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Music Managers Looking For Talent

What Artist Management Looks Like Today

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Today, artist management can range from a passionate promoter who knows how to hustle to a corporate backed department with major industry resources at its disposal.

Fortunately, streaming and social media data can act as the great leveler in this regard, offering some of the same real-time insights and strategic opportunities across the board, irrespective of what point an artist is at in their career.

Whether youre facilitating potential collaborations, making deals with record labels and publishers, negotiating with sync teams, or helping strategize album rollouts, data is behind every door and analytics tools can open each one up even further.

Professional Music Managers Looking For New Talent

Do you have what it takes to be a music superstar? If youre not sure, dont worry, you can always hire a music manager looking for new talents!

Professional and Independent music managers are essential for anyone trying to make it in the music industry.

They can help with booking gigs, promoting your music, negotiating contracts, and dealing with the press.

Many musicians think they do, but the harsh reality is that very few people ever make it big in the music industry.

The competition is fierce, and without the right connections and team behind you, its virtually impossible to break through.

So, if youre looking for someone to help take your music career to the next level, read on for more information about music managers and how to find one!

Thats where music managers come in. They are essential for helping artists reach their full potential and become successful.

This article will discuss why music managers are important, what they do, and how they differ from booking agents.

Why Would You Want A Music Agent

The benefits of having a music agent can extend beyond booking gigs.

An independent artist needs a music agent to:

  • Book shows at venues that the artist couldnt get into on their own.
  • Sort through the large amount of paperwork associated with playing a venue, including contracts and promotions.
  • Sell the artists work to labels and/or publishers, or connect the artist with experts who can do so.
  • Connect the artist with other people in the industry who can help them improve their craft, such as songwriters and producers.

A good agent might have access to top recording studios or opportunities to collaborate with other artists. If youre looking to get your music distributed, a music agent may have contacts with record companies and distributors that will give you the best deals on getting your work out there.

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Getting A Music Agent Or Manager Is Easy As 1 2 3

Write a short letter of introduction.
Include any size recent photo. If you have a demo or resume you can include that too.
Mail to our list of Music Agents & Music Managers

Music Agent Lists & Music Agent Mailing Labels

An experienced, legitimate music booking agent, music agencies, music manager or music artist management company is a great help to every musician or singer trying to break into the music industry. Whether you are a rap artist, country singer, Christian music singer, gospel musician or composer, having a legitimate licensed music manager, music agency or music talent booking agent is a must. Our list of music agents can secure work and auditions for you in: music videos, live recordings, music production deals, recording contracts, live concert events, or as a backup singer for musical artists already established.

Get maximum results mailing to these lists also:
  • Auditions

Manage Music Business Endeavours

Music Managers Looking For Talent

For many musicians, having someone look after these more complicated parts of the music industry is a weight off their shoulders.

A music manager can look after your business operations that you may normally feel anxious or worry about.

Of course, this can give you more time and headspace to do what you do best – make music.

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Musicians Are You Ready For A Booking Agent

The frustrating truth about the music industry is that becoming the best musician you can be doesnt guarantee success nor does it guarantee that youll get noticed by a manager or booking agent.

These days, youre required to be more than a musician. Youre expected to find and grow an audience, promote your own music, create a website, post regularly on social media, find paying gigs, find a way to get to those paying gigs.and fit your social life in there somewhere.

Even when you do the hard work of getting your name out there, you cant help but think that if you had the right connections you would be noticed by a lot more people.

You know what I need? you might say to yourself, A booking agent.

Theres only one problem with that

Most performing artists arent ready for an agent, even if they think they are.

Benefits Of Hiring Freelance Music Managers

If you are looking to hire a music manager for managing your music projects, you can go for a professional freelancer on any of the best websites to hire freelancers, like Guru. These people have several years of experience in managing projects for singers and musicians. Their accumulated skills and expertise in this domain will help them do justice to your music projects too.

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Negotiate Contracts On Behalf Of An Artist

After nabbing your dream performance at the Hollywood Palladium or a record deal with Warner , a managers job is not yet done.

A manager also champions record label contracts, publishing contracts, licensing contracts, and other legal agreements.

Music industry contracts are tricky and complicated. A skilled manager will understand the legal complexities and advise you on business decisions. They will then negotiate the sweetest deal on your behalf.

