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Press Release Example For Music

So Lets Do The Math If:

How to Write a Press Release (Free Template)
  • Youâre a real hotshot at English and make zero grammatical/spelling errors
  • Are good at looking up things on the Internet for Associated Press Style
  • Type at over 30 GWAM
  • Follow all the above instructions, and
  • Submit to 10 public press release sites
  • Then you can expect to spend about two hours crafting your press release, two finding websites you like, and about two and a half registering at those sites and submitting your first press release to them. Thatâs about six-and-a-half hours of professional-grade labor, and youâre still probably going to get rejected a lot.

    If we were to say you donât get to quit until your press is actually live at 10 sites? Phew! That sad writer is probably going to spend a whole Saturday hard at work. A âCâ student will spend maybe the entire weekend. Writers who arenât generally confident in their grammar shouldnât do it on their own, or itâs going to take a ton of time and frustration just because they were too proud to ask for a hand.

    But you can get help! And you can technically do it all free.

    Either way, best wishes and good luck! But if you do decide to have an expert work it out for you, Octiive Independent Music Distribution staffs professional music journalists who will craft and publish your piece for about a hundred bucks at time of writing.

    Oh! but yeah, one way or another, you should definitely have a press release online for every major release you drop, so make sure to take care of that.

    Tour Press Release Template

    There’s only one way to get people out to your shows – they’ve got to know that you’re playing! A tour press release template helps you get the media on board with your tour promotion and can be a great way to generate a new round of press for promoting your releases as well. There’s a lot of info that needs to be crammed into a small space on a tour press release find out more about getting the job done.

    Dua Lipa Makes Snl Debut



    This past weekend, Dua Lipa made her debut on the famed SNL stage as the musical guest alongside host Natalie Portman. Continuing her U.S. takeover, Dua will next make her debut on The Ellen DeGeneres show on February 13th.

    Duas global smash single New Rules has officially topped the U.S. Top 40 chart at #1. The track, currently double platinum in the U.S., also continues to rise on the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, where it is #8. Additionally, Duas current single IDGAF has broken the top 10 of the global Spotify chart, where Dua is the 7th most streamed artist in the world with over 36 million monthly listeners.

    This month, Dua will hit the road to finish up her sold-out U.S. headlining Self-Titled Tour, including two shows in Los Angeles at The Hollywood Palladium. Dua added her second date on February 12th after her first show sold out almost immediately. Dua will then return to the U.K. for her headlining arena tour.

    WEBSITE / / /

    *This is a relatively small press release and its a great example of how to an artist as big as Dua Lipa can be concise. If youre curious to know what her big global press kit looks like, .

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    Start Writing Your Band Press Releases

    Skillfully writing and distributing press releases is a key promotional tool for your band. It can help you get in front of the media and entice them to cover your event. Once you have written a few band press releases, you can build relationships with your media contacts. They might be interested in covering you in the future and can help pass your name along to fellow members of the media.

    Now that you know the components of a good press release, start researching publications in your area and building a contact list. Use a template and tailor it slightly for each contact. This tool can help your band gain a following in your area and improve your chances of success.

    Let The World Know About Your New Album With This Attention

    write a press release for your music release/event and give tips on how ...

    With this eye-catching press release template, you can create a press release that is sure to attract attention to your new album. And thanks to Visme’s intuitive drag and drop template editor, customizing this template’s design takes only a matter of minutes.

    Create the perfect press release for promoting your new album by changing this template’s text, altering its color scheme or adding in new design elements such as modern fonts, free stock photos and exclusive icons.

    Download this template today to begin the customization process, or check out the other beautiful templates we offer at Visme for more design ideas.

    Edit this template with our online label maker!

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    Award Winner Announcement Press Release Template

    Its your day of festivitya minute when you tell the world that youre really amazing at something. Also, there are at any rate a few different ways for you to do it.

    The official one where you center around an infectious feature and lead, in addition to a body which will incorporate data, for example, what kind of grant it is, who is introducing it and in what classification, which rivalry release it is, regardless of whether its gold, silver or bronze, what you are getting it for.

    Or on the other hand, you can utilize an additionally captivating web based life official statement where you can utilize GIFs, internet based life posts, connections to different public statements, emoticons, recordings, and other sight and sound.

