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Photo Slideshow Maker With Music

Make A Striking Slideshow With Video Clips

How to Create A Slideshow with Music (free slideshow maker)

Slideshow videos can be powerful storytelling tools. These expert tips and best practices will help you create a professional-looking slideshow that engages your audience.

Keep slideshow videos short.

Whether youre creating a slideshow video to share with friends or a slideshow ad for Facebook or Instagram, a slideshow should contain short video clips. Short and concise video clips are best for keeping your audiences attention, particularly if theres a lot of other content to accompany your slideshow, such as an oral presentation or other written content. For a longer slideshow that contains a mix of photos and video clips, aim to keep each video clip at 20 seconds or less and screen each photo for three to five seconds. Create a storyboard to plan your slideshow video.

To make a slideshow with video clips, your images, clips, and other content should all work together to tell a compelling story. If youre making a video slideshow with music, youll also want to ensure that your video clips and still photos match the beat and underlying feeling of the music.

When youre working with multiple images and video clips, however, its not always easy to visualize how well it all flows together. A storyboard can be a helpful tool to plan your video and choose the right elements.

Add text to videos and images to convey your message clearly.

Why Is Descript The Best Free Slideshow Maker

While most video editing programs can easily work as photo slideshow creators, Descriptâs script editing features are handy for creating and editing narrated slideshows. You can tell your story, transcribe it with Descriptâs software, and edit the recording like a word document. Now you can perfectly sync your photos with your voice to make the effortless-seeming slideshows of your dreams.

How To Make A Slideshow Online

  • Upload your Photos and Video Clips

    Gather all of the images, videos, and GIFs that you want to combine into a slideshow. Then, upload the media files to Kapwing’s Video Slideshow Maker. You can choose a photo file or paste a link from YouTube, Twitter, etc to import it directly!

  • Arrange and Design your Slideshow

    Using the slideshow preview, rearrange the scenes into the right order. Adjust the size of the slideshow so that it’s square, landscape, or 9:16. Crop and set the duration of each clip. You can easily add music to the slideshow to accompany your photos! Insert text, stickers, and titles to make the video slideshow perfect.

  • Export and Share

    Hit ‘Export’, and Kapwing will process your video slideshow. All of your photos will be combined into a new MP4 slideshow. Save the video montage or share it with your friends.

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    Use Our Slideshow Creator To Preserve Your Memories

    Creating a slideshow with music using Smilebox might be fun and easy, but dont underestimate how much people will appreciate your effort. Smilebox lets you create slideshows that are much more than just a series of pictures. With our custom templates and impressive effects, your pictures will stand out like never before. Our free slideshow maker has become the favorite way for many Smilebox members to celebrate the important moments of life.

    Best Free Photo Slideshow Maker With Music For Windows

    How to Make a Slideshow with Music on Windows 10

    Here is a list of best free photo slideshow maker with music for Windows. Using these free software, you can create stunning photo slideshows with a background music. As a background music, these software let you import local audio files of popular formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, WMA, etc. In one of these, you can even create background music by setting up some music properties like genre, style, mood, band, tempo, intensity, etc. In some software, you can also add a narration by recording your voice using a microphone.

    The photo slideshow can be customized by setting up etc. You can also edit images before creating a slideshow using options like rotate, flip, crop, remove black borders, effects, etc. These also let you add texts or captions to slideshow images. To save created music slideshow, you can export it in video formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. Some of these software also let you upload created musical slideshow to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.

    Note: The advantage of these software is that none of these software adds watermark to output slideshow video.

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    My Favorite Free Photo Slideshow Maker With Music For Windows:

    All of these are pretty good music slideshow maker, but my favorite is 4K Slideshow Maker as it lets you create 4K UHD slideshow video. It also has a unique feature which lets you import pictures from Instagram to add to a slideshow. Another favorite of mine is Moleskinsoft SlideShow Maker as it is simple yet effective photo slideshow maker with music.

    You may also like some best free Flash Slideshow Makers, Slideshow Makers, and Tutorial Video Makers for Windows.

    How Video Slideshows Help You

    Preserve happy memories

    Want to make your loved ones feel special? Create a personalized video slideshow. Its the perfect gift to convey your emotions and preserve unique vacation and family holiday memories for a lifetime.

    Congratulate and motivate

    Congratulate the people youre most proud of as they cross their major milestones. Celebrate a friend’s birthday or wedding, or celebrate your childrens graduation. Use captions and voice-over to tell your unique story.

    Promote your brand

    Build a personal brand on social media and expand your influence. Tell customers more about your business and products and gain more profit and loyalty. Upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive right from the app.

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    How To Create Music Slideshow Using This Free Software:

    • First, add local JPG images to the software. You can even add photos from Instagram. For that, you just have to enter Instagram username and click on button. It will show all photos from the added account and you can choose the photos that you want to include in the slideshow. Remember that it only lets you import photos from an Instagram account which is not private.
    • You can now add a background music by importing a local audio file in formats like MP4, FLAC, WAV, OGG, etc.
    • If you want, you can rotate any of the added photos.
    • After that, you can setup slideshow configurations like photo duration, transition duration, apply Kens Burn effect, use face detection technology, etc.

