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Musical Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom Of The Opera To Release New West End Cast Recording

Phantom London 2021 | The Phantom of the Opera

All we ask of The Phantom of the Opera is the chance to hear the current cast on repeat. A new The Phantom of the Opera cast recording will be released on 1 June. Listen to “The Phantom of the Opera” here. The new recording will feature the 2022 West End cast of The Phantom of the Opera. The album will include vocals by Killian Donnelly as the Phantom and Lucy St. Louis as Christine Daae. Read our interview with Lucy St. Louis, who makes history as the first woman of colour to play Christine….

Everything You Need To Know About Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘the Phantom Of The Opera’ In London

The Phantom of the Opera is one of the West End’s greatest musicals of all time. Millions of theatregoers have travelled from around the world to visit Her Majesty’s Theatre and hear the angel of music for themselves. As the Phantom hides his face, he tries to impress Christine, a beautiful soprano. But when a childhood sweetheart appears on the scenes, the Phantom whisks Christine away to his underground lair and chances of a happily ever after are shattered. Can the Phantom prove himself to…

History Behind The Novel

Leroux initially was going to be a lawyer, but after spending his inheritance gambling he became a reporter for L’Écho de Paris. At the paper, he wrote about and critiqued dramas, as well as being a courtroom reporter. With his job, he was able to travel frequently, but he returned to Paris where he became a writer. Because of his fascination with both Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he wrote a detective mystery entitled The Mystery of the Yellow Room in 1907, and four years later he published Le Fantôme de lOpéra. The novel was first published in newspapers before finally being published as a book.

The serialized version contains an entire chapter that does not appear in the novel versionthough much of its content was added in other chaptersand was not reprinted in English until 2014.

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Why Do Some People Hate Phantom

Anytime something is immensely successful, a critical backlash is to be expected. In my observations, many who are serious about musicals despise much of Webbers work, opting instead, for instance, for the more complex compositions of Stephen Sondheim. Some might argue that The Phantom of the Opera is filled with gimmicky effects, flat characters, and sub-par trilling.

As warranted as these criticisms might be, there is a component to this show that remains the secret of its phenomenal success. The show has been a hit for over two decades because the character of the Phantom is a mesmerizing anti-hero.

Has Phantom Of The Opera Closed Permanently In The West End

The Phantom of the Opera tickets and review  Time Out London

Producer Cameron Mackintosh, writing in London’s Evening Standard newspaper about his frustration with the government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis, has stated that his London production of The Phantom of the Opera has “permanently shut down.” While going on to say he and Andrew Lloyd Webber, the show’s composer and co-producer, “are determined to bring it back,” his statement has been widely reported as signifying the end of the Phantom’s 34-year reign of London’s theatreland.However, in a…

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First Preview At Sydmonton

A preview of the first act was staged at Sydmonton in 1985, starring Colm Wilkinson as the Phantom, Sarah Brightman as Kristin , and Clive Carter as Raoul. This very preliminary production used Richard Stilgoe‘s original unaltered lyrics, and many songs sported names that were later changed, such as “What Has Time Done to Me” , and “Papers” . The Phantom’s original mask covered the entire face and remained in place throughout the performance, obscuring the actor’s vision and muffling his voice. designed the now-iconic half-mask to replace it, and the unmasking sequence was added. Clips of this preview performance were included on the DVD of the 2004 film production.

Design Direction And Choreography

designed the sets and over 200 costumes, including the elaborate gowns in the “Masquerade” sequence. Her set designs, including the chandelier, subterranean gondola, and sweeping staircase, earned her multiple awards.Hal Prince, director of Cabaret, Candide, Follies, and Lloyd Webber’s Evita, directed the production, while Gillian Lynne, associate director and choreographer of Cats, provided the integral musical staging and choreography.

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The Phantom Of The Opera Announces New Cast From August 2022

The Phantom of the Opera is here with a new cast! The Phantom of the Opera company will change from 1 August, and The Phantom of the Opera performances are now confirmed at Her Majestys Theatre to 17 Dec. 2022. Book The Phantom of the Opera tickets on London Theatre. Killian Donnelly will continue as The Phantom alongside Lucy St. Louis as Christine Daaé. We spoke to Lucy St. Louis about what it means to be the first actress of colour to play Christine Daaé in the London production. Matt…

The Adventures Of Rouletabille

‘The Phantom of the Opera’ – Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley | Official Music Video
  • 1907 – Le mystère de la chambre jaune (English translation: The Mystery of the Yellow Room, 1907 Rouletabille and The Mystery of the Yellow Room, 2009, translated by Jean-Marc Lofficier& Randy Lofficier,
  • 1908 – Le parfum de la dame en noir ” rel=”nofollow”> The Perfume of the Lady in Black, 1908)
  • 1913 – Rouletabille chez le Tsar
  • 1914 – Rouletabille à la guerre consisting of
  • Le château noir
  • Les étranges noces de Rouletabille
  • ISBN 978-1-61227-144-6)
  • 1921 – Le crime de Rouletabille
  • 1922 – Rouletabille chez les Bohémiens
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    Discussed In Lloyd Webber Biography

    • In Andrew Lloyd Webber

      Richard Stilgoe, he then composed The Phantom of the Opera , a hugely popular musical version of Gaston Lerouxs melodramatic novel. Two years after winning the Olivier for best musical, the show opened on Broadway and won best musical at the Tony Awards. In 2006 it surpassed Cats

    The Phantom Of The Opera At The Royal Albert Hall

    The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall
    Directed by
    Language English

    The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall is a 2011 British concert filmadaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s 1986 musical The Phantom of the Opera, which in turn was based on the 1910 French novel Le Fantôme de l’Opéra by Gaston Leroux.

