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Websites To Upload Music For Free

Find Your First Fans On Bandcamp


BandCamp is a great place for new starting bands and singers. With its audience of music lovers looking for new music, the platform can help you find your first fans. Visitors can stream music you upload and buy albums, digital downloads, or even branded merchandise from you.

If you use BandCamp to find fans, make sure to embed the playlist on your music website as well. The more often your music gets streamed, the more signals BandCamp gets that your music should be featured prominently on the platform.

Start Your Music Promotion With A Website

Its important to have one platform where you control your music, content, and brand imageyour website. If a promoter or fan is searching for you online, the first hit they should get is your band website. This is your chance to hook them with a great first impression and win them over with an amazing user experience. Dont be afraid to blow your own trumpet!

Even if you promote your music online elsewhere you should always have a website to list your tour dates, news, contact details, and some sneak peeks!

If you dont have a website yet, dont worry! You can easily create a Website with Jimdo below and connect your bands social media page. What are the advantages?

  • Easy music integration: Add songs from iTunes or Spotify directly on your homepage
  • Videos: Easily upload videos from your performances to your site
  • Podcast: Link an Apple or Spotify podcast in your Music block to share interviews or teasers
  • Contact form with map: This lets visitors know where they can find you and how they can contact you
  • Social media: Link your social network profiles
  • Designed for music: Use a layout that is specially designed for music websites

Free Music Promotion Sites

Artist accounts are free on Bandcamp and when it comes to downloads, while theyre not automatically free, you can offer fans some innovative options. Either tag your music as free, set a price, or provide a donation option, allowing them to choose how much they pay. You can use the links attached to your profile to highlights these offers and so promote your music. From time to time, the website waives its fees, which can be a great opportunity to plug a promotion on merch or downloads.

Do remember, if you offer your music for free, its out there, so be sure thats what you want to do. And however you post, upload or release your tunes, make sure you publicise it. Nobody will find your music if they dont know it exists. So signpost it with lots of social media publicity and by telling audiences what youre doing.

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Where Can I Download Songs For Free

But what happens if you want to listen on a plane or find the WiFi is down on your train? Or what if youre in some far-flung, remote location without a signal? In these cases, you cant stream, but downloads are still playable -provided you downloaded them when you were connected to the net.

Many of the streaming sites make downloads part of the paid memberships . But there are also sites catering to those wanting free downloads or you can create your own.

What About Explicit Content

16 Best Places to Listen to Free Music Online

Spotify is a platform for artistic expression. While everyone has the right to make their voice heard, there are certain requirements that must be met. Illegal, explicit, or hateful content has no place on the platform and can be removed or filtered from Spotify.

This includes:

  • Content that is protected by copyright or royalties. This means if a copyrighted track is published without the consent of the copyright holders, or if a sample has not been cleared in advance with the owner of the sample.
  • Hateful content which incites racial hatred, violence against individuals or communities.

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Great Sites Where You Can Sell Your Own Music

Want to show off your music to the world? Here are the best sites that let you easily sell and distribute your music online.

If you’re a budding musician who is just starting out, you probably don’t have a manager, a label, or a distributor. It’s fineyou’ll get there.

In the meantime, why not sell your music online without any help? Who needs an agent anyway…

How Do We Earn If We Are Free

Fresh Tunes promo

Order promotion of your tracks and videos to make people speak more about your music. Fresh Tunes will make the campaign for you and show all numbers. You can start with 25$ budget.

FreshTunes certified

Professional evaluation, useful advice and new promotion opportunities. You will know the opinion of the industry professionalsâ. Promotion in socials,on the radio and in compilationsâ âalso included. Take one more step forward in your career!

Detailed report

Find how many streams and downloads of each track you have on any platform.Detailed report helps you to get unique data about sales in different countries and manage your content. Ability to promptly react on audience needs is more than 50% of success. Report costs just 1$!

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Make Sure Your Music Is Available Offline

Now you have these great alternatives for uploading your music for free, it’s important to make sure your fans can listen to it. Streaming music is effective, but what happens when you want to listen to your music on the go?

It’s important to make sure your music is available for downloads, and available for purchase as well.

Places Where You Can Promote Share And Upload Music In 2022

ROYALTY FREE Website Presentation Music / Tutorial Video Background Music Royalty Free MUSIC4VIDEO

Wondering where to upload music?

Want to be able to share your music so that you can be heard and paid?

If you are an band, singer-songwriter, music producer, etc and want to know where you should upload music so you can share it and get it heard, keep reading.

