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Music Management Companies Los Angeles

Global Management Agency For Music Artists In Los Angeles

Artist Managers as Entrepreneurs – Midem 2015

Every day, thousands of talented individuals enter into the race to reach their dreams of becoming a Music Artist within the entertainment niche. As difficult as it can be to navigate the industry, it is entirely doable with the right team by your side. GUIÓN PARTNERS is a talented team of professionals who specialize in servicing a wide range of needs within the current representation industry through leading marketing and management tools.

Rap & Hip Hop Music Management Companies

Some of these are small music management companies, but often times thats good because it means youll get more personalized attention! These music management companies are eagerly looking for artists, so be sure to give them your contact.

  • MAAD Management: Michael Mike Trampe is a rising media entrepreneur, promoter, speaker, accomplished marketer and social media director. Destined for greatness in this industry, he started out as a DJ at 14 years old, so music has always played a major role in Mikes career. Today, Mikes story, expertise, and talents have been recruited by a number of music industry events, programs, and even live network television .

C3Presents: C3 Management provides full service artist management solutions for a variety of music business clients ranging from alternative, electronic, indie, hip-hop and world. C3 utilizes knowledge of some of the most experienced and respected music professionals in the industry and takes pride in implementing innovative business solutions to develop the careers of a client roster ranging from breaking to established acts.

Disciples Of Babylon Unveil Release Date Artwork & Tracklist For ‘the Rise And Fall Of Babylon’ Album

Hollywood modern rockers Disciples of Babylon reveal details of their highly anticipated album, ‘The Rise and Fall of Babylon’ set for release on October 6th.

HOLLYWOOD, CA This Thursday at 2 p.m. ET, Disciples of Babylon will unveil the first song from from their forthcoming release The Rise and Fall of Babylon an album track called Freedom, which will be immediately available to fans who pre-order the album The lead single, Without You, will be released the week of July 24. The band released a teaser to fans for Freedom on the 4th of July last week signaling something new was coming from the band.

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Top Edm House & Dance Music Management Companies

CGAgency: CGAgency, based out of its main headquarters in New York with mobile offices around the globe, CGA has been in the production / artist management / agency / promotion business since the year 2000.

Bass Music being their main focus makes them one of the few rising forces in the stateside breakbeat culture scene. CGA is the holder of many established talents as well as up and coming.

One House Artists: One House Artists provides innovative management and booking services for a diverse range of world-renowned artists and breakthrough talent.

Agency For The Performing Arts


Agency for the Performing Arts is a talent agency that is involved in the entertainment sector, from music to television to movies and the sort. It was founded in 1962 in New York by David Baumgarten and is a great artist management company, to say the least.

With a committed approach, diversity, and creativity in mind, the company is behind some of the leading names in the entertainment industry today. To name a few, 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, Tyga, and many more artists, not just rappers but alternative, indie, and so forth.

The company acts as a booking agent, promotion manager, basically everything that serves as a means to propel the artist forward.

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Music Management In Los Angeles Ca Jobs

Job Title
Flood, Bumstead, McCready, and McCarthy Los Angeles, CA

The 50 Best Artist Management Companies Worldwide

Itsno secret that success as a musical artist does not come easy.Although being talented is surely important, it also matters whatyour circumstances are, and what kind of team you have behind you.This is where artist management companies come in.

Thesecompanies represent musical performers and artists. They help artistsdefine their brand and manage all the business that comes withentering the music industry. This includes tour management, musicproduction, and promotion.

Sure,new artists can do this themselves, but there are a number ofadvantages to having a company to represent you. First, artists canfocus on producing material. In addition to this, artists are morelikely to become recognized and be successful because the artist willbe guided by a team of experts, whose job it is to know the innerworkings of the music industry.

Butof course, this is not true of all artist management companies,because not all of them are created equal. Here is a conclusive listof the 50 best artist management companies to help you determinewhich ones really provide artists with good career guidance.

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The Cave Recording Studio

The Cave Recording Studio is another highly-recommended music production company in Los Angeles. The Cave Recording Studio has been in the business of recording for over 25 years. During this time, they have developed a very large client list including some big names in the industry such as Black Eyed Peas, Stevie Wonder and Mary J Blige just to name a few. They are typically booked months in advance but if you’re lucky enough to land an opening be prepared for some of the most professional service around at prices that are reasonable too .

It’s also worth mentioning that their vintage equipment gives them the ability to bring out great sound whether it’s analogue or digital which can’t always be said about all studios specializing in recording. They have a large tracking room as well as a booth and even a piano room which can be used for overdubbing. So if your music calls for any of the above, you’re in luck here at The Cave Recording Studio.

