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What Does Apple Music Subscription Include

Go Deep: More Things You Can Do In Apple Music

How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription

There are a few things you can do with the Apple Music app that you might not have thought about before, including buying a song you like or using Siri to direct your music. You can also view and share playlists with friends in Apple Music and listen to the service on multiple devices at once.

Are you looking for more? Apple makes it simple to follow friends who also use the service, and set up and modify your user profile. You can also add songs from Apple Music to the iCloud Music Library.

What Will Happen After Cancelling Apple Music Membership

After canceling Apple Music membership, any streaming music you’ve added to your library from the Apple Music catalog will no longer be playable, and you’ll no longer be able to search through the streaming catalog or play custom playlists. The ability to add Apple Music content to your library, listen to radio stations, download music for offline listening, and receive music suggestions from experts will also be unavailable after cancellation.

Finally, unless you switch to the stand-alone iTunes Match service, you won’t be able to stream your previously purchased and ripped music on your other devices.

Other Apple Music Features

All of the streaming services have differences, and with Apple Music, Apple has focused on human curation. While there are some algorithmically created playlists, a lot of the content highlighted on Apple Music is done by Apple Music editors.

Apple offers regularly updated personalized playlists in a “For You” tab, including a favorites mix, a chill mix, a friends mix, and a new music mix, along with other playlist options that are updated on a daily basis.

Apple Music also often has exclusive album releases, documentaries, and music videos that aren’t available on other platforms as a way to lure subscribers.

Beats 1, Apple Music’s 24/7 live radio station, is also one of the service’s unique features. It features songs curated by DJs along with a multitude of special shows, sometimes created by artists.

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Apple Music Replay Playlist

Apple Music has a Replay playlist of your most played songs of each year all the way from 2015 when the service launched.

The feature doesnt have much, but by the end of every year, you can enter the Replay website here and see how much you listened to your favorite artists, your top 100 songs, and play counts for your top albums.

With iOS 14, by the end of the Listen Now tab, you can find all your Replay playlists as well.

Is Apple Tv Plus Worth It

Apple Music Android app includes mention of

Whether or not Apple TV Plus is worth it will depend on how much you value fresh and original content. Its not the platform for people who want to binge-watch The Office for the umpteenth time, with just a limited catalog of non-original content.

Apple TV Plus features some great original content that could be worth the subscription fee for serious TV junkies. They include The Morning Show a drama starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell, See an epic sci-fi drama starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard, M. Night Shyamalans horror series Servant, .

Compared to other big hitters in the streaming world, Apple TV Plus wont offer access to new blockbuster films or fan-favorite classics, but its the only service to focus so heavily on big-budget original content. Apple is reportedly spending billions of dollars to attract top-tier talent and has deep pockets to keep the platform running as time goes on.

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Apple TV Plus also has a fairly generous family sharing plan, allowing up to six family members to use the same account. Even better, they can use their own logins, so you dont need to share your password with anybody.

Another thing to consider is that if youre already in the Apple ecosystem, you may be able to get the service for free.

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Get An Apple Music Family Subscription

With an Apple Music family subscription, up to six people can enjoy unlimited access to Apple Music on their devices.

Each member of an Apple Music family subscription can stream millions of songs from the Apple Music catalog. And each family member gets their own personal music library, and music recommendations based on what they love to listen to.

Do I Need Itunes Match If I Have Apple Music

Apple Music includes a subscription to iTunes Match, so if you’re paying for Apple Music, you can cancel your iTunes Match subscription. You don’t need a separate subscription. Whether you subscribe to iTunes Match or use Apple Music, you should still back up your personal music collection.

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Moving To Apple Music From Other Streaming Services

I have an iTunes Match subscription. If I subscribe to Apple Music, do I still need iTunes Match to keep my complete music collection together? According to Apple, iTunes Match and Apple Music are completely separate services, so it will be up to you to decide if youd like to keep iTunes Match. If your personal music collection has a lot of rare tracks and content that you cant get through Apple Music, then you may want to consider keeping both subscriptions. Check out our explainer to learn more about how Apple Music and iTunes Match work together.


Apple still offers iTunes Match, a service that lets you store the music that you own in iCloud. You can then access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

I spent years perfecting my playlists on Spotify and iTunes. Can I import these into Apple Music? Your iTunes playlists will automatically be pulled into Apple Music when you set up your account, as will the rest of your iTunes library.

However, if you use Spotify, Google Play Music, or any other music subscription service, youre out of luck. There is no easy way to directly import your playlists into Apple Music. There are some third-party playlist importers out there, like Stamp, but we havent tried any of them.

