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How To Upload Music To Audiomack


S To Download Song From Audiomack To Phone

how to upload songs on Audiomack 2021
  • Go to audiomack and search for the song you intend to download to your phone and click on it, while its playing click on the Share button as shown below
  • Once youve clicked on the Share button, It should take you to another interface, where youll click on Copy Link as shown below
  • Now that youve copied the link, Open your browser and go to Savieo.com, While youre on Savieo.com, Paste the link you copied on step 2 and click on download as shown below
  • On the next interface, Click on download as shown below
  • Youve done it. Youve successfully downloaded a song from audiomack directly to your phones music library.

    Sharing Music On Youtube

  • 1Convert your audio file to a .WMV video file if you’re using Windows. Open Windows Live Movie Maker and add an image to a slideshow. Then add the track you want to upload to YouTube to the slideshow. Make the duration of the image and song the same, and then save the movie to your computer as a .WMV file.XResearch source
  • 2Convert your audio file to a .MOV video file if you’re using a Mac. Open iMovie and drag an image and the track you want to upload to YouTube into the project area. Make the duration of the image and the track the same. To save, click the share tab and select export using QuickTime from the drop-down menu. Then click save.XResearch source
  • 3Sign up for a YouTube account. Go to and click the sign in button at the top right corner of the page. Sign in using your Google account or create a new one by clicking more options and then create account.
  • 4 Once you’re on the upload page, click on select files to upload and select the video file you made.
  • 5Give your video a title and description. Add relevant tags in the tags field so people are able to find your track. Click the blue publish button when you’re ready to publish your video.
  • How To Upload A Song On Audiomack

    You can get unlimited free storage on Audiomack if you sign up to it. No matter how many songs you would like to upload, it is just a piece of cake. Let’ get started to see how to upload a song on Audiomack.

    Step 1: Go to Audiomack. Click “Sign up” in the top right corner.

    Step 2: Fill in the blank of Username, Password, Email and Confirm Password. Click “Sign up”.

    Step 3: Click “Upload” in the top right corner. Select the upload type and then choose “NEXT”.

    Step 4: Then click “BROWSE TO YOUR FILE” to add your music file or just directly drag the file to the area marked in a dotted frame.

    Step 5: Wait until scrolling is over.

    Step 6: Edit the tags of your music and then tap “SAVE & FINISH”.

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    Audiomack Music Download In Official Method

    Audiomack does provide an official download method, but it is only available in the app on the mobile phone. If you want to download the Audiomack Music on the computer, go straight to the next part. To download music from Audiomack app, you can refer to the following guide.

    Step 1. Download and launch the Audiomack app. It can be found in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    Step 2. Find and play the song you want to download, then tap on the song to open the playing window as shown in the image below.

    Step 3. In the playing window, you will be able to see the download button at the bottom of the window. Tap on the button and the song will be downloaded. Note that for every song you want to download, you need to repeat these steps.

    Extend The Reach Of Your Records Even Further

    Getting started on Audiomack (for Artists)  The Audiomack ...

    Audiomack is a completely free platform for content creators to share their music without limitations or restrictions. It focuses exclusively on new, independent, and up-and-coming artists. They are not a full-catalog streaming service like Spotify and Apple Music, and do not plan to ever become one.

    In the same way that you use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your music, Audiomack can be used alongside Spotify, SoundCloud, and other digital services to host, share, market, and track your work.

    Audiomack doesnt charge listeners either, although they do offer premium subscriptions to anyone whod like to stream ad-free, high-quality music and download entire playlists within Audiomacks mobile app.

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    How To Import Audiomack To Windows Media Player

    Transferring between Audiomack to Windows Media Player has never been easier! Try it out!

    You need to perform 4 easy steps to migrate between two services:

    1 Select Audiomack as source service

    2 Select playlists you want to transfer

    3 Select Windows Media Player as destination service

    4 Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv works for you

    Once finished, your playlists and songs will be available on Windows Media Player.

    How To Download Audiomack Songs

    To start downloading audio files from Audiomack, it only requires you to get the URL of the music on Audiomack you want to download. You may follow the steps below.

    • First of all, visit the official website of Audiomack and look for the file that you want to download.
    • Copy the Audiomack music link, and paste it on the URL bar. Click the Download button beside it to start analyzing.
    • Right-click on the Download icon, and choose “Save link as” to start downloading Audiomack to MP3.

