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How To Upload Music To Apple Music As An Artist

Add Artwork To Content In Music On Mac

How To Upload Music to Apple Music

Songs, albums, and music videos you buy from the iTunes Store or come with artwork. You can also add your own artwork to any song or other item in your library.

You can add many types of still-image files, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and Photoshop. You must convert WAV files to another format before you can add artwork to them.

You can also change the artwork for any playlist in your library.

Find Missing Cover Art

Apple’s iTunes is usually adept at digging up the right artwork for albums in your library. Whether you purchase an album through iTunes or rip one of your CDs into your collection, Apple’s music player relies on a database called Gracenote to snag album artwork and other data.

But iTunes can get stumped if the album isn’t in the Gracenote database. In some cases, the wrong art appears. In other cases, no art appears. How do you then find the right cover art for your albums? You have a few options for iTunes or Apples Music app.

Right-click on an album without artwork. From the pop-up menu, click on the Get album artwork command. If the artwork is accessible, iTunes or the Music app will apply it to your album. If not, youll see the dreaded message: Artwork for could not be found.

If this happens, you can search for the right image art online, save a copy of the image file, then upload it into iTunes or Music. You can do this by searching for the album in question, switching to images in your search engine of choice, and finding a good image to use.

Click one of the images to display it in a larger format. Right-click on the larger thumbnail, then right-click the pop-up menu and click Save image as. You can then save, and even rename, the file. Be sure to save the file as a JPG or other common image format. If its a .webp file, for example, you must convert the image before uploading it again.

Apple Music Promotion Tips For Artist In 2022

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When it comes to promoting your music on Apple Music, itâs first worth noting the difference between Apple Music and its sister platform, iTunes.

While iTunes lets listeners purchase and download individual songs or albums, Apple Music is a subscription-based service where users pay a fixed amount a month for unlimited listening.

While you can still sell your music on iTunes, Apple Music is a great place to focus your music promotion. And hereâs how.

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How To Access Your Apple Music Files On Mobile Devices

Once youve added your music to your Apple Music cloud storage, youll be able to access it from your phone or tablet using the Apple Music app.

To do this on an Android, iPhone, or iPad device:

  • Launch the Apple Music app or open the Apple Music website in a browser.
  • Tap or click on Library and select Artists .
  • Tap on the band or artist you added and synced. You may need to close the app if its open and restart it to see your added music.
  • Tap on the album or song you want to hear and enjoy the music.
  • How To Set Up Deals

    How to Get Album Artwork on Mac

    You can set the splits for each song, both on the desktop and directly through the app. As soon as you have entered the splits, your collaborators will automatically receive a notification and also have access to their personal iGroove account and the iGroove app. Onboarding is faster than ever before thanks to our newly introduced Magic Code. With just a few clicks, you have your account and can find all the information regarding your splits, view the trend data of the corresponding songs and have your share paid out directly by us.

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    How To Upload Your Music To Apple Music

    With a growing subscriber base currently at 68 million users, Apple Music provides one of the largest audiences for artists among music streaming platforms. It has a global reach, as it is currently available in 167 countries worldwide . In this article, I will give you a brief overview of what Apple Music is, why you should get your music on the platform, and how to upload your music to Apple Music.

    How To Manage Requests

    When a new user requests access to your profile, you will see a banner notification after signing in, letting you know there are new requests to review.

    Turn off request access.

    If you do not want any additional access requests to come to your artist page:

    In the iOS app: Tap the ellipses icon at the top of your artist page. Tap Manage and tap the Allow users to request access… switch off.

    On the web: Go to the bottom of the Manage page, and deselect the Allow users to request access checkbox.

    Keep your team current.

    As you progress, your team may change and grow, so its important to keep an accurate user list. Stay on top of adding new users you want to manage your artist page and removing anyone who is no longer an active part of your team.

    Remove users at any time by clicking their name from the list of users, and selecting Delete.

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    Important Next Steps: Music Promotion

    Think you know how to get music on spotify now and thats that? You aint done yet! You may get songs on all those different pro platforms now that you know how to add music to spotify, but theres one problem Just because you build it doesnt mean theyll come All the music streamers have at least a few million tracks in their library to choose from. So, after you upload to Spotify you still need to actively promote your music to new fans and get new listeners from other online platforms.

