only was it the rare Disney Channel movie aimed at teens and tweens rather than kids, but it was one of the relative few at the time that boasted its own soundtrack. And it was a true musical the songs were integrated into the story conceit, meaning that rather than songs originating from the characters fictional world, like being played on someones radio, theyre instead performed by characters expressing their feelings and intentions through song.

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What Is The Movie About

Just like the first three films, this movie was set to take place at East High, focusing on the Wildcats once again and their rivals, the West High Knights. So far, there were five central characters that had been reported to be the center of this next movie. Heres the breakdown of each one:

Erin: Shes the only girl on the boys soccer team, who starts falling for the bad boy.

Derek: The resident bad boy Erin is crushing on who at his core, is a sweet guy after all. He plays soccer too and just so happens to be a fabulous dancer.

Campbell: Hes the captain of the soccer team who excels in theater as well and just so happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans cousin. He has a crush on Erin, but as we already know, she has her sights on Derek so we totally sense a love triangle brewing here!

Nathalie: Shes a cheerleader and Erins best friend.

Tamara: She is on the cheer squad too, but she is no longer the star of the school, and this loss of attention and popularity is something she plans on reclaiming, no matter what.

There already was a casting-call in May of 2016 that OG star Corbin Bleu made a surprise appearance at too.

High School Musical: Get In The Picture

ABC telecast the reality seriesHigh School Musical: Get in the Picture. Nick Lachey served as the series host. The winner, Stan Carrasoza, appeared in a music video shown over the credits of HSM 3 as well as having a song in the HSM3 soundtrack and a Disney services contract. However, the show was a dismal failure ratings wise.

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When There Was Me And You

There has been no finer ballad about failed high school romances since There Are Worse Things from Grease. Gabriella takes us on a journey through the halls and stairways of East High with the help of the worlds most ginormous belt as she tells us about her failed fairytale with Troy, who for some reason is featured on a massive poster like hes already playing in the NBA? Perhaps whats even more concerning is the fact that Gabriella is roaming her high school alone. Are all those kids really partying outside? Do teachers work in this school? Geerlings

Stick To The Status Quo

High School Musical 2 (2007)

The harmonies! The secrets! The high school stereotypes! An extremely clean cafeteria! Crème brûlée! This is the most Broadway-sounding song and I am absolutely here for it. All of East High gets into a tizzy when Gabriella and Troy receive a callback to audition for the high school musical because they are not conforming to this completely realistic representation of high school where a student can be a part of only one clique. I also enjoy this song because I respect anyone who is brave enough to announce to their friends how much cooler they find dancing to be than homework. Geerlings

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Were All In This Together

I understand why this version existsits the original films Were All in This Together set to a weirdly emotional, sweeping score that is supposed to remind us of Pomp and Circumstance, or at least Vitamin C. I respect that, but it doesnt mean we need this version. The whole point of the original Were All in This Together is that its upbeat and positive because the kids are all getting together, regardless of their social status and extracurricular activities. The graduation mix adds nothing, and ultimately makes a true bop lethargic and hokey. Amelia Wedemeyer

High School Musical Parents’ Guide

The movie depicts a rivalry between the high schools arts and sports departments. Why do these disciplines sometimes battle for supremacy? Which, if either, do you think are important to a balanced education?

Why do Troy and Gabriella learn about friendship as they step outside of their usual circle of interests? What do their peers learn? What revelation does Troys father make about his desire to have his son succeed in sports? Do you think it is possible to explore a wide variety of interests and develop new talents?

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The Most Recent Home Video Release Of High School Musical Movie Is May 23 2006 Here Are Some Details

High School Musical: Encore Edition Bring this High School Musical home on DVD and watch it in either the original or sing along versions. Get a behind the scenes peek with Bringing It All Together: The Making of High School Musical, or start Learning the Moves to dance routines with director/choreographer Kenny Ortega. Once youve got the steps, join in the fun while viewing the music videos for I Cant Take My Eyes Off of You and Were All in This Together. This release provides English audio tracks and English subtitles.

Getcha Head In The Game

High School Musical 2 – Newest Official Trailer

I know what youre thinking: Getcha Head in the Game outside the top 10?! Heres the thing Zac Efron doesnt sing this song! Some quick HSM trivia: Drew Seeleys voice was mixed with Efrons in the first film. Its apparent when listening to other songs, but its unmistakable in this song, and that keeps it from being a contender for a top spot. Sure, the dribble moves are cool, but I cannot in good faith reward this song on those merits alone. Maybe if we get a Zac Efron rerelease for the 20th anniversary, but until then, itll stay right here. Adeniran

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Should Your Kids Watch ‘high School Musical’ It’s Relatively Kid Friendly

It’s hard to believe, after all these years later, the High School Musical franchise is still going strong. In fact, production is underway for a High School Musical 4 with a new cast of characters at East High. But it’s been a decade since we first fell for Troy, Gabriella, and so-bad-she’s-good Sharpay and watching High School Musical 4 as a mother with kids is a whole different situation. So when the fourth installment drops, should your kids watch High School Musical?

For answers, I turned to Common Sense Media, which is a great place for parents to turn for ratings and rundowns of media and reasonable ratings on its appropriateness for kiddos. Common Sense rates High School Musical appropriate for 8-year-olds and older and calls it a “modern day Grease for tweens.” The review is overall positive and recommends the flick based on it’s messages about friendship and “being true to yourself.” Plus, let’s face it, if you miss the message, the tunes and dance numbers more than make up for a bit of cheese.

The only potentially objectionable part of the movie, according to the reviews from parents, is the blossoming romance between Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez . As one reviewer, “PROUDMOMMY” explained in her review with the not-so-subtle headline “NO NO NO NO NO NO.”

Another parent review DexterSmith also pointed out that “Troy is shirtless in one scene,” he wrote. “A song contains the lyrics, ‘shake some booty and turn around.'”

Madison High Tv Pilot

On November 12, 2010, Disney announced their intention to film a television spin-off of the film series entitled Madison High and began casting that same year. A pilot episode for the series was officially ordered in early 2011, which would star Luke Benward, G. Hannelius, Leah Lewis, Katherine McNamara, , and Nolan Sotillo. Alyson Reed also reprised her role as Ms. Darbus. The episode contained four songs, and, if picked up, would have marked the first crossover and spin-off between a Disney Channel Original Movie and a Disney Channel Original Series. However, although the pilot was filmed, Madison High was not ordered to series, and the pilot episode had never aired.

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High School Musical : East Meets West

Main: High School Musical 4: East Meets West

Disney Channel had committed to a High School Musical 4 with a new cast of characters, which was Unreleased. The title – High School Musical 4: East Meets West – reflects what would have been a battle between East High School’s Wildcats and their rivals, the West High School Knights. The new movie was be directed and choreographed by Jeffrey Hornaday, with a debut scheduled in 2010 on Disney Channel. Jemma McKenzie-Brown would reprise her role as Tiara Gold. No further information has been released at this time.

There’s Going To Be A Tv Series Too

High School Musical 2: What Time Is It

The recently announced High School Musical TV series fittingly called High School Musical: The Musical will be an exciting addition to the HSM world. So what’s the series about? A new crop of East High Wildcats will put on a performance of High School Musical for their winter theater production. Of course, there’s drama on and off stage and there is a whole cast of new characters that you’re bound to fall in love with. Did I mention that there will also be a TON of new songs for you to become obsessed with?

As of now, the series will be 10 episodes long, and be filmed as docs-style series.

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