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Submit Music To Spotify Playlists

Submit Your Music To Spotify Playlists: The Best Way To Get Heard

Submit Music To Spotify Playlists for FREE – The Easy Way! | Soundplate

Getting your music heard on Spotify is only getting easier!

And you can do it too if you submit your music to Spotify playlists!

Wanna get free Spotify Playlist Submissions?

With more people joining Spotify than ever before, more Spotify playlists being created, and more listeners artists like you can tap into.

Whether you have unreleased music or fresh new music you’re planning on getting exposure for, submitting to Spotify playlist curators will let you reach new audiences.

It may be daunting knowing where to submit your Spotify song, and where to find the right curators.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide for the best Spotify playlist curators you can submit your music to for free.

I’m taking song submissions of all genres

The #1 Key To Getting Featured In Spotify Playlists: Networking

Have you heard of Austin Kramer? Austin was the in-house A& R at Spotify who curated ALL Dance/Electronic playlists from 2015-2020.

Every. Single. Electronic. Playlist.

Thats right. He was on the payroll at Spotify, and his job was to maintain all the electronic music playlists. It was an unspoken rule amongst the upper echelon of producers that you HAD to be friends with Austin if you were, you could DM him your music and he would put it in the playlists. That would get you streams, clout, and ultimately accelerate your career.

If you can pull this off with the in-house Spotify curators, you are golden .

End of story.

But of course, we cant all do that. The next best option is networking with the owners of User-Curated playlists. I recommend following these four steps:

  • Meet curators online Weve talked all about sending personalized email pitches. This is absolutely essential to building online connections. Be sure to actually follow the playlists, and maybe try giving them a couple of shoutouts on your Instagram story before sending in your own music for consideration.
  • Build Your Own Playlists Nobody likes the person who is always asking for something. What can you offer? Well, your own playlist of course!
  • Getting playlisted takes some time and effort. But at the end of the day, its only a fraction of the time youre putting into creating a track. Remember, its that extra little effort that will get your track the visibility it deserves.

    Claim Your Spotify For Artist Page

    In order to claim your page on Spotify, follow these instructions:

    • Log into your CD Baby account
    • You’ll either need to create a general Spotify account or sign in to your existing account. The feature works with Free and Premium Spotify accounts.

    • To sign up for a new account go here )

  • You’re all set! You should be inside of your Spotify For Artist page at this point. You’ll now be able to log into your Spotify For Artist page through this page forever !

  • Confirm that you’ve claimed your page on Spotify .

    2.b If this your first project to get delivered to Spotify

    We know it is not ideal, but if this is your first release and you don’t have anything on Spotify yet, you will have to wait for your first release to go live in order to claim your artist page. You will have to wait to release your second release in order to submit for playlist consideration.

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    Why Submit To Spotify

    In 2021, Spotify is one of, if not the leading music streaming platform globally. Artists who upload their music to Spotify are able to reach 172 million unique users. However, when competing against global megastars and millions of other musicians, it isnt easy to stand out from the crowd.

    We at Soundscape want all artists to succeed, not just our own. The world needs to hear your music, and the power of your music could change someones life. Were all here to grow, learn, and help others through our passions, and hopefully succeed in said passions to pay rent and keep our families fed. Increasing your exposure through Spotify, among other routes, may get you on the right track.

    Final Thoughts On How To Get Featured In Spotify Playlists

    Submit Songs for my Hip Hop &  Rnb Playlist

    Spotify is an incredibly powerful platform for growth, and you have to learn to play by its rules if you want to succeed. But the reality of it all is that you won’t even have a seat at the table or a fighting chance of getting playlists unless your music is damn incredible.

    And Hyperbits Masterclass is there to help you get there.

    My entire mission at the Masterclass is to get you sounding as good, if not better than your favorite artists. And if your favorite acts have no trouble getting thousands of plays across dozens of playlists, then you can do it too. All it takes is having a professional in your corner every step of the way, and that’s my entire mission.

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    How To Get Your Music Featured On Indie Playlists

    Obviously, getting your song featured on a top-tier playlist like Rap Caviar or Rock This is the goal for most artists, but in order to get there, you’ll need to prove yourself on some smaller playlists first. Getting featured on smaller playlists can be a great way to build up steam and get your song noticed by some of the more influential indie curators.

    Start by finding a playlist that you think your song will perform well on. Check the user name linked at the top of the playlist to find the curator. Some curators include a link in the description where you can submit songs. For others, you may have to do some Googling.

