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What Is An Epk In Music

Other Points To Consider

How To Make An EPK For Musicians


  • How easy is your website url going to be to remember or find – is there another bigger website that will come up when googling your name?
  • Do your social media accounts and website all link to each other? Tools like Linktree can be used to link to multiple places from social media bios.
  • Website tabs – how easy is it to see what goes where? If you have a section labelled Press, is this a section FOR press containing your EPK, or a section containing your reviews and press quotes. Can you have an EPK section, or will it go under Contact?


  • Check your bios across your EPK and social media match.

First impressions

  • Try and look at your EPK with first-time eyes. Does it give an immediate sense of your bands music? Is your best content the most easily visible?

Consider These Best Practices Before You Create An Epk

Promoters and talent buyers review hundreds of potential acts every day. Its essential to present yourself clearly and professionally. Before you create your press kit, consider these best practices:

  • Keep your EPK simple and to the point. Provide all your relevant information in a way thats scannable and easy to read. Also, keep your EPK concise and relevant.
  • Include your best material and important details. Put your best foot forward, and make a great first impression.
  • Always keep your EPK up to date. Updating and organizing your press kit should only take a few moments.
  • Make sure your EPK represents your brand accurately. Dont overhype, exaggerate, lie, or include irrelevant information.
  • Create an EPK that stands out from the competition. Make it eye-catching and unique without going overboard.
  • Be cautious of the file size when attaching it to emails. Large digital files may get flagged, sent to the Spam folder, or rejected by the recipient. Instead, link to your content on the web such as SoundCloud and YouTube.
  • Avoid sending .zip files or other compressed file attachments with your email. These files will not get opened.
  • Have a printed version of your EPK on hand at events. You may run into industry professionals interested in knowing more about you.

These tips are not hard rules. Theyre merely suggestions to ensure your press kit is successful.

What Goes Into A Great Epk

Like a resume, every good EPK template needs to tick off a number of boxes. Your EPK should contain all the relevant information about you and your music, as well as provide extra links to your discography, music videos.

On top of that, its important to keep in mind that a great EPK needs to look cohesive and professional. This isnt the moment to bust out bright green colors and try out new fonts keep your aesthetic clean, simple, and consistent to make it easy for readers to learn more about you, and easily access the information they want.

Weve listed the non-negotiables below, but to start out, heres a great EPK example from the artist known as Dreebsby. He created this kit to promote his latest release, Last Night.

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Quotes Or Press Clippings

Why talk yourself up when you could let someone else do it for you?

Press clippings, professional endorsements, and positive reviews are impressive, particularly if their source has a high profile on their own.

Thereâs a reason Hanes still pays Michael Jordan to help them sell underwear.

Iâm just sayingâ¦

Include Links To Music Files

Luke James EPK Sample on Student Show

The most important section, your music! Make this area as inviting as you can, and your songs easily accessible.

To make it easy for them, it may be best to host your music on a reputable streaming platform providing links to your songs. This way, they wont need to download all of your music in order to listen to it.

If you dont, yet, want your music in the public domain, platforms such as and Vimeo can host your music privately while providing link-only access.

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What Is An Epk

An Electronic Press Kit is essentially your resume as a musician.

More specifically, its a place where promoters, venue managers, journalists, and music supervisors can find all of the info they need to promote you.

Your EPK helps them to understand who you are, what youve done, and why they should care about you.

EPKs in the past have been a PDF and a bunch of email attachments. These days artists have streamlined the process and made a website for just their press kit.

This makes it ten times easier for the promoter to get the info they need, so thats the direction that I would recommend.

What We Mean When We Talk About Epks: What Is In An Epk

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Hugh McIntyre is an NYC based freelance music journalist. He mostly writes for Forbes, where he publishes several stories per day, on average. He has also written for Noisey, Billboard, MTV, Noisey, Mashable, Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Mic, Hypebot, Sonicbids, Fuse, Tunecore, Symphonic Distribution, and many more.

  • Who Is an EPK For?
  • Can You Make Your Own EPK?
  • Which Companies Can Put Your EPK Together?
  • The 10 Items You Should Have in Your EPK
  • 1. Bio
  • 2. Use an EPK Creator
  • 3. Send It Via Google Drive Or Dropbox
  • Some Final Tips
  • What does an EPK look like?
  • For many years, EPKs were a standard in the music industry.

