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Creative Spaces To Focus

The DREAM Studio – Building My EPIC Home Studio for 2022 (UNDER $300)

As a professional artist, filmmaker, or musician, the best part about having a studio to yourself is that you have a personal space to work that is not your house, apartment, or the local coffee shop. Studio spaces are designed and decorated to facilitate productivity. While its nice to work at home, you may find that the creative juices dont flow as well when you are working in the same place you eat, sleep, shower, and relax in. In a studio space designed for creating, youre free from unneeded distractions, while everything you need to work is close by.

For the budding artist, musician, and filmmaker, studio spaces mean that the space around you is optimised for your work and your projects. The environment works for you, rather than against you, keeping you from the urge to scroll through your Facebook feed, watch cat videos, or clean your house and attend to your everyday chores. Its your own personal creative heaven.Find the studio space that suits your work.

Tell Us Your Most Daring Needs

  • Our studios and services are fully modular and adaptable: professional artists and groups, label, majors, sound engineer.
  • Ask for the best: we have a team of acoustic carpenters specializing in custom booth design, acoustics and studio furniture.
  • We support you in the installation of your equipment: advice, purchase, delivery and installation of the best professional audio references.
  • Feel inspired from your first session: we conceptualize and design your studio with you in order to and create a space that suits you.
  • Services that will save you time: cleaning service, additional adjoining storage box, parking, additional studios by the hour…

Looking For An Inspiring Music Studio In Portugal

Then look no further. Music Writing Place is the music studio in Portugal youre looking for. Its a unique opportunity for songwriters, musicians, and bands to find their potential.

With luxury accommodation, comprehensive onsite recording equipment and plenty of space to relax and unwind, theres no better place to start or perhaps finish that album.

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Upscale Rehearsal Studios In San Diego

Adder Studios are located in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego. Professionally soundproofed monthly music studios were built with every detail in mind. The result is a music studio that lends itself to creativity and high quality production. Adder Studios prides itself on being different than most rehearsal studios by providing a safe, secure and clean environment to be creative. Private access is available 24 hours a day for convenience. Safety and security is a top priority with 24hr video surveillance and private access for Adder tenants only.

Were Vancouvers Largest Rehearsal Space Provider

Monthly Lock...

Weve been here 9 years, have a total of 84 lockouts, 7 by the hour studios and 1 recording studio in over 30,000 square feet of combined floor space. In a city where art space gets gobbled up all the time, thats quite the feat! Come join a real musical community that is all genre inclusive. Were musicians like you and we actually care about the scene in this city.

Sound like fun? Join us today.

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Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studio

Location: Orange County, CA 92683Bomb Shelter Rehearsal Studio located in 7580 Garden Grove Blvd. Westminster, Orange County, CA. Our current Rates: Rooms 1-5: Rooms are approximately 20′ x 20′ with a 10 foot ceiling – P.A. set up, $18 per hour. With the P.A. plus Drums or Drums and amps set up, $22 per hour.

Customer Friendly Rehearsal Spaces Toronto Musicians Love

      “We drive across the city, past all the other studios, just to practice at the Groove Room. You guys are that good…” – Drew from Hatch
      “I don’t want to play in a rehearsal factory when I spend all day working in one! From the tube amps to the free parking, you just can’t beat the Groove Room.” – Rob L.

Thank you for visiting the Groove Room!

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Management Removes Any Would Be Studio Distractions By Maintaining The Facility Ensuring You Can Get To Work

The first thing I always notice at LemonTree is the level of commitment to the tenants and facility. Everything is nice, clean, and calming. Its a joy to come here every morning because its safe, comfortable, and sounds great.

It was important for me to feel like I had my very own space to work in where I could shut out the world. That is exactly what Lemontree is. Its a universe unto itself. Once I walked through the big heavy double doors into my room, I knew I was going to make something special. Im thankful to have had a great space to take my time and make a banger LP.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Recording Studio

EPIC Studio Setup 2021 | HOME For Music (studio tour)

Recording studios have long played a major role in the American imagination. From Sun Studio in Memphis to Capitol Records in LA, many music fans know exactly where their favorite tracks were recorded. But with the rise in home recording equipment, todays recording artists are just as likely to create their own customized recording studios in an attic or garage. If youre looking for a professional space to record your next album, you may be wondering: how much does it cost to rent a recording studio with all of the modern equipment and instruments you need?

Well discuss this very question as well as why to rent a recording studio. We will also explore the types of recording studios available and how to rent one. If youre looking to rent a recording studio, be sure to check out what Peerspace has available near you! As the largest marketplace for event and production bookings, youll find the perfect space with the perfect vibe and perfect equipment in your chosen location. Well include photos from real Peerspace recording studios available to rent from musicians like yourself throughout this article so you know whats out there.

