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How To Upload Music To Instagram

How To Easily Add Music To Instagram Videos

How To Upload Music To Instagram

When Instagram launched back in 2010, no one could have imagined that there was a place for a social media platform which solely focuses on photo sharing. However, 7 years and a $1 billion acquisition later, Instagram has become a photo sharing behemoth. Over the years, Instagram has added some cool new features to stay ahead of the curve. In 2013, the service launched a 15-second video sharing feature and only a few months back, it also introduced a new Stories feature. Using these features, now users can share videos along with static pictures.;However, a video doesnt feel right until it is accompanied by a good audio track. Sadly, Instagrams inbuilt editing tools do not allow us to add any music to our videos. But, that doesnt mean we cannot do it. If you upload a lot of videos on your Instagram profile, and want to enhance them, here is how to add music to Instagram videos to make them better:

Other Apps To Add Music To Instagram Videos

All though Quick is our first choice, there are a couple of other options out there which are also good. Some of you might not prefer Quick for one reason or other, hence I wanted to list out other apps which give you more control over the whole process. However, I wont make tutorials for them as I did for Quick, as that will make this article unnecessarily long. So, if for some reason you dont prefer our first pick, here are some other good apps which can help you add music to your Instagram videos.

Add Music To Instagram Stories With Music Stickers

Follow the below steps to add music to your Instagram story using the Music sticker:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the Your Story icon in the top-left corner to create a new Story.

  • Take a new photo or choose a photo or video from your gallery.

  • Tap the Stickers icon from the top menu. Its the one that looks like a smiley face post-it note.

  • Tap Music.

    Instagram Stories that use the Music sticker are shared to but the music won’t play due to copyright restrictions. You can upload your Instagram Story video as a Facebook Story with the music intact by saving it to your device after its live and uploading it to Facebook manually from the app.

  • Browse for the music track you want to use in your Instagram Story.

    You can tap on the play icons to preview songs before adding them.

  • When youve found the song youre looking for, tap its album cover to add it to your Story.

  • Tap 15 and choose the length of the track for your Story.

    Track length is limited due to copyright restrictions. Instagram Stories are typically less than 15 seconds anyway so this limitation shouldnt be an issue for many.

  • Tap Done.

  • Tap the Music sticker to choose a different style.

  • Pinch the sticker with two fingers to resize it and move it.

  • Add other stickers, gifs, and text as usual.

  • Tap Send to to publish your new Story to your Instagram account.

  • Select next to Your Story.

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    Using Your Music On Instagram Stories And Reels

    Now that you know how to get your music into Instagrams in-app library, lets talk about how to use it.

    After you open Instagram Stories or Reels and take a photo or video , swipe up. You will see the display of stickers that Instagram offers for their Stories. Click the Music sticker.

    Next, start searching for your music in their search bar. Click on the song youre looking for and it will open as an overlay on your Story or Reel. Tap on the sticker itself to change it. There are multiple options some are cover art/song title display options, and others are font options for the lyrics !

    Note: With the 2021 Instagram roll-out of the Music sticker globally, there have been a lot of issues. Business accounts; may only be able to access a small amount of royalty-free music . Good news is that there is an easy fix to this! Switch your account from a Business account to a Creator account and BOOM, problem solved! .

    Want to learn more about how to utilize Instagram for your music career? Check our out Musicians Guide to Instagram Stories & Highlights here.

    Add Background Music To Instagram Reels

    How to add music to your Instagram stories

    You can add music to Reels either before starting the recording or while recording.

    Launch the Instagram app and tap on the Your story/Camera icon at the top. Go to the Reels tab. To select a song before you add the recordings, tap on the Audio icon. Alternatively, record the Reel, and then tap on the Audio icon. You will be taken to the Music screen. Tap on the song from the available options that you want to add to your Reels.

    Here are a few tips to help you get started:

    • Use the Search at the top to find the music or song of your choice.
    • Tap on See More to view additional songs.
    • Tap on the Play icon next to the song to preview it before adding it to your Reel.

    After you tap on the song, the song page will open. Use the slider at the bottom to select the part of the song you want to use. To make things easy, Instagram lets you know about the most popular part of the song. For that, look for the pink dots on the slider. Finally, hit the Done button to add the song to your Reel.

    In case you want to change the music or use a different part of the song, tap on the same Audio icon again. Adjust the part using the available slider. To change the song, tap on the Delete icon at the top to remove the current song. Then add a new song as shown above.

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    Preview Your Instagram Story

    Its always better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes your music clip may start abruptly or mid-sentence. That can seem awkward.

    To avoid such a scenario, its advisable to preview your Instagram Story after you add music to it. It just takes a few seconds of your time but it can save you from making embarrassing mistakes.

