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What Is 8d Audio Music

The Effect Of 8d Music

What Is 8D Audio?

Chances are, over the last few days some of your friends would have messaged you saying something along the lines of Listen to this song but make sure you put both headphones on!. If you havent got the message yet, its definitely coming. 8D audio is blowing up at the moment, with YouTube being the biggest marketplace for 8D music. The reason its getting so huge comes down to the psychological effect of the final result. People describe listening to 8D audio as a mix of teleportation and the feeling of total weightlessness, all the way through to an out of body experience similar to getting high.

How Does 8d Audio Affect Your Brain

8D audio is fairly new and we dont yet understand why some people respond to it so powerfully.

However, it shares a lot of characteristics with binaural beats, which have been around for years and have well-established benefits for neurodivergent and neurotypical brains.

Binaural beats play two different tones at very similar frequencies, one in each ear of your headphones. The result is an auditory illusion: your brain tricks itself into hearing a phantom third tone thats the difference in frequency between the two real tones.

For example, if you had a tone at 130 Hertz and a tone at 120 Hz, you would hear a third tone at 10 Hz. As a result, binaural beats create an effect similar to the one 8D audio produces: you get a sense that youre in a three-dimensional space with the music, with sounds moving all around you.

A 2019 review found that listening to binaural beats improves focus and cognition and promotes relaxation.

In addition, a 2014 review found that music-based therapy incorporating binaural beats supported social interaction, non-verbal communication, and the ability to express emotion in people on the autism spectrum.

So while we arent yet sure how 8D audio works, music processed in a similar way has a positive effect on peoples brains. That could explain why people are having such positive reactions to 8D tracks.

Where Can I Find 8d Audio Music

YouTube seems to be the go-to place for most of the 8D audio thats currently on the market. It is unclear, however, if the music on YouTube is licensed and respects the copyright laws .

If you want to check out this Epidemic Sounds playlist, it uses the same techniques and production methods that characterize 8d audio. Click on the album below to listen.

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Is It Really 8d Audio

Technically, no but I have a half and half response to that question. The answer is yes, and no.

There is a yes part of this response because there is a clear difference in regular audio and 8D audio.

The main difference is that with 8D audio you hear the music surrounding you in a 360 type of element.

The no aspect of this response is because many have found that its not necessarily accurate to claim that its a new technology because to summarize, it is not.

We live in a world where its 3 dimensional, not 8. 3d objects and technologies have also been around for some time.

There is a big debate that the correct terminology for this sound should be 3d audio or spatial sound.

Benefits Of 8d Audio For Adhd And Autism


8D audio went viral on both Youtube and TikTok, where its popular to record the reactions of neurodivergent people while they listen to an 8D track for the first time.

In many cases, the reactions are extraordinary. Neurodivergent people report a variety of benefits from listening to 8D audio, including:

In addition, some people with ADHD say that 8D audio helps with focus, especially if youre doing mentally demanding work over a long period of time.

All that said, 8D audio seems to vary in the way it affects people. Some listeners say it causes nausea and dizziness, especially if the song is poorly adapted to 8D format, and 8D audio may feel like sensory overload for some people with autism or Aspergers syndrome.

The best way to find out how 8D audio music works for you is to try it yourself. If you find it unpleasant, you can always turn it off. It doesnt seem to cause any serious or lasting side effects.

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What Is Real Multi

Im pretty sure we have all heard about this surround sound system, the surround quality. This surround sound comes in various formats and the most common one in 5.1 surround sound which is used widely in many media formats. There is also quadraphonic sound and the Dolby 7.2.4 which is the new sensation right now in the market and almost all movies have this surround sound.

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D Audio Is Not Surround Sound

Here lies the major difference between surround sound and 8D audio: crosstalk.

Surround sound speakers have as many as seven-channel speakers that are all positioned around the listener in an attempt to add some depth to the audio.

The speakers have to placed above, behind, in front, and beside the listener. More to this, you have to closely monitor the sound that comes from each speaker.

Its easier to achieve sound depth with 8D audio.

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Some Examples Of 8d Music And 8d Audio

Any song you know can become 8D music since the process to convert audio into 8D audio involves using techniques that recreate the sound field to create a surround effect, which can recreate the effect of coming from different places around the head.

