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How To Use Copyrighted Music On Twitch

What Part Of Music Do I Need To Copyright

Avoid Twitch DMCA and play COPYRIGHTED music on your stream easily, for free! Use Spotify! #stopdmca

Before learning how to ask for a license, you should define what type of license you need. The first thing to know is that every song has two main parts: the music composition and the sound recording.

The musical composition appears as a work of art and includes music and accompanying words. It exists in the form of notations, or phonorecords, such as cassette tape or CD.

Meanwhile, sound recording is a series of sounds, recordings, or music. Every recording has its code of identification . You can use the ISRC to spot data, such as sales of a recording.

So, remember: you might need two different licenses for the two separate parts of the song:

  • The owner of the composition copyright: composers, lyricists, songwriters
  • The owner of the recording copyright: performers, producers, sound engineers.

Lets have a look at an example to make things clearer.

The composition of Aretha Franklins Respect, for example, covers the music and lyrics, but the recording performance of her singing Respect isnt included in the composition section. The composition is separate from the sound recording of the artist performing it. For composition copyright, youll need to contact the owner of the composition copyright.

When you want to make a cover and re-record someones work, it becomes your own master recording. So you no longer need a master license from the owner of the recording copyright. But you will still need a license from the publisher to use the composition and lyrics.

Know How To Correctly Identify And Use Different Types Of Copyrighted Material

The rules and guidelines surrounding copyright protections can vary based on the type of content in question.

For example, the rules surrounding music are noticeably different from the rules surrounding videos or print materials.

For this reason, its important to learn the nuances between the different types of copyrighted material youre using.

How to Use Copyrighted Music on Twitch

Twitchs policy regarding the use of copyrighted music is pretty restrictive.

Further, Twitchs ongoing battle with streamers who use copyrighted music has resulted in a lot of uncertainty on the issue, especially in regards to using music that you own the copyright to or that is licensed to you.

Generally speaking, the only real way to be certain on this issue is to consult with an attorney whos up-to-date on the matter.

Outside of speaking with an attorney, there are a few best practices that are worth following to ensure youre staying on the right side of the law:

Finally, note that these rules apply even if you arent the one playing the music.

For example, its generally your responsibility to ensure that copyrighted music played through another source follows Twitchs music guidelines as well.

A common example of this situation appears in popular rhythm and music games such as Beat Saber, Guitar Hero, or Rockband, which rely on 3rd-party music as a core aspect of the gameplay.

Overly relying on their policies may not be in your best interests.

How to Use Copyrighted Videos on Twitch

The Freebies: Copyright Free Music For Twitch

Most creators will want to start with free music. And why not?

From established labels like NCS and Chillhop to pioneering platforms like Pretzeland even newcomer, StreamBeatstheres no shortage of options. In fact, you could spend your entire career streaming copyright free music for Twitchall without paying a dime.

We almost always recommend starting with free playlists. Thats especially true if youre a new or growing streamer trying to gain a footing. Just make sure youre properly crediting the artist!

That said, here are our top freebie recommendations.

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The Stream Is Alive With The Sound Of Music

While music is a welcome addition to any Twitch stream, it can also hinder your channel if youre not careful. Make sure you only include tracks that are either royalty-free or licensed to you. Otherwise, you risk several takedowns and possible legal repercussions.

Fortunately, there are several places where you can get fantastic free music for your streams. The easiest solution is to download the Soundtrack by Twitch plugin and integrate it with OBS Studio or Streamlabs. If thats not diverse enough, you can look for royalty-free playlists on major platforms like YouTube or Spotify.

What kind of music do you add to your streams? What are your thoughts on copyright laws? Feel free to share your two cents on the topic in the comments section below.

What Happens If I Use Copyrighted Music On Twitch

Twitch Music Library

If a streamer chooses to save or clip their live stream, or if Twitch finds out that you are playing copyright music on your streams, then that saved video will most likely be muted or deleted entirely from the streaming platform you are using, your Twitch account may be suspended and you may receive a DMCA claim.

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Using Soundtrack By Twitch

The platform released a collection of curated royalty-free music Twitch streamers can use in their sessions to make things easier. Soundtrack by Twitch is a free plugin that can be integrated with two popular pieces of streaming software OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. The fantastic tool enables you to elevate your gameplay by adding an engaging soundtrack without compromising the safety of your channel.

Sadly, the beta version is currently only available for PC users. However, Twitch ensures that future releases will be compatible with other platforms and devices. There are also a few system requirements for your computer:

  • A 64-bit, Windows 10 operating system
  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • A 40 GB hard-disk
  • A Dual Core computer processor
  • A 1-MBPS network speed
  • Either external or internal speakers or headphones for playback

If you check all the boxes, you can download the plugin and configure it with OBS Studio by following these steps:

  • Open your browser and go to this website to install the Soundtrack plugin.
  • Next, launch OBS Studio. Scroll to the Sources box and click on the tiny + button.
  • A pop-up panel will appear. The plugin will be automatically added to the list of available sources as VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch.
  • Next, to configure the tool with OBS properly, navigate to the Audio Mixer box. Then click on the tiny gear icon next to the VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch source.
  • From the drop-down list, click on Advanced Audio Properties.
  • How Do You Legally Use Copyrighted Music On Youtube

    Like Facebook, YouTube automates flags and takedowns for videos that contain copyrighted music within what they call their Content ID system. So whether you have the right licenses to include copyrighted music in your live or recorded videos or you dont, your content may still get what YouTube calls a claim or a strike. Understanding claims and strikes helps reveal whats OK to stream and publish on YouTube and what isnt.

