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Music Promotion Services & Packages: 5 Red Flags A Company Isn’t Legit

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Drama As Supreme Court Drops San’s Name Hours After Promotion

  • The list of new Senior Advocates of Nigeria released by the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee contains an error
  • This revelation was made in a statement on Friday, October 22, by the LPPC’s secretary, Hajjo Sarki Bello
  • However, Bello while apogising to Nigerians for the error, noted that it has been corrected in a new list


The Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee on Friday, October 22, admitted an error it made in the list of lawyers promoted recently to the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria .

Hajjo Sarki Bello, the LPPC’s secretary and acting chief registrar of the Supreme Court, in a statement on Friday, disclosed that one of the names in the list was a grave mistake, The Nation reports.

Bello noted that whereas the actual name of the appointee is Osaka, Benjamin Nwora esq, the name on the list at the time it was released was Nworka Chidi Benjamin esq.

He said:

In the press release issued by this office yesterday, 21st October 2021 announcing the list of successful applicants for the rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Nworka, Chidi Benjamin, Esq, listed as No 43 was mistakenly included in the list of advocate appointees.

The actual successful applicant that ought to be in the said list is Osaka, Benjamin Nwora, Esq.”

The committee’s head, therefore, apologised to Nigerians for the mix-up and added that the error has been fixed as Osaka Benjamin Nwora is now listed as number 21.

Instagram Twitter & Facebook Ads

Advertising on social media is one of the most effective ways to reach out to people who dont already know you and your work, if for no other reason than its where millions of people spend hours every day. Why wouldnt you want to put yourself in front of them?

One of the best things about advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is that you can start small, spending a few dollars a day, or budget hundreds, maybe even thousands for one project. You can play around and see what works, and go hyper-specific. Try it out!

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Legitimate Music Pr Companies : Wearethemusicmakers


5 Legitimate Music PR companies. Their are many scams and overrated companies in the music promotion industry. To help your artist/band avoid the traps set by many upcoming companies take a look at some of the most reputable music PR companies below. Each company added to the list has over 5+ years experience and a extensive client list.

Final Thoughts On Indie Music Promotion

Is Boost Collective legit?

Look, the music industry is kind of spammy. There are a lot of people who sell music promotion services and probably dont really get any results. Theres a lot of confusion around what music promotion actually means. A few tips:

Have a goal for promotion going in.

It seems so simple, but so many artists dont have this thought out and want to pay for promo anyway. If you dont have a goal, youre probably wasting money. If you just want to make it or get your music out there, how the heck will you know if youve done it?

Music promo is most helpful when youre working for something specific blog coverage, a certain number of Spotify streams, a number of new email list signups. You get it.

Ask the agency or promoter a bunch of questions.

Things like: What artists have you worked with before? How does your process work? What results can I expect? Are results guaranteed? Will there be reporting throughout the campaign?

Basically just make sure common-sense things are covered before giving someone money.

Get promotion lined up before the release.

I get a lot of requests for music promotion from people who are pushing songs that have been out for weeks or months. Look, I dont think it should be this way, but the reality is that a song is old news two weeks after its out. If you want to give yourself the best chance at actually getting results, line things up a month ahead of time. It really makes a difference.

Do it.

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Juss Russ Digital Marketing

Juss Russ is another one of the bigger agencies on this list theyre actually the hip-hop-focused partner service to Artist Sounds. Ive included them here because, if youre in the hip hop genre, this is one of the top options to look at.

Like a lot of the other promoters, they offer pretty much everything: Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Audiomack, and more. One of their big differentiators is that they operate their own pretty influential platforms , so they have some clout in the industry through those avenues. Pricing is the same as it is under the Artist Sounds brand.

They Dont Have Past Work To Show You

If youre willing to take a chance on someone just getting started in the music promotion game, thats up to you, but if a company claims to have plenty of past successes to their credit, check them out! What bands or musicians have they worked with? What did they get them in terms of social media, PR, or streams? Ask for concrete examples, and possibly even to contact previous clients.

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No 01# Instagram Promotion

Like every other person or brand out there, you need to have an active presence on Instagram. And it is very well clear that you cant do this with only a handful of followers. In this case, the industry pioneer Premium Promotions Corp well-renowned service that allows you to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views might be the tool to change your course on Instagram.