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the musical, three special performances on Saturday 1 October 2011 at 7.30pm and Sunday 2 October 2011 at 1.30pm and 7.00pm were filmed at the Royal Albert Hall, the third of which was screened live worldwide on 2 October 2011. For further releases, footage from all three performances were edited together.

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    The Music Of The Night

    Phantom takes the spotlight in his own song that he serenades to Christine after bringing her to his lair.

    The solo performance from the opera ghost is one that follows on the heels of their famous duet together and that introduces Christine to the musical genius of the angel of music and his workspace. In a way that is almost intoxicating, Phantom seduces her with his world full of night, dreams, and music. He inspires her to let her spirit soar and succumb to the rich, full existence of his world.

    The Phantom Of The Opera 25th Anniversary Show To Be Streamed This Weekend

    The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

    In a change to previous billing, The Phantom of the Opera will be available to watch online this weekend. Audiences can watch the 25th anniversary production filmed at the Royal Albert Hall, starring Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess.Three performances of The Phantom of the Opera’s 25th anniversary concert were performed from 1-2 October at the Royal Albert Hall. The cast also starred Hadley Fraser as Raoul and Wendy Ferguson as Carlotta.The Phantom of the Opera will be available from 9 October…

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    About The Phantom Of The Opera On Broadway

    The longest-running show in Broadway history, Andrew Lloyd Webbers The Phantom of the Opera debuted in 1988, winning seven Tony Awards® including Best Musical. Based on Gaston Lerouxs horror novel, it tells the enticing story of the Phantom, who haunts the stage of the Paris Opera and subsequently falls in love with a beautiful young soprano. Audiences are in for a thrilling night of spectacle and romance, accompanied by Broadways most unforgettable score.

    What To Watch For

    • The enormous replica of the Paris Opera House chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera has 6,000 beads and weighs one ton. The original version was built by five people in four weeks.
    • It takes two hours to apply the Phantoms makeup . The prosthetics are then covered by a mask, and actor who plays the role has his own custom-molded mask.
    • The Phantom of the Opera musical uses 400 pounds of dry ice each performance to create the Phantoms underground lake.
    • Did you know that there are more than 150 trap doors in the production?
    • It’s not often that a musical receives a sequel, but The Phantom of the Opera has. It’s called Love Never Dies and is set on Coney Island, where Christine and Raoul encounter the Phantom again 10 years later.
    • The Phantom of the Opera tickets may be appropriate for children aged 4 and above. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theatre.
    Run time

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    Musical Genius And Renaissance Man

    To contrast his violent nature, the Phantom is a masterful composer of brooding ballads which have the power to transfix the young singer, Christine Daae. More than just a musician, the Phantom is also almost like a Parisian Batman. Hes got a cool lair, which he constructed himself. He has created a plethora of inventions . Also, he is a shrewd businessman because he constantly sends payment notices to the opera managers. We can only assume he also designs his own costumes. All of this talent almost makes the viewer want to ignore his murderous crimes.

    The Phantom Of The Opera: A Tale Of Tragic Love

    The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

    It is the year 1905, on the stage of the Paris Opera House. Properties of the Opera House are being auctioned off. An elderly man in a wheelchair takes a music box in his hand.

    Half a century earlier the opera Hannibal is being rehearsed on the stage of the Opera House. But behind the magnificent stage, a series of mysterious incidents occur, allegedly caused by the Phantom of the Opera. Carlotta the Prima Donna gets upset at the managers of the Opera House for not being able to deal with the incidents, and says that she will not perform in the opera.

    A chorus girl, Christine Daaé takes her role urgently. Having received singing lessons from the Angel of Music who was sent from her dying father, she sings with a beautiful voice and the opera turns out to be a great success. In the audience, there is a young man watching Christine it is Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny. He pays a visit to the dressing room of Christine, who is his childhood friend and has now blossomed into a beauty.

    That night, Christine vanishes from her dressing room into thin air, when the Angel of Music appears before Christine and abducts her to his hideaway on a mystic lake beneath the Opera House.

    The person who had been giving her singing lessons every night was the Phantom of the Opera. Calling himself the Angel of Music, his desire was to make his beloved Christine a Prima Donna and have her sing an opera composed by himself.