    You can preview the musical slideshow before actually exporting it. To export it, you can select the desired video format, aspect ratio, and quality. You can set video format to Windows Standard, Mac OS X Standard, iPhone 5, YouTube Video, Facebook Video, 4K Ultra HD, etc.

    All in all, it is one of the best free photo slideshow maker with music.

    Create Personalized Videos With An Online Slideshow Maker

    How to Make a Slideshow With Music on Google Photos 2021 Edition

    Whether you look to create a business presentation or a personal slideshow, weve got you covered. With a vast collection of templates our slideshow maker offers, youre sure to find the right one for your project. Use our cloud-based editing tools to create memorable and effective slideshows in three simple steps:

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    Edit Your Slideshow Online

    A photo and video slideshow can tell an compelling, funny, informative, or nostalgic story about an event, person, or topic, much more than can be communicated in a single image. With Kapwing’s Video Slideshow Maker, creators can have full control over what their output video slideshow will look like. Adjust the size and timing of each photo clip to make the perfect slideshow in just a few clicks.

    Create Slideshows For Any Occasion

    Smilebox’s slideshow maker comes complete with templates for any occasion. You can create free slideshows for holidays, family events, or just for fun. Even better, our slideshow creator is loaded with dozens of styles and layouts in each of these categories. With our online slideshow maker, youll never run out of options. A few simple steps and you can customize a slideshow so it looks exactly the way you want it to. Weve designed a simple platform that lets you create slideshows quickly and easily, but still has all the amazing features that will inspire you to use our slideshow maker again and again.

    See below just how easy it is to create slideshows that youll be enjoyingand sharingfor years to come!

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    What Is The Best Slideshow Maker For Windows

    As you can see, there are many programs for different types of users, devices and wallets. Finding the golden middle – the best photo slideshow maker – is a hard task.

    If you are a complete beginner in slideshow making, try Filmora or Movavi Slideshow Maker. They dont have a powerful toolkit but are very easy to use. Dont want to install anything on your PC? Open your browser and sign up for Kizoa or Smilebox – they require only an Internet connection.

    Need more features to work with music in various aspects? Then check out SmartSHOW 3D. This software has a perfect balance among ease of use, extensive toolkit and affordable price. It offers you a plethora of ready-made templates and music for every kind of slideshow. The templates already have suitable songs and effects so you dont have to add these things manually.

    In case you are looking for a tool to create more formal slideshows for business or education, have a look at the best presentation software we’ve handpicked for you. You are sure to find a program that would become a reliable asset.

    But anyway, now that you have a perfect slideshow making tool at hand, its high time to prepare photos with your favorite music and create a stunning video yourself!

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Photo Slideshow Creator

    Renderforest is a cost-effective solution to create customized professional-grade videos in a fraction of the time. Using render forest has cut my production time and increased production quality compared to other video solutions we have tried. I highly recommend Renderforest to other companies looking to create high-quality videos quickly and in an affordable manner.

    Patricia Peral

    Digital Marketing Executive of Dripshot

    I love using Renderforest because it saves my time in creating great videos and it is a very user-friendly online design program. Even if you are not a professional video maker, you can make excellent videos faster than using any other video editing program. Ive saved a lot of money by starting a yearly subscription. They have a wide variety of templates to choose from. Thank you Renderforest!

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    S To Create Fancy Slideshow With Wondershare Dvd Slideshow Builder

    • Add the image or video files to the application.

    • Customize your slideshow by adding transition or music.

    • Create the photo slideshow and burn it on a DVD.

    Main Features of Photo Stage Slideshow Pro:

    • Comes with all the basic tools we look for in a slideshow made with music.

    • More than 30 transitions.

    • Unlimited images can be placed in the slideshow.

    • It would allow you to add music, clip art, video clips, and voice recordings.

    • Superb editing tools along with a comprehensive effects library for all sorts of photo effects.


    You can easily create a slideshow by dragging and dropping your selected images.


    It doesn’t come with any upgrade feature, and you need to buy a support plan for email support.

    How To Create Photo Slideshow With Music:

    • Firstly, import the pictures with which you want to create a photo slideshow, using Pictures option.
    • Secondly, add the background music by clicking on the Audio button.
    • Now, set some output settings like frame size, frame rate, transitions delay, enable random effects, etc.
    • Next, click on Output button and select the output folder.
    • After that, hit the Start button and it will create a photo slideshow with music within a few seconds. You can even watch the preview of output slideshow while the process goes on.

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    Best Free Online Slideshow Makers

    For those who want to make a slideshow without downloading any software to a computer, we have figured out the following 4 FREE online slideshow makers.


