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Is High School Musical The Musical The Series Over

Olivia Rodrigo And Joshua Bassett Release New Duet For High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Cast Talks Auditions, Fave HSM Songs, and More

30 April 2021, 12:51

‘Even When / The Best Part’ will appear on the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 2 soundtrack.

Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett have teamed up to drop their second High School Musical: The Musical: The Series duet.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series fans will already know that Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett first met on the show playing love interests Nini and Ricky. Since then, Olivia and Joshua have allegedly dated each other and broken up in real life. Fans even think that Olivia’s hit songs ‘Drivers License‘ and ‘Deja Vu‘ were inspired by her split with Joshua.

However, in spite of their rumoured off-screen drama, Olivia and Joshua are still the lead actors of the HSMTMTS cast and they finished filming season 2 together earlier this year. Now, ahead of season 2 debuting next month, Olivia and Joshua have released the first song from the soundtrack.

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HSMTMTS season 2 sees Nini leave East High to study at the Youth Actors Conservatory. As a result, Nini and Ricky have to try and make a long-distance relationship work and ‘Even When / The Best Part’ is a duet in which Nini and Ricky sing over the phone about how much they love each other even though they’re miles away from each other physically.

Will Miss Jenn Choose Mr Bowen Or Mr Mazzara

With 3 love interests in Season 2, Miss Jenn decided to pursue a relationship with Rickys dad, Mr. Bowen . However, their unofficial relationship came to an end after Ricky felt uncomfortable about his dad moving on from his mom not long after their divorce. In the finale, Ricky took back his disapproval and gave his blessing for the two to date. With Derek Houghs Zack Roy out of the running for Miss Jenns heart, the only thing holding her back from Mr. Bowen is Mr. Mazzara , who expressed his feelings to her at the cast party. Which guy will she choose, or will she choose any at all?

Who Won At The Menkie Awards

After opening night, the judge for the Menkie Awards who attended the performance gave Miss Jenn an envelope containing their nominations. However, the cast decides that they dont need to know the results to feel like theyve won, so they agree to throw the envelope away and drop out of the competition. Will it ever be revealed who went on to win at the Menkies? Was North Highs over-the-top production enough to win, or will Lily ever face consequences for stealing Rickys Beast transformation harness? Could East Highs production have won if they hadnt dropped out?

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When Does Hsmtmts Season 3 Come Out

There’s no official High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 release date just yet. HSMTMTS season 2 was originally supposed to debut in November 2020. However, production was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and it didn’t debut until mid-May 2021.

Given that COVID-19 restrictions have now eased up, we imagine that it will only be a year max until HSMTMTS season 3 will come out. It’s even possible that Disney+ are hoping to bring back the show as soon as November this year. We’ll let you know as soon as there’s a date.

Episodes will probably air weekly on Disney+ like the first two seasons.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Gets Renewed For Season 3 At Disney+

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Ranking The ...

High School Musical: The Musical will continue its run on Disney+ with more episodes coming in the near future.

Disney+ is still one of the new kids on the block as far as streaming services are concerned. But they know they have something special and something unique. One thing for sure is that when they see a series that is doing great and fits their brand, the usually don’t hesitate to grow that product. That is the case with High School Musical: The Musical: The Series as they just confirmed that that season 3 is indeed happening. & #65279

Disney+ gave the third season a green light to this original concept and fans are excited. The show was created and executive-produced by Tim Federle and he is back for the new season. What we know so far is that incoming episodes will follow the Wildcats as they leave the halls of East High for their adventurous summer at sleepaway camp. This will bring tales by campfires, summer loving and nights that never end. & #65279

Production has not started just yet, but we know that the third season will move from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles sometime later this year. “We are overjoyed to be heading to the great outdoors for season three, and grateful to our partners and friends at Disney+ for their continued support of our next-generation Wildcats,” said Tim Federle.

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Carpenter Addressed Speculation That Her Song Is About Rodrigo

Thank you to everyone who has listened to skin especially those who have opened their minds to lyrically what i was trying to get across, she wrote on Instagram January 25. I wasnt bothered by a few lines in a song and wrote a diss track about it. I was at a tipping point in my life for countless reasons. so i was inspired to do what i usually do to cope, write something that i wish i could have told myself in the past. people can only get to you if you give them the power to. and a lot of people were trying to get to me. the song isnt calling out one single person. some lines address a specific situation, while other lines address plenty of other experiences Ive had this past year.

