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Musicals Available For High Schools

Musicals Set In High School

Ridge Drama Club Presents: Disneyâs High School Musical On Stage!

Theres something special about doing a musical set in a high school with actors who are still in high school. The students are in the thick of it they have a unique and visceral understanding of the characters problems and intense emotions. And from a practical perspective, you probably already have the set pieces lying around school. Weve already mentioned two of the classics, Grease and High School Musical, but there are so many more! Make sure to request a perusal script before you choose shows like Spring Awakening, Bare, and Dear Evan Hansen tackle some pretty serious subjects.

High School Musicals That Deliver

Bay Wellington·2018-11-7

Originating on Broadway and the West End, TRW School Editions keep the magic of the original material in an adaptation expertly crafted to suit the school producing environment. With titles including:

TRW has a school edition to perfectly showcase your theatre department. TRW School Editions are musicals youll love with Production Resources that will get you and your students ready for opening night!

Find Your Grail and Your 2019 Spring Musical!

Youll receive brand-new pristine materials, authorized logo art, stellar customer service and expert guidance each step of the way from the most experienced and dedicated team of theatre educators and professionals. With most titles, youll have access to state-of-the-art resources and tools featuring ShowReady Rehearsal Tracks, StageTracks Performance Tracks, ProductionPro digital production notebook, Scenic Projections by BMD and one of our newest resource partners, BookTix.

Become a member of the Addams family with TRWs School Edition!

The TRW advantage all our school groups love: you keep all your production materials, eliminating deposit fees and allowing for personalization of the books!

Your students will soar with FLIGHT OF THE LAWNCHAIR MAN!

Ideal for your fall or spring semester show, TRW School Editions bring a bit of Broadway to your very own stage!

The Rights To Perform

One last tidbit. The popularity of many productions seems to depend almost entirely on licensing. High schools can’t produce a show until it has run its course on Broadway and in regional theaters.

In 1975, the amateur performance rights for Godspell became available, and it’s rumored that the licensing agency’s telephone switchboards were jammed for days after. That year, Godspell was the top high school musical.

Same’s true for Les Miserables. The school version was released in 2002. And by 2003, it had cracked the top of the list.

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Best Musicals For High Schools

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by at my Wonderful blog, we at onlinestudyingservices wish you a great read through our articles. You can link to us, share our Articles and guest what feel free to comment and ask questions on what is bordering you. This way you can interact with us. I will take you into musicals for high schools and all you need to know about it..Have a nice read.

This page is your everything if youre looking for the best and most well-liked musicals for high schools because weve covered everything you need to know.

Additionally, we have provided links to the licensing platforms for each of the high school musicals. This information is crucial for anyone planning and putting on a successful high school musicals.

Musicals for high school are crucial. Anyone can fit in here, and for kids who thought they didnt belong anywhere else in high school, this is the life-saving straw.

These musicals for high school are a great beginning to start planning for the upcoming drama or theatre season, regardless of whether you work in a school with a significant art budget or are starting from scratch with a high school drama program.

All you have to do is locate a cold beverage and read this article through to the conclusion because it is expected to be helpful.

You will get all the information you need about different High School Musicals including:

  • Musical Sets in High School
  • Contemporary Musicals for High School
  • Little-known High School Musicals
  • Most Popular Musicals

These Are The Shows That Are Sure To Get A Standing Ovation In The Auditorium

CD Image

Fiddler on the Roof

Ask any theater maniac when their affair with the stage began, and they’re likely to tell you it was in high school. Whether you’re a professional actor or an avid fan, the high school musical is an experience that binds us together. This is especially true if the drama club picks the kind of show guaranteed to produce lifelong memories.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a high school musical: Do you have the right performers for the material? Is it age-appropriate? Is the cast big enough to include all the students who want to participate, but not so big that the director will have to resort to conscripting kids from study hall? We’ve compiled a list of seven musicals that check these boxes, and will wow the audience in the process.

We’ve also included video evidence that high schools are not only producing these shows, but doing so spectacularly. Lest you think these are particularly ambitious schools with pushy directors that can secure the rights to hard-to-get shows, know that every one of these titles is listed with licensing agency Musical Theatre International. So have at it, high schoolers. Show us how these shows are done.

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Know What Level Of Comfort Your Superiors Have With Violence/delicate Subject Matter

Its theatre. Trust me, I understand the importance of actors and audiences experiencing a story in which difficult situations are unpacked and more easily understood. Just because you and I understand this does not mean that the school principal or fine arts director or city council will. Dont pick a show that everyone in your town is too good to come see or that will get you in trouble.