Welcome To Persistent Management

How I started my property management business

Persistent Management is a full service artist management company.

Launched in the spring of 2008 our artist and creative roster includes, singer songwriter Eric Knight, feature film and television Director/ProducerKeith L. Shawand our latest addition hard rock act theDisciples Of Babylon.

With their headquarters based in Los Angeles, PM is already working with some of today’s hottest artists on the music as well as creative scenes, and are poised and ready to become one of the premiere artist management companies in the entertainment industry.

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The 50 Best Music Management Companies

Talent and good music are thought of as a sure-fire formula for success, however, there is one missing factor from the equation a good music management company. While there are tons out there, it is important to choose one that suits your genre and style to propel you even further.

Music management companies play a key role in an artists/groups career. While there are many great music management companies, not all are suitable for particular genres and styles, or in laymans terms some promote some genres better than others and vice-versa.

Its important to remember that the music industry is not just about music, it involves a lot of behind-the-scenes business that oftentimes artists/bands cant handle alone. Tour management, studio time, and promotion are just a few things that come to mind.

While many can manage by doing things on their own, having a good artist management company will ease the process while being beneficial in so many ways. They provide the necessary backup to successfully navigate the modern complex music industry.

Lets take a look at the 50 best music management companies and what their credentials are.


Top Classical & Jazz Music Management Companies

Primo Artists: Primo Artists, a classical music agency based in New York, was established in 2015 to become the leading artist management agency in North America. Founded by Charlotte Lee, who has 20 years of experience in the music industry, this boutique agency prides itself on its selective roster of several of the worlds finest classical artists, from rising stars to household names.

JWP Agency: JWP Agency and Jim Wadsworth Productions, formed in 1990, is an all-service entertainment company. JWP handles artist booking and management, as well as concert production for public, private and corporate events. With offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Sarasota, Florida, JWPs primary focus is on Jazz, World Music, Great American Songbook, Fusion, and The New American Songbook artists.

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Top Rock Music Management Companies

Red Light: Coran Capshaw founded Red Light Management in 1991 in Charlottesville, VA, while helping Dave Matthews Band grow organically from local club favorite to one of the most renowned touring groups of all time. Red Light has since developed into the largest independent music management company in the world.

Music Management Companies In Nashville

Music Management Companies Nyc : PREVIEW

Thirty Tigers: Thirty Tigers is a Nashville based entertainment company, founded in 2002 by Grammy Award-winning producer David Macias and Deb Markland. In just over a decade, Thirty Tigers has gone from two employees working out of Davids guest bedroom to thirty employees, most of whom now work out of our new home at 611 Merritt Avenue in the Wedgewood-Houston area of Nashville, Tennessee. Thirty Tigers also has offices in Los Angeles, New York, North Carolina and London. Our collective experience in the music industry ranges from record retail to the film industry to major labels.

Harmon Music Management: A native of North Carolina, Rusty Harmon began his career in the music industry 30 years ago managing Hootie & the Blowfish. The group had astounding success in its nearly 12 years under Harmons management tenure, selling more than 25 million records worldwide, with two number one albums, two Grammy Awards and the coveted Artist of the Year award from Billboard, World Music and Pollstar.

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New & Established Artists

Through working with new and established artists alike, GUIÓN PARTNERS carries networking ties through all aspects of the current industry. We can confidentially link clients with those who can best serve them with radio playtime, playlist promotion, red carpet events, press interviews, magazine inclusion, and more.

Music Management Companies In Atlanta

MMMGT: Specializing in re-branding, & image/brand development, every client he touches levitates, leaving their audiences craving even more. His allies include tech wiz / Grammy nominated producer/ Artist Ryan Leslie , Atlanta’s ET, and Katy Perry model turned singer Richie Nuzz.

RSG Agency: RSG Agency is an independent entertainment services & support agency based in Atlantis The agency specializes in core entertainment development services like DSP Merchandising, Global Distribution, Professional A& R, Merchandise & Apparel, Sponsorships, Tours & Shows and more.

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Best Artist Management Agencies In 2022

First of all, what does an artist management agency do and why do you need one?

Artist management companies build a brand around a new artist and propel them forward quicker than if the artist were to try to do everything solo. They create opportunities, plain and simple.

New artists are not trusted yet and have no credibility, so hiring an artist management agency gives them an entire team of people that can help with music promotion, , management, and so much more.

Artist management booking fees usually are commission only and run from 5-15% percent of the gig sales. Sometimes, their commission is from ticket sales only and other times it includes ticket and merchandise sales.

If the agent is sponsoring big clients and know they will be guaranteed a steadily large payday, they may cut their commission percentage down slightly.