    Slidely is a well-known social media stuff that allows easy sharing of content over the network and at the same time provides the ability to follow curated collections or favorite creators.

    Users can either import videos or images from their home computers or can access media directly from social media platforms as per need.


    • It has the capability to do many stunning things other than developing simple slideshows.
    • Possesses lots of community-based sharing features.
    • Users can easily import media files from different social media platforms.
    • Videos can be marked as private or public.
    • It offers various customizable options for photo transition speeds.

    Cons: is popularly known for helping users create slideshows with their favorite photos. Creators can add photos of memorable events, add background music, and make a slideshow that they can share on their various social media platforms or websites. You can also combine different video clips to form a slideshow with this tool, and not just photos. is a free tool that supports different file formats such as MP4, MP3, WAV, M4V, AVI, 3GP, MKV, etc.



    • It is online, which makes it highly dependent on an internet connection to function as you cannot use it offline.

    Best Free Slideshow Maker Apps

    How to Make a Video with Pictures and Music (Slideshow)

    Besides using the free Apple iMovie to make photo slideshow on your iPhone, you can also try the following free slideshow making apps on iOS devices.


    Those who need a slide show developer with rich and intuitive features on their iPhone will find the Slide Lap application quite interesting. It is much easier to process, images, music, and videos. You can use this tool to make slide shows of any length with ease.

    SlideLab is an advanced, beautiful, and interesting tool for the development of impressive collages that can be utilized for professional as well as personal needs.


    • Enjoyable and simple to use application.
    • It is much easier to add interesting effects.



    This application allows users to combine photos in unique frame combinations, with customizable aspect ratios, sizes and frame colours etc. It is a step ahead with advanced filters and frames so that highly interactive slide shows can be developed with ease.

    PicPlayPost allows users to pick gifs, videos, and photos, etc for the development of eye-catching slideshows.


    • It offers an easy video integration facility for slideshows.
    • Sequential, as well as simultaneous playback, can be created along with lots of unique features.
    • It allows users to think outside the box with arrangements of multiple video sets.


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    How To Make A Video Slideshow From Images

    With Kapwing’s Slideshow Maker, make montages to impress your friends, celebrate special events and occasions, and commemorate birthdays or anniversaries. A video slideshow with music is a great gift to say “thank you,””I love you,” or “congratulations.” You can use just a few images and video clips or combine hundreds of photos together for a long slideshow.

    Get started by organizing all of the photos you want to include. Import your best photos from Dropbox and Google Drive, or collect the files in your photo gallery. Then, upload all of the images to Kapwing to make them each a scene in your slideshow.

    Within Kapwing’s Studio, embellish and enhance the slideshow with text, stickers, images, title slides, custom background color, animations, and more visual elements using Kapwing’s intuitive video editing tools. Then, import a song directly from YouTube to match the tone of your slideshow. Click “Export” to create the video slideshow as one cohesive MP4!

    You can create a slideshow with pictures and music in seconds using your phone, tablet or computer. Kapwing supports PNG, JPG, GIF, 3PG, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WAV, AVI, FLV, and many more file types. It’s a website, so it works on Mac, PC, Windows, iPhones, iPads, Android, Chromebooks, and more.

    Kapwing is free and designed for beginners. It works on all types of computers and phones with no software installation required. We hope you enjoy making video slideshows with music, text, and designs with this online tool!

    How To Make A Photo Slideshow With Music

    Creating a custom slideshow has never been easier! No templates or designs are needed. Simply choose the category of slideshow that you would like to create, and upload your photos!

    With Pixiediarys made-to-order custom slideshow maker service, our photo slideshow maker will take care of the customization and create a unique photo slideshow so you do not have to. With a broad range of categories, it is easy to just choose one and upload your photos to receive a made-to-order slideshow!

    Make a custom slideshow in 4 easy steps!

    Step 1

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    What Is A Slideshow

    A slideshow is a presentation of a series of still images or videos in a prearranged sequence typically linked through a common theme, topic, or event.

    There are many reasons one might need to make a slideshow, from personal use to business. They are a fun way to mark a special occasion, for instance, pictures of the Bride and Groom set to a romantic song and played at a rehearsal dinner. Or a photo slideshow of a child growing up and set to Time of Your Life by Green Day for a graduation party. Slideshows are also used for business presentations and meetings, with the slides containing graphs, charts, and important information instead of personal photos and videos.

    Create Captivating Professional Content Using Our Slideshow Maker With Music

    Make a Slideshow Video with Music

    On their own, slideshows can be a bit boring. Change the narrative using our slideshow maker with music! We make it easy to craft simple slideshows that stand out and keep your audience engaged.

    With our online animated slideshow maker, you can upload your photos and get a professional slideshow in minutes. Got a professional presentation coming up? Impress your audience by animating the slideshow instead of sticking with boring PowerPoint transitions. You can even use our slideshow video maker to produce animated wedding videos, a birthday card, or a holiday card. The possibilities are endless.

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