You can also find this type of sound in other content that is not music, and with this video, you will be able to feel sounds coming from different points around you.

As you can see if you listen to these videos with headphones, it is perfectly distinguishable where each of the sounds that are emitted throughout the videos come from.

This technology may be the future of virtual reality video games since combined with this, they are able to offer a feeling of immersion totally out of reach of any other technology known.

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You can also listen to a selection of classical music from great composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel, Chopin and Liszt for free and without leaving your browser.

Credits of the featured image: Headphones by Nickolai Kashirin via Flickr. Generic Attribution 2.0 License .

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Why Adhd And Neurodivergent People Are Into 8d Audio

If youve been on TikTok lately, you may have come across videos of ADHD and neurodivergent people blind reacting to an 8D audio version of the Ive Got a Record Player song. The idea is that the ADHD and neurodivergent community reacts to this immersive type of audio differently than neurotypicals do.

ADHD makes it difficult to focus and autism can cause sensory overwhelm. But people are reporting that 8-dimensional audio helps with both.

This type of audio isnt just for neurodivergent listeners. Anyone can experience relaxation, stress relief, and a mood boost from 8D audio. Audiophiles who have shelled out for a high-quality set of headphones particularly appreciate its mesmerizing quality.

8D audio has become massively popular on Youtube and social media, especially with the neurodivergent community. Heres how 8D audio works, and how you can try it for yourself.

The History Of 8d Audio

I was expecting this is a new technology in the market initially, but in fact, it was first released in 2017.

One of the successors of the technology is 18-year-old Samuel Correa, who is studying audiovisual communication at the University of Medellin in Colombia.

Since he first uploaded Alan Walkers Faded in 2017, more people start uploading music videos with 8D audio technology. This also caught up with the trend of ASMRs needs.

As Independent pointed out,

As many ASMR videos are recorded using binaural microphones. It stimulates the human head and allows for the Audio to capture the way the sound would move around the hearers head in real life.

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Ok So What About 9d 16d 24d 48d And 100d Audio

As near as we can figure after listening to a selection of these tracks on YouTube, there is no real difference between any of them. All do the same basic trick of moving some or all of a songs elements around in simulated 3D space.

Some of them move just the vocals, while others make each instrument appear to be choreographed in its own unique dance.

Why You Need Headphones

8D Audio

To make the illusion of 8d audio real, you need headphones. This is because headphones can isolate what you hear in each ear.

We know what youre thinking: why cant speakers do the same thing? It is not the same phenomenon of bouncing sound from one side to the other?


Well, with speakers, its difficult for the brain to locate where exactly the sound is coming from. This is because of something called crosstalk.

When using headphones, the sound from one ear-cup cannot extend to the other side. With speakers, you hear the sound from both speakers simultaneously in both ears _ this is crosstalk. Ultimately, it means you cannot tell where exactly the sound is coming from.

Therefore, headphones are not mini speakers fixed on the side of your head the two work in different ways.

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How Does It All Work

Have you ever seen a painting that plays with depth perception?

Some artists paint roads or elevators to look like sinkholes, and it makes you wonder: how can you achieve that in a three-dimensional world?

Its all about perception: fooling the brain to believing it has heard or seen something that doesnt actually exist. Well, the same idea applies to 8d audio.

You can hear 8d audio, but its not real.

Its probably obvious, but here are a few things you need to know:

  • A sound originating from your right side hits your right ear faster than it hits your left.
  • If you add in the echo and reverberation used in 8d sound, it seems like the audio is bouncing off objects in your environment.
  • Audio filtering measures the change in sound quality as it bounces from one ear to the other. This quality can even be influenced by the shape of your head.

With these factors in mind, you can see that it is easy to manipulate audio so it sounds like its coming from a specific point in a 360-degree virtual place.

8D effects are really just 3D audio effects that work a little harder to provide an immersive listening experience.

Well We Already Answered The Question What Is 8d Audio Lets See How To Record Surround Sound

Now lets take a closer look at the technology needed to produce surround sound.

Ambisonics, for example, is a full sphere sound format that has existed since 1970. The usual way to reproduce it is through loudspeakers. This makes it a little different from what we understand by 8D.