There are tons of advantages of buying Instagram followers,likes,views for your account, and it doesnt matter if you use it for personal purposes or direct profit. Either case, the dynamic behind a profile and its followers is still the same.

Youll need to persuade people to follow you as an influencer or a service provider. It must be clear that youre worth looking up to.

Well, hence you cant sit back and wait for your future audience to discover you out of their sheet curiosity and enthusiasm youll need to take action.

Promote Your Music On Social Media

Is Vector Marketing/Cutco a SCAM? My 3-Year Experience Storytime

Whether youre just starting out, or youre reaching followers in the millions, TuneCore Social Pro can help you no matter where youre at in your career.

TuneCore Social is your all-in-one solution for social media management with the capabilities of multiple apps all in one place to simplify social media for artists on the go.

Get started today and start saving time and money all while taking the mystery out of how to do social media.

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What Is The Best Day To Release Music

There are two answers to the question of the best day to release music: Friday, and any day other than Friday.

Friday is when every major artist releases their new singles and albums, as its the beginning of the tracking week. From Friday at midnight until the end of the following Thursday is when companies like MRC Data collect information about sales, streams, and radio play. Billboard then uses all the data to compile the weekly charts. If you want to have a shot at charting anywhere, stick to Friday.

If youre not quite at that level yet, you may want to opt to release music not on a Friday, as its less competitive. By avoiding that day of the week, you have a better shot at grabbing peoples attention, as you wont be up against the latest album by Taylor Swift or the Justin Bieber single.

Why You Should Choose Premium Promotions Services

Every artist needs to promote their music. Online music promotion has to be multifaceted. It cannot be just about one song promotion. The best music promotion services are comprehensive campaigns that boost the outreach, endorsement, and popularity of an artist.

The outcome of chosen music promotion packages should be measurable. A major problem of online promotion and especially social media marketing and campaigns on streaming platforms is the spectrum of claims that cannot be vetted.

The impact should be measurable and there should be irrefutable statistics or data proving that the objective has been achieved. Music Promotion Corp offers effective online music promotion and the deliverables can be lucidly measured and assessed.

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What Our Customers Say

We appreciate all of the feedback our customers have given us over the years. Thank you for allowing us to become your trusted precision gear partner. We will continue to provide the quality and service weve become known for, and will continue to look for new ways to exceed your expectations.

I always get a good amount of plays and I also get followers when I use this website. Definitely one of the best SoundCloud promoters out there!Will be back very soon. Thank you!

Richard Nhl Rich

Highly recommend everything went great from start to finish! Ordered Soundcloud and Instagram services .All have completed withing 12 hours.I tracked my results while promo going on.It was a high quality promo!! Will definitely be doing business again soon.

Kevin Staxs

Job completely on time with good communication. Would like to do more purchase youtube service now.very happy with the results and IF YOU WANT GET BOOSTED YOUR TRACKS THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE!!

Adrian Cooper

Do They Offer Email Blasts

Bestseller Market Scam

For the same reason as above, this is usually a sign you should run for the hills especially if these email blasts come with promises along the lines of sending you to X number of newspapers, magazines, journalists and music blogs. Find me a single story in a major publication that came about as the result of one of these kinds of email blasts. When was the last time you welcomed something that was blasted to your inbox? Marketing must be more organic than that.

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How To Find Affordable Music Promotion Deals

I cant speak for other companies on this one, but here at Omari, if youre loyal to us, were loyal to you! Thus, we opened up a loyalty program where you can get 15% off music promotion for life! After 5 to 7 orders youll be enrolled forever in our loyalty program!

Im not sure if any other companies a music promotion club with unlimited campaign discounts, but we do! We can offer this because our music promotion network is extensive and its more valuable to keep you happy as customer long term than it is to worry about a few dollars.

Omari Mc Promotion Services Review: Legit Music Promotion

The rapid technological developments in have allowed many artists to go from being unknowns one day to household names the next. Music marketing now capitalizes on a lot of different channels to popularize the art. This is why musicians these days have to be smarter and to implement the right strategies to promote their music.

Music promotion is not always easy, especially when you are a new artist. This is why good promoters and the right promotion tactics are so important. You will never stop using them in your career, no matter how big you get.

There are several ways you can promote your music. You can use social media, email lists, send your stuff out to media stations, get it reviewed on blogs, or take advantage of the services of a promotion service.