Will Nini Work With Ginas Music Producer Brother

As Ricky calls Lily, Nini calls Ginas music producer brother, Jamie . Nini comforted Gina after the performance as she was upset about E.J. bailing on their date. After telling Nini she should have gotten to sing her Rose Song during the show, she puts her in touch with Jamie so he can help expand her songwriting career. Ninis passion for songwriting has been one of her driving forces throughout the season, so the chance to work with Jamie would be huge for her. What will this potential collaboration mean for Nini going forward?

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And Then Sabrina Carpenter Released Skin

Everything really heated up when Carpenter released her new song, Skin, on January 22. The lyrics include a lot of references to Rodrigos original song that simply cant be a coincidence. Maybe we could have been friends if I met you in another life. Maybe then we could pretend theres no gravity in the words we write, Carpenter sings in the opener. Maybe you didnt mean it. Maybe blond was the only rhyme.

Then, she makes more references with lyrics like dont drive yourself insane and Im not asking you to let it go, but you been tellin your side so Ill be telling mine. Interestingly, some fans felt Carpenters response was a little harsh.

What Will The Musical In Hsmtmts Season 3 Be

Endgame Or Game Over? | High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (S2, E8)

There is no official word yet on what the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 musical will be. However, HSMTMTS showrunner Tim Federle told Hollywood Life: “Choosing the musical for the show is hard because there are so many possibilities. You can go way, way off, you can go High School Musical 3, you can create a new musical.”

After High School Musical: The Musical in season 1 and Beauty and the Beast in season 2, anything is possible. Listen out for easter eggs though. Nini mentioned Beauty and the Beast early in season 1, so a character could let slip the season 3 musical at some point during season 2.

Our bet is that it could be an original musical with songs written by Nini, Ashlyn and the rest of the characters.

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Whats The Taylor Swift Connection

Rodrigo has been a fan of Swifts for years, and TayTay recently congratulated her on her success after Drivers License” started breaking serious records and topping the charts. Swift was known to write diaristic songs when she was Rodrigos age and even revisited the teenage love triangle theme on her Folklore album.

Gina And Ejs Relationship

Ginas story also reached an optimistic ending note in the HSMTMTS season 2 finale. After growing closer for a number of episodes, and learning to lean on each other, E.J. and Gina realize the romantic feelings they share in Second Chances. They rush over to each other, ready to have their first kiss before the camera cuts away. Its a big shift for both characters, who began the series in somewhat antagonistic roles. Fans have seen, especially in season 2, the way Gina has learned to open herself up to others even if it means that she might get hurt as a result. E.J., for his part, has continued to deal with questions over his future and the privilege that hes been granted. HSMTMTS season 3 is poised to focus on the new relationship, specifically as E.J. is set to move on to college.

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Madison High Tv Pilot

On November 12, 2010, Disney announced their intention to film a television spin-off of the film series entitled Madison High and began casting that same year. A pilot episode for the series was officially ordered in early 2011, which would star Luke Benward, G. Hannelius, Leah Lewis, Katherine McNamara, , and Nolan Sotillo. Alyson Reed also reprised her role as Ms. Darbus. The episode contained four songs, and, if picked up, would have marked the first crossover and spin-off between a Disney Channel Original Movie and a Disney Channel Original Series. However, although the pilot was filmed, Madison High was not ordered to series, and the pilot episode had never aired.

High School Musical China: College Dreams

Trailer: Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett &  More Star in ...

High School Musical China: College Dreams , is a spin-off of the High School Musical series for the Chinese market. Directed by Chen Shi-Zheng, it was released on September 6 2011. The film is a Chinese version of the American series, released in North America on DVD under the Disney World Cinema Brand.Film Business Asia critic Derek Elley rated the adaptation three points out of ten. He criticized the lack of effort or care in making a culturally relevant adaptation of the original, pointing to the film’s setting, made to look like “any college in Middle America, but full of Mandarin-speaking students”, and the “non-existent” script. One song Elley pulled out as “half-memorable” was ‘Rainy Season’ , as “the first that seems to be authentically from a Chinese youth musical after an hour of pseudo hip-hop and rap”. Ultimately, he called it “an example of Hollywood’s continuing inability to learn any lessons in cultural transplantation”.

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Joshua Bassett Opens Up About His Sexuality After ‘coming Out’ Video Goes Viral

Senior Culture Reporter, HuffPost

Joshua Bassett is urging fans to love who you love shamelessly this week after setting off a whirlwind of speculation about his sexuality in a recent interview.

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor became the subject of online debate Monday when he gushed over Harry Styles in a video chat with Clevver News.