Now, back to our topic at hand. Whether youre a musician, an agent, or simply curious, we have your recording studio rental information right here!

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All Of Our Studio Spaces At Islington Mill Are Currently Let & We Are Full

However, all studio rental enquiries are added to an active waiting list that will be contacted whenever space becomes available.

If youre interested in a space, have a question, or would like to be added to our tenant waiting list, please direct all studio enquiries to .

In your email, please tell us a bit about yourself, your practice, & how you intend to be using the space

Main Building Studio DetailsOur studios maintain the character of the old mill: walls are whitewashed brick & plasterboard floors are quarry tiled and ceilings are vaulted with iron columns. Each space provides natural light with at least one window measuring around 150cm x 180cm.

Individual studios are completely self contained: lockable, heatable and equipped with a one-hour fire door with a five lever mortice lock. Brand new & recently upgraded Wi-Fi can be accessed from all studios.

Your rent includes:

  • wi-fi
  • buildings insurance

Rent is payable monthly on the first or fifteenth day of each month, depending on when your lease begins.

What size are the spaces?Because of the nature of the building, most of our spaces dont conform to a standard sizes, but they roughly split into three main categories:

  • small = 3m x 3m

Champion Site + Sound

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90039Champion Site + Sound have 5 locations in Los Angeles and Southern California. Their are 8 rehearsal stages that come with standard backline equipment . They also offer recording, rentals and cartage services. 323-850-4990

Location: Las Vegas, NV T.K. Productions offers monthly lockout rehearsal studios in West Los Angeles, North Hollywood, and Las Vegas. 702-303-4094

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From Empty Studio To 100% Tailor

Rent an empty studio, with or without a vocal booth, completely soundproofed and install your equipment and furniture there. Access it in complete autonomy 24 hours a day with your own pair of keys and welcome your customers inside.

Your private studio, tailor-made and turnkey thanks to our services dedicated to professionals: tailor-made cabin, premium acoustic treatment, audio system design, space design…

Types Of Recording Studios

Rehearsal Spaces

But how much does it cost to rent a recording studio? That depends on what kind of space you choose. Youll find everything from cozy home studios to large production spaces that can fit an entire band or orchestra. Keep in mind that the venue capacity may vary based on what kind of event youll be hosting there.

Here are just a few of the great locations that are available:

As you can see, there are plenty of recording studios to book in cities across the country. The problem may be narrowing it down! To find the perfect Peerspace-bookable recording studio near you, browse the listings in your city, consider their amenities, check out the photos, and read their reviews.

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Studio Spaces For Artists Filmmakers And Musicians

Anybody who has worked in an industry, workplace, or office that demands daily creativity knows that not every space is great for getting the productivity that you need in order to complete your projects.

Were all familiar with the image of the aspiring artist, quietly working at home in a dark room, surrounded by dozens of take-out boxes and empty coffee cups. But you may be surprised at how much more effectively you can work in a studio space that is designed to fuel your creativity, inspiring you to do the work you love. The best part is that renting London studios to feed your creative juices is now easier than ever.

Recording Studio For Rent With Space To Write

Whether you have writers block or simply want to write music in peace and quiet, our setting is absolutely ideal. With plenty of space to relax, including an outdoor pool and sun terrace with stunning views, as well as numerous local walks to empty your head, theres no better location to find those notes or lyrics. This ambient Algarve setting arguably makes for one of the most idyllic recording studios Europe has to offer.

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Music Studio Rooms For Rent

To produce a best-selling album, or even song, you need access to quality equipment. Our music studio space for rent has been completed with the highest industry level facilities and benefits from an onsite technician and plenty of instruments at your disposal. You even have the opportunity to hire a range of additional instruments should you need to. The best place to create music Algarve has and possibly the most unique place to make music Portugal offers, we welcome musicians of all types to come and start their musical journey, within these beautiful surroundings and exclusive setting. Even if youre simply looking for a music studio to rent without accommodation please get in touch.

What The Customers Have To Say

Excellent studio in Baniyas East for rent monthly with parking inside the villa

“It was time to really start taking our musicianship seriously and for the first time we acknowledged as a band that we needed a proper professional facility that we were motivated to be at. It was also equally important to us that the facility was close-knit, safe, clean, modern, and inviting. The real icing on the cake was being able to build out our individual space to track demos and then simply walking across the hallway to affordably record the final cuts analog to tape in Studio A.”

Nate B.