That being said: there will always be people who think the musical you choose is too inappropriate. Footloose talks about a girl who gets around. Once Upon a Mattress has an unintended out of wedlock pregnancy. Both of these musicals are pretty wholesome, but ya know. People like to complain and feel self-righteous.

The Most Popular Musicals For High Schools

Choose among the most well-liked high school musicals when all you need to do is make a big splash in your drama or theatre department.

There is a good chance that each of these performances will draw a sizable audience, enabling you to fill your home with pleased friends, family, and neighbors.

The list of well-liked high school musicals below is a good place to start if you want to get people interested in your schools theatrical club

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The Most Popular High School Musicals

When you just need to be a great hit in your drama or theatre department, now is the time to pick among the most popular high school musicals.

Each of these shows is almost certain to draw a large crowd, allowing you to fill the house with delighted friends, family, and neighbors. If you want to get people interested in your schools theater club, start with the list of popular high school musicals below:

Can High Schools Do The Musical Dear Evan Hansen

Cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – Shallow Lake (HSMTMTS)

High schools cant do Dear Evan Hansen because the musical is not yet available for licensing. This is typical Dear Evan Hansen is running on Broadway and in a national tour it was also made into a movie in September of 2021. The rights probably wont become available to high schools and community theaters for several years.

Wed love to hear about the shows youre doing! Let us know about your favorite musicals for high school well add them to the list to help other educators find the best shows for their students.

Further Reading…

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Simple Musicals For High Schools

If youve ever directed a musical, you are aware of the amount of effort required. For a simpler process, look for simple programs. One thing unites these musicals, and that aspect alone will make your life simpler.

Some of them are easy to learn, like Cinderella. The direction of other simple musicals is likewise simple, such as working. You wont have to stress about acting in and managing a huge, annoying cast because there are also small-cast high school musicals.

The following are only a few of them, although there are more as well

The Most Popular High School Plays And Musicals

is out and Matilda is in, according to the new high school theater rankings from the Educational Theatre Association. The organization has been publishing its list since 1938.

To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:

NPR Ed published the first-ever database of the most popular high school plays and musicals in the U.S. in July 2015. Today, the 2020 numbers are out, so we’ve updated our original story.

is out and Matilda is in, according to the new high school theater rankings from the Educational Theatre Association. The top spot for high school musicals went to The Addams Family, a show that’s been hanging around the top 10 list for the last decade. Mamma Mia! was the second most-popular, making an appearance on the list for the second year . Cinderella rounded out the Top 10 list a new addition this year.

For full-length plays, Clue finally beat out Almost, Maine for the No. 1 spot. The rankings come out as schools across the country are being challenged to adapt their theater and concert performances to online platforms because of the coronavirus.


For Vernon Hills High School in Illinois, Clue was a great choice because of its creativity and humor, says Stephanie Freichels, the school’s theater director. “It combines mystery with some really great physical comedy,” she says. “There are secret passageways and over-the-top characters.”

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Listen To 2018’s Highlights

I’ve also spoken with many people who weren’t involved in theater at all but can still for some reason remember the shows their schools performed.

There’s just something about the high school stage.

All of this got me wondering: What are the most popular high school plays and musicals?

As it turns out, the answer is in Dramatics the monthly magazine for theater students and teachers. It’s been publishing an annual ranking of the most popular high school plays and musicals since 1938.

No one had ever compiled the data. The information wasn’t even digitized. So in the winter of 2014, Don Corathers, the magazine’s editor, began digging through the archives for hard copies of each original issue nearly 100 pages in all.

During the process, he wrote to explain a delay: “What’s taking so long, other than the distraction of publishing a magazine, is that we have to locate the articles in bound copies in order to scan them.”

Eventually, he found them all, made copies a huge stack and mailed them to the NPR Ed team here in Washington, D.C. And last year, NPR Ed compiled the data. Today, we’ve updated the collection.

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Dancing Requirements For High School Musicals

Choose a show that you are confident you or your choreographer can choreograph AND that your students are able to perform well. Take into account their ability to sing while moving. Dont do Newsies unless you are 100% sure you have a group of STRONG singers and dancers!! Check if the show requires tap. Do you have the budget to buy those shoes?

Best Musicals For High School That Take Place

Theres something exciting about planning and performing high school musicals with high school actors. The pupils are engrossed they have a unique comprehension of the characters situations and powerful emotions. You may have positioned sets around the campus for practical reasons.