Whether you want to collaborate, earn income or reach new fans, its up to you to know where you need to share and upload music.

In this post, I am going to show you 9 places you can use to take your music career to the next step.

Let’s begin.

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Extra Tip: Best Usb Flash Drives For Storing Music

USBs come in so many different shapes, sizes, and colors that one usually gets lost in the world of USBs and does not know what to look out for when buying a flash drive. Just like having high-quality songs, it is just as important to have a good quality USB. When buying a USB, it is important to consider the quality of its components, its speed, and its reliability. Below we will present you with the best USB flash drive for music that we consider the best for storing and sharing your audio files after you download music to USB-free.

1. Corsair Flash Voyager

Corsair Flash Voyagers very own USB flash drive features a sleek and unique body design coated in water-resistant rubber. The latest USB 3.0 technology makes file transfer faster than ever. But do not worry if you have still not updated your PCs or laptops USB port to 3.0, as Corsair Flash Voyager is backward compatible with all the previous USB versions. The flash drive is compatible with Windows, Mac, and also Linux and it does not require you to install any additional software. As soon as you plug it in, you can start transferring your files. The 16 GBs of storage will let you store approximately 2500 songs.

2. Transcend JetFlash 600 Flash Drive

3. SanDisk Extreme CZ80

Upload Your Music Free And Easy In Under 30 Seconds

Our submission form has just one field, your promo URL, and one button. Click the button, choose your song and submit it. It really isthat easy. If your music is properly tagged with ID3 tags for artist, title, genre, album, date, APIC:cover, and USLT for lyrics then you’re all set!We will pull this information automatically!

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How Can I Release Music For Free

Free streaming has become a very popular way to listen to and discover new music. Theres no prep or effort required, you simply click on a song or playlist and it plays. The downside is that on many sites unless you pay a subscription fee songs are connected by ads, which doesnt make for the most seamless listening experience. The other downside is that you have to have a stable internet connection. With strong 4G networks and WiFi widely available this tends to be less of an issue these days.

Get Made: Submit Your Music And Enjoy

Free Music Website Template #51514


Upload your music and expose it to the MusicWeMake community through listings on the homepage, mentions in our blog and email newsletter, and rotation in playlists shown on each listen page.


When you submit your song, you have an opportunity to make it onto the Indie Hot 40 Music Chart published every week. Once you make it onto the chart you have that placement forever!


If you’re wondering where you are in your musical career, then fan feedback is critical for you and submitting your song will open up an opportunity for very affordable, nearly instant fan feedback shared privately with you through your MusicWeMake account.

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Getting Music On Spotify

Spotify is the leading music streaming service worldwide, offering both major and independent labels and artists a place to promote their music. Spotify offers two models: Spotify users can either listen to music for free with audio advertisements in between tracks, or pay a subscription to remove the advertisements and access other Spotify premium features such as offline listening.Either way, you make money every time someone streams your music. So how do you upload and sell your music on Spotify? Unfortunately, Spotify does not have direct deals with independent artists and labels, which is why you need to go through a digital music distributor like iMusician. No setup or yearly fee, no paperwork, we save you time by distributing your music library on all the streaming sites and up to 250 other music platforms.

No Pop Ups No Malware

Fed up of pop-up ads, push notifications, malware, bitcoin miners and quizzes that could infect your laptop or desktop with malware? So are we, which is why you will never see any of these on Uploadfiles. Too many file hosting platforms are driven by profit, which means your safety comes a distant second. For us its the other way round, giving you the confidence that you can remain safe no matter how long you spend on our file upload site.

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Free Music Distribution And Free Music Promotion Sites

Free streaming has become a very popular way to listen to and discover new music. Theres no prep or effort required, you simply click on a song or playlist and it plays. The downside is that on many sites unless you pay a subscription fee songs are connected by ads, which doesnt make for the most seamless listening experience. The other downside is that you have to have a stable internet connection. With strong 4G networks and WiFi widely available this tends to be less of an issue these days.

How To Download Music For Free

Video Background Music: Best Royalty Free Music Sites (2020 Review!)

Well, with technological advancement finding downloadable music for free is fairly simple. Several sites cater to such customer needs. All you need to do is pick a good online music streaming site, visit it and look for the download button.

Free mp3 Music Download Sites offers the best way to enjoy free music with just a single click. Lets dive into the world of music with websites offering Free and Legal Music.