Drummer of Royale and Renter of Size Two Room

“I’ve been at the Treehouse for almost 2 years and have nothing but positive experiences. The lobby is awesome with a great vintage feel, kitchen, bathroom, shower, great TV and Arcade Video games! The soundproof rooms/24 hour access and security of the building were some of the most important features when I began renting a room and expectations were exceeded. The managers are very attentive and take pride in the studio and care for the customers experience. Highly recommended!”

Eric M.

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Higher Prices For Professional Equipment

For example, the private production space in Daly City costs $60 per hour and includes an onsite engineer, a custom Pro Tools setup, and a larger equipment collection. The studio also consists of several spaces, including the control room, the main recording room, an isolation booth, and an outdoor patio.

This studio has dozens of five-star reviews, for both the space itself and the host! Like this one: Alex was great! The setup was awesome/clean, and so was the microphone quality. No surprises and I got the vocal export that I wanted. It was clear that he has a lot of expertise in this space. I am looking forward to working with him again!

The professional recording studio in Williamsburg costs $200 per hour and has a range of A/V gear in addition to standard recording equipment. Its suitable for everything from performances, film screenings, and listening parties to off-site meetings. It has a 4K mobile screen, dry-erase board, 8-10 person conference table, and recording services are an extra $50 per hour.

According to one past renter who booked this studio for a recording: Was an absolute pleasure working in this beautiful space. The staff was incredibly accommodating and the big room is even more impressive in person. Highly recommend!

Get Inspired By Local Surroundings

Music Writing Place is a secluded spot, guests can find inspiration around the corner. Take a walk to a nearby Algarve town, where a wide selection of restaurants, shops and leisure facilities can be enjoyed. Music Writing Place is also conveniently located close to the airport, with available airport transfers.

Music Writing Place is the ideal location for a productive musical retreat and has been designed with the discerning musician or songwriter in mind. Get in touch with us today to choose from our Inspirational, Rockstar and Allin Premium packages. Add extras such as catering or transport as you go! Music Writing Place has a studio Europe package built for your needs.

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Kings Place Music Foundation

Location: Kings Cross

Dont be fooled by its name, this space is a hub for all artists. Here, artists, literature geeks, musical organisations, and charities all find their home in a location conveniently close by both Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. The office space contains everything from galleries, restaurants, and concert halls so that youre part of a wider community of like-minded individuals every bit as multifaceted as you.

Rent fixed desks starting at £420 pp/month.

Seattle Music Rehearsal Spaces For Rent

Rehearsal Spaces

Our list of the most featured Music Rehearsal Spaces Seattle for Rent for local bands, musicians and artists. Find the perfect spots to jam or practice/rehearse in the Seattle & Tacoma WA area.

Whether you play rock, metal, blues, pop, reggae, or jazz, or whatever, there are several pro rehearsal studios in the Greater Seattle Area that cater to different music styles. As well, most rehearsal rooms are equipped with quality musical gear.

Some establishments offer hourly rehearsal space rentals, as well as monthly rehearsal studio rooms.

The following directory Music Rehearsal Spaces Seattle are perfect for all types of musicians, bands & artists looking to rent a rehearsal studio for some quality practice time or for jamming.

Last Updated:

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Elevated Audio Rehearsal Studios

Location: Van Nuys, CA 91411Elevated Audio Rehearsal Studios is a Beautiful State of the Art Rehearsal Studio Facility located in the Van Nuys/ San Fernando Valley section of the city of Los Angeles. Studios offer both hourly rehearsals and room lockouts for touring/recording preproduction. Rates: Studio A – 16’x18′ – $16/Hr., Studio B – 27’X18′ -$20/Hr.

A Rich Music History Near Times Square In Nyc

For musicians, bands and recording artists, the Music Building has become one of the only existing spaces where you can rent a room and play 24/7. In addition to renting space to known musicians, The Music Building rents space to local bands, artists and musicians who are just starting in the industry. Numerous recordings have taken place at the Music Building by some of the notable tenants.

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What If Im Not A Musician

Thats okay! The fact is, recording studios arent just for musicians. There are plenty of other reasons you might want to rent a recording studio, such as recording a podcast or audiobook. A recording studio is also a great location for an interview or private meeting that needs to be recorded. Youll get high-quality audio in a comfortable, controlled setting.

You can also book a recording studio for a private karaoke party or listening party. Some studios offer parties for kids or adults to record their own karaoke tracks or music videos. They can also be a fun outing or team-building event for your corporate team.

From private workshops and events to professional recording sessions, recording studios are a place where you can get creative and be a part of the ever-changing music industry.

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