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Royalty Free Podcast Intro Music

Paid Podcast Music Sources

Royalty Free Music For Podcast Intro [20 Best Intros For Podcasts]

Paying for podcast music has two significant advantages: choice and quality.

With much bigger track libraries to choose from, its much easier to find exactly what youre looking for. You wont have to settle for a track thats close enough. And as youd expect with any paid service, the quality is higher too. Most songs from paid music services feature professional-sounding production.

If you plan on using lots of different backing tracks and sound effects in your episodes, its much cheaper and easier to use a subscription service. By paying a monthly fee, youll get access to an entire library of tracks you can mix and match as you see fit.

But if all you need is a single track to use as the theme tune for your podcast, youre probably better off finding a track you love and making a one-time purchase. You can then use that song however youd like in your podcast for years to come.

Below weve outlined the best subscription and pay-per-tack podcast music sources.

Is It Ok If I Only Use A Few Seconds Of A Copyrighted Song

Unfortunately not. It is indeed a myth that a small amount of music is allowable so you must seek permission and gain the appropriate license to use any amount of music in your podcasteven one second. This also generally applies to sound effects and any other audio you use that has been created by someone else such as a quote or sound-grab.

What Makes A Good Podcast Intro Song

The specifics of this depend on the kind of podcast thats being introduced. But in general, a good podcast intro song has the following qualities:

  • It sets the desired tone.
  • It sets the right pace.
  • It places listeners in the right mood to take in what the podcasts offering.
  • Its economical and pithy, given that audiences attention has to be grabbed right away and maintained.

Think of a favorite podcast and its theme probably comes to mind, too. Chances are its relatively brief, pulls listeners in, helps the flow of different segments, and helps fix the show in listeners minds.

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If Youre Going To Use Music Make Sure You Own It

No matter how much you love the latest Beyonce track, you cant download it and use it on your podcast, unless youve got a penchant for being sued.

Using music you havent purchased a licence for is a legal nightmare thats easily avoided.

There are plenty of music sites out there packed with songs for this exact purpose so make sure you go looking in the right places.

Music websites

These sites contain a whole range of different styles and genres but make sure you read the fine print.

Some tracks will have specific uses or different charges depending on what youre using it for so its important to do your homework.

Trawling through these sites to find the perfect track also takes A LOT of time, so make sure you factor that in.

What Happens If I Receive A Copyright Infringement Notice

Stunning Royalty Free Podcast Music from PremiumBeat

It depends on many things but possible outcomes are that your podcast is taken out of service or that youre sued for damages. At the time of writing, Universal Music Group is suing iBusMedia media company for several million dollars for alleged copyright infringement.

In short, its not worth the risk of infringing copyright law. Say you have a small podcast audience now and think the chances of getting caught are slim. Then your following grows and suddenly youre exposed to large infringement penalties to ruin your success in one fell swoop.

Also, there are more tools available that can automatically identify illegal music use within a podcast, similar to YouTubes Content ID system. This will make it more difficult in the future to get away with using music without permission.

Finally, to say that you didnt know you needed a license or that you could not find the copyright owners is very unlikely to be accepted as a defense if legal proceedings are taken against you.

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Top 5 Best Free Intro Music For Podcasts

Intro music has the ability to set the tone for a podcast. You can tell a lot with your intro music alone: who you are, what kind of content you create, which audiences you appeal to and much more.

In addition, your intro music is your first contact with your listeners. If you want to make a good impression and hook your listeners in the very first seconds of your podcast, you need to find an intro music that tells your audience who you are and what you stand for. That is why finding the right intro music is crucial for the future of your channel and your podcasts.

Browse our library now and discover free intro music for podcast. You can find hundreds of high quality intro tracks in various genres. From jazz to techno, slow rhythm to upbeat, happy to chill every kind of free music for podcast intros await you in Snapmuse!


Oprah Winfreys Super Soul Sunday

Oprah Winfreyâs Super Soul Sunday is an uplifting, spiritual awakening type podcast that aims to help you connect with the world around you. In each episode, Oprah is in discussion with well-known inspiring figures on a certain topic. Her discussions can range from extremely emotional personal life experiences to more abstract musings on life.

Why Super Soul Sundayâs theme music works:

  • Itâs a simple beat. The simplicity of the intro-music itself lets Oprahâs words shine and set the mood.
  • It builds tension. The undulating beat builds a certain excitement or tension in the listener for what Oprah has in store for the episode.