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Best Sites To Find Free Music For Videos

  • 6 min read

Imagine this: you spend endless hours recording a video, editing it, searching for the perfect songs, creating a website to showcase your work, and sharing it across social media. All that, only for it to be muted or deleted due to copyright infringement. This is the worst nightmare for many video creators, especially beginners in the field who are not aware of how music licensing works or simply cant afford to pay for said licenses.

Songs are such a crucial part of any multimedia content, yet finding free background music for videos is far from a simple task. Not only do you need to find a legal place from which to download high quality tunes, but youll also have to make sure youre entitled to use these files on your work. Luckily, there is a wide range of options available online for all uses, if only you know where to look for them.

Ready to start creating jaw-dropping videos? Here are the ten best sites to find free music for videos:

Now Time To Put Your Music On Spotify

Its easy to get your music on Spotify. But where do you start? Its pretty simple all you have to do is create a free account with iMusician and upload your music via your iMusician dashboard. We take care of the rest. Theres no catch or hidden costs. Theres no startup fee, no yearly fee, and you can cancel at any time.

To get your music online, all you have to do is:

  • Create your iMusician account.
  • Upload your album, single, or EP.
  • Thats it weve got you covered. Your music will be on Spotify soon.

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The Best Free Music Download Sites

If you actually want to own your music, but you don’t want to pay, here are some legal websites that let you download songs for free.

These days, most people are streaming music from services like Spotify, but it’s not a perfect solution. While you get access to millions of songs for a reasonable monthly cost, you don’t actually own any of that music. If a service changes or shuts down, you might lose access to everything in your library.

The alternative is buying your music digitally on Apple’s Music app, Amazon, iTunes, or other digital storefront. But that can get expensive.

For the best of both worlds, these websites allow you to download music for freeand they’re completely legal. Here are the websites you can visit to get free music.

Post Your Tracks On Reddit Music

16 Best Free Music Download Sites in 2021 [100% Legal]

Many music channels tend to be saturated with artists but Reddit still has a lot of untapped potential for grassroots marketing to promote your music. This is the perfect opportunity to get up and personal with your potential fans and build up your brand. Reddit is interactive and theres no distance between you and your customer base. You can introduce yourself, share your website so people can listen to your tracks, and interact with your potential user base. Reddit users dont hold back so be prepared to get some constructive feedback about your tunes.

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Websites To Upload Music For Free

Posted on byTeenStar

If youre starting out and dont have a big budget, you may wonder how can I release music for free? There are lots of websites to upload music for free. Many of these also allow fans to download them for nothing, taking your tunes to a global audience.

Are you keen to distribute your music and looking for places you can put it, so you can reach more people? In this article, well list the most used and popular places to release your music without paying a penny. Read on to find out the best sites for giving your music away free online, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Faqs About Downloading Songs

Is moving music on a flash drive to a folder possible, just like what we can do to pictures?

Yes, you can do this with every type of file. If you’re using it on another device or PC, make sure the type of files on the USB drive is readable.

How can I know the best USB flash drive, not only for music but for any kind of file?

First, know your preferred size of the flash drive. Consider checking if it has a built-in file recovery system and the privacy for your files to be protected.

How do I download music from Youtube to my USB for free?

The first thing to do on how to download music to flash drive is go to Youtube and copy the link of your chosen music from YouTube. Using the same tool mention above you can jump to Step 3 and start there immediately.

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Some Things To Bear In Mind When Uploading Your Music

Spotify has some specific guidelines and technical requirements that independent artists should take into consideration.

For remixes, if the original song is not yours, it will be necessary to obtain the authorization of the copyright owners of the original version , and also the authorization of the owners of the audio recording of the original version . Your track will be considered a remix if you have used part or all of the original recording. So if you want to upload your own interpretation of Lady Gaga’s Shallow, or your remix-to-end-all-remixes of Old Town Road, in principle it’s possible. Just make sure you have permission beforehand.

For cover versions, if the songwriters are not from the United States, you can distribute your release freely. However, the holders of the original rights always reserve the right to request the removal of your cover version. The situation is more formalized if the songwriters are from the United States. In this case, you will need to obtain a compulsory license from a collecting society with payments based on the number of units sold or streams played.

Your track will be considered a cover version if: your track is identical to the original version with the difference being that you are the performer of that cover version. As soon as the lyrics, the melody, or the basic arrangement are changed, the song is not considered a cover. Rather, it becomes an adaptation or an edit that needs the clearance of the songwriters.

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