Apple Music Faq: Everything You Need To Know

How to Add a Family Member To Your Apple Music Subscription

ByHenry T. Casey14 March 2018

Here’s what you need to know about Apple Music, which is taking on Spotify with live radio stations and greater iOS integration.

Apple Music is a subscription service looking to break Spotify’s tight grip on the audio streaming market. The program offers millions of on-demand songs, live 24/7 radio and dedicated social hubs for artists, though many questions remain about its ability to dethrone the current king of music streaming.

Is Apple’s take on streaming more of a rebirth or a reheat? Does Apple offer enough exclusive content to warrant all the headlines? Most importantly: are audiences already ferociously loyal to Spotify, or are they open to change?

Time will decide the latter, but, for now, here’s everything you need to know about Apple Music.

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Price Tiers Of Apple One Bundles

  • The “individual” plan includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and 50GB of iCloud storage, for $14.95 a month.
  • The “family” plan includes Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade, with 200GB of iCloud storage, and the ability to share among up to six family members, for $19.95 a month.
  • The “Premiere” package will offer those plus Apple News+ and the new Fitness+ that’s for $29.95 a month, and can also be shared with up to six family members.

The Premiere plan, per Apple, will save up to $25 per month, compared to subscribing to all of those individually.

The service will launch this fall. Apple One offers a 30-day free trial for any services that customers do not already have.

“Apple One makes enjoying Apple subscription services easier than ever, including Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, and more,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “With Apple One, you can access the best of Apple entertainment across all your favorite devices with one simple subscription.”

Reports earlier this week stated that Apple had been registering domain names with the Apple One name, while there were also clues in the iOS code indicating eventual use of that name.

The arrival of the long-rumored bundle comes as the Services category has continued to become a more and more important part of Apple’s business. Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities, in August, assigned a value to that Services business of more than $700 billion.

Apple Music Voice Plan Considerations

This new Apple Music subscription tier has more good here than bad, but it’s not perfect.

I know my gut reaction is to pick up my phone and thumb through music releases. But, with a voice-only plan, that won’t be possible, and I can see how it could feel really limiting. Also, and maybe more importantly, sometimes I don’t know who an artist is or how to pronounce a name without finding it visually.

During an interview with a musical artist, I once mispronounced the name of another musical artist, “Bon Iver,” like someone who had never heard a french word in their life. This happened more than a decade ago and still comes to mind when I think about saying a band’s name out loud that I never have before. It was really embarrassing at the time. I can only imagine a few embarrassing moments coming from speaking all music choices out loud.

Subscribers to the voice-only plan get a lot of the features that other tier subscribers get. One notable exception is Dolby Atmos or Lossless song quality. I’m a fan of Spatial Audio on Apple Music, but the cheaper plan doesn’t include it.

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Pc & Mac Applications

For PC & Mac also, Tidal offers its app that you can install easily. The app is very slim and easy to use. Moreover, in case the Tidals app is not installed on your PC, and still, you want to consume the Tidals music on your computer, it is also possible. Thats because Tidal also offers a web player for making it possible for you to access its content in such situations.

On the other hand, Apple Music offers iTunes that you can install on your PC or Mac. But this app for PC and Mac offered by Apple Music is not as slim and as easy to use as that of Tidal. There is an option of Smart playlist that automatically generates a playlist for you on the basis of date added, genre, loved, etc. And, when it comes to the web player that you may need in case the iTunes app is not installed on your PC or Mac, Apple Music doesnt offer such a player, unlike Tidal. So in this aspect, Tidal can be said to be better than Apple Music.

Apple Music Vs Spotify: Music Library

Get an Apple Music Family subscription

Apple Music and Spotify both feature massive libraries, but Apple claims the advantage with “over 75 million” songs to Spotify’s “over 70 million.” The latter also includes around 2.6 million podcast titles, whereas there’s an entirely separate Apple Podcasts service Apple Music therefore definitely has more pure music tracks in total.

However, Apple Music has also moved away from its initial focus on exclusive album launches, with then-Apple executive Jimmy Iovine admitting in 2017 that “The labels dont seem to like it.” Likewise, Spotify’s exclusive content is mainly limited to podcasts, so there’s immense overlap between the two services on music content.

Technically this is a win for Apple on sheer numbers, but unless youve got particularly eclectic tastes, youre extremely like to to find the artists you want on either platform.