Weve already discussed two classics, Grease and best musicals for high school, in this article, but theres more! Before you decide, make careful to read the script shows like Spring Awakening and Bare deal with very serious issues.

9 females, 8 males in the castConcord Theatricals is in charge of licensing

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Most Popular Musicals For High School

Sometimes you just need to be a big success for your drama or theatre program-this is the time to choose from the most popular Musicals for high school.

Each of these shows is almost guaranteed to attract a large audience, so you can fill the house with friends who are excited, family, and community members. If you want to raise interest in the drama club of your school, then you can begin with the list of the popular high school musicals below:

Youre A Good Man Charlie Brown

Let You Go (From “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 2)”)

Youre A Good Man, Charlie Brown is a musical based on the popular cartoon strip Peanuts. It follows the story of Charlie Brown and his friends.

The play has many comedy scenes that will keep the viewers entertained throughout the show. The costumes are just basic clothes like colorful t-shirts and polka dot dresses.

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Contemporary Musicals For High Schools

If you have a group of theater kids who are up to date on the most recent Broadway shows and performances, the timeless masterpieces of the golden age will only push you farther. At some point, its time to research the top modern musicals for teenagers.

This is more difficult than it seems because many contemporary musicals deal with dark adult topics. The top high school musicals now on the market, these productions have all recently appeared on Broadway or the West End, and they are all licensed.

The following list includes some of them, but not all of them

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Everyone Gets Eaten By Sharksmarshall Pailet

  • 30 – 35 minutes

Join Adventure Dan on a tour through shark-infested scenarios to avoid, such as kayaking with meat paddles, night-swimming after prom, or genetically engineering sharks for science. Read more

  • 40 – 55 minutes
  • 4 W, 4 M, 13 Any

Kyle Macmanus has invested millions in a high-tech work of art — fifteen human-figure sculptures But just when Kyle is about to sell the sculpture, it malfunctions the figures are alive. Read more

  • 30 – 35 minutes
  • 6 W, 6 M, 23 Any

Fear! Horror! Terror! That’s what the Storyteller wanted for his night of spooky tales, but everyone in the theater keeps interrupting to share their own, less-than-chilling versions of the stories. Read more

Simple Musicals For High Schoolsimple Musicals For High School


If youve ever directed a musical, you understand how much work is involved. Look for basic programs to make the procedure easier. These musicals have one thing in common, and that aspect, if nothing else, makes life easier for you.

Some of them, such as Cinderella, are simple to learn. Other simple musicals, like as working, are also straightforward to direct. There are also small-cast high school musicals, so you wont have to worry about performing and directing a large, obnoxious cast.

Some of them include but are not limited to the ones listed below:

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The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Playjoe Landry

  • 40 – 50 minutes

Inspired by Hitchcock’s classic tale and performed as a live period radio play, this romantic thriller is a fast-paced ride through the signature world of the Master of Suspense. Read more

  • 65 – 75 minutes
  • 3 W, 2 M, 2 Any

In this lyrical, atmospheric interpretation of Peter Pan, Jeremy Bloom strips the familiar story down to its emotional essence. Read more

How We Did This

In a spreadsheet, we compiled separate lists of the plays and musicals listed in Dramatics’ annual survey. Because of inconsistencies in the lists over time , we scored shows according to their rank in a given year: 15 points to the No. 1 show, 14 points to the second, and so on. Any show that ranked below 14 was awarded 1 point. For more information on this project, email .

Transcript :


There is nothing quite like a high school musical. It’s my kind of entertainment, frankly, but little did I know there are people out in the world who actually keep track of the most popular high school plays and musicals. Here’s a couple of the headlines out of this list – joining the top 10 – “Annie ” falling off the list – “Grease,” which is crazy to me. It first showed up on these rankings in 1981. This is all according to Dramatics magazine. They’ve been collecting the top plays and musicals since 1938. Elissa Nadworny from the NPR Ed team reports.

ELISSA NADWORNY, BYLINE: There’s just something about the high school stage. For me, it was “Fiddler On The Roof.”

UNIDENTIFIED ACTORS: For such a match, I prayed. Mazel tov, mazel tov.

NADWORNY: I was stage crew, dressed in black, and I rushed the bed onstage for Tevye’s dream sequence. In the early 2000s, “Fiddler” was a big hit with high schools. So what’s popular now? On the musical side, “Beauty And The Beast” took the top spot.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTORS: Bon jour, bon jour, bon jour, bon jour, bon jour.

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