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    Who Has Played The Phantom In ‘the Phantom Of The Opera’ In London

    The Phantom of the Opera is the second-longest running musical in London. Millions of theatregoers have been transported to Paris Opera House via Her Majesty’s Theatre. We take a look back at some of the greatest actors to have previously played the Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webbers The Phantom of the Opera. Discover more about the music of the night with The Phantom of the Opera in London. Book The Phantom of the Opera tickets on London Theatre. ## Killian Donnelly Donnelly first starred in…

    Lucy St Louis On Making History In ‘phantom’ And The Importance Of Representation

    You could say that Lucy St. Louis manifested playing Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera. Since she was a little girl, she trained in ballet and was taught how to sing by an opera teacher. Now, St. Louis achieves a lifelong dream as the latest actress to play Christine Daaé.However, even though she’s making history in the role as the first Black actress to play the famous ingenue, she doesn’t want her Christine to be defined by race.”It should just be Lucy St. Louis playing Christine…

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    The Phantom Of The Opera Announces Full Casting Ahead Of Summer Reopening At Her Majestys Theatre

    The full casting for the return of The Phantom of the Opera in London has been named, ahead of performances this summer. The Phantom of the Opera will now reopen at Her Majesty’s Theatre from 27 July, with The Phantom of the Opera tickets on sale soon.Lucy St Louis will play Christine Daaé, previously playing Diana Ross in Motown The Musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Rhys Whitfield will play Raoul, with West End credits including Summer and Smoke and Jesus Christ Superstar.They join the…

    A Complete Guide To Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals

    phantom of the opera, Drama, Musical, Romance, Phanton, Opera, Horror ...

    Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the world’s best celebrated musical theatre composers, with a career spanning over 50 years since 1965. Creating some of the most recognisable show tunes, his work includes Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, and Sunset Boulevard, and he was named “the most commercially successful composer in history” by the New York Times. Throughout Andrew Lloyd Webber’s career, the impersario has won over 40 awards including Tonys, Golden Globes, and Oliviers. In 1993, he was awarded…

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    Preservation And Home Video Status

    The finest quality print of the film existing was struck from an original camera negative for George Eastman House in the early 1950s by Universal Pictures. The original 1925 version survives only in 16mm “Show-At-Home” prints created by Universal for home movie use in the 1930s. There are several versions of these prints, but none of them is complete. All are from the original domestic camera negative.

    Because of the better quality of the Eastman House print, many home video releases have opted to use it as the basis of their transfers. This version has singer Mary Fabian in the role of Carlotta. In the reedited version, Virginia Pearson, who played Carlotta in the 1925 film, is credited and referred to as “Carlotta’s Mother” instead. Most of the silent footage in the 1929 version is actually from a second camera, used to photograph the film for foreign markets and second negatives careful examination of the two versions shows similar shots are slightly askew in composition in the 1929 version. In 2009, ReelClassicDVD issued a special edition multi-disc DVD set which included a matched shot side-by-side comparison of the two versions, editing the 1925 Show-At-Home print’s narrative and continuity to match the Eastman House print.

    On November 1, 2011, Image Entertainment released a new Blu-ray version of Phantom, produced by Film Preservation Associates, the film preservation company owned by David Shepard.

    Josh Piterman To Lead New Cast Of The Phantom Of The Opera In The West End

    New casting has been announced for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The Phantom of the Opera, which heads into its 34th year in the West End.From 9th September, Australian singer Josh Piterman will play the titular Phantom at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Many of his musical theatre credits come in hi Australian productions of West Side Story, The Last Five Years, Blood Brothers, and Beautiful – The Carole King Musical and Cats. His UK theatre credits include a national tour of Hairspray, playing Corny…

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    Past The Point Of No Return

    In one of Phantom and Christine’s sexiest duets, this song comes towards the end of the film at a pivotal moment in their relationship that literally takes them past the point of any return.

    The song is hot and heavy with passion, and love, which is reflected in its lyrics, the props and set, and even the clothes they are wearing, a clearly perfect creative aura from director Joel Schumacher. The actors’ voices are on full display as the song gradually comes to its louder close, and the images of their bodies, desires, and physical prowess for one another is unmatched when they sing of the flames consuming them.

    Andrew Lloyd Webbers The Phantom Of The Opera Has Returned To Her Majestys Theatre

    NIGHTWISH – The Phantom Of The Opera (OFFICIAL LIVE)

    Experience the thrill of the West Ends most enduring love story, starring double Olivier Award nominee Killian Donnelly as The Phantom, Lucy St. Louis as Christine Daaé and Rhys Whitfield as Raoul. The Phantom awaits

    Phantom of the Opera tickets remain some of the most popular in London after more than 30 years! The soaring music of this classic production has made it a mainstay of the West End for decades. This production is one that brings people back time and time again. If youve never seen it before, what are you waiting for?

    Andrew Lloyd Webbers glittering musical is the most successful of all time with more than 140 million Phantom of the Opera tickets sold worldwide. It has won over 70 major theatre awards. The show consistently receives glowing reviews from audiences and critics alike and has an average 5-star rating based on nearly 2,000 reviews by London Theatre Direct customers.

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