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The Sound Of The Music Songs

The Captain Was A Warmer More Engaged Father Than He Appeared On Film

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One of the disappointments the von Trapp children had about The Sound of Music was the portrayal of their father as a detached disciplinarian. While he did use a whistle with a distinctive sound for each child and dressed them in sailor suits, the captain did not make his children march or stand at attention. In reality, Georg was a warm and loving if somewhat overwhelmed father. It was actually Maria herself, Santopietro writes, with her emotionally stunted upbringing, who needed thawing. Johannes von Trapp told the BBC that his father was a very charming man, generous, open, and not the martinet he was made out to be both in the stage play and in the film. My mother did try to alter that portrayal for the film, but she was not successful.

Andrews Had To Rescue The Youngest Von Trapp Actor From Drowning

Anthea “Kym” Karath, who played young Gretl von Trapp, also found herself in a precarious situation on set.

Andrews recalled the filming of the scene where Maria and the kids fall out of the boat during a 2019 appearance on “The Graham Norton Show.”

“… Just before we rolled, this assistant director waded into the water and said, ‘Can I ask you something Julie? The little one doesn’t swim,'” she said.

He then asked her to fall forward and try to get to Karath as quickly as possible once they landed in the water.

“… I went over the back rather than over the front. Never swum the breaststroke so fast in my life to get to her, “Andrews continued. “And that poor, lovely kid went under a couple of times, but she came up and threw up and then was fine.”

Charmian Carr Also Had A Behind

According to the Independent Ireland, Charmian Carr, who played Leisl, injured herself while filming “16 Going on 17.”

During the dance break, the character leaps across the benches lining the inside of a gazebo, but the costume department forgot to put rubber soles on the bottom of her shoes, so on her first jump, she slipped, broke one of the gazebo’s glass panes, and sprained her ankle.

Despite the injury, Carr finished filming the dance number which garnered a standing ovation from the crew.

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What Are The Most Popular Songs From The Sound Of Music

The most popular songs from The Sound Of Music are Prelude and The Sound Of Music, Overture and Preludium , Morning Hymn and Alleluia, Maria, I Have Confidence, Sixteen Going On Seventeen, My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, The Sound of Music, The Lonely Goatherd, Edelweiss, Laendler, So Long, Farewell, Entr’acte, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, My Favorite Things , Something Good, Processional And Maria , Sixteen Going On Seventeen , Do-Re-Mi , Edelweiss , So Long, Farewell , Climb Ev’ry Mountain , End Titles, Robert Wise Interview, Richard Rodgers Interview and Charmian Carr Interview.

The most popular songs from The Sound Of Music are Prelude and The Sound Of Music, Overture and Preludium , Morning Hymn and Alleluia, Maria, I Have Confidence, Sixteen Going On Seventeen, My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, The Sound of Music, The Lonely Goatherd, Edelweiss, Laendler, So Long, Farewell, Entr’acte, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, My Favorite Things , Something Good, Processional And Maria , Sixteen Going On Seventeen , Do-Re-Mi , Edelweiss , So Long, Farewell , Climb Ev’ry Mountain , End Titles, Robert Wise Interview, Richard Rodgers Interview and Charmian Carr Interview.

The Original Director Had A Different Vision For The Movie

The Sound of Music (1965)

William Wyler, a Swiss-German Jew who had won three Best Director Oscars, was originally assigned to direct the film. He envisioned a lot more Nazis, swastikas and cheering Austrian crowds to greet the Anschluss that takes up the movies final stretch. Eventually, Wyler decided to direct the disturbing psychological thriller The Collector instead, and Robert Wise, who had guided the film version of West Side Story to 10 Oscars, came onboard.

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Things You May Not Know About ‘the Sound Of Music’

The beloved movie musical about the von Trapp family, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, almost didn’t happen.

When Robert Wises film version of Rodgers and Hammersteins hit Broadway musical was released March 2, 1965, probably most of the participants were not dreaming of the kind of extraordinary staying power the movie has exhibited they were just concerned that it make back its $8 million cost and keep the creditors from beleaguered 20th Century-Foxs door. Star was probably most worried that portraying another wholesome nanny after s would shackle her image and career. But the movie has persevered through re-releases and broadcast and home video and sing-alongs. Here are 10 facts about the classic movie musical:

The Villa Trapp Is A Historical Landmark In Austria But They Couldn’t Film The Movie There

Fans from across the globe travel to Salzburg, Austria, to tour the sets and real-life historical landmarks from the film, including the Villa Trapp, the von Trapp family’s home.

But the villa couldn’t actually be used as a filming site for the movie because it was occupied by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood at the time.