    How To Add Music To Your Instagram Videos With Invideo

    Creating stunning videos with our platform literally takes less than 15 minutes, even if youve never opened a video editor in your life. Thanks to our wide range of pre-made templates, you dont have to start editing from scratch, which speeds up the process dramatically.

    After you log in, the Pre-made templates option on the homepage will be selected by default. What you need to do is select Instagram Post or Instagram Story as the type of video you want to create.

    InVideo Homepage

    For this example, well go with Instagram Post since there is no option to add music to videos on your Instagram newsfeed through the social media platform itself.;

    After clicking on the Instagram Post button, youll see five featured templates for different types of videos. These are the most popular ones, but you can always click the View All button in the top right corner to see the entire list of Instagram-related templates.

    Say you wanted to promote your Bakery on Instagram. This Dessert Day Quote template would be a perfect fit.;

    Dessert Day Quote Template

    On the left, you can see the length of the pre-made template and preview it. Make sure you select the Square option on the right side of the screen if youre planning to post the video on your feed, rather than as a Story. Then, click the Use this template option to fire up the video editor.

    InVideo Music Feature

    • Happy
    • Romantic
    • Entertaining
  • Add before trackthe audio will play alongside the video
  • Timeline Audio Editing

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    How To Use The Instagram Story Music Sticker

    The Instagram Story Music sticker was released in June 2018. Itâs a fun way to add some audible flair to your Stories. We will also show you how to add music to an Instagram Story without the sticker in the next section, or you can find more information about finding upbeat commercial songs for your next advertising video on IG stories here.

    Weâll dive into the instructions in more details below, but hereâs a quick step by step to get you started:

  • Create a new Instagram Story
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen
  • Tap to select the Music sticker icon
  • Select a song
  • Choose the portion of the song you want to play
  • Tap âDoneâ to add the song to your story
  • And now, onto the more in-depth instructions! If you do have access to the Music sticker, it can be used on any type of Instagram Story. Youâll find it when you tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen when youâre creating your Story. Tap on the Music sticker to get started.

    Once you do, itâll open up a new screen where you can search for music according to Popular, Moods, and Genres. Instagram offers a variety of popular music thatâs licensed for use in your Instagram Stories. However, you can only use up to 15 seconds at a time and the sticker will be displayed on your Story while the song plays, with the name of the song and the artist listed.

    Scroll through and click the play button to preview songs, or search for something specific using the âSearch musicâ field at the top of the screen.

    How To Add Music To A Video Story On Instagram

    How to Add Music to Instagram Videos (Free)

    Heres how to add music to your video on Stories with the Instagram music sticker:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Story.
  • Either shoot a new video with the Stories Camera or swipe up to upload a video from your Camera Roll.
  • Press the sticker button at the top of the screen.
  • Select the music sticker.
  • Navigate to the song you wish to use and select it to add it to your video.
  • Press the different text options at the bottom of the screen to choose how you want your music to be displayed.
  • Tap Done at the top-right of the screen.
  • Choose Your Story at the bottom-left of the screen to publish your video to your Stories.
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    How To Play Music On An Instagram Story

    Now that you’re armed with instructions for adding music to an Instagram Story, we thought we’d share a quick how-to for listening to music or sound on an Instagram Story you’re watching.

    When you watch an Instagram Story, it will be muted by default. In order to listen with sound, you can do one of two things:

  • Tap on the video while it’s playing.
  • Use the volume buttons on your phone. Once the sound is on, you can also use the volume buttons to adjust.
  • And there you have it! To learn more about Instagram Stories, check out a few of our other guides below. Happy Instagramming!

    How To Add Music To Instagram Post

    One of Instagrams most famous points is the opportunity to figure music to Instagram posts and stories. gives a lengthy part of songs from its music library. Also, you can set songs from other music streaming sets, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam.

    In this model, we will show you various methods you can attach music to your Instagram. We will also discuss some common topics and errors about Instagram music.

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    Two Ways To Add New Music Library Tracks:

    1. Add Music with the Music sticker 2. Add Music in the new Music shooting Mood

    Method 1: Music Sticker:

  • Take a photo or video in any shooting mode
  • Tap Smiley Face Sticker icon in Upper Right
  • Tap Music Button
  • Browse Music by Popular, Moods, Genres
  • Search for Song/Artist
  • Tap Play Icon to Preview
  • Tap Cover Art to Add to Video
  • Use Slider to select part of the song you want to play
  • Tap on Seconds to change the duration
  • Add To Story
  • Why Do You Need A Music Distributor To Get Your Music On Instagram Stories

    How to Add Music to Instagram Video Post Quickly & Easily

    Now that you know just how important it is to make your music available to the masses through Instagram stories, you might be scratching the top of your head thinking: but how do I actually get it there? Well, this is what we are here to help you out with.