    Once you find the curator’s contact info, reach out with a personalized pitch explaining why your song would be perfect for their playlist. Be sure to mention why your music fits in so well with the playlist you’re pitching for and demonstrate that you’ve actually taken the time to listen to their playlist.

    Keep your email short, sweet and to the point. Curators don’t have time to read your full bio. Hit them with the basic info like artist name, song name, album name , and a link where they can listen. Never send your song as an attachment.

    In addition to the “who, what, why, when, where, and how” of your song, be sure to provide some context on your release. Be sure to include any interesting stories about your music along with press, music video plans, release schedules, and promotions, as well as the social media accounts linked in your artist profile

    Setting Up Your Account

    In order to get your music featured on a Spotify playlist, you need a verified Spotify For Artists account. To do this, you’ll need to work with a music distributor like DistroKid or CDBaby to release your first songthey’ll handle setting up your artist profile on Spotify.

    Once your song is released, you’ll need to claim your Spotify For Artists page Once approved, you’ll receive a “verified” checkmark, and be able to edit the content on your Spotify page including your bio, photos and concert information.

    You’ll also be able to select a song or concert to promote at the top of your page in the Artist Pick section, along with a fundraiser of your choice in the Artist Fundraising Pick section. Finally, you can showcase one of your personal playlists in the Artist Playlist section, which can be a great way to introduce people to your music and the songs that inspire you.

    After claiming your Spotify For Artists page, you’ll be given access to tons of data and analytics about your music and fans. Best of all you’ll be able to pitch your songs directly to Spotifys editorial team for playlist consideration.

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    Submit Your Song For Playlist Consideration

    Once your single has been delivered to Spotify , you’ll want to wait a 2-3 days before you begin checking your Spotify For Artist account to see if your single has landed in the “unreleased” section. Once it has, go ahead and follow these directions:

    Here are Spotifys instructions:

    • Log in to Spotify for Artists on desktop, and find any unreleased music at the top of the Home or Profile tabs.
    • Select GET STARTED next to the release you want to submit. Or, go to Profile, right-click any unreleased music, and select Submit a Song.

    • Choose a song from the release to submit.

    • Fill out as much info about the song as possible. The more info we get, the better chance it has!


    How Can You Submit Your Track To Musicto

    How to Submit Your Music to Spotify Official Playlists

    Itâs easy and it wonât take long at all.

    Use the form below to submit your track to our global community of music playlist curators.

    There are three sections to fill out:

    • the first asks for general information about you and your track
    • the second gives you prompts to describe the mood and sound of your track
    • the third offers you the opportunity to describe your track in your own words.

    You only need to submit this form once. Good luck!

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    It’s Pitchin’: How To Submit Your Music To Spotify For Playlists

    Ok, you’ve claimed your Spotify for Artists page and you’ve got it just the way you want. Here’s what comes next: promote your music!

    You can now submit your music directly to Spotify for playlist consideration through your Spotify for artist profile. This is huge! This really puts artists in the driver’s seat and allows them to promote their own music AND WE LOVE IT. Though do keep in mind that you can only submit titles that are delivered to Spotify but unreleased .

    You can check out Spotify’s FAQ on how to submit, but here are the basics.

    • Log into your Spotify for Artists Account

    Seriously, it’s that easy. That being said, we’ve been keeping an eye on how this tool is working and we have 5 major things for you to keep in mind while submitting.

  • It works. Its not just a roll the dice and hope for the best situation correctly following the prescribed steps in Spotifys system seems to consistently and automatically go to the Release Radar of all your followers. In many-to-most cases, its going on the appropriate genre- and mood-based playlists as well. This is true for artists at all levels not just those with big followings.
  • YOU CAN DO IT. Dont be intimidated, dont feel like its a waste of time. Spotify set this up for a reason and they truly want artists to use it. Even though you still need us to get your music on Spotify, the distributor or label no longer needs to be involved in the playlist pitching process like before.
  • Top Tips For Maximising Your Playlist Success

    • Ensure your Spotify and social media profiles are up to date, with wellwritten bios and high-resolution images. When emailing your pitch, remember to personalise where possible and include a press kit.
    • Manage finances. Doing DIY PR can run into the thousands, so always keep track of spending to make sure youre using your money wisely.
    • Stay organised, remember who youve already messaged and record where the track is being played and by whom.
    • A track can only be pitched to most Spotify playlists at least 7 days prior to its release.

    Spotify do their best to de-mystify the process and here, Spotify Q& A, answer various questions on the subject. Its well worth a read for further research or to learn more on how the editors work. Below is a list of curated Spotify playlists which take submissions to get you started.