For example, theyll work to secure payment advances, royalty percentages, distribution, sync placement, and other industry aspects you may not be well-versed in. They also ensure the artist they represent doesnt get screwed by hidden details.

Music Management Companies In Los Angeles


Milk & Honey: Milk & Honey is a 21st century hybrid entertainment management company driven by two important disciplines A& R and Marketing. The company is a privately owned boutique with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville with the launch of a European office imminently approaching.

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How Do Music Managers Find Artists

Managers and recruiters now use a range of new tactics to find and nurture talent. Many music managers begin with social media specifically, Instagram. Promoted posts are an effective way for managers and recruiters to see who is giving the artist or musician a follow or repost on their page. For artists, these types of interactions offer validation from a third party in their own industry. This can be especially useful when trying to build momentum around your talent and gain professional recognition.

Questions To Ask Potential Music Managers

Now that you know the benefits of having a music manager, its time to start looking for one!

But before you hire anyone, there are some important questions that you need to ask.

First, what is their experience in the music industry? Do they have a good track record of helping their clients succeed?

Second, what do they charge? Music managers typically charge a percentage of their clients earnings, so ensure you know how much theyll be taking home if youre successful.

Third, what are their resources and connections? Do they have the contacts that you need to help you reach your full potential?

Fourth, what is their availability? Music managers usually work with several different clients, so make sure they have the time to invest in you.

And lastly, why do they want to work with you? Make sure they believe in your music and are willing to invest their time and energy into helping you succeed.

If you can answer these questions, youre well on your way to finding the right music managers looking for new talent!

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What Types Of Music Management Are There

What types of music manager jobs are there? This is a broad question to answer music managers come in lots of different guises and the job description for one manager is radically different from the job description of another.

Music Management

When most people think of a music manager, they think of the traditional personal manager someone who spends a lot of time with an artist and handles a lot of the day-to-day tasks to ensure that everything runs to schedule. This includes managing an artists calendar, making sure they have everything needed for the day and making sure they are in the right place at the right time.

Tour Management

There is also tour management where the manager is responsible for all of the logistics of the road from ensuring everyone has hotel rooms sorted, to making sure equipment arrives correctly at venues, to making sure the tour stays on track financially.

Business Management

Business management is the other large sector of managers in the music industry. A music business manager is concerned with the finances of an artists career they ensure bills are paid, books are balanced, and taxes are correct. They often work with new investment opportunities and take care of everything down to managing the different revenue streams an artist might have. Business managers make sure that the income is properly collected and calculated.

How Do I Find A Manager For My Band

Music Managers Looking For Talent

Again, much like record labels, when youre ready, managers will most often find you.

However, early in your music career, having someone passionately working for your success is both exhilarating and helpful. Usually these people will be fans with an interest in developing a career for themselves in the music business. They can be found at local music business schools, online music business forums, and at your shows.

One caveat you must never have a music manager working harder for your career than you are. And thats beyond writing and performing and recording your songs. Until your art is generating enough money to compensate a music manager fairly, you have to be working harder than anyone for your career. You must be making the industry connections. You must be finding the opportunities.

An early-career music manager is a potential god-send, but also a largely volunteer position. And yet, they will work harder than a latter-career music manager. Keep your early-career music manager engaged in designing your future success and managing the opportunities you create. Do not consider your early-career music manager as your invitation to slack off on your responsibilities to your own career.

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Agency For The Performing Arts

TheAgency for the Performing Arts is one of the largest, mostdiversified, talent agency in Los Angeles, with offices in BeverlyHills, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, and London. They represent varioussuccessful artists, including Mary J. Blige, Greyson Chance, and AlexG. Other than performing artists, they also represent speakers,producers, cinematographers, and production managers.

Artist Managers: 7 Things To Look For In An Artist

The position of an artist manager plays an important role in the success of countless musicians across the globe. An artist managers role encompasses a range of tasks from orchestrating projects, planning releases and booking shows, to taking care of their clients wellbeing, helping them pursue their goals and much more.

Finding and nurturing great artists is essential to succeed in the artist management industry. Below are some of the key points any artist who wants to appear more desirable for management, or artist manager who wants to sign a new act to their roster, should consider.

If youre looking to make a career for yourself in the artist management industry, or run your own successful record label, become a global booking agent, work with music copyright law and much more, wed highly recommend checking out our online Music Industry Management Degree programme. This course is led by industry professionals with years of experience in the field and will provide you with the skills to stamp your mark on the ever-changing music business. Find out more about this course and sign up here.