Winner: Apple Music

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What’s Included In A Subscription

  • Unlimited access to Apple Music songs on demand
  • Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos at no extra cost
  • Lossless audio on supported devices at no extra cost
  • Personalized algorithmic playlists
  • Existing music matched to iTunes catalog and added to iCloud Music Library
  • Music and playlist syncing across all Apple Music-compatible devices

Simple Ways To Listen To Apple Music Offline

Streaming music is great as it doesn’t take up valuable space on your device. But if you have a small cellular plan or limited access to the internet, you’d better download the music to your mobile devices for offline listening instead of streaming it. If you listen to Apple Music, you may want to know how does Apple Music works offline and more importantly, how to play Apple Music offline on different devices. Here are 3 simple ways you should follow to stream Apple Music offline on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows with or without an Apple Music subscription.

Method 3. Listen to Apple Music Offline without Subscription

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Tidal Vs Apple Music Quality Of Streaming

Streaming quality in Tidal can be adjusted as per your requirement and choice. And, this facility is available in both the Premium as well as HiFi plans. Moreover, there is also an option for selecting bitrate, which you can use in order to manage the usage of your cellular data smartly.

Another important thing that grabs the attention of Tidal users is its partnership with the MQA that is Master Quality Authenticated. And, it makes it possible for the recordings of master quality to be directly delivered from master sources. Isnt that great? Of course, it is. The reason is that MQA audio is at the highest resolution that can be possible. And, without MQA, the audio even in HiFi subscription is limited to only 44.1 kHz/16bit . The MQA is only included in the HiFi plan of $19.99. It simply means that if you want to take advantage of MQA, you will have to subscribe to the HiFi plan costing $19.99.

And, on the other hand, when it comes to the streaming quality in case of Apple Music, it streams AAC files at 256kbps. And, you are not allowed to change the quality of sound. Rather, it will remain fixed.

Are There Any Alternatives

How to Cancel Your Apple Music Subscription

The obvious alternatives include: Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal. Each of these services allow you to not only stream music but also keep listening when offline, though you’ll need a paid subscription for access to offline-listening as well as other premium features. You can learn more about all these services by checking out the following Pocket-lint round-ups:

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Apple Music Doesn’t Have Podcasts With A Few Exceptions

While Apple Music contains more than 50 million songs from artists of all genres, fans of podcasts will need to download Apple Podcasts. This app is for fans of the format and boasts millions of episodes of recorded shows for users to listen, subscribe to, and download for free. While you might find random episodes of a few podcasts in Apple Music, this genre isn’t a feature of the program and Apple directs listeners to Podcasts for this reason.

Setting Up Apple Music Family On An Android Device:

  • Open the Apple Music app. If you don’t see an Apple Music screen, tap the three vertical dots, then tap ‘For You’.
  • If you’re joining Apple Music for the first time or previously used a trial, tap the trial offer.
  • If you currently subscribe to Apple Music, tap ‘Sign In’, then change to a Family subscription.
  • Tap the Family option, then tap Start Trial.
  • If prompted, sign in with the Apple ID and password that you use with the iTunes Store. If you don’t have an Apple ID, click ‘Create New Apple ID’.
  • You might be asked to validate your billing info, but you won’t be billed the full monthly price until after the trial ends.
  • Add a valid payment method and tap ‘Join’.
  • If prompted, agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Choose genres and artists that you like. You can also see what your friends are listening to and get notifications when artists release new music.
  • To turn on iCloud Family Sharing: Tap the three vertical dots > Account Settings > Manage Membership > Manage Family.

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    How To Get Podcasts On Apple Podcasts

    Should you come across a podcast you like, simply tap on it, then tap the “Subscribe” button to receive updates for when new episodes are available. If you have an active internet connection when listening, you can simply tap a given episode to listen right away.

    Otherwise, if you plan to listen while on a long-haul flight or when on vacation with no service, you can tap the plus symbol to download the episode for offline listening.

    Can I Get Apple Music With My Plan If I Already Have An Apple Music Subscription Through Apple

    How to cancel your Apple Music subscription

    Yes. You can still get Apple Music with your Verizon plan even if youre already subscribed through Apple.Once you redeem the Verizon promotional subscription and link your Apple ID, you’ll be prompted within the Apple Music app to cancel one of your subscriptions. Canceling with Apple will continue your Apple Music subscription through Verizon.

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    So Is Apple Music Worth Paying For

    As with Spotify, Deezer, Google Play All Access and other streaming services, £9.99 a month for unlimited access to 30m tracks is good value for any music lover.

    Apple Musics family plan is particularly good value, whether youre a parent wanting to keep your kids off torrent sites, or living with housemates. While some rivals have family plans already, they tend to be more expensive: £9.99 for the first person then £4.99 for each additional family member. Google Play has become the first to match Apples family-plan price, though, and other rivals will surely follow.

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