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How To Turn Off Apple Music Autoplay


Bonus Tip: Fix Any Ios Issues With Itoolab Fixgo

iPhone 13/13 Pro: How to Enable/Disable Apple Music Automatic Downloads

With so many different software and apps available on the market, its essential to know how they affect your device. For instance, a corrupted or outdated firmware version can cause issues like an iPhone playing music by itself, unresponsive device that wont turn off or restart normally. If such is the case with you, you should opt for an iPhone repair tool, namely iToolab FixGo.

With FixGo, you can fix all these issues related to your iPhone in a few clicks! The program is designed explicitly for people who want an easy and efficient way of repairing their iOS system without causing any harm or data loss to the device.

Follow the steps below to learn how to stop Apple Music from automatically playing on iPhone using iToolab FixGo.

Step 1: First of all, download/install FixGo on your Mac or Windows system. Next, run the program, and connect the faulty iOS device with the desktop. From FixGos interface, click on Standard Mode, then press the Fix Now tab.

Step 2: Subsequently, select the folder where you want to store the latest iOS firmware. After that, download it, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Now, add the downloaded firmware on your iPhone by clicking on Repair Now. Detach the device from the desktop, restart it, and check whether Apple Music has stopped playing songs automatically.

Send Your Feedback To Apple

If you think that Apple should provide a separate setting to turn off auto-play music, you can contact Apple and drop your feedback. You can also reach them via Twitter and report your concern about the same feature.

Signing Off

Overlooking the perks like wireless connection and easy pairing, autoplay might appear an intrusive feature of a Bluetooth stereo system. But, if you try one of the actions listed above, Im sure you may want to neglect the downside and keep enjoying the perks. What do you think about it? Shouldnt you try out all the ways explained? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Use A Silent Music Track To Prevent Apple Music From Playing

You can always organize your music playlists and tracks to play in order in a music app. To prevent songs from automatically playing loud, put silent music tracks ahead of your favorite songs. As Apple Music tends to play tracks in alphabetical order, you can rename the silent ones and make them play first.

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Option : Tell Siri To Stop Music

Siri is always a good helper for iPhone users which can help you turn on, turn off the app or talk with you. Thatmeans you can summon Siri in car to stop playing music by saying the instruction, then your iPhone willdisable all music at once. But that means you need to interact with Siri every time you want to stop autoplayingApple Music.

Scroll Down To Start Searching

How to Turn On Autoplay &  Turn Off Autoplay in Apple Music on the iPhone

Despite the many filters in the Library tab, searching for your music can often be a hassle. In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple Music makes things easier by adding a search bar by default it is just hidden.

Start by tapping any of the categories in the Library. Then, scroll down to reveal the Search bar.

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Disable Motion On Poster Cover Art

Apple Musics Listen Now tab comes with redesigned poster images, some with varying gradients and animations. If you prefer static poster art instead, turn off that setting.

Start by going to iPhone/iPad Settings > Music. Tap Motion, then tap Off. Alternatively, you can select Wi-Fi Only to restrict poster art animations when connected to Wi-Fi This will help you protect cellular data.

Why Does My Iphone Play Music By Itself

As with every problem we need to find the cause then we can give the best solutions. Some of the reasons why your Apple Music auto-plays could be:

These are a few reasons why your Apple Music might be playing automatically. Now that we found the cause, lets see how to fix this issue and avert future embarrassment.

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Option : Turn Off The Carplay

Even though your Bluetooth stereo system doesn’t officially support CarPlay, you can also use the Restrictionssection of the Settings app to turn off Apple Music Autoplaying. Before getting into the car, open the Settingsapp, click on “General” and go on “Restrictions”, then select “Enable Restrictions” and enter the passcode,finally toggle the CarPlay switch to “Off”.

How To Stop Apple Music From Automatically Playing On Iphone

How to disable Auto Play of downloaded music in MacOS

By default, the iOS Music app will continuously play songs from the Apple Music library until told otherwise. It can be frustrating when you want to listen to a single tune or album and then go about your day.

Heres how to stop Apple Music from playing tracks automatically.

  • Open the Music app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    The iOS Music app is a completely separate app from the iTunes Store app.

  • Tap the mini-player along the bottom of the screen that shows the current song that’s playing. If nothing is playing, begin playing one.

    It doesnt matter which song you play as this change were about to make to Apple Musics Autoplay settings will apply across the app for all tracks.

  • Tap the Up Next icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

    Its the one that looks like three dots and lines stacked on top of each other.

  • If Autoplay is activated, you should see an Autoplay playlist in the lower half of the screen and a highlighted Autoplay icon to the right of the song playing. Tap the Autoplay icon to disable it.