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Brilliant Corners Artist Management

BrilliantCorners Artist Management is dedicated to growing and nurturing thecareers of artists with rare talent. The company prides itself on itsability to balance creative collaboration and robust client service.Their client list includes Death Cab for Cutie, The NewPornographers, and The Postal Service.

Now You Know Everything About Music Management

What Do Music Managers Do & How To Get One

The right music manager can turn a good artist into a great one and really help build a sustainable and successful career. Equally, there are artists who want to remain more independent because that works better for them artists like Chance the Rapper and Joey Bada$$ have made decisions to reject the traditional models of the music industry and self-manage the business side of their music. At the end of the day, it has to work for each artist and whether a music manager is right for them now or further down the road is totally down to each individual!


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Digital Case Study: Lady Gaga

In an article titled, âCase study: Making money from musicâ by Martin Kupp, Jamie Anderson and Joerg Reckhenrich, the effects of technological advances on the music industry are recognized, analyzed, and utilized through an online marketing strategy that led to the incredible success of Lady Gaga. Troy Carter of Coalition Media signed Gaga with the intention of making her into a star with the help of some clever marketing. Recognizing that digitalization was the cause of the almost 33% decrease in the music industryâs total revenue between the years 2000 and 2007, Carter decided to find a way to use digitalization to his advantage with his newly signed artist. Coalition Media, with the help of marketing company ThinkTank Digital, invested large amounts of time and money into developing Lady Gagaâs global presence through social media.

Does The Music Artist Treat Their Career Like A Business

Another important consideration a quality artist manager will want to know is whether you’re treating your music career like a business. After all, it’s called the music business. If you don’t treat your music career like a business, a quality manager will likely assume that you’re not serious about reaching your goals and won’t want to work with you.

There are numerous aspects of treating your music career like a business. For example, are you doing everything you can to protect your copyrights and trademarks, especially involving your songs and recorded music? Are you refusing to sign music contracts without first having your own entertainment attorney review and advise you on them? Are you collecting fans email addresses or cell phone numbers and not just relying on social media connections? Are you presenting yourself in the most professional way possible to industry contacts?

These are just a few of the things that show an artist manager that your serious about your music career Even if you aren’t sure how or what you need to be doing to best treat your music career like a business, taking courses, attending seminars or panels, reading books about the industry, or getting advice from industry professionals or entertainment attorneys can help you and shows that you’re serious. In doing so, this will a manager to decide whether they want to work with you.

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Find Gigs For Musicians

An artist manager helps find and book live shows or tours. They also work with record labels and booking agents to develop touring strategies.

Aside from landing gigs, your manager should also know the quality of the show. Make sure youre playing the right gigs, at the right stage in your live performance game.

Also, if youre further along in your music career, you may have a booking agent. But even then, the responsibility falls on your manager to hire the right one.

According to Business Insider, touring today can account for over 80% of yearly revenue for a musician. This is precisely why coronavirus has left many indie artists without a means to make rent.

Oversee Music Promotion And Marketing Strategies

Music Managers Looking For Talent

Getting your music heard on a global scale no longer involves a write-up in Rolling Stone, a killer show, and airtime on the hottest radio stations.

It means relentlessly fostering a productive social media presence, visibility on major platforms, trend forecasting, maintaining a consistent message across promotional channels, and more.

In this competitive industry, you must be the arbiter of your artistic narrative. But your artist management should package and expedite that narrative.

A skilled manager will develop marketing, promotional, and branding strategies. An artists success depends on these critical tactics. For example, they boost exposure, attract new fans, increase music sales, and more.

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Music Management Companies In London

Ie:music: As the digital revolution flourishes, ie:music is propelling itself to the forefront of the emerging technology, exploring and capitalising on opportunities for its artists. The company embraces digital technology as an extraordinary facilitator of artist fan communications, as a means of encouraging transparency and of making everything from ticketing to downloading and streaming more effective, efficient and honest.

Top Rock Music Management Companies

Red Light: Coran Capshaw founded Red Light Management in 1991 in Charlottesville, VA, while helping Dave Matthews Band grow organically from local club favorite to one of the most renowned touring groups of all time. Red Light has since developed into the largest independent music management company in the world.

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