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    Submit Music To As Many Spotify Playlists As Possible

    At the end of the day, one playlist submission is unlikely to move the needle.

    Only once you start regularly submitting your tracks to relevant & targeted Spotify playlists, will you see playlist features start to happen.

    That’s why submitting to hundreds of Spotify playlists at once, and unlocking access to an entire network is our top recommendation since all the work is done for you.

    The Spotify playlists are at your disposal, vetted, and ready for you to submit your music to.

    It’s good to get into a routine to submit music to the right places on a regular basis.

    How Music Gateway Can Help

    How to submit music to Spotify Playlists for free? 11 authentic curators

    If you are a member of Music Gateway, you can submit your music to our playlists. These playlists will ensure your music will get more listens and perhaps gain you enough attention to be considered for Spotifys editorial playlists. All you need to do is click on the playlist you wish to submit to, follow it, upload your tracks and click submit. Its that simple.

    Sign up to Music Gateway and submit to our playlists today to get the ball rolling. Our tried and tested services greatly improve your chances of getting picked up by a Spotify editorial playlist.

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    What Artists Are Saying

    PlaylistPush really helped take my music to the next level and connected with some amazing Spotify curators!

    Curt Reynolds

    The service is great and gives an opportunity to independent artist to have a fighting chance when most of the Spotify playlist are influenced by major labels. My personal experience landed me on some great playlist which brought me to almost 50,000 streams on my current single.

    The Indiigo Child

    Kudos to Playlist Push for taking the initiative in developing a transparent and streamlined process for connecting independent artists to playlist curators.

    Dylan Ryche

    How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Featured

    Here are some ways that will get you noticed by Spotify curators and increase your chances of your music getting picked.

    Get Verified

    The check by your name shows that youre a legitimate artist. Also, verification allows you to have access to your fan insights as well as your artist page. You can become a verified artist by filling out a short form.

    Be Active On Spotify

    The more active you are on Spotify, the greater the chances a Spotify curator will notice you. Make sure you are regularly releasing music and promote your artist page on social media wherever you can.

    Start Small

    It is important that you consider submitting your to independent curators. This will help your music gain traction and will increase your chances of Spotifys editorial team noticing your success.

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    How Do You Know If Your Song Is Selected For A Spotify Playlist

    Make sure to note down the email that you use to log in to your Spotify for Artists profile, as this is where you will be notified if your song is selected for a playlist. You can also check the Playlists tab in your Spotify for Artists account. If they don’t select your music right away, dont be discouraged. Keep pitching. Even if one song isnt a fit, the next one might be. You never know when success will find you.

    Complete The Playlist Submission Form

    How to submit your music to Spotify playlists

    Each time you submit a track for playlist consideration, Spotify asks you a series of questions for curators to best understand and categorize your song. It will ask you questions about the tempo, genre, mood, and other song descriptors. Be as vivid and clear as you can, as this will give Spotify data to categorize and promote your song. First impressions are everything. The more information you relay, the better your songs chances will be to land on a curated playlist.

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    Pitch Music To Independent Curators

    < br> When it comes to pitching your music to independently curated playlists you’ll need to start hunting down curators.

    There are thousands of popular independent Spotify playlists out there created by all sorts of curators – from blogs, media outlets and industry folk to just your average Spotify users.

    Spend a few hours searching through Spotify to find playlists that would suit your sound, make a note of who owns the playlist and head to Google.

    A bit of Google searching can throw up the contact details you need to start submitting to the playlists you’ve chosen as targets. It’ll usually be an email address or maybe a submission form on their website.

    You could keep things even more organized by making a spreadsheet of all your potential playlist contacts.

    Once you’ve found the right contacts, it’s time to reach out.

    Make sure to keep your email short, polite and informative, with prominent links to your music on Spotify. Make it as easy as possible for them to quickly find out who you are and listen to your music.

    < br>

    < /center>

    < br>

    TIP: If you& rsquo re wondering where to start, you can actually submit your music to the Ditto Music Spotify playlists right now! Our playlists cover loads of different genres including indie, electronic, hip-hop, rock and more. < a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> SEND US YOUR MUSIC HERE< /a> .< /em> < /p>

    < br> < hr>

    Submit To These Spotify Playlists In 2021

    An individual, recently furloughed, is forced to work from home. No longer at the mercy of the office radio, they scroll Spotify, exercising their new found freedom. Chill hip hop beats to study and work from home to? Dont mind if I do. The speaker jumps into life, and their ears are blessed with the sound of an aspiring artist. An artist whos realised playlists are the new line ups, curators are the new gig organisers, and the audiences are bigger than ever.

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