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Most Used Music Streaming Services

Most Important Music Streaming Services In India

Top 5 Best Music Streaming Services in 2022

In March 2021, social streaming networking platform Flyx did a survey of 18 to 65-year-old Indians in big cities and regions like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kalkota, and the National Capital Region.

The participants were asked to name their favorite music streaming service.

YouTube was the obvious winner, leaving Spotify far behind . Gaana got the third place and JioSaavn came as fourth most favorite service with 25%.

Statista shows Gaana had the most market share of music apps in 2020 with a 30%. JioSaavn had the 24%, Wynk Music had the 13%, Spotify the 15%, Google Play Music the 10%, and other music apps shared the remaining 7%.

Source: Statista

What Are The Main Reasons For Signing Up For A Free Trial

A 2021 survey found that 15% of young people ages 18 to 29 said they used a free trial to sample the service before committing to a paid subscription, which was almost double the rate found in older age brackets.

However, 8% of the same age group said they used free trials to binge-watch a single series or a movie. Still, around half of each age group surveyed said they had not used a free trial. Only two out of five people who use a free trial end up paying for a subscription once it ends.9

Paramount+ Exact Figures Unknown

Formerly known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ has exclusive hit series like Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, The Good Fight, and more, all of which have become critical successes and fan favorites. The new streaming service is also the new home for RuPaul’s drag hits, airing All-Stars 6 and the new drag singing competition Queen of the Universe.

However, Paramount+’s parent company, ViacomCBS, hasn’t yet given exact numbers on the streaming service’s performance. Most recently, the company announced they have over 47 million subscribers in total. However, that number encompasses the conglomerate’s entire streaming presence, including Paramount+, Showtime, and BET+. The exact breakdowns of how many subscribers each one has are still unknown.

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Best Music Streaming Service For 2022

With new features like spatial music and podcasts, competition between Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music is keener than ever.

Ty Pendlebury


Ty Pendlebury is a journalism graduate of RMIT Melbourne, and has worked at CNET since 2006. He lives in New York City where he writes about streaming and home audio.

Almost every single person these days has a subscription to a music streaming service. If you’re someone who hasn’t made the leap yet, you’re in for a world of convenience and discovery, allowing you to listen to hundreds of thousands of artists easily and quickly. And while audiophiles might decry the quality of streamed music, a growing number of providers include lossless and spatial Dolby Atmos audio. With so many different music services on offer, how are you supposed to choose?

If you’re shopping around for a new music provider the two things you need to consider most are monthly cost and compatibility. Most of the services have music catalogs of over 60 million songs, so that’s not really an issue, and they enable you to stream from multiple devices though some services enable this better than others. While prices have been more stable at around $10 a month there have been other big changes recently, including the addition of hi-res music.

And if you want the TL DR, these are the top three.

Apple Tv+ Around 19 Million

Chart: The world

One of the newest players in the streaming TV game, Apple is primarily known as a technology company that makes computers, smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. But in November 2019, the ever-expanding company launched Apple TV+. After that, the service acquired millions of new subscribers…but only because it was giving away free subscriptions to anyone who bought a new device.

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Since those free trials have run out, Apple TV+is now reporting to have just under 20 million subscribers. While much lower than its inflated numbers, it’s still not bad for a new service. Apple TV+ has also managed to secure some pretty great programming with A-list talent, including The Morning Show and the Emmy-winning Ted Lasso.

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What Else You Should Keep In Mind About The Best Music Streaming Services

When shopping around for your next music subscription, youll want to bear in mind many factors. A common question we get is whether a service supports local music libraries. Many dont, but some do. You can use Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music to play local media but others like TIDAL or Pandora dont support this feature. Its worth noting that Amazon used to have this option but got rid of it.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your potential music streaming service offers an in-app EQ to adjust the sound. Some options have very basic equalizers like Spotify while others offer just EQ presets with no ability to customize the sound. If you want to take things a step further, you may need to experiment with a third-party EQ app.

Read on to learn more about your next potential service.

This depends on your needs but a handful of them offer free tiers. You can look into the table below to see which will best suit your budget.

Streaming Service

Downsides To Streaming Music

Music streaming services do have shortcomings. For one, you dont own the music. Youre essentially renting it, so if you stop paying one month, youre without your music. Compare this to a bookshelf lined with music CDs you own.

While its not likely, a music service could hit one button and its all gone for everyone, or an artist you like can pull its music catalog from the service, Greene says. My point is that the music isnt yours forever.

“An artist you like can pull its music catalog from the service. … The music isn’t yours forever.

Alper considers this is the norm these days. The idea of ownership is foreign to many of AARP members grandchildren, Id argue, whether its music or movies or even owning a car, with services like Uber, he says.