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    Making Extra Cash On Bandcamp

  • 1Sign up for a PayPal account. Bandcamp lets you charge for your music, and you get to keep 85 percent of whatever you make in revenue. To get paid for your music, you’ll need to sign up for a free PayPal account at .XResearch source
  • Make sure you use the same email address when signing up for PayPal and Bandcamp.
  • 2Sign up for a Bandcamp account. Go to and click on the artist button next to sign up in the top menu bar. On the next page, click on the green sign up now button. Create a username and pick a genre. You also have the option of entering genre tags, which will make it easier for people to find you.
  • 3 Click the blue add audio button to the left of the page you’re brought to. Select the audio file you want to upload from your computer.
  • 4Enter in your track information. Give your track a name and description, and add relevant tags in the tags field so people can find it. You can also publish the track lyrics, artwork, and music video.
  • 5Enter a price for your track in the track pricing field. Leave the let fans pay more if they want box checked so fans of your music can support you by paying more than the listed price for your track.XResearch source
  • 6Publish your track. Click the blue save draft button to the left of the page and then click publish when you’re ready for your track to go live.
  • How To Audio On Audiomack

    How to upload music on Audiomack using phone

    Go to Chrome or any browser of your choice and input Audiomack.com

    Next, you will see upload if you are unable to locate the upload bottom I will advise you to change your browser to desktop mode

    Next browser the files same as upload the music or song you want to them fill the necessary information them click Next

    You will see step 2 make sure you fill them all Click Next

    3rd, step make it public and click finsh

    There you have your song uploaded successfully on audiomack help share this post to those who are finding it difficult to upload there songs or music on audiomac

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    How To Get Your Music Added To Audiomack Playlists

    Audiomack features various playlists for various moods and genres, and if your song is included in one of them, it can significantly increase your streams and following.

    The best part is that an algorithm does not generate these playlists instead, they are curated by the Audiomack team, “Verified Tastemakers” of influencer/curator profiles chosen by Audiomack or created by someone who utilizes their platform. So, to get on these playlists, simply meet the conditions and post playlist-worthy songs.

    Here are the guidelines:

    You can only send single songs for playlisting , but you can submit many songs once each song is targeted towards a different playlist.

    Both old and new songs are welcome to be submitted.

    You must indicate the playlist to which you are contributing. If you are a lyrical rapper, for example, pitch The Art of Bars. Then, simply browse Audiomack’s playlist area to see which playlists might work best with your music.

    To submit, send an email with the link to your song to In the subject line of the email, type the name of the playlist.

    Simply put “Playlist Submission” in the email subject and include the following in the email body if you are submitting to numerous playlists:

    Share On Social Media

    I know youve probably heard it a million times.

    You might want to pause for a moment to ask yourself if you created anticipation.

    Lets face it:

    Fans are more eager to stream your songs when you tell them upfront. What I actually mean is, adding a little bit of intrigue to it.

    You cant just drop a song on Audiomack, share it on social media, and expect streams to magically roll in. It doesnt work that way.

    what you need to do before any release is, create something like a 10 days countdown graphics or posting snippets of the songs daily.

    Check out some of the resources below to promote your songs effectively.

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    Earn 100% Of The Money Owed To You From Your Streams And Downloads

    With hundreds of millions active users per month, TuneCore delivers your music to the most popular streaming services and digital stores in the world. By distributing your music with TuneCore, you can make it easier for fans to discover and play your music than ever before. And when you’re paid for your streaming and download revenue, well put 100% of your earnings directly into your TuneCore account.

    Take your music career to the next level sell your music online without compromising a penny of the money you earn.

    On Audiomack App Download:

    How to Upload Songs to Audiomack Archives
    • Simply, access your Google Play Store or AppStore.
    • Then, use the search bar and type Audiomack.
    • Afterward, select the search result to accessthe download icon.
    • Finally, you can click Install or Get.

    Once you have downloaded the free music streaming app, youcan then get access to unlimited stream songs. Also, you can share them withfriends and even discover more platforms for your artist, fans, labels and lotsmore.

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    Convert Spotify Music To Audiomack: First 3 Steps

    Now the question arises that can I transfer songs from Spotify to Audiomack, and if the answer is yes, then how can I convert Spotify to Audiomack? Firstly, you have to download Audkits Spotify Music Converter to start downloading music. You can download and install the software by going to their website. Once you are done downloading the software, follow these steps that are given below to download music from Spotify.

    Step 1Open and import Spotify music to Audkits Spotify Music Converter

    Once you are done downloading and installing Audkits Spotify Music Converter, open it by double-clicking on its icon. Once it is launched, the Spotify App will appear automatically, search for the desired music, album, or playlists and importing it. You can also import music by just using drag and drop action from Spotifys website on to the Audkits Spotify Music Converter.

