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Marketing In The Music Industry

Allocate Time For Speaking 1

The Only 6 Music Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Need

Every single day, you need to allocate time to speak to your audience and connect.

I can’t stress how important the 1-1 is when growing your audience .

This means commenting on their pictures on Instagram, replying to their messages, and starting conversations about them. Take a genuine interest and you’ll be rewarded!

Doing this provides a great opportunity for being more human and creating a genuine connection with your fans.

Want to get the music industry to notice you? The music industry and record labels only care about artists who have an audience. A following of people who would do anything for you. A tribe.

The audience holds the power and strengthening your current audience with real 1-1 connections is how you can create something special.

You Probably Need More Friendsheres How To Make Them

This all comes at a time when Facebook has challenges of its own. With Apple’s new iOS 14 privacy updates, Facebook and Instagram pixel tracking and retargeting performance have been drastically affected. Facebook users will now be able to opt-out of advanced retargeting capabilities. This is a massive blow to Facebook’s ad revenue. At the same time, TikTok is dominating the music industry by creating a wave of creative content distribution based around musical content.

What does this mean?

Billboard’s decision to consider Facebook video streams for its global charts could not have come at a better time for Facebook and potentially Instagram. Their global community and ad platform is now a ticket to every musical artist’s dream the Billboard charts.

But here’s the catch. Facebook is not the only one that stands to benefit here. Professionals in the music industry who have nurtured an audience on Facebook will benefit greatly. Others who haven’t taken full advantage, but understand the platform and can quickly adapt, will also reap the benefits.

What are artists and music marketers doing?

For some time now, one of Billboard’s chart-topping music labels, Rich Music, has used Facebook data to its advantage to advance its global artist lineup. One of its artists, Dalex, recently connected with the Facebook Partnerships team to amplify his social media presence. This is a great example of how other artists can take advantage of these platforms:

How is this monetizable?

How To Boost Posts On Instagram

In Instagrams case, you have to turn your account into a business account, you can do this in the settings of your account.

Beyond boosting theres a number of benefits to getting a business account including stats about followers and engagement and the option to put your contact in your bio.

Once you have a business profile follow these three steps to start boosting posts:

Step 1: Click the promote button at the bottom of the post you want to promote

Step 2: Pick a goal for your ad.

Youll have the choice between profile visits, website visits, and promotion visits. Depending on the type of post youre promoting the goal will change.

A new album might do best with profile or promotion views, while concert promotions will do better by encouraging ticketing website clicks where viewers can purchase tickets.

Step 3: Pick an audience for your ad.

Instagram gives you the choice between automatic, local, and manual targeting.

Automatic targeting uses Instagrams algorithms to target people like your followers, which is great for album promotion.

Local targeting chooses people in a specific location, which is perfect for concert tickets.

Manual targeting allows you to customize who exactly will see the ad.

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Sell Merchandise To Market Your Music

If you think you’ve got your music right and you’re looking to cut through, then coming up with some exciting merchandise can be an interesting option.

Whereas in the past, this was related to just band t-shirts, many artists are now far more ambitious.

From the coffin from glam-rock legends Kiss to Metallica’s take on Monopoly, there are plenty of options to explore. If you find something that sells, then this can potentially be a good way of funding a tour or release.

The Benefit Of Social Capital

Music Business Academy y Pitch Music Marketing lanzan su máster ...

For music artists, Facebook says its a way for them to benefit from the social capital they drive and we are seeing artists spending an increasing amount of time promoting their music on social networks, whether that be through live sessions broadcast on Facebook and Instagram or Q& A sessions with fans, hosted on the platforms. TikTok is another strong player, where artists like Drake taking advantage of natural communities and existing trends, like having dance moves to follow which pushed his track Tootsie Slide way up the charts.

Its no secret that the internet utterly disrupted the music industry. Artists used to rely on music sales, but now that consumption has changed, income is more closely related to live performances and merchandise. In the last twenty years, opportunities for artist promotion had diminished to talk shows and live gigs. We used to have Top of the Pops, The Tube, MTV, NME, and Melody Maker along with a slew of weekly and monthly magazines. With those albeit gone, its a blessing that the digital age and the rise of platforms have adapted to accommodate new marketing initiatives.

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Why Do You Need To Market Your Music

Why do you need to market your music? Simple: If you don’t market your music, no one will know it exists! How many sales or fans do you think you’ll get if people don’t know you make music? That’s right, none! You can record 1000 songs and have the best album in the world, but if you don’t effectively communicate this message to people, it won’t be worth anything.