What I admire about Harry Styles is that hes a very classy man, and hes very well-rounded, Bassett, 20, said in the interview. Hes just cool. … Who doesnt think Harry Styles is cool? Also, hes hot, you know?

Hes very charming, too, he added. Lots of things. I guess this is also my coming out video.

Joshua Bassett comes out in new interview complimenting Harry Styles.This is also my coming out video I guess.

Pop Base May 10, 2021

A snippet of the Clevver News interview comprising Bassetts remarks has garnered more than 2 million views, though many fans were divided on whether or not the actor was being sincere.

Its funny to me how serious people are taking this, one person wrote. To me, it felt like he was just joking because of how much people obsess over Harry Styles. Added another, I think its refreshing that it was in casual conversation instead of it being a big announcement.

My entire life people have told me my sexuality, he wrote. People have shamed me for things they know nothing about. I want to say thank you to those of you who stand for love and acceptance.

Hsm: Tm: Ts Season 3 Cast: Who Will Be In It

When school’s back in session, expect all of the following to return for season three:

  • Olivia Rodrigo as Nini Salazar-Roberts
  • Larry Saperstein as Big Red
  • Dara Reneé as Kourtney Greene
  • Frankie Rodriguez as Carlos Rodriguez
  • Kate Reinders as Miss Jenn
  • Joe Serafini as Seb Matthew-Smith

Jordan Fisher may also end up playing a bigger role in the future after his character, Jamie Porter, made an impact at the end of season two.

Of course, following Olivia Rodrigo’s incredible success as a solo artist, there are some concerns that Nini may go bye-bye very soon. Just recently, Olivia told The Guardian that she is “committed to HSM for two more years”, which bodes well for that season three renewal . However, it doesn’t seem likely that Rodrigo will stay beyond that as she wants to focus more on her own music moving forward.

“I think it’s really hard to split time between the two and there are very few artists who do that efficiently, because acting is based on being a good liar and presenting a version of yourself that’s believable, and being a songwriter is the complete opposite. It’s like, here are all of my deepest, darkest secrets and I want you to know me so personally.”

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Who Is In The Cast For High School Musical The Musical The Series Season 3

Following the finale of “Season 2,” fans can expect the bulk of the series’ recurring cast and characters to make comebacks when Season 3 of this “High School Musical” series finally debuts. Of course, the show wouldn’t be the show without the leading lady in this case, Olivia Rodrigo as high school drama kid/musician Nini Salazar-Roberts. Joining her as supporting characters will be the theatre teacher Miss Jenn , Nini’s ex, Ricky Bowen , and many more.

The mystery, if there is one, regarding Season 3’s cast will not be in who returns, however. Rather, it’s more about who might make their entrance as a brand new character as the series develops. Whether Disney intends to add more characters, or focus on the core cast it has already built is unknown. In all likelihood, it’ll also be something that won’t be revealed until the character actually appears in the show. Until then, fans can be content knowing their favorite familiar characters aren’t going anywhere.

Will Ricky Find Out Lilys Secret

High School Musical: The Musical: The Seriesâ Cast On The Original | PeopleTV | Entertainment Weekly

While most of the characters in HSMTMTS end the season in a more assured place than when it first began, the same may not be true of Ricky Bowen . The character confesses to Miss Jenn, in the season 2 finale, that hes not quite sure who he is. Rickys sense of ambivalence is fueled in part by his emotional breakup with Nini, which occurs earlier in season 2. The split occurs not because of any one thing that either Ricky or Nini do wrong, but rather because Nini finds herself focusing more on her career aspirations. Although he often struggled to accept this fact, not always handling Ninis newfound success with grace, the couple eventually manages to amicably go their separate ways and they remain on good terms.

One last clue about season 3 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series happens in the very last scene, as Natalie speaks to the camera in mockumentary style and says that the summer is about to get hot. This could indicate that the next installment of the Disney+ series might, at least partially, take place in the summer months. It would be a wise move since it allows for the characters to continue as high school students for longer than they otherwise. This would help in avoiding the common problem of what happens when teen drams move away from the high school setting. In any case, the show still has plenty of stories ready to explore.

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Bassett Even Responded To Thatsnlsketch

Theres seriously no escaping this songespecially if youre Joshua Bassett. On February 20, Saturday Night Live posted a hilarious sketch featuring the men of SNL belting out the hit song and explaining the drama.

Surprisingly, Bassetts response on TikTok was equally funny.

While Carpenter hasnt posted anything about the SNL moment, Rodrigos response was a lot less conflicted:

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