Today, the home has been converted into a hotel, where fans can visit and learn the story of the real-life von Trapp family.

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Sixteen Going On Seventeen

While this song is touted as cute and romantic, it certainly isn’t the best one in The Sound of Music. Rolfe and Liesl are in love, but their song focuses on the idea that Liesl needs “someone older and wiser” to take care of her, and that “someone” is apparently Rolfe.

The song is also tainted by the fact that Rolfe is on the side of Nazism.

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    The Von Trapps Only Had To Cross The Railroad Tracks Behind Their Villanot The Alpsto Escape The Nazis

    The Trapp Family Singers on tour in 1940.

    In the climactic scene of The Sound of Music, the von Trapps flee Salzburg, Austria, under the cover of night and hike across the surrounding mountains to safety in Switzerland. Had they scaled the Alps in real life, however, the von Trapps would have crossed into Nazi Germany, not neutral Switzerland, which was approximately 200 miles away. Dont they know geography in Hollywood? Salzburg does not border on Switzerland! complained Maria von Trapp after seeing the film. In Hollywood you make your own geography, came the reply from the films director, Robert Wise, according to author Tom Santopietros new book, The Sound of Music Story. The von Trapps real-life departure from Austria was less dramatic, if not just as timely as the one on the silver screen. In broad daylight, the family exited the gate at the rear of their villa and crossed the railroad tracks that ran behind it to board a train to Italy, where the family had citizenship once Captain Georg von Trapps birthplace became Italian territory in 1920. Salzburg residents saw off the captain, a pregnant Maria and the nine von Trapp children who were traveling with suitcases in tow under the guise of a family vacation in Italy. They left just in time the next day the Austrian borders were sealed. During World War II, Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler used the von Trapps villa as a summer residence.

    Filming The Opening Scene Was Not As Blissful As It Appeared On The Screen

    Tom Santopietro, the author of “The Sound of Music Story,” told Inside Edition in 2015 that filming the iconic opening scene, where is joyfully singing in the mountains, wasn’t easy.

    “When the helicopter zoomed in on Julie Andrews, the downdraft from the helicopter was so strong that Julie Andrews kept getting knocked down into the mud,” he said.

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    The Sound Of Music Review

    The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music was a huge hit in 1959 for Rodgers & Hammerstein and a highlight in the remarkable career of Mary Martin. The book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse was based on Maria von Trapp’s autobiography. It’s a rather cloying story that involves nuns, Nazis, and seven cute kids, but it has pleased audiences for years. The title song, “Climb Every Mountain,” “My Favorite Things,” “Do-Re-Mi,” “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” and “Edelweiss” all entered the culture through this score. The cast album features Theodore Bikel in the romantic lead, which unfortunately became a non-singing role in the subsequent film.

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    Three Von Trapp Children Were Omitted From The Film

    Members of the von Trapp clan at a family-run hotel in Vermont in 1965.

    Due to the altered timeframe, none of the three children that the captain and Maria had together appeared in the movie version along with the seven children from the captains first wife. Daughter Rosmarie was born in 1929 and Eleonore arrived in 1931. The birth of son Johannes in Philadelphia in January 1939, months after the family left Europe, brought the number of von Trapp children to 10.

    Audience Reviews For The Sound Of Music

    • Christian CSuper Reviewer
    • Jan 06, 2013Hey, I know it’s a ‘Classic’ but this is one musical I find a little too sickly sweet for my tastes! I’m a bigger fan of Wise’s grittier ‘West Side Story’ but I can’t fault the performances of Andrews and Plummer here. The latter in particular brings home the anger and fear that the Nazis represent to him and Austria as a whole and when the film tackles this theme then it nicely counterbalances the ‘Doh, a Dear’ and ‘My Favourite Things’ moments. The songs are all so well known now that you have to stop yourself from joining in but the most emotional moment for me is Plummer unable to continue with ‘Eidelweiss’ towards the end. Andrews’ wide eyed innocence can grate sometimes but you can tell that she’s 100% committed to the performance and it’s not her fault that Maria is such an annoying goody goody! At almost 3 hours the film is way too long but as a holiday staple it’s up there with ‘The Great Escape’ and having grown up with it I can’t bring myself to hate it.David SSuper Reviewer

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    Other Actors Were Considered For The Roles Of Maria And Captain Von Trapp

    Doris Day was seriously considered for the role of Maria, along with Leslie Caron, Anne Bancroft and even Grace Kelly. Walter Matthau was actually tested for the role of Captain von Trapp, with other names like Yul Brynner and Bing Crosby also floated for the part. Luckily, footage of Andrews in was available to the filmmakers and she became the top choice. And Christopher Plummer was selected for the dash of danger he could bring to the Captain.