    Step 2Change the format and maintain the quality

    After importing the music file, click on the menu icon, click on Preferences, and then click on Convert to enter settings. You can choose from different format options, but in this case, select MP3 formats and to maintain 100% quality, change the bit rate to 320, and sample rate to 48,000 Hz.

    Step 3Start downloading Spotify Music

    Uploading Music To Soundcloud

  • 1Sign up for a SoundCloud account. Visit and click on the orange upload your first track button. You’ll then be prompted to sign up for an account. You can sign up using Facebook, Gmail, or your email address.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to sign up for a SoundCloud account.
  • 2 Once you’re on the upload page, click on the orange choose a file to upload button. Select an audio file on your computer.Advertisement
  • 3Give your track a title and description. Also choose a genre from the drop-down menu, like alternative rock or deep house, and enter tags into the additional tags field. Tags will help people find your music, so be as specific as possible.
  • For example, if you’re uploading an electronic dance track, some relevant tags you could enter are: electronic, dance, party, upbeat, and fun.
  • 4Enable downloads if you want people to download your track. After you fill out the basic info for your track, click on the permissions tab and click the empty circle next to enable downloads.
  • 5Publish your track. Click the orange save button toward the bottom of the screen once you’re ready to publish your track on your profile.
  • 6 To share a track, go to your SoundCloud profile and click the tracks tab. Select the track you want to share and click on the share button. Send the link to your new song to your friends and fans on social media so you can start getting some feedback.
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    How To Login To Your Audiomackcom Account

    If you are login or not, you can either play or listen to mp3 music or songs on the Audiomack web at www.audiomack.com or from the Audiomack app. However, being login in Every time you wish to listen to audiomack track is preferred.

    If you have an audiomack account, you can login right now or at any time to listen to music or songs online or offline. When you log in to your audiomack account, you get free access to the Audiomack legible, where you may listen to newly released songs or music. It features the most newly released songs, albums, mixtapes, and playlists.

    One of the best things about audiomack is that it is absolutely free to use, and it is here to assist in the advancement of music. It helps in sharing artists music and lots more.

    How To Upload My Music On Audiomack

    How to upload music or album on audiomack 2019 real method

    Audiomack is a music sharing platform and its getting popular among musicians nowadays. However, file uploading is only available on the Audiomack desktop and mobile web. The Audiomack App is only used for streaming and social sharing or use Audiomack downloader to get music into your device and play offline

    To upload music on Audiomack, you must have an Audiomack account. Therefore, you will have to Sign up for an Audiomack account first before you can upload your music file.

    Click this link to create your Audiomack Account.

    Useful Tips to Upload music on Audiomack

    • Create a new profile
    • Choose a unique name for your channel
    • Create a high audio quality file
    • Add the track to your account
    • Add hashtags to make it Public and reach more listeners
    • Ensure you add the song to the right genre because all songs belong to a particular genre.

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    Audiomack How To Download And Upload Music On Audiomack Online

    Is Audiomack Free? How can I download music from Audiomack? Whatever, questions you seek to find answers to, we will try as much as possible in providing answers to some related questions that might be popping on your mind. On the contrary, there are different kinds of music player app where you can stream music and download your favorite music. We have the SoundCloud, Deezer, Boomplay, Apple Music and also Audiomack. In the meantime, Audiomack is one of the top 10 streaming media players where you can listen or stream music and download songs & albums.

    Furthermore, Audiomack creates a platform known as AudioDistribution whereby artists can be able to upload that music or podcast inother to generate more listers across its various streaming platforms thatinclude the Audiomack mobile app and Audiomack website. The Audiomack studio streamingmedia platform is similar to the one mentioned and above. Plus, with theplatform, you can be able to promote your music online on the Audiomack playlistand even earn income when someone listens to your music.

    Download Audiomack With Online Audiomack To Mp3 Converter

    Another different way to download and convert Audiomack to MP3 is to use a web-based online tool. There are several such kinds of tools that can download Audiomack songs for free if you search online. The process of downloading Audiomack music to MP3 with online tools is pretty easy and here I’d like to list two smart tools for your reference.

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    What Are The List Of Audiomack Categories/genres

    The different types of music genres found enters the world of alternative music. Our new playlist series ALT deviate from the norm by blurring the lines between established genres.

    ALT brings up audiomack major genres, but with a twist, featuring distinctive sounds and moods from an artist that isnt afraid to explore. Below are the various Audiomack Music categories you can access after You login into your account on the platform

    • Hip-hop/Rap
    • Instrumental
    • Podcast

    The above is a list of genres of music on Audiomack from which you can download and have a fun-filled moment with your friends, workmate and family members. Visit Audiomack nowadays, for good music. Follow me further on how to sign up for an account on audiomack