    • Claim: Your video will get a Content ID claim when it contains copyrighted content that matches content within the Content ID system. Automatically generated, claims do not necessarily mean youre in trouble for posting the content that you did.
    • Strike: Your video will get a Content ID strike when the copyright owner submits a takedown request for your video. As they say, three strikes and youre out. Once youve gotten three strikes, your account can be terminated, all your videos will be taken down, and you wont be allowed to make new channels.

    Basically, Content ID lets copyright owners decide what to do when streams or uploads match their copyrighted content. Copyright owners can then block uploads that match their copyrighted works, monetize their copyrighted work with ads, set restrictions on where their content can appear, or request that your videos be taken down.

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    What Music License Do I Need

    For those of you who have figured out how and where you want to use the song, weve compiled a list with six types of music licenses. Youll be able to choose the one that fits your needs best.

    Lets discuss the six types of music licenses.

    • Synchronization Licenses

    Lets assume you want to add music to your video, TV show, or film.

    Youll need to get the type of license that gives you the right to sync the music to your TV show, game, ad, or any other video youre making. This is widely known as synchronization license.

    • Mechanical License

    If you want to record yourself playing someones song or singing one of Adeles songs, for example, you will certainly need a mechanical license. A mechanical license grants you permission to reinterpret or re-record a work.

    • Master License

    Master license is often acquired along with a sync license. It gives permission to use the pre-recorded version but doesnt give the right to re-record the music.

    • Public Performance License

    Performance license applies to all the cases when you want to play the music in stores, restaurants, or any other public space.

    • Theatrical License

    Are you going to submit your work to a movie theater? If yes, then you should get a theatrical license. Every time the copyrighted record is being performed on stage in front of an audience, a theatrical license is needed.

    • Print Rights License

    Are You Allowed To Play Music On Twitch

    How To Find Copyright FREE Music for Twitch & YouTube!

    Twitch and music. It can be summarized in one word confusing. The majority of streamers that play music in their streams do so with little regard for copyright law. However, Twitch recently issued several DMCA takedowns and effectively prevented streamers from using the platform if they continue playing music they dont have the rights to.

    Its not uncommon to find streamers playing todays top hits or yesterdays classics. Streamers sometimes also take song requests, giving their audience control of the music. In the past, the music industry hasnt taken action but thats changing. Just last year, many popular streamers were hit with 24-hour bans on the platform for playing copyrighted music. So what are the rules? The punishments? And what can you do to protect yourself?

    What were seeing right now, not only on Twitch but on most streaming platforms, is an increased eagerness to respect copyright laws. People realize that creators intellectual property needs to be prioritized, for obvious reasons. However, listening to your moral compass does not mean you cant or shouldnt play music in your streams. You are allowed to play music on Twitch as long as you follow the rules. Lets get into it.

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    Why Did Twitch Need This

    Twitch made himself safe to avoid multi-million dollars lawsuits from copyright holders for violating their copyrights. This decision is disastrous for music channels, DJs, and musicians and just for bloggers. Musicians who sing or cover music, DJs who put their sets together live, dance channels and those who have used the ability to order any music track to be played live through a special function in the donation section will suffer the most.

    There’s a ton of music that’s allowed to be used. Yes, it won’t be the most recent, popular, and familiar hits, but it’s enough for background, but not enough and interesting for their audience.

    But we shouldn’t expect streamers to leave in droves for other venues, because it’s not fatal for most people. Musicians and those who are closely connected to music are already chasing from everywhere if they want to make money, moreover, they are ready to pay for their success. Twitch remains the most successful platform, and the gap will only widen further. It’s unlikely that anyone can beat it. All content distribution platforms have their own rules about copyrights.

    A ban on the use of music would not be a big problem for streamers if musicians were allowed to use their tracks. It is clear that not everyone will benefit from it, but some people could use the extra PR. Such famous artists as T-Pain and Drake stepped into the streamers’ side and were allowed to use their tracks in broadcasts for free.