    Music Press Release: 12 Tips On How To Write A Music Press Release

    Sophie Martin

    If you want to publicise yourself, a music release, latest album, or an upcoming tour, but dont have the cash to hire a top music publicist or PR professional, then youll need to write your own music press release to get the word out.

    Publicising yourself is not easy, so here are our best top tips for how to write a killer music press release that will get you noticed.

    We recommend you get a pen & paper or somewhere to make notes, so you can create your own music press release template, like an easy-to-do checklist for future reference.

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    How To Write A Press Release: The Other Paragraphs

    How to write a press release gets fuzzier after the first paragraph, and thereâs a reason for that. If youâve done a good enough job in your first paragraph, everything anybody really needs to know has already been said.

    Still, interested people will want details, so this is where you give them those. You still need to stay factual, so lots of quotes from the music artist can go here. Make sure you punctuate them properly and introduce the quotes, like:

    Dipl0 wasnât too excited to eat snail spit burgers during the session.

    âHonestly, I think they tasted pretty foul,â he said. âBut studio eatinâs pretty rough, and thatâs all they had.â

    Every quote gets its own paragraph, too.

    When you get to the end of the piece â which should be within 300 words â tell people where they can hear and buy the music. Also drop useful links to official websites for the artist and label and such.

    And thatâs about all we can do for you without giving an actual lesson on the craft. Oh, but wait! You still need to publish it.

    What Makes A Great Press Release

    How to Create A Press Release for Music

    As the #1 press release distribution company for small businesses, we distribute thousands of press releases every year. In that process, weve learned a few things about what makes some press releases successful while others fail.

    Great press releases succinctly describe the who,what,where,when,why, and how of your project in a manner that makes media professionals stop the presses and say, Wow! Now this is what weve been looking for. At its worst, a press release reads as little more than an unintelligible sales pitch teeming with errors of every kind.

    Here are some ways to make yours successful:

    • Always keep in mind that a press release should be short, to the point, and contain only the significant details that would attract the attention of media professionals.
    • Remember, you are courting editors, journalists, or TV producers not consumers. Those professionals are not looking for fancy formatting and they certainly arent hoping to be impressed by a writers expansive vocabulary.
    • Stick to the point and be sure to include only the essentials.
    • Press releases are usually no more than one or two pages long
    • Every press release should contain:
      • A release date the earliest date this information can be released to the public, oftentimes For Immediate Release
      • A headline
      • A dateline
      • The body of the press release
      • Complete media contact information

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    Jonas Brothers Release Highly Anticipated Album Happiness Begins Today





    07 JUNE 2019 After building overwhelming anticipation and delivering a number one hit single, GRAMMY® nominated multiplatinum powerhouse trioJonas Brothersrelease their highly anticipated fifth full-length album, Happiness Begins, today via Republic Records/Universal Music Canada, the countrys leading music company.

    Listen to Happiness BeginsHERE

    Happiness Begins marks the return of Jonas Brothers following a six-year hiatus. Inspired by events captured in their newly released documentary Chasing Happinessavailable now exclusively via Amazon Prime Videothe album features the bands history-making comeback single, Sucker.

    Upon release, Sucker debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, marking the first #1 for the band and the first #1 debut from a group this century. Recently ranked #1 on Billboards critics picks list of the 50 Best Songs of 2019, it has become a song of the summer anthem, rapidly ascending to #1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart for the last 7 weeks the most for any song this year with the bands follow up single Cool climbing closely behind.

    PS Weve been to the year 3000. Not much has changed but they live underwater.

    With Jonas Brothers back, Happiness has begun.

    How To Write A Band Press Release

    New and emerging bands have a better chance of building a fan base and gaining notoriety when their albums and shows are covered by the media. Coverage in small, local publications and blogs helps get your name out in the area, which brings more people to your shows. Writing your own band press release will help get you on the radar for media coverage.

    This article will detail how you can write a press release to build a following for your independent band. It will cover:

    • Why your band needs to write press releases
    • When to use a press release
    • Tips for writing a band press release
    • Sample press releases
    • Press release templates

    We make it easy to get your work out to your network and beyond with all the marketing tools you need.

