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Meditation Music With Nature Sounds

Mighty Vibes Vol : Chill Tunes To Drink Tea/meditate To

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds, Forest Music, Sleep Music, Meditation Music
  • Channel name: Critical Role
  • Time: 54 minutes

Mighty Vibes Vol 3 is a highly well-produced video that wins our heart of being our favorite meditation videos from the list. Since standard videos have a still image, things can get boring after a while.

But this video gives you something more in the form of a great live animated illustration that looks mystic. Even if you are staring at the screen, you can find minor elements like the teapot brewing, mushrooms blooming on the screen. The character speaks to you at 11 different times with little quotes like I miss the sun, but the moons will do in a pinch. and Hello mushrooms, the earth will remember you.

These little lines add a tiny surprise now and then. Many artists have contributed to the video, as 17 artists songs in one video. Get ready to dive into the magical and enchanted world of peace with this video.

Relaxing Sleep And Meditation Music

  • Channel name: The Soul of Wind
  • Time: 3 hours

This 3 hours long relaxation video will surely be a great addition to your meditation playlist. The video has a great sound that makes you close your eyes involuntary within few minutes.

This video has pure piano sound for people who like pure sounds without layering. It doesnt sound boring or repeated despite playing in a constant loop. The talented BigRicePiano is the composer and pianist of this tune. This meditation music works exceptionally well for insomnia.

Namaste Music: Flute Meditation

  • Channel name: Buddhas Lounge
  • Time: 20 minutes

This flute meditation music is excellent for people drawn to classical music. The artist is Shastro, and the music is from the album Talking to Nature . The sweet sound of the flute will reverberate throughout your house when you put this video on.

The music has a melodic mixture of flute with soft water sounds, birds chirping and wind chimes chiming in the distance. This video is one of the best meditation music pieces in the classical genre.

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Happiness Frequency: Meditation Music

  • Channel name: Greenred Productions Relaxing Music
  • Time: 1 hour 42 minutes

Happiness Frequency is a piece of outstanding relaxation music that will boost and release dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins soon after listening. The entire video is packed with Binaural Beats for maximum relaxation, as these types of beats are well known for stress relief.

The Alpha waves in the sound do the job of releasing these happy hormones, which will lift your spirits scientifically. Since the sound is tranquil and low, we recommend using headphones to benefit.

Space Meditation ~ Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Meditation Music : Deep Forest nature sound (Pure Relaxation ...
  • Channel name: Dreamy
  • Time: 1 hour

This cosmos-themed celestial Lo-Fi hip hop mix is genuinely silent and mild for relaxation and meditation. The bright moving animation loops set a gorgeous tone once you start the music. This relaxation music has 25 tracks into one video from various artists.

The video time stamps are nicely organized to help you find the song quickly. If you like a particular single, you can go through the link on the video to listen to all the singles on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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Releasing Stress Through The Power Of Music

Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. Faster music can make you feel more alert and concentrate better. Upbeat music can make you feel more optimistic and positive about life. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. Music is effective for relaxation and stress management.

Research confirms these personal experiences with music. Current findings indicate that music around 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to synchronize with the beat causing alpha brainwaves . This alpha brainwave is what is present when we are relaxed and conscious. To induce sleep , a person may need to devote at least 45 minutes, in a relaxed position, listening to calming music. Researchers at Stanford University have said that “listening to music seems to be able to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.” They noted that music is something that almost anybody can access and makes it an easy stress reduction tool.

The Benefits Of Nature Sounds

The cognitive response to the sounds of nature have been shown to result in increased productivity, improved overall mood, and deeper relaxation. For decades, people have been retreating to nature for a sense of calmness and clarity. Whether that is the beach, mountains, rainforest or desert, the sounds of water, wind blowing through the trees, animals like crickets and birds, and other nature-like tones have comforted mankind for many years.

While many of us donât have the same access to a long-term daily connection with nature as our ancestors once did, the ability to utilize relaxing nature music can certainly help reap its great benefits.

In a 2017 study at the University of Sussex, it was shown that playing natural sounds can affect the bodily system that controls the flight-or-fright response, resulting in greater bodily relaxation and less physiological reaction to stressors. Whether youâre beginning a meditation practice or going through daily activities, nature sounds may help keep your mind in a balanced state for improved decision-making skills throughout the day.

In addition, an increasing number of offices have started to implement sound-masking systems that are inspired by natural sounds in lieu of manufactured sounds. The continuous development of improved moods amongst employees has shown benefits of more efficient productivity and a greater sweeping happiness mark across the board.