A straight booking agent takes 10% commission from live audience performances but doesnt take royalties from merchandise, record sales, or publishing.

If you are new to the music industry, these are the 6 Best Artist Management Agencies now:

Q Prime Artist Management

Who’s Hiring: WIS International

QPrime Artist Management made their name managing heavy metal artists,including Def Leppard and Metallica. They eventually expanded theirroster to include a number of alternative rock bands, such as Museand Smashing Pumpkins. Some of their clients have gone on to becomemultiplatinum recording artists.

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Top Country & Folk Music Management Companies

Arrow Music Management: Established in 2007, The Arrow Music Agency has had a focused mission to create, develop, market, and expand the business model of artists at all career levels. We are a first class full service boutique agency providing artist management and music marketing serving a global roster of Pop, Electronic, DJs, Indie, Rock, and Country. At our core, we establish goals and a plan with our artists to grow their revenue model in 5 target areas: music sales and digital content, live shows, merchandise/branding, sponsorships, and music licensing. Our foundation is built upon the principles of hard work, dedication, loyalty, honesty, and business ethics.

Big Loud Management: Big Loud Management is an independent music company providing in-house publishing, management and production services. Developing from a unique partnership with Big Loud Shirt Publishing, the groundbreaking company is led by four partners: award-winning songwriter Craig Wiseman, producer Joey Moi, and veteran managers Kevin Chief Zaruk and Seth England.

Rock Act Disciples Of Babylon Readies To Debut Their New Original Video Series The Story Of Babylon

Rock act Disciples of Babylon launch their new original series The Story of Babylon set to air on YouTube this Sunday November 27th at 10am PST.

HOLLYWOOD, CA Los Angeles based hard rock group, Disciples of Babylon have announced the launch of a new original series entitled The Story of Babylon. Set to air this Sunday November 27th at 10am PST via their official YouTube channel. During the series, the band, consisting of Eric Knight , Ramon Blanco , Gui Bodi and Chris Toeller , are shown working with Grammy winning producer Andres Torres in the studio as well as interviews with the band. The episodes also features exclusive and intimate acoustic performances of their most popular songs with two brand new unreleased songs included.

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International Creative Management Partners

Founded in 1975, ICM Partners is one of the oldest talent agencies still in existence.

Today, some of the most well-known clients that ICM partners represent includes stars such as Shonda Rhimes, Eugene Levy, and Regina King.

ICM Partners represents a wide range of musical talent as well, including H.E.R. and Nicki Minaj.

The Agency For The Performing Arts

37 Best Artist Management Agencies In 2020 â Omari MC

The Agency for the Performing Arts is one of Los Angeles’ largest and most diversified talent agencies, with locations in Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, and London. They represent several well-known musicians such as Mary J. Blige, Greyson Chance, and Alex G. They also represent speakers, producers, cinematographers, production managers, and performing artists.

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The 53 Best Artist Management Companies Worldwide

If you are a budding artist, choosing the right music management company is a highly important decision that can significantly impact your future career.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of excellent artist management companies to choose from.

In this article, well take a look at the 53 best artist management companies in the world today to help you decide which company is the best fit for your musical career.

Music Management Companies In Los Angeles

Milk & Honey: Milk & Honey is a 21st century hybrid entertainment management company driven by two important disciplines A& R and Marketing. The company is a privately owned boutique with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville with the launch of a European office imminently approaching.

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Eminem To Be Inducted Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Eminem joins fellow Detroit music legends Alice Cooper, Aretha Franklin, Bob Seger, The Supremes, and many more as the latest Motor City artist to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Artists are required to have released their first record 25 years prior to induction, which makes 2022 Eminems first year of

Disciples Of Babylon Return To Hollywood With A Free Concert On 10/5 At The Viper Room To Celebrate ‘the Rise And Fall Of Babylon’ Album Release

PMI Golden State Sets the Standard for Los Angeles Property Management

HOLLYWOOD, CA Disciples of Babylon are pleased to announce their return to Hollywood to celebrate the release of The Rise and Fall of Babylon with a FREE concert at the world famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, Thursday October 5th. Doors open at 7pm with special guests: Ivy Wood, Animosity Within with one more act TBA.

The Viper Room is located at 8852 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069 in West Hollywood. Admission is FREE and 21 + over.

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Music Management Companies In London

Ie:music: As the digital revolution flourishes, ie:music is propelling itself to the forefront of the emerging technology, exploring and capitalising on opportunities for its artists. The company embraces digital technology as an extraordinary facilitator of artist fan communications, as a means of encouraging transparency and of making everything from ticketing to downloading and streaming more effective, efficient and honest.

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