    If you wanted to book a gig, go on tour, promote your music to Writers or even be considered for things like radio play or a record deal, a great EPK was an absolute must. These days, some musicians have decided not to bother putting them together, as they feel their websites and social media channels, paired with the instant availability of their music on streaming platforms, have negated the need for these tried-and-true packages.

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    Multiple Industries Use Epks

    In theory, electronic press kit examples can be drawn from virtually any industry.

    If we were to dig deep enough, we could find music press kit examplesâ¦

    Like this:

    Like this:

    And even restaurant EPK examples, software EPK examples and dozens more.

    Heck, somewhere out there, a professional EPK maker probably has an EPK to promote their business of making EPKs.

    However, regardless of the specific industry, the basic function of an electronic press kit remains the same.

    Depending on the context, the identity of your target audience might be just about anyone.

    Bands might need to market themselves to prospective venues or music labels. Filmmakers might need to secure film financing or increase the odds of getting their movie on Netflix. Even this yearâs most popular podcasts might need to lure new advertisers from time to time.

    In all of the above cases and hundreds of others, an electronic press kit would be a valuable tool in achieving the desired goal. The details of each EPK would almost certainly change, with a dramatic volume of potential variation seen between each separate instance, but the role of the EPK remains the same.

    With that in mind, letâs ask our first question once more: What is an electronic press kit?

    In short, an electronic press kit is a package of materials that communicates value.

    But that begs a new question:

    How do you decide what value to communicate?

    Add A Request For A Physical Copy

    What is an EPK? (Electronic Press Kits for Musicians Explained)

    While most recipients of your EPK will be happy to stream your record, some prefer to listen on a physical medium such as a CD or even vinyl. Some even prefer old-school tapes!ConvertKits landing pages all come with a starter form that asks for an email address. This form is the perfect way to easily field requests for physical copies. Add a row of header text above the form that says Request a Physical Copy and click the plus sign below the email address field.

    I recommend adding a field for the recipients name and physical address. The final field we created for Sundae Crush was a drop-down field to select the preferred format for the EPK recipient.

    To create that, we selected Save As > Tag and Field Type > Dropdown. We labeled the field Select Format and created tag options for CD, Tape, and Vinyl. Finally, we made all the fields required and renamed the Subscribe button Submit Form.

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    What Should Your Epk Contain

    An effective EPK needs to include everything that the press or officials might need, from your bio, to achievements, to promotional videos, music, and more. The idea behind a professional EPK is to create an easy, seamless way for the industry professionals to easily access your information and assets that they might need to highlight your new music or upcoming projects.

    You should aspire to create a quality EPK that showcases your musical work while telling your story perfectly. This has to be paramount in every element that you’ll include in the EPK, from songs to the images, and more.

    At this point, you might be wondering what you need to include in your EPK. The finer details in the EPK will vary depending on where you will be sending it, but there are certain must-haves that you need to know about â

    • Having a compelling artist bio
    • A well-though curated selection of your best tracks
    • Some of your most impressive accomplishments to date
    • Hi-res press photos
    • Your contact information
    • A few high-quality videos
    • Social media account pages

    Now that you have a rough idea of what an EPK is and what it looks like, here are some of the things that you’ll need to include in your EPK â

    How Can I Build An Epk For Free

    You can build an EPK for free using a tool like ConvertKits landing page builder. Our landing page builder is easy to use and edit on-the-fly. All you have to do is pick a template you like, add your info, and customize it to fit your vibe in less than an hour.

    Heres how I created our EPK for Sundae Crush using ConvertKit:

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    How To Package An Epk

    There are two ways that are acceptable for this. The first is to just put everything together into a Google doc and make it public for anyone who has the link. When you pitch publications, youll send them that. This is increasingly popular at Two Story Melody, about half of the submissions we receive are packaged in this way

    The second way is to create an EPK page on your website. Essentially, youll do the same thing gather all of the materials and make them available via a link to your website.

    Youve Been Keeping Busy

    Band Epk Examples Shore Hardness Examples in 2020

    Keeping your Sonicbids EPK up to date is the easiest way to show you’re serious about performing.

    An active calendar doesn’t just demonstrate that you mean business when it comes to playing shows on the regular, it also shows the growth of your career over time. By listing the venues and events you’ve played, you’re telling promoters whether you’re a fit for whatever they’re booking, and letting them see that you’re bigger than amateur hour.