    The Autoplay icon is the one that looks like an infinity symbol.

  • If done correctly, the Autoplay playlist should immediately disappear, and the Apple Music will now stop automatically playing music.

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    How To Disable Autoplay On Apple Music In 4 Easy Steps

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    After the end of a playlist or album, Apple Music will automatically select and play similar songs. If you don’t like this feature, you can disable it. This wikiHow will show you how to disable Autoplay in Apple Music.

    Disable Movement In Poster Covers

    The Apple Music Listen Now tab includes redesigned poster art, some with changing gradients and animations. If you prefer static posters instead, disable the appropriate setting.

    First, go to iPhone / iPad Settings> Music. Tap Motion, then tap Off. Alternatively, you can only select Wi-Fi to limit the animation of poster graphics while connected to the Wi-Fi this should help you conserve cellular data.

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    Swipe Down To Start Searching

    Despite the many filters in the Library tab, searching through your music can often be a hassle. In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple Music makes things easier with the addition of a search barits just hidden by default.

    Start by tapping on any of the categories in the LibraryAlbums, Artists, Playlists, etc. Then, swipe down to reveal the Search bar.

    Option : Adding A Silent Song To Your Music Library

    How to Turn On Autoplay &  Turn Off Autoplay in Apple Music on the iPhone

    You can find a light song or pure music which are gentle and add it to your music library on your iPhone or iPad.But don’t forget to change its title to start with “A” to keep it is always the first track in your musiclibrary. Next time, when you get into the car, the silent track will be played automatically. But it can’t helpyou turn stop iPhone from autoplaying music in car Bluetooth.

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    How To Stop Apple Music From Auto

    Apple Music is a really great music streaming platform, but one annoying little thing about it is its insistence on auto-playing other music when your desired tracks are finished. It seems to think that it needs to continuously serve up music that you never asked for in the first place. If this bugs you, here is how to stop Apple Music from auto-playing.

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    To stop Apple Music from auto-playing, start a song and then go to the song’s main page. Tap the icon with the three horizontal lines and three dots. This opens up the list of what’s playing next. Deselect the autoplay button and the list will delete itself.


    Use The Apple Music Autoplay Feature On Mac For Continuous Good Tunes

    The Apple Music Autoplay feature will play music based on whats already in your Play Next queue. Then, the music never ends.

    The Apple Music Autoplay feature is brand new on macOS Big Sur. Integrated into the Play Next queue, the new tool allows the app to play songs similar to the one currently playing. It occurs automatically when your queue becomes empty.

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    Disable Handoff On Other Devices

    Handoff is a feature that continues media playback from one Apple device to another Apple device once they are detected nearby. This has the potential to very quickly become a major pain if your music starts playing from other devices and speakers. You can solve this by disabling Handoff on your iOS device by going to Settings> General> Airplay & Handoff.

    Put The Airpods Back In The Case If Youre Not Using Them

    iPhone 11 Pro: How to Enable / Disable Apple Music

    Quite often, if you have your AirPods out of the case, and they are not in your ears, they can start music playback. Putting the AirPods back into their case and shutting the lid will prevent this from happening. This is also the same for standard wired earphones, as many of them can control your music playback on your devices.

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    Stop Music App From Working In The Background

    Sometimes when you install third-party apps they interfere with system apps, these could cause your Apple Music to play automatically, to turn off Apple Music autoplay stop these background apps.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    • 1. For iPhone models that use buttons, double-tap the Home button. For iPhone X and later models, swipe upwards from the bottom of your screen.
    • 2. Then to preview the app, swipe left and right. Swipe up on the app you would like to stop and then restart your iPhone to apply this change.

    Option : Turn Down The Car Stereo Volume To Zero

    To avoid Apple Music autoplaying in the car, turning down the car stereo volume to zero before you turn off theengine should be a fairly lame solution, but there is no doubt that it works really effectively. But some of youmay forget to turn down the car stereo volume before turning off the engine, then go on and try anothermethods.

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    How To Turn Autoplay On And Off Autoplay In Apple Music On Iphone

    * This post is part of the iPhone Life Tip of the Day newsletter. Register. *

    Apple Music is a paid music streaming service that offers over 60 million songs ad-free. Despite this massive library of songs, there’s an ongoing debate between Apple Music and Spotify over which music streaming service is more versatile. Now with iOS 14, Apple Music is adding features like autoplay that make it more user-friendly and comprehensive. So what does autoplay mean and how do you turn autoplay on and off in the Apple Music app? Let’s find out.