    Well talk more about effective ways to promote your music in upcoming Tuesday Artist Series blog posts. But for our purposes here I want to mention one thing. Dont neglect putting your music up MANUALLY everywhere you can think of.

    How To Get Your Music On Spotify

    How To Upload To Apple Music Artist Accounts
  • Sign up for a TuneCore account to get your music on Spotify.
  • Select the type of release you want to get on Spotify: single or album.
  • Upload your music and cover art to put your songs on Spotify.
  • Add music contributors so they get credited when your songs are played.
  • Get your music on Spotify once its been approved by TuneCore.
  • View your sales and streaming reports. You keep 100% of your revenue.
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    Apple Music Artist Profile Free Promotion For You

    This function is available to all artists whose music can be found on Apple Music. Since this is free of charge, you should not miss this opportunity. Unlike other providers, you are free as an artist. What you want to share with your fan community videos, lyrics, pictures, tour dates or other messages is completely open. The fans can link, comment or share your posts via social networks, mail or iMessage.

    When Is My Song A Cover

    Your song is only considered a cover if you stick very closely to the original. This means that melody, lyrics and song structure may not be changed. If your version differs too much from the original, its considered an adaptation and then you have to get the permission of the copyright holder in any case. Its also not allowed to use samples or release a remix without permission.

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    The Apple Music Trends Tab

    Trends is going to be the most useful section of your dashboard, as you’ll be able to drill down on the analytics that matter to you.

    Here you can get data on your playlist and radio spins filtered by date, song, location, gender and age.

    Spending some time here will help you get a good grasp of the type of people your music caters to.

    Difference Streaming And Download / Physical

    How To Add CUSTOM Album Art to Your iTunes Songs!

    It also depends on which platforms you want to make your cover version available. If the song appears exclusively on streaming providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or YouTube Music, they are obliged to take care of the licensing with the collecting society. You only have to consider these points:

    • Enter the composers as well as lyricists of the original song when you add the song to your distributor.
    • Also mark the song as a cover when you register it .
    • Register the song with the responsible collecting society
    • The original song must be registered with a collecting society. If not, you must obtain the permission of the rights holders.

    If you also want to make the song available for download, e.g. via iTunes or Bandcamp, or release the track physically on CD or vinyl, you need a separate license. You can obtain it from collecting societies. Important: If you want to cover the song of a British artist, for example, you do not necessarily have to contact the British collecting society. The collecting societies are all linked to each other, so you can simply contact the one you are already working with.

    Furthermore, the points mentioned above for streaming must also be taken into account.

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    Adding Music To Apple Music On Iphone/ipad

    If you have enabled sync across all of your Apple devices, you will have the same Apple music collection all across the board. If, by any chance, you want to add music to your Apple Music library, here is how to do so.

    Step 1: Open Apple Music. Select and hold the song you want to upload to the Apple Music library.

    Step 2: Tap on Add to Library. And you will have the song in your Apple Music and iTunes library all across the board.

    What Content Can I Post In The Artist Profile

    You can post JPEG and PNG images, audio files and videos . Once youve recorded the content on your iPhone or iPad, you can use the Apple Music app to transfer it directly to your artist profile on Apple Music.

    Fans can view your content on any device, but as artists you must post it on an Apple device. At the very least, Apple will provide an embeded player that you can use to share your posted content.

    You can find more information about the upload here.

    You can find out how to create an artist profile on Spotify here.

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    How To Sell Music On Itunes

    As well as distributing on Apple Music, we can also help you get your music on iTunes, one of the most popular digital music stores in the world.Selling music on iTunes with iMusician couldnt be simpler. Create a free account, upload your music and cover art and well take care of the rest. By distributing through us, you will always keep 100% of the sales revenue you generate and have access to all your sales and streaming reports in one convenient place.

    How Can I Create An Artist Page In Shazam

    How to Update Your Apple Music Artist Image | The DIY Musician Guide

    Shazam artist pages are created when your distributor delivers your music to Apple Music. The artist image that appears on the Shazam artist page links to the Apple Music for Artists Artist image submitted through Apple Music for Artists.

    If you can not find your artist page in Shazam or it is incorrect, contact us.