While the sound quality is good, those who take music seriously say streaming doesnt compare to the fidelity of CDs. Plus, many prefer a tangible experience, holding and marveling at the artwork with an album and reading liner notes and lyrics or thumbing through a booklet with a CD. Another potential problem: Unless the service lets you download some music to your device when you know youll be offline, like on an airplane or subway, you need an internet connection to listen.

If youre on Wi-Fi, theres likely no issues. But if you listen outside of the home and dont have unlimited data then you may receive a very large phone bill, Greene says.

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Amazon Prime Video 175 Million

It’s a bit more difficult to categorize Amazon on this list since Amazon Prime Video comes as a default with a subscription to . However, Amazon has announced that out of Prime’s 200 million subscribers, 175 million of those streamed a movie or TV show on Prime over the past year.


Along with plenty of network shows like Mr. Robot and older seasons of Dexter, Amazon Prime Video affords access to wonderful original shows across every genre imaginable, like The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Invincible. With plenty of Emmy recognition, Amazon is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the streaming space.

Should You Get Tidal Hifi

What’s the BEST Music Streaming Service for Hi-FI in 2022?

As of November 17, 2021, TIDAL HiFi competes with the likes of Apple Music and Amazon Music. TIDAL now offers three tiers: free, HiFi, and HiFi Plus. HiFi offers lossless streaming , while Master Quality Authenticated files are limited to HiFi Plus. You can read all about the famed service in our full TIDAL HiFi Plus review, or you can skip the review altogether and sign up here.


For starters, these arent the only streaming services out there. These are just the best. There are also some others like Pandora, SoundCloud, Deezer, and TIDAL, just to name a few. We included these services in the comparison charts, but they all fall short in one way or another.

For example, SoundCloud does have an on-demand service now called SoundCloud Go+, but its premium music library isnt the biggest and a lot of whats available is user-uploaded content. Again thats not to say its bad, its just specialized. There are plenty of amazing independent musicians who upload great music every day. SoundCloud, however, is great for independent musicians because its free to upload your first three hours of music, whereas most of these services charge a fee for any upload. This means that you can find more niche music, including artist demos and covers, than you can find on many of these other platforms.

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What Is The Main Reason People Might Cancel A Paid Streaming Subscription

Though there can be many reasons for subscription cancellations, 49% of people said the most likely reason would be a price increase, and 31% said it would be specific content being removed.

However, a portion of subscribers plan to cancel after watching a specific show. For instance, Apple TV+ had success with Ted Lasso in the last two quarters of 2021, but 19% of users planned to cancel their subscription in Q1 2022 after they finished watching it.

Its a similar story with Dune on HBO Max in Q4 2021 7% of new subscribers planned to cancel after theyd watched the sci-fi blockbuster.3, 4

Top Reasons to Cancel Video Streaming Subscriptions

Streaming Services Statistics: Video & Music In 2022

Video and music streaming is a global industry that just keeps growing. If youre wondering how much it has grown and which services are the most popular, among other interesting facts, these streaming statistics will cover everything from video streaming market to music streaming statistics though we wont dive into the live streaming industry.

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How Many People Use An Ad

Ad-supported streaming subscription tiers are usually offered as a cheaper or free way to stream. In the U.S., 55% of people use an ad-supported video streaming service.

Consumers have mixed feelings on the subject, with 28% saying they want an ad-free streaming experience and 16% claiming they would leave if advertisements were added to the service. On the other hand, 53% of U.S. consumers said they would be happy to watch commercials between shows if the cost of streaming services was lowered.4, 19

Live Versions Remakes Demos Available

Spotify Usage and Revenue Statistics (2019)

Not only do streaming services let you play songs and albums on demand, but you can also request live versions of songs, if theyre available, as well as remakes, remixes and demo recordings. You can search and play music by year or decade, by genre, by country or by accessing a curated playlist from music experts and fans alike, such as the greatest classic rock songs of all time, the best music for relaxation, or Beatles outtakes.

Even better, perhaps, is when you pair streaming services with voice-activated smart assistants such as Amazons Alexa, Google Assistant or Apples Siri. You can simply ask your compatible device to play what you want.

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How Much Can The Us Streaming Audience Watch

During lockdown in March 2020, the U.S. streaming audience watched a massive 160 billion minutes of content the equivalent of 304,414 years of straight watching. If you were to put that in historical context, it was when humans evolved.

Still, that number was surpassed in the last week of December 2021, with the U.S. audience streaming a total of 183 billion minutes, or 348,173 years straight an extra 44 thousand years.