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Page URL: http://www.naturesounds.ca/

Cardiac Responses And Poweranalyses During Listening

Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Meditation Music, Bird sounds , “Soothing Sounds of Nature” Tim Janis

As low suggestible participants profited more from relaxing music, it might have been possible that music induced stronger responses on the autonomic and central nervous system already during the listening period. In the ANOVA with sound and suggestibility on heart rate during listening, the interaction was not significant . Also, neither the main effect of sound nor suggestibility reached significance . Similarly, during subsequent sleep, heart rate did neither differ depending on sound , suggestibility nor sound * suggestibility .

With respect to the power analysis of EEG activity during listening, we restricted our analysis to epochs during listening, in which the subjects were awake. Thus, all epochs containing stage N1 or stage N2 were excluded.

In this analysis, we observed a significant three-way interaction between sound, suggestibility and hemisphere for the SWA/beta ratio =4.79, p=0.038, eta2=0.16). In low suggestibles, the main effect of sound and all its interactions were p> 0.08 with non-significantly higher values during music than sound. In high suggestibles all follow-up tests were p> 0.20. The same pattern was true for the four-way interaction with FCP =4.21, p=0.020, eta2=0.14) and its follow-up tests . All main effects and interactions with sound or suggestibility were p0.09 in the alpha and p> 0.10 in the theta and sigma band .

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Sounds Of Nature And Relaxation

Natural sounds and green environments have been linked with relaxation and well-being for hundreds of years. But unique to this study is that it was one of the first to use brain scans, heart-rate monitors, and behavioral experiments to suggest a physiological cause for these effects.

To investigate the connection between the brain, the body, and background noise, the researchers recruited 17 healthy adults to receive functional magnetic resonance imaging scans while listening to a series of five-minute soundscapes of natural and artificial environments.

Participants also performed a task to measure their attention and reaction time during each soundscape. Their heart rates were monitored as well to indicate changes in their autonomic nervous systemsthe system of organs involved in involuntary processes such as breathing, blood pressure, temperature, metabolism, and digestion.

When they studied the fMRI results, the researchers noticed that activity in the brain’s default mode networkan area involved in mind wandering and “task-free” states of wakefulnessvaried depending on the background sounds being played. Specifically, listening to artificial sounds was associated with patterns of inward-focused attention, while nature sounds prompted more external-focused attention.

Rain On Window With Thunder Sounds

  • Channel name: Relaxing Ambience ASMR
  • Time: 8 hours

This unique sound is a solid and heavy amalgamation of heavy rain and thunder. The producer of this video uses authentic sound and video footage to let you feel the natural crisp sound of nature.

This music is an excellent choice for people who love intense rain noises. It is tough to find a pure rain sound like this one that doesnt sound like fire crackling or sizzling panfrying. The video has zero ads, and you can use this sound for studying, sleeping, or relaxing.

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Guided Meditation For Becoming More Mindful

  • Channel name: Great Meditation
  • Time: 10 minutes

This guided meditation will allow you to meditate correctly and help you be aware of the present moment. The video has a water and singing bowl background, which creates a different calm environment. The soothing and pleasant voice of the narrator guides you through the process with care and poise.

You are bound to feel light as your head gets cleared and becomes more relaxed. This piece is an excellent video for people who do not have a lot of time at their disposal. A quick 10-minute meditation session is all you need to feel centered, making this one the best meditation music under the guided genre.

Nature Sounds And Sleep

Nature Sounds with Music: for Deep Sleep, Meditation, &  Relaxation ...

Nature sounds for sleep are often used amongst other ambient sounds in white noise machines, which traditionally help listeners fall asleep by providing a subliminal diversion to external or internal distractions.

A prominent aspect in Sleep by Headspace â a collection of relaxing sounds and meditations to help you sleep soundly â is the sleep music. Sleep music offers both a combination of repeated harmonies with live instruments and nature sounds like the gentle chirping of crickets or the sound of falling rain accompanied by an organ.

Listen to Cloudy Concerto – 45 minutes



The sleepcasts in Sleep by Headspace provide low-energy environments that build the perfect conditions for a restful sleep. Below is a sleepcast of Rainday Antiques, which establishes a cozy environment using the sounds of rain and visualization techniques through a dreamy atmosphere, building the ultimate environment for relaxation.

Listen to Indigo Gallery – 45 minutes



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Shamanic Drums + Deep Trance Humming Meditation

  • Channel name: Meditative Mind
  • Time: 3 hours

This music video has 3 hours of shamanic drums and deep trance humming, different from other videos. This video is very effective for meditation as humming with shamanic drums can transport you to another dimension of peace and enlightenment.