Serial is an investigative podcast from the creators of This American Life which centers around a real story. Series one, for example, focuses on 1999 the disappearance of Hae Min Lee. So the themes at play can be pretty dark. â

Why Serialâs theme music works:

  • Itâs an instrumental. The theme song is fairly simple but extremely recognizable.
  • Itâs haunting and suspenseful. Matching the themes at hand perfectly, Serialâs intro music builds tension, points to the darker elements that will be discussed, and haunts the listener.

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Fiction And Audio Journalism

If your show is focused on story-telling, music can be a fantastic tool to set the mood and draw people into the story.

Having said that its important to use it sparingly and think creatively about where youre placing it and why.

There should always be a reason for using music and it should never be because this parts a bit boring and I want to jazz it up.

Podcast Intro Music Jingles

Music For Podcast Intro ðï¸? [NEW Royalty Free ðµ Intros For Podcasts]

Looking to add music intro to your podcast? Heres a collection of our best royalty free podcast safe music intros in a good variety of genres, from radio pop, DJ dance, to modern corporate music, to reflective and relaxing acoustic sounds.

How long should podcast intro music be? Our experience tells us that anything over 15-20 sec in length is considered too long, so we didnt include anything longer than 15 seconds. However, of you need a longer intro here are podcast music intros of 15-30 sec long.

You can use any of these short instrumental music tracks and soundbites in personal or commercial business podcasts with a simple royalty free license.

Cant decide which intro music is best for your podcast? Read our quick tips and listen to top 20 best handpicked podcast intro music jingles.

All podcast intros, jingles, audio logos, and outros in this playlist are available for download in WAV and MP3 formats and can be used in any audio editor. Download unlimited podsafe music intros and outros with affordable TunePocket royalty free music subscription.

Found: 829 track

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Learn More About The Best Free And Paid Services To Find Royalty Free Music For Podcasts

Unfortunately, you cant use any song you want in your podcast. You need to be careful.

Using copyrighted music without permission can get your show kicked off platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. And if that happens, youll need to start over again from scratch.

Its not worth the risk. Automated copyright infringement detection systems are getting more sophisticated by the day. They can catch you out even if youve only used seconds of a track. In short, this means no Beyoncé, no Jay-Z, and no to every other artist or band youve ever heard of.

So with most songs off limits, where can you find music for your podcast?

In this post, well take you on a tour of the best free and paid sources to find royalty free music for podcasts. If youd like to dive straight in here are the sources that made the list. Weve also outlined each one in more detail below.

Where To Find Music For A Podcast Intro

I have tried over a dozen different royalty free music stores for finding podcast intro music. Unfortunately, very few of them have licensing terms that would make it legal to use the intro in a podcast. Since Im a lawyer , this is something I take very seriously.

Personally, I get all of my podcast intro music from What I like about AudioBlocks is that you pay $99 per YEAR and you can download and use as much music as you possibly want. You DONT have to keep paying the subscription in order to use the songs youve purchased, so you really only need one year.

I realize that yet another $100 spent on your business sounds like a lot, but when you realize that the other sites that actually have legal licenses that allow for the song to be used in a podcast, its often $129 or more just for a single song! So AudioBlocks really is an incredible bargain.

The other thing I like about it is you can use it not just for the intro song itself, but also for sound effects, stingers, and other things in your podcast. If you later add a second podcast, then you already have a subscription and you dont have to pay for another song. Check out here or sign up for their free trial here.

The last option I could find is, which has a small library of mostly pretty cheesy music, but if you find something on there you like, itd be a good option.

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How Long Does It Take To Create A Podcast Intro

Well, it can be as fast as 24h if you are in a hurry! Typically our work takes approx 1-3 working days. Voice over will record your script, we quality control it, send it to our producer to add music and sound effects if you have selected those. We then quality control once again and then send over to you to enjoy.

The 3 Types Of Podcast Music

Ultimate Guide to Royalty

Its tempting to think the music for your show needs to be attention-grabbing, like what youd hear on the radio. If all of your listeners are operating on 5 second attention spans, shouldnt your intro hook them with an irresistible beat?

Not necessarily.

In Pitchforks interview with multiple podcast producers and musicians, one theme became particularly clear: podcast music isnt supposed to be overtly catchy.

The primary responsibility of this music is to enhance your content, not compete with it. Or as the article eloquently states: At best, podcast music amplifies not only whats being said, but the act of saying.

So does that mean you want to pick an intro thats droll? Absolutely not. It means that you should think of your intro music as a segue to the main course of your show, the content.

The music isnt content itself it exists to serve and enhance your dialogue.

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Why Should I Include Music In My Podcast

Music sets the tone and impacts how we feel in any given moment. For instance, take away the background music from your favorite movie and youll quickly realize just how much that changes the overall effect of the film. We often dont realize the impact music has until its no longer there.