We can also use specific software to convert normal stereo audio into surround sound. We have tested the Ambeo Orbit plugin together with Audacity . In the post Make 8D songs with Audacity and Ambeo Orbit we tell you our conclusions about this software combination. You can download Ambeo Orbit and watch a demo video tutorial on the Sennheiser website. These are two examples of classical music in 8D that we have prepared using this software combination. As you can hear, they have limitations with respect to other techniques:

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How To Listen To 8d Audio

Since 8D Music tends to move from one ear to another and vice versa, it is crucial to maintain the same volume level on both ears till the entirety of the song or audio file. But some 8D songs are created by ametures and dont normalize the audio when panning. Furthermore, some 8D music even boost the volume suddenly in a track. This sudden boost in volume can cause harm to the listener.

So, use headphones and play 8D songs at medium volume where it doesnt hurt to listen.

Is It A Real Thing

Adele – Skyfall (16D | Better than 8D AUDIO) – Surround Music

The reality is that theres no new technology but a technique that allows hearing sounds as if you were in the middle of it. That feeling of music that runs through your head, thanks to the use of headphones, is the result of equalization techniques, panning and effects combined together. In short, panning is the ability to distribute the sound on different audio channels. If you think about your earphones, they have two physical channels: left and right. You can pan the sound all the way to the left or the right or, you can choose a specific sound to be played by one or the other earphone.

The result is the so-called 8D audio that let you appreciate sounds coming from different directions. You can find on YouTube or Soundcloud this kind of audio recordings from the lowest quality where the record simply moves from left to right without a real point or, you can find high-quality records where the sound is correctly located in a specific region of the 3D space and you can clearly hear it through your earphones.

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What Is 8d Audio Music

Eight-dimensional audio is a special type of audio effect that changes the way you experience music. When you listen to an 8D track with headphones, different parts of the recording shift from one ear to the other throughout the song.

The result is a uniquely immersive sensory experience. It feels like youre in the middle of a large room like a concert hall and all the musicians and vocalists in the song are moving around you while they play and sing.

The best way to understand 8D audio is to experience it yourself. Try listening to this sound effects track :

The creator calls it a 3D experience, but its built on 8D technology and really showcases the technologys capabilities.

Music in 8D audio may sound familiar to you. The mixing technique used to create it has been a staple of the recording industry for decades.

However, most songs only use the effect in brief moments, to create a sense of distance or space. In 8D audio, the effect is constant throughout the entire song.

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D 8d 16d 100d What’s The Difference

The ‘D’ in these terms stands for dimensions and, as we stated earlier, there’s no multiple dimension for music and these are just fancy terms to describe the effect. The higher the D, the greater the degree of alteration to the audio. The difference lies in the technique used to create the audio as they increase in complexity.

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The Future Of 8d Sound

Lets look at the facts of 8d audio before deciding the future of the sound:

  • It doesnt work without headphones

This is the first red flag: 8D audio might not last. Its not real, and you cannot experience it without headphones.

  • Its tiring

The sound is perpetually moving. If done wrong, it can be nauseating. But even if 8D audio is well done, all the moving sound can be tiring to the ears.

  • Is it even legal?

Most 8D tracks on YouTube are essentially remixes of original songs. This might not be entirely legal since it is unsanctioned by the creator of the song.

How To Create 8d Audio

8D Music

In contrast to the usual stereophonic recording of several sound sources located in the room, 8D audio recordings also make use of the coloration of the sound produced by the human head. The designation 8D is simply misleading and wrong. In principle, the end result is a merely three-dimensional listening experience. So-called artificial heads are often used for an adequate spatial representation of the sound sources in the room. These are replicas of a human head made of plastic. Omnidirectional pressure microphones are placed where the eardrum of the ears is located. The directivity of the microphones is only determined by the ear canal. The recorded signal of the left and right channel is given a realistic sound coloration due to the physical conditions. Due to the principle, this creates a runtime- and intensity difference between the left and right channels that create the stereo effect.

The somewhat more complex method of creating an 8D audio sound is done in post-production. An effect is added to the final mix of a song that moves the signal from left to right or the other way around. This is known as panning, which is the effect of spreading the signal across different audio channels to varying degrees. To simulate spatiality, a reverb effect is applied to the track, which adds spatial reflections and reverberation. The sound moves in a three-dimensional space around you, so that you have the feeling of being in the middle of the action.

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