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Spotify Premium Or Apple Music

Tuning Into The Radio

Apple Music vs Spotify: Which is BEST in 2020?

Spotify has replaced its old Radio tab with an option to make a radio mode for any specific artist, album, playlist, or song.

You can create a new radio station by tapping the three-dot menu icon and then choosing Go to Radio. You can save your favorite stations as playlists in the library, so you dont lose them.

The app also offers assistance while making playlists, giving you a more personal experience than simply using the radio.

A good example of Spotifys assisted playlist feature would be if you wanted to create a playlist to accompany you on your evening runs.

Using assisted playlists, Spotify will use the title youve given a playlist and then pull from suggestions based on your past listening history as well as recommendations based on what others with similar tastes have added to their own running playlists. You can fill your playlists with tracks on your own, or Spotify will do it for you once youve chosen a few. Users can also search and preview songs before adding them to their playlists.

The music streaming experience is changing, and the days of channel surfing may be over.

In an era when technology is ubiquitous, Apple Musics allegiance to living human interaction sets it apart. In the case of its radio station, Apple Music 1which broadcasts music mixed by DJs in real timethis philosophy comes across loud and clear. These shows offer listeners an intimate look into the lives and tastes of their favorite artists.

How To Get An Additional Apple Music Trial Via Family Sharing

Generally, once you’ve used up your three month trial, you won’t be able to get any more months free using the same method, even if you wait a year or so. But there is a trick to getting an extra three months and it involves Family Sharing.

Start by taking out an individual Apple Music free trial, then, towards the end of your trial, set up Family Sharing within the Settings section of iCloud.

Next, invite another family member to join the service. Once they’ve signed up, they can then also take advantage of the Apple Music free trial but the trick is that when they do that, everyone else in the family group will also get the free trial, even if they’ve previously had it as an individual. Clever, eh?

If you do take advantage of one of these free trials then don’t forget to find out how to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music and also make sure you check out the best audiophile headphones so you can do justice to your favorite tracks.

Spotify Is A Winner When It Comes To Audio Quality Options

You can set an equalizer for either app, but Spotify’s is easier to locate and allows you to customize the actual frequency response curve in addition to using a pre-made EQ setting. Apple’s EQ is located outside of the app, in the phone’s music settings, which means you have to leave the app to adjust it.

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Spotify Free Vs Spotify Premium: Curated Content

Besides those Family/Duo mixes, curated content those personalized playlists you see on the front of Spotify every time you log in works the same for both Free and Premium subscribers.

Even if you pay nothing, you can still get these playlists based on your listening habits. It could be one of several Daily Mix collections, which combine both songs you’ve enjoyed recently and thus-unlistened-to music you may like, or the Discover Weekly mix that focuses on broadening your listening with new tracks and artists.

In any case, these discovery and curation features work identically regardless of subscription type.

Winner: Draw

Music And Podcasts In One Place

Spotify Blue Icon Apk

I listen to music and podcasts in pretty equal measure, and Spotifys the only app of the two to offer both in one place. I know some folks like to keep the two separate and have other podcast apps they swear by but I much prefer having a one-stop shop for all my listening needs. Spotify does a great job surfacing new releases for both music and podcasts while making it easy to jump back into shows Im in the middle of listening to, whereas Apple Music listeners will have to look elsewhere. Considering that the Apple Music and Apple Podcast apps look and feel almost identical, I cant help but wonder why theyre not rolled into one.

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Apple Music Vs Spotify: Social Media

One of Spotify’s clearest wins is its wealth of social sharing features. You can easily share Spotify content as Instagram and Facebook stories, post album art on Snapchat or create links and scannable, QR-like Spotify Codes to share music and playlists on any messaging platform.

Apple Music lets you share playlists with other registered users over AirDrop, or create content links to post wherever you want, but its social media integration is more basic than Spotifys. If youre not overly keen with sharing your listening habits with the world, this is unlikely to be an issue.

Winner: Spotify

How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music On Ios

1.SongShift from the App Store. The free version will let you transfer one playlist at a time, while upgrading to SongShift Pro lets you transfer multiple playlists at once.

2. In SongShift, youll need to sync your Apple Music and Spotify accounts. Tap Apple Music at the top of the list, then tap ‘Continue’ followed by ‘Connect.’

3.Tap ‘OK’ to let SongShift access your Apple Music library. Under ‘Connect Cloud Library,’ tap ‘Connect.’ This will open the iTunes site in a browser.

4.Sign in using your Apple ID, entering any 2-Factor Authentication details if you have it enabled.

5. Tap ‘Allow.’ Apple Music is now synced, and youll be returned to the list of available services in SongShift.

6.Scroll down to Spotify and tap it. Enter your Spotify account credentials and tap ‘Log In.’

7. Read the terms and conditions and tap ‘Agree.’

8. Spotify is now also synced, and again youll be returned to the list of available apps This time, tap ‘Continue’ at the top.