We associate positive interactions with upbeat, cheerful melodies and perhaps more gloomy encounters with slower, more somber tunes. Simply by selecting music for your podcast, you are helping create a vibe that your listeners can relate to and come to expect.

Including music in your podcast automatically creates more credibility and adds a professional value to your show. It allows you to form a connection with your audience and provide familiarity to them. Music naturally draws people in and helps keep their attention. It fills any dead space with a tune that sets the tone for how you want your listeners to feel when they engage with your show.

The addition of music is simple but can easily move your show from good to great and help make your podcast more meaningful.

What Does The Creative Commons License Consist Of

As we have already mentioned, there are royalty-free songs that are either free or free of charge. The Creative Commons Licence corresponds to the latter.

However, the license establishes certain limitations for the reproduction, distribution, dissemination and copying of the songs.

To use these musical posts, you must comply with certain conditions, among which are:

  • Attribute the music to the author, i.e. put somewhere clearly visible who the original author is and where the song was downloaded from.
  • You may not modify the song or sound.
  • You will not be able to use it for commercial use, that is, you will not be able to monetize your podcast.

On our website, we have an article that explains in depth how the Creative Commons Licence works. Here is a list of the best free royalty-free music platforms:

Youtube Audio Library

The YouTube platform also offers an extensive music library.

If you access YouTube Audio Library, you will find a wide range of songs and sounds sorted by genre, mood and duration. Next to these tags, a download option is available.

These music tracks and background sounds are marked with the Creative Commons label, so dont forget to mention the author on whichever platform you publish your podcast.


As in the previous platform, in Bensound you will be able to acquire songs for free with the commitment to acknowledge or credit this website.



Pablo Olóndriz Legis Music Founder-


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Where Can I Find Music For My Podcast

Are you searching online for a music library that can assist in helping you get that sound your podcast needs? Scott Holmes Music is here to help!

We have 8 categories to choose from, covering different genres and styles along with audio-logos and idents which are perfect for intros and outros.

We also recommend having a listen to our music collections which are carefully selected, theme based playlists of royalty free music tracks.

Ive Heard Copyrighted Music In Podcasts Why Can They Do It But Not Me

ROYALTY FREE Podcast Intro Music/ Podcast Intro Background Royalty Free Music by MUSIC4VIDEO

If youve heard copyrighted music in podcasts, its probably due to one of the following reasons:

  • The podcast is created by a broadcasting organization who pays large sums of money for the right to use commercial music. For example, BBC pays the UKs Performing Rights Society for the right to broadcast commercial music on TV and radio. As part of this deal, they may also be able to include commercial music on podcasts they produce.
  • There are rules that allow a particular percentage of a commercial track to be played for review purposes but caveats may apply and this almost certainly varies between territories so what may be allowed in the US may not be allowed in the UK for example. In this case the podcast should be geo-blocked or, there is likely to be a breach in copyright law.
  • The podcast may be illegally using the music.

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If Youd Like To Build Up Your Podcasting Audience

Ive spent years working on podcasts and Ive built up one of the largest networks of podcasts in my industry. Most of the things I do to build my audience arent things that I hear people talking about in the make money online blogging arena.

So, I recorded a 3.5 hour audio course detailing my method for building up an audience. What has worked, and what hasnt worked.

Its called Podcast Advance, and Ive priced it extremely reasonably. Check it out here.

How To Choose The Right Intro Music For Your Youtube Video Or Podcast

Whether youre working on a YouTube video or youre trying to break into the world of podcasting, theres one thing that you should know: peoples attention spans are getting consistently shorter. No matter what kind of content youre creating, you only have a few seconds to capture your audiences interest. Otherwise, theyll stop paying attention or move on to something else. Of course, there are many ways you can make your work more impactful, but nothing is more important than the right music for the intro.

The music you use in your intro sets the mood, gets an emotional response from your audience, and can keep them interested in those vital first seconds. Regardless of the type of content, you have in mind, paying attention to the intro music can help you become a better creator.

Music for YouTube intro

If you watch a lot of YouTube, youve already noticed that the most famous creators have unique, catchy intros. If you want to step in their footsteps, youll need music for the YouTube intro. This intro needs to be consistent with the theme of your channel and the topics you usually address. For example, if you do self-improvement content, your YouTube intro should be calm and soothing, but the introduction should have a modern, energetic beat if you do tech reviews.

  • Start your video with a short teaser to let the audience know what video’s about and continue with your channel’s intro. That’s decreases viewers’ churn and allows them to view your video more naturally.
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