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    Reset Apple Music Library To Fix Apple Music Autoplay Problem

    How to Turn On Autoplay &  Turn Off Autoplay in Apple Music on the iPhone

    To fix the issue of Apple Music playing automatically, there might be bugs in your Music library, follow these steps to reset:

    • 1. Open the Music app.
    • 2. Then in the app, open the Music library and tap the edit icon on the upper region of the screen.
    • 3. Once you do that, uncheck everything on that page.
    • 4. After that, exit the app, leave your phone for a while to confirm if you have fixed the issue.

    These tips are straightforward, you cant miss them. Now, lets talk about a seamless way on how to stop Apple Music from automatically playing on iPhone.

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    Use Starzsoft Fixcon Ios System Repair Tool

    How do you feel about stress-free solutions? At StarzSoft Fixcon, you not only get a stress free solution but you get one that doesnt lose your data.

    How is this possible? Fixcon is an iOS-specific software that fixes all iOS issues no matter how simple or complex that they are. It does this with its 3 modes of repair, they are: Standard repair, Advanced repair and Enter/Exit Recovery mode.

    Now that we know all the modes of operation, how can you stop music from automatically playing on an iPhone using StarzSoft Fixcon? Follow these stress-free steps:

    • Step 1: Select Standard Repair from the interface of the launch Fixcon software using your PC.
    • Step 2: Use a stable USB cable or Micro USB to connect the iPhone with the autoplay issue to your PC. The Fixcon software should automatically detect your iPhone and proceed to the next step of the process.
    • Step 3: Select your preferred firmware and click Download and proceed. The firmware download process would take some time, ensure there is no interruption.
    • Step 4: Once it is confirmed that the download is complete, click on Continue to initiate system repair. This would take a few minutes.

    This is the final stage, the repair is complete. Your device will restart automatically, your iPhone problem solved and your data safe.

    It is a straightforward and safe process using Fixcon to fix your iPhone autoplay issues. With StarzSoft Fixcon every Apple device issue is just a click away from being solved.

    Sick Of Those ‘similar’ Songs Tacked On To The End Of An Album Or Playlist Here’s How To Turn Off Apple Music’s Autoplay Feature

    For streaming services, success is all about engagement: racking up those views and listens, encouraging users to spend as long as possible “consuming” “content”. This is why autoplay features are so commonplace.

    Much like Netflix and iPlayer do with video, Apple Music will by default autoplay further music after an album or playlist finishes. Sometimes this is helpful, since it will play similar music it thinks you’ll like, but often it’s annoying.

    In this article we explain how to stop Apple Music from autoplaying extra songs in this way. It’s easy once you know how .

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    Why Does Apple Music Automatically Play

    It is vital to understand the causes behind the problem before understanding their solutions. When your iPhone plays music by itself, there are several reasons.

    Sometimes it can be an intentional action, such as when you plug in headphones, and other times, the tunes just start playing all on their own!

    There could also be something wrong with how devices connect. Additionally, a cars sound system is set up, so you dont have to take out your earbuds but instead hear the tunes through its speakers. This may result in some songs from iTunes Cloud popping up without warning.

    How To Stop Apple Music From Automatically Playing With Handoff

    How to Stop Auto-Play in iTunes

    The Handoff feature helps continues the playback of videos or audios on your iPhone. Try to disable this feature, if you want to prevent Apple Music from playing automatically.

    Step 1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone.

    Step 2. Then choose the General button and then the Handoff option.

    Step 3. Disable this feature to fix this Apple Music autoplay issue.

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    How To Stop Apple Music From Automatically Playing In The Car

    If you want to stop Apple Music from automatically playing music as soon as you connect to CarPlay, open your iPhones settings and follow the steps mentioned below.

    • Scroll down and tap on Screen Time.
    • Scroll down on the next page and tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
    • Then tap on Allowed Apps.
    • Scroll down and tap on the toggle button beside CarPlay to restrict the feature and stop Apple Music from automatically playing in your car.

    Doing this will restrict the CarPlay app and should fix Apple Music autoplay issue.

    How To Stop Apple Music From Playing Automatically With Timer

    Another way you can try is to use the Timer to stop Apple Music from playing automatically. The Timer feature of the iPhone can stop music from playing every a period of time, which can be decided by you. Follow the below-mentioned guide to fix this problem.

    Step 1. Just go to the Clock app first. Tap the Timer button at the bottom of the Clock app.

    Step 2. Use the time picker to pick the interval time.

    Step 3. Press when time ends button. Choose the Stop Playing option.

    Step 4. Tap Set and then Start to start the timer.

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