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    The Dos And Donts Of Writing A Great Press Release

    To turn out quality work, follow this list of dos and donts:


    • Be short, precise, and to the point
    • Format your press release with plenty of white space and no flashy graphics
    • Outline the details, such as exact dates and times and other parties involved
    • Reach out to local news and media outlets with your press release
    • Proofread it before you publish it


    • Write in a self-promotional tone
    • Get carried away with images, fonts, and colors
    • Rush through the writing of your press release
    • Slack on the headline
    • Publish a press release even when you dont have anything newsworthy to share

    Music Press Release Examples

    23+ Press Release Template

    If you want to get the media attention for your music, you need to compose an outstanding press release. But what should be featured in a music press release and what should be linked is to give yourself the best chance to get picked by media outlets.

    For a great music press release, it should be focused on the music event or release. You need a title, artist name, and the topic of the press. You can also make your music press release great by including a quote and image from other press reviews interviews.

    Here are some interesting music or artist press release examples to give you an idea of what elements this type of press release entails.

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    How To Write A Press Release

    I get a lot of questions about press. Of course everyone wants a 5 star album review in Rolling Stone or an 8.7 in Pitchfork, but you have to be realistic about your press pursuits.

    If you have never received press, there is a very slim chance that you will get an album review in a popular blog or nationally distributed magazine. Your best chance for media coverage is your hometown papers, magazines and blogs or local publications in cities youre touring to.

    The difference between Rolling Stone music editorial staff and the La Crosse Tribune music editorial staff is one of them has a backlog of tens of thousands of CDs waiting to be reviewed and the other is in constant need of material. Can you guess which is which?

    The reason its, dare I say, easy to get press when youre on tour is because local publications are always looking for material especially the daily papers. Even blogs with a local focus need material. Rolling Stone, Pitchfork and the bunch get inundated with more music than they have bandwidth for.

    There is a different way to approach local, national, digital and print outlets. You always want to keep in the back of your mind when reaching out to any outlet: What can I do for them? Why does my story deserve coverage?

    Dont expect album reviews.

    The Press Release

    How To Write A Press Release For Your Music

    • 12:50 pm

    If youre an indie musician, therell always be some aspects of promoting your music you need to do by yourself, whether thats because youre a DIY band, an artist without a manager or label, or because your budget is tight.

    A press release is a great way to promote yourself and your music for free however, to get some results out of it, youll need to write a great one.

    Most artists know what a press release is, but a small percentage of us know how to actually write one. As a musician and record label owner, I have the opportunity to both write and receive press releases regularly, which has allowed me to identify the best practices to make a press release noticeable.

    There are a couple of things you need to know before writing a press release. Ill start with the basics and move on forward to the more complicated topics while keeping things concise for those who have never written one before.

    In the end, youll find a template that you can use as a guide to writing your music press releases.

    Lets dive in!

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    A Press Release Starts With A Dateline

    This one is easiest to explain, but thereâs a lot that goes into it. Ready? Here goes:

    MO. DAY, YEARâ And then you start your press release here. Second sentence. Third sentence. First paragraph end.

    You donât use a comma if youâre not using the day, though, so the first line of your press release would look like either of these examples:


    See? You donât need the comma between Sept. and 2020 in the first example because thereâs no day given. You donât need the state after Los Angeles, either, because pretty much everyone knows itâs in California.

    Note, too, that you donât spell out Connecticut in the second example, nor do you use the postal CT abbreviation. You need to use the AP Style abbreviation of Conn. Youâll want to look them up for your state when you need to say it, but eight states donât get abbreviated. These are:

    • Alaska
    • Utah

    And thatâs basically all there is to the dateline. Now letâs look at your first paragraph.

    Regardless Of What Youre Writing About Every Press Release Should Contain:

    How to write a Press Release for Music
    • Headline a taster of what you can expect
    • Lead a brief overview of the story, including answers to the questions: Who? What? When? Why? With what effect?
    • Body an explanation of the information provided earlier in the lead, starting from the most newsworthy info to other less important, background info
    • Dateline to confirm that youre providing the most up-to-date information
    • Company info a short paragraph about your company to help journalists understand the nature of the business and make writing about it easier
    • Media contact information author or companys/agencys contact information

    Heres how to write a press release along with different press release examples, in case youre looking for more tips.

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    New Hire Press Release Template

    So you simply procured new ability and youre thinking about how to illuminate the media regarding this reality and secure however many distributions regarding this matter as could be allowed? Look at our committed new contract official statement guide and models and the layout above ensure you remember exceptionally significant components for your discharge.

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