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    The Release Makes The Music Sound Good

    I actually think this is the part that takes the most skill. Anyone can say, Ari Herstand is a best-selling author. Its harder to come up with phrases like soul-baring autobiography or a gentle requiem and not sound like youre trying too hard.

    Fortunately, this part is also less important than the first two. Get the basic ideas of the genre and sound across and youve done your job.

    Creating An Epk For Musicians

    What is an EPK?

    An Electronic Press Kit is a document that should as clearly as possible outline what your band or music is about. It should introduce you to any potential promoter, programmer, venue, agent or marketer, and immediately display all of your best content to them.

    EPK example

    Why have an EPK?

    Besides giving bookers an impression of your bands music, an EPK is the best way to send marketers and venues information about your band after youre booked. If your EPK is readily apparent on your website, there doesnt have to be any back and forth with marketing teams, and everything can move faster.

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    Videos Of Your Best Performances

    Nowadays, videos make a huge difference when trying to market yourself. People would much rather watch a video than read anything. Both live shows and music videos are great.

    A promotional video will allow your fans to watch a live performance. Well, at least the way we’ve grown accustomed to “watching live performances” since early 2020!

    Most media sites embed videos to make their articles more engaging. Venues and festivals will also use videos on their websites to promote artists theyve booked.

    That’s why you should embed a few of your best performances in your digital press kit to make it easy for promoters to find high-quality videos.

    Make sure you keep this updated, and your best performances are always featured. Think about it this way – this is also a fantastic way to show off what your stage presence and energy is like!

    You can also add a bit of text above or below your video if you have information that will make your video more compelling.

    This could encourage someone glancing over your EPK to take a deeper listen. It will also make it easier for them to describe your video if they need to use it on their website.

    Free Musician Epk Template

    How to Make an Electronic Press Kit for Musicians | EPK Best Practices

    As promised, heres a basic, free musician EPK template to help get you started. Feel free to play with the style or just use it as inspiration. Dont be afraid to make it your own and promote yourself in the most authentic way possible.

    We hope this helps to propel your music career to the next level!


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    Can You Make Your Own Epk

    The simple answer is yes, you can make your own EPK, but there are other factors to consider. Sure, you can package all your promotional materials and music together into some folder that can be shared with those who need this content, but at this point, it might not be worth the hassle. Working with a company to create your EPK typically doesnt cost much money, and it can often save you time. Also, there are instances when only certain kinds of professionally-assembled EPKs are accepted, such as when you may apply to play a particular festival or venue.

    Album Streaming And Download Links

    Embedding an unlisted Soundcloud player into your EPK is the easiest way for journalists to hear your music. You should also include a download link for those whod prefer to drop your music into their own media players, like iTunes.Include downloadable links for instrumental versions of album tracks and approved clips to use in promotion. Instrumentals are especially helpful if you use your EPK to pitch synchronizations for TV shows, movies, and commercials.

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    The Essential Elements Of An Electronic Press Kit

    In the music industry, physical press kits have almost completely been replaced by the electronic press kit. The EPK, as it is known, is a traditional promo package in a digital form that lives on a band or band manager’s website. Musicians can create their own EPKs using free programs and widgets and may also house them on hosting sites like SonicBids and ReverbNation.

    Where To Put Your Press Kit

    Website Design Inspiration: Best Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

    So now you have your electronic press kit made, where should you put it? Well, the main place is on your website! This is where people expect to find it, so don’t make them search.

    You’ll want to include a clear Press Kit’ tab in your navigation bar, so anyone looking for it knows where to find it.

    Other than that, have one to hand, so anyone requesting one on email or phone can be sent one via email.

    If you haven’t yet got a website to put yours on, I’ve a guide where I teach you how to make one here. So check that out and get yours up and running literally today.

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    Social Media Links And Streaming Links

    Add the social networks you are active on to your music EPK. This makes it easy and quick for an industry professional to click through and see what your vibe is like. It also helps someone get a handle on how you share content about your music.

    An active social media presence that shows good judgement may also help an industry professional decide to work with you. It can work in your favor if an up-and-coming blogger or podcast host plans to interview you – itll show them how far the news will go from your end, and how many people are already invested in your success.

    Then, add your artist info for any streaming services you are active on, such as Spotify or Apple music. Some people will want to not only listen to your music this way, but also see that youre active on these platforms. If you aren’t currently streaming, just omit it .

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