    For your music to be available, it has to be uploaded to Facebooks systems. Facebook owns Instagram after a controversial purchase in 2012 for $1 billion keeping the leadership of the company intact.

    When the music feature on Instagram stories began, Facebook landed a deal with all of the major record labels in the world and some independent smaller ones as well. This is why you need a music distributor for your songs to appear on the list to be chosen and added to stories.

    It is music distributors who land the deal with Facebook and upload the content of all the artists that work with them and then collect their royalties.

    Since Facebook owns Instagram, every time your tunes get played on either platform your music distributor receives your money. This means that with the same deal, you can monetize all of the social media capabilities with your songs; whether it is from your own Artist Page, stories, streaming or any other form.

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    How To Add Music To An Instagram Story

    First, well go through the process of adding music directly from Instagram. It doesnt matter if you have an iPhone or an Android, as long as your Instagram is updated, the process of adding music to Instagram is the same. This is how its done:

  • Open Instagram and go to your story. You can do that by swiping the screen to the right or tapping on your profile picture in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • Proceed to take a story, whether its a photo or a video.
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen.
  • Go to the Music sticker.
  • Find the song that you want to add and tap on it.Note: Instagram will show you recommended songs, as well as different categories you can choose from .
  • Move the slider bar to decide which part of the song will be played .
  • Tap the thumbnail to change the album icon or to replace it with lyrics.
  • Tap Done.
  • Move the icon/lyrics anywhere across the screen.
  • Tap Your Story in the bottom left corner to post it on your Instagram.
  • When your followers open your story, the song you chose will play automatically. If they want to see which song is playing, they can tap on the title under your name, and the song will pop up in another tab.

    How To Add Music To Instagram Stories

    To add music to an Instagram Story, youve got to do a bit of multi-tasking. The easiest way to make it happen is to play music on your phone while you record your Instagram Story.

    On an iPhone, youll want to open the Music app, then queue up the song youd like to play. Then, open Instagram, and tap the camera icon in the upper left to open the Stories composition tab. Now youll want to swipe upwards to open Control Center;and tap play on the music controls. Next, close Control Center, and tap and hold the record button for your Instagram Story.

    You can also use Spotify or another third-party streaming app . First, queue up music on your device in your app of choice, then use the app switcher to open Instagram. From there, record your Instagram Story while the music is playing on your device.

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    How To Post A Music Video On Instagram Using Tiktok

    Another way you can add some music to your Instagram feed is by sharing a music video youve created on TikTok.

    If youre not already familiar with this app, TikTok is a video sharing platform originally designed for sharing lip-sync videos. Its free to download and use, and it has a massive library of licensed sounds and songs you can add to your videos. The app allows you to record a full video in a single take or in bite-sized snippets. Plus, you have the option to upload an existing video from your Camera Roll.

    Heres how to create a TikTok video and share it on Instagram:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Publish your Instagram post as you normally would.
  • Add Music To Your Reel

    How to Add Music to an Instagram Post in 2021

    ;Once youve found a song clip you like, tap on it

    ;The song page will open, and you can slide the bar at the bottom of the screen to find the part of the song you want to use

    ;A pink dot indicates the most popular segment of the song

    ;The lyrics will also show on the screen to make it easier for you to select the perfect snippet

    ;When youre happy, tap on the Done button in the top right-hand side of the screen and youve successfully added music to your Reel!

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    What Type Of Music Can You Add To Your Instagram Videos

    Adding music to Instagram stories used to be frowned upon. Now, its uncommon to run into a story from a brand or an influencer that doesnt feature some tunes.

    So, whats changed?;

    The short answer isInstagrams policy. While the platform wasnt too kind to people who uploaded music alongside their videos or had tunes blasting in the background while recording stories, Instagram has become a lot more lenient. Its come to the point where the platform is actually encouraging people to include music in their videos.;

    That said, there are some limitations to which tunes you can use in your videos, as well as how long youre playing the songs for. The main reason why Instagram frowned upon music in the first placeand the reason why these limitations exist todayis due to copyright laws.;

    The last thing Instagram wants is to limit the creativity of its users. At the same time, they cant afford to take the risk of letting everyone stream copyrighted music on the platform. Theres a high chance theyd end up in a lawsuit that would almost certainly end in astronomical fines.;

    If that were the caseand you could add whichever music you likeyoud end up in a world of trouble too. Thats why Instagram is vigilant when it comes to music and has clearly defined policies that you should be aware of.;

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