    A scene from “The Sound of Music”

    Essential Songs From The Sound Of Music Soundtrack

    The Sound of Music | “My Favorite Things” Lyric Video | Fox Family Entertainment

    One of the most beloved and well-known musicals of all time, The Sound of Music, is loosely based on the true story of the Trapp family singers, as told in the book The Story of the Trapp Family Singers. The musical production shares the tale of love, compassion, and the journey of the family and Maria as they face impending war with Nazi Germany.

    As you listen to The Sound of Music Soundtrack, explore the lovely cultural insights found in songs like Edelweiss , the bright call to keep dreaming in Climb Every Mountain, and the sweet, innocent love of the teenage years in Sixteen Going on Seventeen.

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    The Driving Force Behind The Trapp Family Singers Was Left Out Of The Film

    Like many families, the von Trapps went broke during the Great Depression, losing their fortune when their bank went under in the 1930s. Forced to raise money, the von Trapps took in boarders, including Father Franz Wasner, who recognized their musical talent after hearing them sing. As the familys musical director, the priest crafted the von Trapps into professional singers. He slowly but surely molded us into a real musical entity, Maria von Trapp once said, according to Santopietro. After fleeing Austria with the von Trapps, Wasner toured with them through Europe and the United States. Santopietro calls Wasner the driving musical force behind the Trapp Family Singers, but he notes that the writers of the film believed that Wasners presence as a musical tutor would undercut Marias role, so the priest was replaced by the fictional music impresario Max Detweiler.

    The Story Is Largely Historically Inaccurate

    “The Sound of Music” centers on the von Trapps, a real Austrian family.

    The Broadway musical which later inspired the 1965 film was based on the memoir “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” by Maria von Trapp . But the plot didn’t always stay true to the source material.

    For example, there were 10 von Trapp children not seven, Maria came as a tutor for one of the children not as a governess for all of them, and were married 11 years before the family left Austria.

    Perhaps the largest historical inaccuracy was the climactic ending of the film, where the family escapes to Switzerland over the Alps as the Nazis invade Austria.

    According to, the real family pretended they were going on vacation in Italy the day before the Austrian borders were closed. Once they arrived, they set up a plan to travel to the US.

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    Andrews And Plummer Were Shot In Silhouette During Something Good To Cover Up A Fit Of Giggles

    Back in Hollywood, during one of the last scenes filmed, Andrews and Plummer were getting punchy. The arc lights hung over the gazebo set kept producing, in the actress words, a raspberry sound. Nothing could stem the tide of hilarity sweeping over the love scene, so cinematographer Ted McCord cast his romantic leads in shadow.

    The Sound Of Music Filled The Von Trapp House Before Marias Arrival

    The Sound of Music (1965) 123 Movies Online

    The captain hardly disapproved of music. He and his first wife introduced music and song into their house and even taught their children how to play musical instruments including the accordion, violin and guitar. My real mother was very musical, daughter Maria Franziska von Trapp recalled in a 1999 interview with Vanity Fair. She played violin and piano and we all sang before we met Maria. We had at least a hundred songs before she came. What she did was teach us madrigals, and of course this is very hard to do, but we found it was no problem for us.

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    The Sound Of Music Songlist: Sing

    Neither Mozart, nor the architecture of the Baroque gem Salzburg attracts the largest share of visitors – 70 percent of all tourists who make it to the city come because of “The Sound of Music“. Dont be surprised how much the tourism mafia sells tacky “TSoM” merchandising, despite of the musical being virtually unknown in Austria itself.

    A very significant attraction that is concerned with the film and musical arevariations of the so-called “Sound of Music Tour”. There are several tourism companies that offer these guided excursions, but you can reach most Sound of Music locations easily by walking or public transport. For details, see our guide to your “Personal Sound of Music Tour“.

    One thing you will definitely need, though, is to sing yourself – the busses come with the records, if you do the tour yourself, the responsibility for the sing-along is with you. To assist you in putting together your trip, you find the complete “Sound of Music Songlist” below.

    The Easy Fast & Fun Way To Learn How To Sing: 30daysingercom

    The hills are alive with the sound of musicWith songs they have sung for a thousand yearsThe hills fill my heart with the sound of musicMy heart wants to sing every song it hearsMy heart wants to beat like the wings of the birdsthat rise from the lake to the treesMy heart wants to sigh like a chime that fliesfrom a church on a breezeTo laugh like a brook when it trips and falls overstones on its wayTo sing through the night like a lark who is learning to prayI go to the hills when my heart is lonelyI know I will hear what I´ve heard beforeMy heartwill be blessed with the sound of musicAnd I´ll sing once more

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