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Star Spangled Banner Music Sheet

Star Spangled Banner Flute

USA National Anthem – The Star Spangled Banner – EASY Piano Tutorial – Sheet Music

Here is a version of the Star Spangled Banner for flute and piano accompaniment: I have produced this arrangement with the piano accompaniment playing the tune as well. This is so that it gives support to students who are starting out on the flute. The melody line can be removed from the piano part and the arrangement will still work. This will sound better as a performance if the flute player is confident enough to perform without the piano playing the tune.

Star Spangled Banner Trumpet and Clarinet

Here is a version for trumpet or clarinet in B flat: The arrangement should work well for either trumpet or clarinet in B flat. As with the flute arrangement, the top melody line from the right hand of the piano accompaniment can be omitted.

Solo Voice With Optional/audience Chorus

Our Star Spangled Songbook will be available this summer with a range of historical performance scores. In advance of the anthems anniversary, we are making a selection of the most important scores available in free downloadable editions, click here to see the editions now available.

Adams and Liberty most popular American parody of the To Anacreon melody and a Federalist Party anthem

More vocal scores on the way

The Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music For Piano

This page features five versions of The Star Spangled Banner for beginner to more advanced pianists. The first version features the melody in just the right hand. Version 2 trades sections of the melody back and forth between right hand and left hand. Version 3 places the melody in the right hand, with a simple, single-line accompaniment in the left. Version 4 features a slightly more involved accompaniment, and version 5 includes a more intricate accompaniment with chords. Select one of the images below for a free, printable PDF of the song.

If you would like to see the melody with the chords, and learn more about the history of the song, visit the main lead sheet for The Star Spangled Banner page. It includes arrangements in seven keys, as well as links to versions for band and string instruments.

If you would like to play the piece in a different key with transposing instruments, see the explanation of transposition.

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Free Sheet Music To The Star Spangled Banner For Common Concert Band Instruments And Voice

Are you looking for sheet music containing the words, lyrics, or music to The Star Spangled Banner? The documents below contain the words, lyrics, and music of the American National Anthem. You can view the sheet music or download the individual parts arranged for standard concert band instrumentation.

The Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music For The Violin

Free Lead Sheet  The Star

This violin sheet music for The Star Spangled Banner is written in the key of G. Select the image of the song below for a free, printable PDF of the melody. There is also a solo violin version of the song in the key of D, if you would like to play it in a slightly higher range. The page for The Star Spangled Banner for strings has arrangements for violin, viola, cello, and bass, so you can play with an orchestra or a smaller ensemble. If you would like to play the song in a different key, play along with woodwind or brass instruments, see the chords for the song, or learn about the history of the song, visit the main Star Spangled Banner lead sheet page.

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The History Of The Star Spangled Banner

The history of Francis Scott Keyâs Star Spangled Banner is well known, and it tells the story of a very important military victory for the United States. Key, who was a lawyer from Georgetown in Washington, DC, was on a ship near the Baltimore Harbor in the final days of the War of 1812. Just a few weeks earlier, the British had burned much of Washington, including the White House, and they were now bombing Fort McHenry in Baltimore. On the morning of September 14, 1814, after a long battle in which the British were heavily favored to win, Key awoke to see that âour flag was still there.â He set to work on the poem which would eventually become the national anthem of the USA.

Key set the poem to a melody called Anacreon in Heaven, which was written by John Stafford Smith. Ironically, Smith was British, and he wrote the song for an English gentlemenâs society that promoted music. Nevertheless, the melody was also popular in America, and Keyâs poem fit the rhythm of the song. To learn more about the history of the song and see some fascinating images of original versions of the poem and sheet music, visit the Library of Congress Star Spangled Banner webpage. The Smithsonian website also has interesting information on the original song, Anacreon in Heaven. In 1931, president Herbert Hoover signed a law that declared the Star Spangled Banner to be the national anthem of the Unite States.

Star Spangled Banner Sheet Music

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    Origin Of The Star Spangled Banner Song And Lyrics

    US National Anthem – “The Star-Spangled Banner” – Piano Tutorial & Sheet Music

    The poem that would become the lyrics to our US National Anthem was composed in 1814 by Francis Scott Key as he witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Maryland during what we now call the War of 1812. A few months later it was joined together with the music to a popular British drinking song of the day and The Star Spangled Banner was born. Complete lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner are included at the bottom of this document. Contrary to popular thought, the original words to the American National Anthem include four complete verses. Traditionally we sing only the first of the four.