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    How To Add A User In The Ios App

  • and tap the artist you want to manage.
  • Tap the ellipsis, then tap Manage and scroll to the Users section.
  • Tap Invite User, then enter the users email address. The email you provide is where the artist page invitation will be sent.
  • Select the users relationship and the permissons you want to grant to the new user. If you are inviting a member of a band, use Artist.
  • Tap Invite.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to Manage, then click + in the Users section.
  • In the Invite User window, enter the users email address. The email you provide is where the artist page invitation will be sent.
  • Select the users relationship and the role you want to grant to the new user. If you are inviting a member of a band, use Artist.
  • What About Spotify For Artists

    Spotify also released a feature called Spotify for Artists that you should definitely . It used to let you easily upload songs to Spotify and manage your artist profile. Unfortunately, they recently announced that theyll be closing the upload side of the service. You can still use it to manage your artist profile, however. You just cant put your music directly onto the Spotify platform anymore.

    Youll need to use a distribution service like Tunecore. And if you use TuneCore theyll help you automatically claim your profile when you release your first track. Its well worth it to be able to manage your presence on the largest streaming platform in the world. You also get great analytics and stats about your musics performance online, but I dont think its integrated with the Spotify app on your mobile device.

    BUT, dont rely on it to get your music on streaming services. If you upload music via Spotify for Artists it only goes on Spotify and does not land on iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, etc. If you want your music to be everywhere then you need to use a music distribution company like TuneCore.

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    On Your Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch Or Android Device

    1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Music app. On your Android device, open the Apple Music app.

    2. Find music that you want to add to your library.

    3. To add a song, tap the Plus icon. To add an entire album or playlist, tap +ADD.

    Then, you can find songs, albums, and playlists that you’ve added in Library.

    How To Add Your Artist Photo On Apple Music

    How to get the most out of Apple Music

    In order to add your artist photo to your Apple Music Artist profile, follow these simple steps.

  • Claim your Apple Music for Artist profile.
  • Open Apple Music for Artists and navigate to the Manage tab.
  • In the section labeled Artist Image, you can upload a new image. *** It needs to be 2400 x 2400 and a .jpg or .png file.
  • Once the image is uploaded, you can adjust, crop, and select how it will appear on the service. When finished, select Submit.
  • Your image wont appear changed because there is a manual approval process for new changes in place, but changes typically only take a few days to process. Once you see “Submitted for Review”, you know the process is underway.
  • If you’re having trouble accessing Apple Music for Artists, you can get support here.

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    Getting Your Music On Streaming Sites Step

  • Choose what type of release youre distributing
  • Enter artist and release information
  • Upload your music file, artwork and enter song details
  • Choose the platforms you want your music on
  • Choose a Release Date
  • Confirm all the info and finish the submission
  • Thats it! Your music will be ready for the Spotify library and the libraries of other services. If youre wondering how to upload music to Apple Music, the process you follow below takes care of it for you! Its not just for Spotify.

    Youll also eventually need to enter in your payment information for how you want to be paid out for sales you make . Below, we go into much more detail of exactly how these steps are done

    If My Application Is Accepted In What Countries Will My Content Be Available

    After your application has been accepted, you can request contracts for all regions in which the iTunes Store offers music. When a contract for a specific region has been finalized and all other requirements have been met, music that has been delivered with territory rights cleared in that region may be made available there.

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    Where Will Your Music Be

    Now that you know how to upload music to Spotify youre probably wondering where else your music will be placed. All the companies will distribute your music to all the major platforms. The only edge CD Baby has over Tune Core is the physical copy distribution to music retailers and their own online music store. DistroKid also has a few additional smaller stores it works with, and is always adding new ones.

    But all of them will get your music on:

    • iTunes and Apple Music
    • eMusic
    • many other platforms

    This way your music is available for potential new fans almost anywhere they decide to discover new music.

    How Add Album Cover Art From The Web To Itunes And Music

    How to upload synced lyrics to Apple Music, Instagram (using DistroKid)

    To add album cover art to albums that Music or iTunes didn’t download, follow these steps:

  • Find the album cover image online. To find suitable images, go to the band’s website, its record label’s website, , or .

  • When you find the image you want, download it to your computer. How you do this depends on the browser you use, but in most cases, right-click the image and select a download option.

  • Open Music or iTunes and find the song or album that goes with the downloaded artwork.

  • Right-click the song that lacks album art and select Get Info. Or, press Command+I on a Mac or Control+I on a PC to open the information screen.

  • Go to the Artwork tab and drag the art you downloaded to the window. In Music and iTunes 12, click Add Artwork and select the file on your hard drive.

  • Click OK, and Music or iTunes adds the new art to the song.

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