Proper marketing can make or break your music career, so make sure you learn how to do so properly.

But wait I hear some of you thinking, I just want to make music and not worry about the marketing side of things. Can’t someone else do it for me?

Well probably not. While it used to be the case record labels would do all the marketing for you and you just focus on projecting your talent, this is no longer an option for most new musicians. Record labels generally won’t sign you unless you already have a proven fan base, and have shown you have the potential to make money. The only way you can do this is by building up your fan base and income levels yourself. The only way you can get those things in place is by making good quality songs AND properly marketing your music.

You will sooner or later find out if the fans don’t take well to you, but by then you will have wasted a lot of time and money on music promotion. If however you had started out promoting yourself, you would have got this vibe a lot earlier, and improved your talent before you took the marketing of your music any further.

Pitch Your Music To Media Outlets

The ultimate goal of your music marketing is to get in front of new audiences, so it makes sense to reach out to people and publications who already have engaged audiences of their own.

The types of brands you pitch to will likely vary depending on the type of music you make. If your local radio station exclusively plays hip hop, but youre the next big thing in the oom-pah scene, its probably not going to work out.

However, as a general rule, you should try reaching:

  • music and lifestyle bloggers
  • Work Hard Playlist Hard

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The Evolution Of The Music Industry And What It Means For Marketing Yourself As A Musician

Founder and EIC of Now Entertainment, Personal Branding/Public Relations Expert.


For many fans of music, the saying, “We are not in Kansas anymore,” rings truer than ever before. While it is evident that the content of the audio version of the entertainment industry has changed, there is a lot more that is different about what we now listen to and enjoy. Fans might be adjusting their tastes and preferences to the new sounds on the airwaves, but on the other side, artists are also facing a drastic shock. The tides of music production and marketing are moving fast, and only those strong enough to ride along will be left standing.

My business started as a recording studio and later grew into a full-service media company. Through this experience, I’ve seen how the music industry has evolved, as well as learned a few best practices on how independent musicians can adapt.

How has the music industry evolved?

Through the past 30 years, the way music is made and distributed has varied dramatically. The rise of the internet from the late 1990s has played a crucial role in how music is consumed globally, setting up a butterfly effect that inadvertently affects how musicians and artists are compensated and paid.

Latest Market Research Reports On Music Industry

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Hosting Private Listening Parties With Tiktok Creators

Some artists and labels work with TikTok’s team to host private listening sessions with creators in order to promote a song ahead of its release.

In the summer of 2020, as Miley Cyrus was preparing to release her single “Midnight Sky,” her team partnered with TikTok to schedule two private Zoom calls with around 15 creators to give them an early listen to the track.

“These creators are needed in the process,” Olivia Rudensky, founder and CEO of Fanmade, a marketing and fan engagement upstart that works on digital strategy with clients like Cyrus and Hailey Bieber, told Insider. “They’re just as important as all the relevant stops when you’re doing promo or when you’re going to tastemakers because they really are the audience that’s making or breaking music right now.”

Other artists like Khalid, Demi Lovato, and Marshmellow have joined similar events. Running a listening session with creators can help an artist’s marketing team understand the types of videos or snippets of a song that might break through on TikTok.

Market Your Music Across As Many Platforms As You Can

Lets take a look at people who like the band Weezer on Facebook.

We can see the average Weezer fan is a man, aged 25 to 34, but there are also many in the 35- to 44-year-old range, plus decent interest among 18- to 24-year-olds .

The same is true of your audience, too. Thats why its important to promote your music across a broad range of platforms, including social media sites and streaming services.

Also, dont overlook opportunities to cross-promote across multiple platforms, such as by uploading your latest video to YouTube, then sharing the link via Facebook.

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Ed Sheeran Well Timed & Executed Promotional Strategy

Ed Sheeran announced in 2015 via his social media platforms that hes taking a break to travel the world and see everything that hes missed.

A photo posted by Ed Sheeran on Dec 12, 2015 at 10:29pm PST

Fast forward to the 13th December 2016, exactly a year after Eds last post on social media, he puts up an image of a plain light blue square, which marked the beginning of the promotion for his newly announced album, Divide.