    Links are also provided below to allow you to download and print the sheet music to “The Star Spangled Banner,” our American National Anthem. As you can see from the listing of available sheet music, piano parts and guitar parts are not specifically provided, however please feel free to try the clarinet or flute parts as a possible substitute if you are looking for those missing instruments. Be aware that the parts included in this download contain the melody only.

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    Star Spangled Music Editions


    We are pleased to provide an ongoing series of Star Spangled Music Editions, with usually free, performance-ready downloadable scores of works connected to the history and legacy of American music and Francis Scott Keys The Star-Spangled Banner.

    If you use these scores, we ask that you credit the arranger-editor and the Star Spangled Music Foundation in your program and email with an announcement of your performance. If you are interested in posting videos or recordings online, please email us for easy authorization. Also please recommend starspangledmusic.org to friends and colleagues. See the links below for further information about specific works.

    P.S. All of our scores are performance tested, but if you have suggestions or find an error please email with your comments.

    Thank you.


    Star Spangled Banner Piano

    These arrangements of Star Spangled Banner for piano are perfect for learning to play the national anthem of the United States of America. There are also versions for trumpet, clarinet and flute.

    The Star Spangled Banner has been the official national anthem of the USA since a resolution of Congress in 1931. The lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key in 1814 and the music was composed by John Stafford Smith. It is quite a challenging piece of music to play on the piano as it has very wide melody range which requires considerable repositioning of the hands whilst playing it. It is very important to look at the fingering on the sheet music in order to be able to play the melody smoothly. In addition, the harmony changes quite quickly and so separate practice of the left hand notes is required in order to be able to play the piece effectively.

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    The Patriotic Heart: The Star

    Ask any American what “The Star-Spangled Banner” is and you might get a patriotic rendition of this song.

    “The Star-Spangled Banner” is the official national anthem of the United States of America. Its famed lyricist, Francis Scott Key , was a lawyer and amateur poet when he wrote it. The poem he wrote was entitled “Defence of Fort M’Henry,” and it described how the British Navy bombarded the said fort during the War of Independence. Stories say that the poem was inspired when Key saw the US flag, Star-Spangled Banner , dancing in the wind after the US victory. Also, Key write the poem on the back of a letter, scraping to write his feelings at that moment.

    If the poem where the song is lifted from is very patriotic, the tune of the hymn is ironically very British. The tune was borrowed from John Stafford Smith ‘s “To Anacreon in Heaven.” The song was made for the Anacreontic Society of London and was also popular in America’s drinking places.

    The hymn’s journey as the USA’s national anthem was not quick. The United States Navy officially adopted the song by 1889. Later on, US President Woodrow Wilson adopted it in 1916. Finally, it was recognized as the official national anthem of the country on March 3, 1931. It was approved by a congressional resolution under President Herbert Hoover.

    The original poem/hymn was four stanzas with eight lines each. There is also a short version, with three stanzas and four lines, which is also used for normal singing.

    Other Resources

    The Star Spangled Banner

    The Star

    This document contains sheet music for all common instruments to play The Star Spangled Banner, also known as the sheet music to the National Anthem of the United States of America. You can view the sheet music online or download the individual parts arranged for all common concert band instruments. If you do not see your instrument listed please scroll to the bottom of the page and try one of the the other instruments. Most musicians will be able to find at least one instrumental part that matches their range and preferred key signature. If you are seeking a simple piano version of the song please select from the voice, trumpet, or alto saxophone versions.

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    Star Spangled Bannersheet Music & Lyrics

    “Star Spangled Banner”, the American national anthem, was written by Francis Scott Key, a lawyer and amateur poet.In 1814, the British army attacked Washington, D.C., and burned down the capitol building. After this successful attack, they decided to charge Baltimore, which was nearby.Baltimore harbor was protected by Fort McHenry, and on that night of September 13, 1814, more than eighteen hundred cannonballs hit the fort.Francis Scott Key was on a British ship, eight miles away, negotiating the release of an American prisoner of war. He watched the bombardment from the ship, anxiously waiting to see if the American flag would still be flying over the fort. His relief when he saw the flag the next morning drove him to write the lyrics on the back of a letter that was in his pocket.The words of the poem fit the tune of a song the people already knew. In 1931, Star Spangled Banner became the official American national anthem.

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