Every week in February 2021, Americans streamed 143.2 billion minutes of video content. That increased to 169.4 billion in February 2022, showing that this figure is likely to continue increasing. Overall, Americans streamed almost 15 million years worth of video content in 2021.8, 10

How Many Households Use Streaming Services That Include Live Tv

Although video streaming platforms used to provide only on-demand content, many now provide live TV and cable channels too. This type of service is growing in popularity, with 12.5% of households now using a streaming service with live TV. YouTube TV has the highest percentage of household subscriptions, having grown by 160% since 2020.10

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How Many Paid Music Streaming Subscriptions Do People Have On Average

According to a 2021 report, 60% of people in the U.S. subscribe to at least one paid music streaming service, with the average number of subscriptions per person being two.

Younger people are more likely to use a subscription audio streaming service, with around 60% of those ages 16 to 34 saying they use such a service. The figure decreases among older age groups.4, 28

Final Thoughts: Streaming Statistics

Top 5 Best MUSIC STREAMING Services

The online streaming world for both video and music content is growing fast. Not only are more and more people turning to such services for the pure ease of streaming what they want when they want, but were also seeing a spike in new streaming services.

On top of that, the type of content on offer has changed over time, with instant access to video-on-demand, live TV and music streams. While such services offer the freedom to watch or listen to content at your own pace and from anywhere you want, many consumers struggle with too many service choices.

Do you have a subscription to video content online? How many streaming music services do you subscribe to? Whats your favorite streaming platform and why? How do you choose between exclusive content? Let us know in the comment section and, as always, thanks for reading our article on audio and video streaming stats.

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Collectively Were Streaming More Than Ever

According to Convivas state of streaming Q1 2022 report, were all using streaming services more frequently. There was a huge jump in streaming during the pandemic, but also an average increase of 10 percent globally from Q1 2021 to Q1 2022.

Of course, some regions accounted for larger increases than others. Asias streaming time spiked 172 percent in the last year alone, while Africa and Oceania accounted for 55 percent and 50 percent increases, respectively.

Most Liked Songs Of All Time

“Every Day, Every Moment” 402,877
  • Most streamed artist: BTS
  • Most streamed song: BTS “Spring Day
  • Artist with most total unique listeners: IU
  • Song with most unique listeners: Busker BuskerCherry Blossom Ending
  • Longest-running No 1 song on hourly chart: BTS “Dynamite
  • Longest-running No 1 song on daily chart: BTS “Dynamite”
  • Longest-running No 1 song on weekly chart: BTS “Dynamite”
  • Longest-running No 1 song on monthly chart: BTS “Dynamite”, Brave GirlsRollin’
  • Longest-running Top 5 song on weekly chart: BTS “Dynamite”
  • Longest-running Top 10 song on weekly chart: BTS “Dynamite”
  • Longest-running Top 10 song on yearly chart: Paul Kim “Every Day, Every Moment”, BTS ” rel=”nofollow”> Halsey) “Boy with Luv
  • Longest-running Top 100 song on daily chart: BTS “Spring Day”
  • Longest-running Top 100 song on weekly chart: BTS “Spring Day”
  • Longest-running Top 100 song on yearly chart: BTS “Spring Day”
  • Shortest time to reach No 1 for a song on hourly chart : IU “Celebrity”
  • Most roof-hit song : Im Chang-jung “The Love I Committed”
  • Most roof-hit song : ZicoAny Song
  • Most unique listeners for a song in 1st 24 hours: IU “Bbibbi

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Whats The Best Way To Find New Music

With more music that you could listen to in a lifetime, finding songs that you like can be difficult. So part of what makes streaming companies so successful is the ease of which their users can find new music that they actually like. With some services, like Spotify and Pandora, for example, you can start a radio. So after picking listening to a song that you picked, the service will continue to play songs that are by similar artists or in a similar genre. Other services, like Apple Music, take it a step further with a more traditional approach. One of Apple Musics main features is live internet radio with popular DJs doing what they do best: playing a mix of new and popular music.

Of course, the radio function in any of these services isnt always enough to find new music, so we recommend you bust out of your comfort zones and hunt for new music using more than just an automated feature. We feel like its really the only way to ensure you get the most out of your subscription.

Disney Will Spend Over $9 Billion On Content In 2022

Global Music Market: Streaming Accounts for Almost Half of Total ...

In 2021, Disney spent approximately $25 billion on content. This rose in 2022, when the company spent over $33 billion. However, its slowing down a little in 2024, with a budget of at least nine billion. CEO Bob Chapek claims that the main focus for this fiscal year will be producing more local and regional content.

To put this in context, Netflix has an expected annual spend of $17 billion on original content in 2023, meaning that itll spend more than its rival for the first time in years.

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