It wasnt until January 1st 2017 that Ed posted again, this time with a short video announcing that new music is coming on the following friday. On the days that followed, he also posted some subtle teaser imagery for the new music to keep the buzz going.

The hype was well and truly built by the time friday came about. But Ed had another surprise up his sleeve. Instead of releasing a single song, he released two brand new songs at the same time!

Cause Ive been away for a bit heres two singles rather than one Castle On The Hill & Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran

As of the 13th of January 2017, both of the new songs that Ed Sheeran released, Castle on the Hill and Shape of You, are position 1 and 2 respectively in the UK and US singles charts. An incredible achievement to say the least!

Eds other more recent posts on social media to promote Divide have been very creative but for the sake of keeping this article concise, Im simply going to advise that you take a look for yourself if its of interest to you.

How Musicians Utilize Social Media For Marketing

We are very excited for the NEW content coming to our music division ...

Many artists are turning to social media to raise awareness about their work. An artists ability to sell songs is directly related to their popularity. As a result, artists utilize different marketing techniques to raise awareness of their work. Using social media, musicians may advertise their music at a relatively modest cost.

The use of social media helps artists build and retain their reputations. A persons relationships with other individuals confer social capital. As a member of a given group, an artist might gain various advantages through social media platforms. The capacity of up-and-coming artists to expand their fan base has historically been hampered by a lack of contact with influential industry figures. Since artists can use social media to connect and stay in contact, it helps them build social capital. The ability of an artist to connect with his fans through social media platforms ultimately results in increased brand awareness and concert ticket sales if there is any concert, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. An artist may keep his followers engaged and interested in his works by using social media to communicate with them. This may be accomplished by participating in conversations with the fans and responding to comments that are offered by those fans. This relationship facilitates the flow of information and contributes to the consolidation of an artists fan base.

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Lee Scott Promote Limited Edition Merchandise And Upsell High Value Bundles To Fans

UK Hip-Hop artist Lee Scott has been releasing his own unique brand of music since early 2006. Hailing from Runcorn, Lee initially grew his audience through his participation in underground events such as Dont Flop.

Lee created and executed a highly unique promotional strategy for his most recent 2016 album, Nice Swan. The album release involved a 3-stage production run which utilised the power of limited edition merchandise.

This enabled the artist to charge a premium for early adopters who wanted to be within the first 100 to hear the album. Furthermore, the slow release created anticipation within the fanbase which generated social buzz and PR opportunities.

The album launch was originally announced with a highly unique & slightly cryptic advert titled Luxury Infomercial in which Lee announced that his latest album would be released early for the first 100 customers in an exclusive limited edition bundled pack.

Furthermore, upon general release, Lee upped the ante by advertising an exclusive limited edition collectors pack containing an exclusive purple CD, 16 page lyric book and multi-coloured special edition vinyls.

This provided Lee with multiple opportunities to monetize his content in a culture of music piracy, where most listeners tend to pivot towards free streaming over music purchasing.

Utilising a multistage release of the Nice Swan album allowed Lee to segment his audience and cater to different listener segments.

Avoid A Monopoly On Media

The last thing you want is monopoly on media people use platforms for different reasons, YouTube and Facebook have different offerings. I hope we see a shift in content and superiority in order to promote artists and boost creativity around content that needs to develop. Remember how music videos evolved via MTV? Theres plenty of room today to experiment around creative engagement today as we explore different platforms.

I think its likely that we wont move entirely away from physical sales to video streaming, theres definitely room for collectors and streamers to find their favorites in the formats they prefer. The last thing we need is a 100% digital age.

Weve already seen a resurgence in vinyl, the thrill of the physical performance will always be in demand and music is about audio as much as it is visual. As a corollary, look at the rise of podcasts and audiobooks, people have not stopped buying the physical versions, they just pick up what suits them as they need it.

Cover image source: Omid Armin

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Look After Your Current Fans First

In music marketing, its easy to become obsessed with the numbers when trying to get more music fans.

Heres the secret.

Its in your best interest to build a community of dedicated followers. A tribe. Learn how to cultivate an environment around your brand, your music, and your music marketing platforms that can turn an interested follower into an obsessive superfan.

To do this, artists need to become less focused on the numbers and getting newer followers.

If you provide value to your current audience, from the outside looking in, people will see a community that they want to be a part of.

Give more than you take as an artist.

Being in music isn’t the same as being in sales. You need to give more and do more for your followers if you are to set a precedent for future followers to join you on your journey.

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