9.Tap ‘Get Started,’ then the ‘+’ symbol that appears in the top-right of the app.

10. If you havent used SongShift before, youll be offered the chance to view a short tutorial, but it isnt necessary, so tap ‘Dismiss.’

11.Tap ‘Setup Source’ then tap on the Spotify icon and hit ‘Continue.’ Note that ‘Playlist’ will be highlighted by default, but you can also use this method to transfer albums and individual songs.

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Spotify Vs Apple Music: Libraries

You shouldnt really have to worry about serious gaps in either library. Apple Music claims it has a library of over 90 million songs, while Spotify said last February that it had more than 70 million tracks .

A win for Apple Music? Well maybe, but its doubtful, because reports claim that 60,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify every day and, if accurate, that means the company will have cleared that gap in the intervening year.

In short, you should find both catalogues have everything that youre looking for, unless your tastes are extremely obscure. Though if youre particularly keen on Neil Young or Joni Mitchell, youll want to put your money behind Apple Music, due to the two artists ongoing protest at Spotifys podcasting operation .

While Apple Music originally tried to attract customers by way of exclusive tracks and albums, this is something that the company has backed away from in recent years. The labels dont seem to like it and ultimately its their content, former Apple executive Jimmy Iovine admitted in 2017 .

Big Data Sim Plans For Music Streaming

Apple Music VS. Spotify in 2022!

The following table shows a selection of SIM-only postpaid plans with a minimum of 40GB data on Canstar Blues database, listed in order of their standard monthly cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our tool for simple mobile phone plan comparison to easily compare plans from a range of providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

The following table shows a selection of SIM-only prepaid plans with a minimum of 40GB data on Canstar Blues database, listed in order of their standard monthly cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest. Use our tool for simple mobile phone plan comparison to easily compare plans from a range of providers. This is a selection of products with links to a referral partner.

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Verdict: Which Is More Worth It


For the same price point, youre likely to get more out of a Spotify subscription. You get access to Spotifys entire content library, with no cap on the number of songs youre allowed to save. Aside from offering more plan options, such as Premium Duo, you also get access to additional streaming services like Spotify Kids, Hulu, and SHOWTIME.

If you have kids, youre on a tight budget, or just want to make the most of your money, Spotify is a good way to go.

However, Apple Musics lossless and spatial audio offering is a deal no one should shrug off. For anyone who values listening to high-quality music above any extra perks, Apple Music triumphs over Spotify.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Music And Spotify

No, the download function of Apple Music is not truly a download, but rather a feature that allows you to listen to the music from the app offline. It is not the same as purchasing the music, and therefore it can only be used with your Apple Music account.

Indeed you can! To add songs from your laptop/desktop, all you have to do is open your audio files using the Music app. After youve synchronized your library, your files will be available on all your devices which have Apple Music installed.

Yes, however, his process is far from intuitive. In order to add your own music from the Desktop app, go into your settings. Scroll to Local Files and enable Show Local Files. From there, you can specify paths for Spotify to find music from.

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Apple Music Vs Spotify: Additional Features

Apart from all the standard set of features, some unique features on both the apps not only caught our attention but also made us use them over a period.

For instance, on Apple Music, the radio feature dubbed Apple Music 1 is something that we used a lot. Based on the genre, you could easily listen to music curated by the show without having to spend time choosing what playlist to play.

Further, the radio on Apple Music is more authentic than the one on Spotify as it is an actual online radio station that you can listen to, and does not allow you to skip tracks or even rewind or forward. The one on Spotify is just a playlist called Radio and we wonder what the thought process behind that was.

Apple Music also has artist interviews, which gives you a better insight into the music that you listen to. Needless to say, we watched a few which were interesting and got us hooked.

On the other hand, we love the background video that plays on Spotify instead of the album art. It is a good change from staring at the static album art. Another feature that we like is called the Spotify Blend.

If you are friends with someone on Spotify, you can generate a playlist filled with both of your favorite songs, and this is called a Blend between the two of you. This is a great way to share your music taste, and it can also be a great conversation starter.

Winner: Apple Music for Radio

Spotify Free Vs Spotify Premium: Music Library

Pandora guns for Spotify &  Apple Music with new Premium on

For the most part, both free and paying users have the same access to Spotifys library of over 70 million songs and podcast titles. Thats a lot of content that you dont necessarily need to pay a penny for.

However, for the last few years, Spotify has also allowed artists to make their new releases exclusive to Premium subscribers for a 2-week period. Because this is optional, it will vary by artist. But if youre always wanting to hear the very latest tracks as soon as they drop, Spotify Premium is a far safer bet.

The good news is you wont need to pay that much. A standard Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month, and you can pay annually at $99 per year this effectively cuts the monthly cost to $8.25. If you can prove youre a student, you can also get Spotify Premium for just $4.99 per month.