Using a promotion service is one of the best ways to get a music promotion deal for cheap. While there are many music promotion service sites out there, telling the real from the fake can be a little difficult sometimes.

This review will look at one popular promotion service, Omari MC Promotion. It shall highlight what it is and how it works to help you figure out whether this is the right fit for you.

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What Can You Do To Promote Your Music On Your Own

A lot! In fact, you may soon find you need to start cutting back on your music promotion efforts, as you can literally spend all your time promoting your latest single, instead of writing and recording new music.

The first thing you can do on your own in the music promotion realm is to share your latest releases on social. Now, this doesnt mean you should tweet once that your single is out and move on. An entire plan is needed, and you want exciting content for all platforms. Youll want to tease a release, share it frequently when it drops, and then find interesting ways to continue to promote it in the days and weeks following its arrival.

You can also spend some money on ads on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, though if youre going to go this route, do your research first. These processes can be a little complicated, and it may be best to let a team you eventually hire handle this instead.

Music Promotion By Location


Yes, its important to have music promotion worldwide, but what if you need to specifically have music promotion in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Boston, or Los Angeles. Or lets say you wanted to international to the United Kingdom, London, Japan, Melbourne, China, Toronto, India, or Germany.

Even if a company is very good at organic Spotify promotion, youre going to be hard pressed if they can geo-target by playlist. In fact, if a company can get you targeted plays by country on Spotify or SoundCloud, something fishy is likely up.

However, YouTube is perfect for music promotion by location. If you use any legitimate company , just specify what your marketing plan is and where youd want your music promoted. This is especially useful if youre still a local artist and are trying to grow a buzz in your city before broadening your horizons.

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Age Is No Barrier To Success: Daughter Celebrates 91

Oyewo, a traditional chief in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, was among the 10 academics in the legal profession who were promoted to the prestigious position.

In her congratulatory remarks, the daughter of the new SAN, Mrs Adekitan Adeagbo described her fathers elevation at the age of 91 as divine.

Adeagbo, a broadcaster with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State , said:

Daddy, no doubt, the Lord has been merciful unto you as He preserved you to get to the pinnacle of the profession you have been passionate about. Who says age is a barrier to success in life? This elevation is divine.”

Are There Any Negative Experiences With Music Promotion

Almost every artist who approaches me has had one or more negative experiences with music promotion in the past, and this is largely due to the quick fix syndrome on behalf of both individuals who engage in the partnership. First of all, there are the automated music marketing services who I tend to call the “internet cowboys.”

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Legit Music Promotion Companies

There are numerous platforms to disperse your music video, obviously, YouTube, however numerous others and we here at Music Gateway can promote your video to TELEVISION and record labels and their respective A& R groups. Music promo companies and online music promotion services can be a great way for artists to expand their audience.

Obviously, whatever a promotion business will use is possible by yourself however it can take months of research and emailing prior to you see even the slightest return. Every artist requires a strong team around them to help them succeed. Your closest family and friends are a vital possession to both your music and your brand name.

Social media has become a location to digest info, so why would not you promote your music here? Post updates as you advance through your carrier, offer behind the scenes footage on your Instagram, host give-away competitors to increase fan engagement all whilst soft offering your brand name and your music. Check out how to optimise your Social Media reach here – fiverr music promotion.

Behind The Curtains Media

Special offer: Music promotion fiverr (NEW!)

Ive featured a few Behind the Curtains artists on this very blog, and Ive always been a fan of how communicative the team here is.

They basically do everything: Spotify promo, blog promo, radio promo. Like a few of the other agencies here, theyre focused on customized services, and their campaigns are pretty tailored to each artists needs. Id say their sweet spot is medium-sized artists you probably dont want to pay up for these guys if youre just starting out, but if youre looking to take the next step, theyre a great choice.

Pricing depends on what you want, but they offer flexibility in monthly or pay-per-campaign rates. And heres the link again.

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What Steps Can I Do To Apply Music Promotion Corp Reviews Offers

To apply a Music Promotion Corp Reviews coupon, all you have to do is to copy the related code from CouponXoo to your clipboard and apply it while checking out.Note: Some results of Music Promotion Corp Reviews only suit for specific products, so make sure all the items in your cart qualify before submitting your order.