The sounds help relax your face, neck, head, and shoulders. The energetic drumming activates the parasympathetic nervous system and triggers extreme relaxation throughout the body. The music works wonders in reducing harmful and unwanted thoughts.

Best Meditation Music On Youtube

Meditating is the most excellent tool to keep your mind and body sharp, healthy, and tuned with nature.

It is quintessential to practice meditation in this day and age, as doing so would greatly help you, especially with the ongoing circumstances.

A great meditation session can help in increasing self-awareness, reducing negative thoughts, increasing creativity, imagination, patience, and tolerance. Thanks to modern media, we can access outstanding background music, which helps during the meditation process.

One downside is that you need to forage the YouTube for one specific piece that suits your mood from the thousands of videos. Fortunately, we have scoured the depths of YouTube to find 20 assorted videos perfect for meditation.

These videos are different from each other, and you have a quota of 20 different unique videos that you can use as your practice demands. If you are new to this, we assure you that each video has a lovely community comment section filled with positivity and well-wishers .


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Harry Potter Ambient Music

  • Channel name: Chilled Cat Music
  • Time: 1 hour

This track is a beautiful mixture of various Harry Potter soundtracks combined into one ambient music strip that is too pure and pristine to listen to. This one-hour album has a mix of 10 songs beautifully mixed to the track for a great listening experience.

You can meditate and get engulfed in the magical world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts simultaneously. This video doesnt have any ads allowing you to stream and relax without any external interruptions. If you are a hardcore potter head, this music video will surely be on your best meditation music list.

Chakras Crystal Singing Bowls

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds – Waterfall HD
  • Channel name: Inner Lotus Music
  • Time: 30 minutes

You can efficiently activate all your seven chakras with this 432Hz music video of Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls. This sound will balance, cleanse your body and mind within 30 minutes.

The video starts from the Root Chakra and slowly moves towards Sacral Chakra , Solar Plexus Chakra , Heart Chakra , Throat Chakra , Third Eye Chakra , and finally your Crown Chakra in increasing hertz.

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Guided Meditation ~ Relaxed Body Relaxed Mind

  • Channel name: Great Meditation
  • Time: 15 minutes

This particular video is for people who like to perform guided meditation. Guided meditation is a type where a narrator usually dictates what to do. This guide is an excellent technique for people who have a hard time meditating.

The sound of the narrator/ guru slowly guides you through the entire process, and your mind doesnt get enough time to wander off. This 15 minutes guided meditation is perfect for days when your mind is whirring with extra thoughts. Consider playing this video if you feel incredibly lonely, as the sound will surely put your mind at ease.

Relaxing Music & Soft Rain Sounds

  • Channel name: Buddhas Lounge
  • Time: 20 minutes

This 20-minute extended meditation music album is filled with soft and pleasant rain noise and piano tunes. The songs title is You & Me from the album Rainy Days which is beautifully composed by Peder B. Helland. The soothing sound of piano notes will surely make your heart feel at ease while you meditate.

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Awareness Meditation Music Relax Mind Body: Chakra Cleansing And Balancing

  • Channel name: Nu Meditation Music
  • Time: 21 minutes

This clean and straightforward awareness meditation music is perfect for clearing your mind through meditation and balancing your chakras all in 20 minutes. The light and easy-going tunes are perfect for daily meditation.

This video has a layered sound of Tibetian bowls, with undertones of bamboo water fountains and birds. This video can be used as an ambiance surround sound while working and doing daily chores to bring a zen feeling within you.

Nature Sounds For Relaxation And Meditation

Relaxing music with nature sounds of forest and Fire Sound, Ideal for ...

Nature sounds are ideal to use as a background when practicing relaxation or meditation. The slower pace and the constant ambience of nature sounds causes both the mind and the body to relax. Listening to natural sounds can also trigger memories of pleasant past experiences, and these memories, for today’s typical urban dweller, are usually of past vacations or excursions, and of childhood experiences. The slow tempo of repetitive soothing sounds of the higher end of the frequency spectrum have an especially relaxing effect on the pysche.

The sounds of running water, like those of water falls, streams, rivers, rain yield a broadband noise especially good at masking noise. Plus, the natural rhythms, combined with the randomness of nature sounds, calms and holds the attention better than mechanical or software sources. Having problems sleeping? Use the sounds of crickets in the background. Since the dawn of time, its a background sound that countless generations have listened to as they sleep. We have a website devoted entirely to sounds for sleeping at Sleepy Nature Sounds.com.

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