You can also save by signing up for group deals, which work well for families or couple. The newest Spotify Premium Duo offer includes 2 separate accounts for $12.99 per month, while $15.99 gets you a family-sized 6 accounts.

Thinking back to music libraries, its great that you can access almost the entire Spotify library for free, but the lack of some brand-new releases will be a big downer for serious music fans.

Winner: Spotify Premium

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Amount Of Music Content

When it comes to music content, Spotify and Apple Music have large music libraries amounting to 82 million and 90 million tracks, respectively.

Spotify has about 4 billion playlists and is constantly expanding its music offerings by adding thousands of new tracks every day. In February 2021, this rate increased to 60,000 new tracks added each day.

Users can expect to find all the newest mainstream hits on the platform thanks to a partnership between Spotify and Billboard. The music publication curates 124 playlists on Spotify, including popular charts like Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, Billboard Weekly.

Theres also a Charts section where users can check out what songs or artists are trending worldwide at any given time. Here youll find Weekly Song Charts, Daily Song Charts, and Daily Viral Charts from as many as 70 different territories.

All your standard music genres, such as Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Chill, etc., are covered on Spotify. But the app does also offer more unique genres, such as Karaoke, Cooking & Dining, Anime, and Songwriters.

Spotify has an extensive Indie section as well. This is evidenced not only by a vast collection of playlists but also by the genres increased market share and revenue on the platform in 2020. This section features over 50 playlists curated by Spotify, but using the Search function will pull up even more.

Spotify Free Vs Spotify Premium: Sound Quality

If you’ve got a pair of the best headphones and/or a discerning ear, you might prefer Spotify Premium for its higher-quality audio option. It streams music at 320kbps bit rate, a significant upgrade on the 160kbps that Spotify Free streams at on the mobile app. And if you listen via Spotify’s desktop app, that drops to 128kbps.

There’s some debate as to whether most people can hear the difference between Hi-Res Audio and lower-resolution music, and that will likely pop up again once Spotify HiFi launches. But at this lower-resolution level, there are no such diminishing returns, and on a decent pair of headphones 320kbps audio can and will sound richer and more detailed than 160 or 128kbps.

Winner: Spotify Premium

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Free Apple Music Through Verizon

If you subscribe to Verizon Wireless’ top-tier 5G Get More unlimited plan , it will throw in a complimentary subscription to Apple Music. This plan also includes other perks, such as Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu, as well as your choice of Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass.

Verizon’s cheaper 5G Play More and Do More plans , meanwhile, offer a 6-month trial for Apple Music.

For more details on what each deal includes, be sure to check out the best Verizon phone plans.

Apple Music Vs Spotify: Which Is The Better Music App

How to DITCH Spotify for Apple Music & NOT Lose Your Playlists!

We first ran an Apple Music vs. Spotify comparison a few years ago, and Spotify comfortably won, on the back of its curated content, value for money and wealth of supported hardware.

Really, though, it’s lossless and spatial audio that make the difference. Not only does this make Apple Music the better choice for listeners who want the best sound quality possible, but given it’s no more expensive than a Spotify Premium subscription, it’s also better on value for those willing to pay.

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Catalog Size: Apple Has A Larger Music Catalog

  • More than 82 million songs.

  • More than 90 million songs.

You want your music service to have a broad availability and selection of songs to stream. The size of a service’s music library is crucial when comparing services.

Both Spotify and Apple Music provide similar catalogs and offer content exclusive to their subscribers. Apple reports its catalog holds about 90 million songs, while Spotify claims more than 82 million songs.

Major artists are represented on both music services, including Taylor Swift, who feuded with Spotify for years but is back on the music service.

Apple Music Vs Spotify: Plans And Subscriptions

Apple Music offers four tiers of subscription in the United States, aside from the free trial.

Individual costs $9.99 per month, with a Student version offering the same service for $4.99 per month.

A Family plan is also available, which provides accounts for up to six people as part of Apple’s Family Sharing, complete with personal music libraries and recommendations for each member. Apple charges $14.99 for that plan.

A fourth option, Voice, differs in that it is specifically a version of Apple Music that functions via Siri. Instead of accessing songs by navigating the app, you have to make your requests via Apple’s digital assistant.

This makes for a compelling option if you generally use a HomePod mini for listening to music or are happy to let Siri take the wheel. The Voice plan costs $4.99 per month.

Spotify offers four different plans, with a one-month trial available for all, along with the free tier. Individual is the standard one-user Premium offering, priced at $9.99. Duo, for $12.99, provides two Premium accounts, as the name implies.

At $15.99 per month, Family offers six Premium accounts, with options to block explicit music and use a separate app for children called Spotify Kids.

Lastly, Student is $4.99 per month, with U.S. users also being provided access to Hulu on an ad-supported plan and Showtime.

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