    Music You Are Not Allowed To Use In Twitch Streams

    On the other end of the spectrum is the strictly prohibited, copyright-claimed music. The confusing part is that most of the items on the list are counter-intuitive, for example, karaoke performances. And since many streamers tend to trip up on similar things, make sure you do your research before adding any of these to your stream:

    • Radio-style programs and listening shows. It doesnt matter if you came up with an original show you cant use copyrighted music unless its licensed to you or free use.
    • DJ sets. Sharing pre-recorded tracks that arent licensed to you is not allowed, even if youre mixing them.
    • Karaoke performances. Even if youre the one performing the song and it doesnt sound anything like the original, its still considered copyright infringement.
    • Lip-synching. If youre just pantomiming the song instead of singing it, its still prohibited unless you have proper licensing.
    • Visual representation of copyrighted music. This includes lyric videos, tablatures, or any other type of visual depiction.
    • Cover songs. Again, you need a license from the original performer or copyright holder if you want to cover a particular song. If you do it anyway, make sure not to include any recorded elements and perform the song as close to the original as possible.

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    Twitch Music Rules Overview

    Twitch has become a huge platform for content creators to build a community and find some success. From the Partner Program to sponsorships, people have learned the ins and outs of turning an audience into a loyal fanbase.

    But figuring out how to play music on Twitch isnt as clear cut. Its become an obstacle for a lot of streamers, and some of the rules continue to evolve.

    There are pretty clear rules about using music on Twitch, and you can find them directly on Twitchs site. But while the platform explains what music streamers cant use, they arent quite as forthcoming about what songs are safe to include on a stream.

    Here is a summary of what music you can play on a Twitch livestream:

    • You can stream original music that you own the copyright for.
    • You can use copyrighted music that you have licensed.
    • You can use other music for vocal performances on Twitch Sings.

    Thats it.

    You cant use 30 seconds of any song, or re-stream a radio broadcast, or stream .mp3 files that youve purchased and downloaded. None of those things get around copyright law.

    And if you still try to use other songs, youre opening yourself up to having Twitch take down your streams, temporarily ban your channel, or in a worst case scenario offer you up on a platter to a record labels team of lawyers.

    How Do I Get Permission To Use Copyrighted Music

    Twitch Music Rules: What Music Can You Play on Twitch?

    In general, the permissions process involves a simple five-step procedure:

  • Determine if permission is needed.
  • Identify the owner.
  • Contact the owner and negotiate whether payment is required.
  • Get your permission agreement in writing.
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    Free Music For Twitch 2021

    This article contains FREE ways to get royalty-free, DMCA-proof music for your Twitch stream.

    3 DMCA strikes and youre out. Thats the sad reality Twitch streamers have to live with. If you want to avoid getting banned on Twitch, you need to stick to royalty-free music during your streams.

    Many companies charge a monthly premium to access a library of royalty-free music. This article is about FREE ways to get copyright-free music on Twitch.

    What Happens If I Play Music

    While most people will see their videos-on-demand muted for future viewers, most streamers get away with streaming music live without any bans. However, as Twitch grows, some streamers have had 24-hour bans for playing copyrighted music and I expect this to continue as musicians and labels see their music being played without permission or licenses.

    As of the beginning of June 2020, any clips of your stream featuring third-party music will also be taken down by DMCA requests. Many streamers are now deleting all their previous clips to avoid their channel being deleted .

    Oh, and people, its only a matter of time until Twitch creates an algorithm similar to YouTubes where they can tell this stuff automatically and in live-real time.

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    Music Youre Not Allowed To Use In Twitch Streams

    You can check out the full list of music you cant use on Twitch on its community guidelines page. Below are a few examples of videos that would likely cause you some problems:

    • A radio-style broadcast: A Twitch stream or VOD which focuses on playing music you dont own isnt licensed for you to share on Twitch.
    • A lip-synching performance: Pantomiming, singing, or pretending to sing music you dont own isnt licensed for you to share on Twitch.
    • A cover of a song: Performance of any song owned by someone else, with the exception of a live performance on your Twitch stream. If you do perform a cover song in a live stream, make a good faith effort to perform the song as it was written by the songwriter. Create all audio elements yourself, without incorporating instrumental tracks, recordings, or any other element created or owned by others.

    If youre new to streaming on Twitch, figuring out which music you can and cant use on a stream can be tricky. But if you follow Twitchs guidelines, you can prevent your content from being muted or, even worse, banned from the platform.

    How Can I Find The Copyright Owner Of A Song


    So, you know what song youll use and what type of licensing youre going to need. But one of the most challenging things is still ahead of you. Yes, we are talking about finding the copyright owner of the song.

    Below is a plan of action weve outlined specifically for you. Follow these steps to locate the copyright owner of the song you want to use.

    If these websites dont help you with the contract or the song youve chosen doesnt exist in their music library, youll be required to pursue the negotiations independently.

    The easiest way to find the copyright owner is by searching the song in a search engine.

    For instance, here weve searched for Red Hot Chilli Peppers hit Under the Bridge. When we clicked see more in the lyrics section, the copyright information appeared.

    But what if no useful info is available when you do this?

    Well, there are a number of things you can try out:

    Performing rights societies. The thing is: most of the music publishers and professional songwriters belong to one performing rights societies or another. The three major ones are

    If you search for a song on, say, ASCAPand your search result yields nothing, the chance is the song is on BMI or SESAC. It should come off as no surprise as all the major songwriters and publishers usually belong to one of the three organizations. The keyword here is one they are not allowed to be a member of more than one of these organizations.

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